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I went to my PS wanting a tummy tuck 2 years ago....

I went to my PS wanting a tummy tuck 2 years ago. He said what about your breasts? I had never really thought about doing anything with my breasts. He said without directly coming out and saying it that if we could get the breast reduction paid for thru my insurance that they could pay the anesthesia portion of the bill and all i would have to pay for would be his tummy tuck fee. I started thinking about all of the problems that i had had over the years because of my boobs. I filled out a questionnaire for my insurance co. About my bothersome boobs. I had no idea that alot of my problems were being caused by hauling around these boobs. I have always had a problem with boils underneath my breasts, they were painful to touch and when they would bust it would ruin the bra i was wearing with puss and blood. I cant count how many of these boils i have had over the years. I have the strap marks on my shoulders which i have learned has been causing the tingling in my fingers because the weight of my boobs is damaging the nerves in my shoulders. When i lift up on my boobs i feel a big sense of pain relief in the top center of my back and the burning sensation in my neck.

Anyway i left my PS's office that day thinking i'll never be able to afford 12000. Tummy tuck, breast reduction, and 2500. worth of liposuction is what he said i needed. I left and didnt look back.

Over a year later i receive a letter from my Ins. Co. Stating that i had been approved for surgery. I called the Ins. Co. To find out what surgery i had been approved for. They said Breast reduction surgery. I immediately called my PS and his insurances girl told me it had been difficult to get the surgery approved and that she had been persistently writing them back and forth for over a year trying to answer all of their questions and concerns to get me approved and she was pleased to hear that it had finally gone thru.
Next i go in to talk to the PS. He informs me that according to the ins. Co. The procedure would have to be done in the hospital operating room not inside his clinic which, his clinic is located inside the hospital, but the ins. Co. was being specific as to how this was going to happen. He recommended that i have the breast reduction in the hospital and come back when i can afford the tummy tuck. The tummy tuck cannot be done in the hospital operating room because the anesthesia and room charges would be astronomical. But there was another problem that he was seeing....the Ins.Co. wants at least 700mg removed from each breast. I can tell he is concerned thats too much because he showed me a jar of lotion that was equal to 500 mg and he would be taking more than that. He is concerned if i lose weight after the surgery i would have this little flop of a boob left. I hope that i will be happy after surgery because despite all of this i scheduled the surgery for August 17, 2012.

Still excited. Only one month away. My husband...

Still excited. Only one month away.
My husband keeps asking me if I'm sure i want to part with my big boobs. He thinks I'm making a mistake. Based on the comments I've been reading the husbands have been very pleased. I hope they won't be to small.

I'm going in for my pre-op appointment today. I...

I'm going in for my pre-op appointment today. I have a list of questions for the doc because I freeze up when he walks in the room. I will be going in for my surgery this Friday 8-17 at 11am. I'm very excited and ready to get this over with because the wait has to be the worst part. All I can think about is this upcoming surgery. My doc said I had to have 700g removed from each breast for my Insurance to pay for my procedure. I called the Ins. Co. and asked them why so much because my doc said he thought that might be too much to remove. Insurance Co. said they typically require 500 - 600g be removed but that my doc said he would be removing 700g based on the "Slider Scale"??? It has something to do with your weight and height and being approved based on those #'s. Anyway that is my #1 question. Is it or isn't it too much to remove? I have been reading a lot about this and have learned that healing can be more difficult if an over-resection is done (removing too much). This is the only thing that has been weighing heavily on my mind and I want him to assure me that this will not be my situation. I want to go into this surgery confident that I am doing the right thing. My Ins. Co. is covering my surgery at 100%. Woo Hoo. I should have no out of pocket expense. I dreamed last night that I woke up after my surgery sleeping on my stomach and I was waving my hands over my head, these are all things that you cannot do after surgery, so I was breaking all of the rules. Lol I am a stomach sleeper and I just can't imagine being on my back for 1 - 2 weeks. I bought a pillow wedge hoping it will make back sleeping easier. We will soon see. I am really excited and have enjoyed reading a girl's profile on here. I think her name is Tisa I will check to be sure and correct it later if not. But she says on the last post she entered that any of you girls out there who are pre-op should run, not walk to the hospital saying, me first - I'm next, because it's the best thing she's ever done. I love that positive reinforcement and need it right now 3 days out. I will update with the answers from my pre-op later today. Happy healing to all you post-op girls and excited for all you pre-op girls. Oh yeah, If you have an upcoming surgery scheduled for August you should check out the discussion group at the bottom of this page. It is called "August breast reductions check in here." That is a wonderful group of women who will all be having surgery in August and they are so supportive and great to talk to.

