22 Year Old of a 5 Year Old. Walnut Creek, CA

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After months and months of searching for the right...

After months and months of searching for the right surgeon, I have made a surgery date with Dr. Behmand. Yes, he is pricier than most surgeons, but I feel he is the only one that will meet the expectations I want .

I had my daughter when I just 16 years old and I hated that I was the only girl in high school that had pregnancy stretch marks. I absolutely love being a mother, but having these stretch marks have made me super self conscious of my body. Some may argue with me that I should wait until I am done with having children to forgo this procedure but they also don't understand how disappointing it makes me when all of my friends and are wearing bikinis at the beach and I'm covered up. I'm a junior at a university majoring in psychology so I still have many years until I get my doctorate , and THEN I will Motr children. Until then, I want to enjoy the rest of my twenties. Words cannot express how blessed I am to have this procedure ! I will no longer be self-conscious of my tummy!!

12 Weeks Post-op

Although the first month was a pain, the outcome is definitely worth it!

Week 1: Most painful week. I wasn't expecting the pain to be 10x more than I was hearing it was going to be. The pain began right when I awoke from surgery. I remember feeling very nauseated so they gave me medication which helped. I highly recommend sleeping on a recliner because it makes it so much more easier for you to get you sitting up and laying down without much help. I remember my throat being very dry due to the breathing tube being in my throat during surgery. Due to the dry throat, I was coughing all the time, and each time I coughed, it felt like burning tearings in my abdominals. I tried my best to wean off of the pain medication because of constipation, which even stool softeners didn't help. Milk magnesium, which can be found in the hospital pharmacy, helped miraculously with my constipation.

Week 2: much easier than the first. I began walking a lot more (still very slow, just a lot more). I had my first post-op appointment. It went by very well and it was very quick. I was just told me to not do any exercising and not lift anything more than 10 pounds.
As my swelling from the Lipo went down, the abdominal binder became more annoying. About every few hours I had to tighten it and adjust it. By the end of week two I was also ready to finally sleep in my bed again. I just made sure i had lots of pillows to ensure I was still proped up :)

Week 3: I began to finally walk straight again! I went to Disneyland, and I think the excessive walking helped me straighten my back a lot easier. I was told my Dr. B to just walk slow and DO NOT go on any rides with sudden stops or any fast rides.

Week 4-6: I returned back to work and my pain was finally gone away. I just found I would get little pains and much swelling everyte I was overworking myself.

Week 7: my post op appointment went very well. Dr. B gave the ok to go back to the gym and finally take off the gross binder! Lol

I still look at my tummy not believing how great it looks! I am so glad I chose Dr. Behmand because he is a plastic surgeon who patiently listens to what his patients want and he cares deeply about his work. My scar is also very very low and straight, which was a big deal to me!

Thank you again Dr. Behmand!
San Francisco Plastic Surgeon

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