OK I went in for my pre-op this morning and I...

OK I went in for my pre-op this morning and I learned alot. Woke up this morning with Diverticulititus again. I have been getting this regularly since the hysterectomy. My doctor asked me if I had seen my family doc about it? Yes, two weeks ago, but I did not take the prescribed meds because I thought they might interfere with my surgery. He said, No No No you must start taking the Flagyl now, right away, today. Ok I took it time I got home. I had lots of questions for him. This is what he answered:

1. He thinks we will be fine removing 700g from each breast, but he was glad to hear that the ins. co. told me only 500 - 600 were typically required.
2. I lost a total of 17 pounds and he is going to figure that loss into the slider scale measurements and may not have to take 700g. Don't know yet he will do what is best for me regardless.
3. My surgery was scheduled for 11am but he wants me in his office at 9am so he can mark me and then he may call the OR and try to have my surgery time bumped up to earlier in the morning.
4. No FNG in the plans. Nipple will remain attached.
5. Expected cup size post op a small D or a full C. Hard to guess at it, but that is what he is shooting for.
6. I will have the anchor style incisions.
7. Yes I will have drains in place when I wake up and they will probally be removed at my 1st post op visit on Monday 8-20. 3 days after surgery. Depending on the amount of drainage recorded since surgery, but they should be ready to come out Monday. He said the 2nd post-op will be somewhere between 5 to 10 days later and I would be able to drive myself to that appointment. He has alot of faith in me considering that is a 1 and 1/2 hr. drive for me one way.
8. Yes take zanex to help me sleep and relax the night before my surgery.
9. Yes take Zantac 300 the night before surgery since I am accustomed to taking it. However, the nurse who drew my blood after I left his office told me that the anesthesologist would prefer that I take that Zantac 300 the morning of with only one sip of water to get it down. Nothing else to drink that morning what so ever. One sip only!
10. He said I could take another dose of M.O.M tonight and I could take Milk of Mag as soon after surgery as the night of surgery if needed.
11. He said sounds like a good idea to go ahead and start taking colace as early as tomorrow. Tuesday.
12. My stitches will dissolve and will not need to be removed.
13. No need to donate my own blood in case a transfusion is necessary because there is no time to process the blood at this point to have it ready. (Knock on wood) but hasn't had a need for transfusion ever with a patient.
14. Yes I will receive lipo under both arms to contour, but not on back because I will be laying face up during surgery. He will not flip me to do lipo on bar band line on my back.
15. I will be put in a surgical bra after surgery, not banded.
16. I was worried about nipples not being even and and he said no worries about that because he measures everything out before hand and he had already taken some measurements at my original consult.

He asked if I had had a mammogram lately? Yes in March and they wanted me to come back in 3 mos. but I didn't. They want to x-ray me every 3 mos. and I am not going to do it because I don't think all of that radiation is a good thing. He said, no worries we will find out soon enough. He said in all of his years he has never had a positive for breast cancer from the tissue and fat he sends in after surgery until last week . His 1st patient to come up positive for breast cancer was last week. Grrrr!

Glad to hear he will be doing the lipo on the sides. Take all you can, it's fine with me. He can suck it out faster than I can lose it...I'm sure. Any help in that area is appreciated. I've heard the lipo can make you more sore than the actual BR. I don't care I will get over it in a couple of weeks and I will be glad it was done.

He was very upbeat and smiling and said he was looking forward to seeing me on Friday. He looked well rested from his recent vacation. He answered all of my questions to the point I actually cut him off a couple of times so I could get the rest of my questions in, but I don't think he minded. He was very pleasant and eager to answer any and all of my questions.

I couldn't help notice the boobs of the girls working for him. They all looked fabulous, with shirt on, of course. I didn't ask them for a look. But I could tell they were much perkier than mine. Lol!

Can't wait for Friday. Work tomorrow. Hair appt. Wed. getting it cut much shorter for surgery. I think it will make life easier with the arm lifting issue. Cleaning Thur. and then the big day. Can't wait. Loved the pre-op appt. today. No bronchititus but the diverticulititus is very painful. Haven't had a bite to eat today and I don't plan on eating anytime soon. Only water, water. water and the juice off of chicken noodle soup for me until I feel this pain gone. He was not discouraged by the diverticular he said we are still at a go for FRIDAY. YEAH!!!!

Today is day 10 post op for me and I feel so much...

Today is day 10 post op for me and I feel so much better. I had to take lots of antibiotics for bladder infection and diverticulitis flare up the week before and after my BR up until yesterday. Being thru with those pills is a wonderful thing. I cooked supper tonite for first time since BR. I still get sore if I lift something too heavy or strain to reach too far for something. I still feel twinges throughout the day but I've read that's my nerves reconnecting so I like the twinges because that means I'm healing. Everyday i can see an improvement from the day before. So happy to be on the small side.

At first I thought, Oh my Gosh what have I done. I...

At first I thought, Oh my Gosh what have I done. I couldn't have been more wrong. I guess after having such large, pendulous breasts for so many years it was a shock to see them so much smaller. This is really weird but everyday they look a little bit bigger to me for some reason. Everyday they are becoming more my own. I don't know how to explain it but I am very happy. If I had it to do all over again; I would. The first week following surgery is an emotional one. After the 10 day mark things got a lot better. It was definately worth a week of being uncomfortable to have this done. I am in love with the new me. I hear people on Real Self refer to this as a major surgery. IT IS NOT A MAJOR SURGERY. Dont worry about what others say if you want it then go for it. Run into the hospital screaming ME ME ME I'M NEXT IT'S MY TURN.

I was in the hospital two weeks ago today. WoW...

I was in the hospital two weeks ago today. WoW what a difference two weeks can make. I feel like a new person. At first I thought my breasts were too small but now I think they are perfect. I don't know how to explain it but they have changed since day one somehow. I am back to cooking and I feel more comfortable doing things with my arms. Tonight I washed my hair, shaved my legs, and blew my hair out without taking a break. Just brushing out the knots was next to impossible last week. I had to get my hubby to brush it out for me. TIP: have your hair cut before having a BR. I am so happy that I did this for myself. My belly is more noticeable now but I plan to have that fixed next. I go back to my ps this Friday 9-7-12 and I feel sure he will take these steri strips off at that time. I peeked under one of the strips today and I couldn't even see a scar. This is AMAZING!

I posted yesterday that I peeked under my steri...

I posted yesterday that I peeked under my steri strip and saw no scar. WRONG. There was no visible scar in that one spot right at th t-junction but removed steri strips from underneath left breast because they were getting loose and I had enough strips to replace that one side. There is a noticeable incision under left arm but hubby said he thought what I was seeing was the markings the doc made. They were blue. Lol can't wait to get these steri strips off.

Three weeks post op today. Was hoping doc would...

Three weeks post op today. Was hoping doc would remove steri strips once and for all but that didn't happen. Nurse removed them and cleaned incisions. Doc came in and said that the strips would be put back on for another 10 days. He told me when he removes the strips at my next appt. Sept. 17th then I should begin applying Palmers Cocoa Butter with Vitamin E to my incisions. He said I could go shopping for bras after my next appt. I asked if I could quit sleeping in the surgical bra and he said ok. I went shopping for bras time I left his office. Lol went to Belks and couldn't find anything that I felt comfy in. Found one Vanity Fair bra that was so comfy. I asked the sales clerk where the vanity fair bras were and she said I think you found a one in a million bra because I've never seen these bras in here. I went to the register to pay for it and she said, ah ha it has been discontinued and your grand total for this bra is $2.99 WoW what a deal. I went back to ps office and told them I couldn't find any bras that were comfy on my incision line and I wanted another surgical bra so I could wear one while washing one. She gave me a 2 pack. How much I say? Oh you can have them. WoW what a deal. She said they have good comfortable padded bras at the breast cancer store across the road. I went straight over there and found a very comfy one that I love for $54.50 and I had to have it. You are not going to believe it but it's an A cup. Shock-A-Roo. I don't care I love the way my new boobs make me look with and without clothes. I feel better and look better and everybody who knows me thinks I look better. I will admit I was a little upset over the A cup size but when I started thinking about it I realized I don't want them any bigger than they are so I'm not gonna let the letter A bother me. I came home with 4 new bras for a grand total of $57.50 (not bad) Driving was much easier today and I slept on my side all night last night. I find it ironic that my steri strips will come off exactly one month to the day after my surgery. I can't hardly wait to get them off. I was showering this morning and saw something on the floor of the shower. It was one of the bandages off of a lipo hole. Next thing I know there's another one in the floor and the nurse removed one today so at least I got rid of all 4 lipo hole bandages today( don't know where the 4th one went but it's gone). The drains came out at day 3 post op visit and the drain hole bandages that I had to remove and change every time I showered were removed at my 7 day post op visit. In 10 days all of my bandages will be gone and I will be one happy IBTC member. I will post some pics in 10 days when these strips are gone. Nothing new to show yet. : ) hope you're healing well and to those of you who are waiting on your turn try not worry because its worth the wait.

Date night - last night. He said, and I quote,...

Date night - last night. He said, and I quote, "They look good, I feel like I have been given a whole new set 17 years later." I don't know where he came up with 17 years because our 20 year anniversary is next year. But still a nice compliment. Love him and loving life. Wanted to log this in case I want to come back and read this stuff in 20 years. ; )

I didn't start itching until this past Saturday at...

I didn't start itching until this past Saturday at 4 wks. 1 day post op. My sides started itching. It wasn't bad enough to take benedryl because I was afraid it would put me to sleep. I went in for my 4 week post op today at 4wks. 3days. My PS removed the strips. Ahhh sweet relief and did some scrubing and picking and wiped me down with alcohol and went over my hopefull plans for a TT in the very near future. He said everything was going great and the dark colored areas are a little scabby and the Palmers Oil that he wants me to use will correct that very quickly. He said they will start looking much better now that strips are gone and Palmers is going to be in place. Whooo Hooo! They took pics of course as they do at every visit. He said he would see me in a month. So happy to be on the road to recovery. I am posting pics without strips. It looks Ouch but it's really not bad at all.

I secured my loan on Thur. and met with the...

I secured my loan on Thur. and met with the magician on Friday and Surgery is a go for Thursday, May 16, 2013. Flat tummy here I come. Getting lots of lipo too. I'm excited but for some reason I'm not as excited as I was with my BR. I guess because I know it's not an easy road to travel but I know the first two weeks will be awful but after that I will be glad to have this behind me. I am so happy with my new breasts I don't even have the words to describe it. I love my look and I hope my TT goes as well as my BR did. I couldn't have asked for a better experience and outcome. I remember being so sore in the lipo areas after surgery and this time I'm having 5-point lipo done so I'm gonna be pretty sore. Oh well, it will be worth it I'm sure. I've changed my name from Tig'ol Bitties to Big'ol Belly. I changed my profile pic to a bridge because I have to get across that bridge to get to the other side. Here I go on my next journey to happiness.

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