50 Yrs 5"4 142 Lbs 4 Kids Mommy Makeover - Walnut Creek, CA

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I had my Mommy makeover on Feb 1st 2016 Full TT...

I had my Mommy makeover on Feb 1st 2016
Full TT with muscle repair and umbilical repair....public lift...silicone implants 550cc moderate profile with lift. Lipo of flanks .My motivation was my stomach looked as if I was 5 months pregnant because of muscle seperation. And excess skin. I'm about 19 days post op....still very swollen. Too early to see results.

Before Full TT pictures.

Here are some more before my full TT with hernia and muscle repair....lipo of flanks.

First week after Mommy Makeover

These were taken the first week after my Mommy Makeover. I'm not going to lie.....the first week was the hardest. I took my pain meds every 4 hours ...they made me sleep and that helped. I became nauseated my first day home and threw up once....it Hurt a lot from the muscle repair. I had implants put in too as well as lipo. The implants didn't bother me at all....but the lipo areas were pretty sore. I forgot to mention. ...I got Exparrel. ...a injected numbing agent that lasts for 2 or 3 days....I do recommend it...it helps. I also recommend getting a walker....a lift recliner chair...I'm still in mine. Also a toilet seat adapter with handles on the sides. I guess I'm a sweller....because I have had extreme swelling from day 1.

More 1st week after Mommy Makeover. ..Swell Hell.

If it wasn't for the extreme swelling....I wouldn't have felt so bad.

8 days post op Mommy Makeover

Still extreme swelling! I stopped all pain meds after 4 days. Had my 1st BM at 4 days. I just kept taking stool softeners with a mild laxitive. But I haven't had any junk food and have been eating lots of fruit and vegetables with high fiber. Lots of water.....nothing but water and coconut water...herbal tea. My implants are 550 under muscle silicone moderate plus. I'm 5"4 142 lbs before surgery. 50 yrs old....4 kids.

10 days Post op Mommy Makeover

Swelling continues. My tapes are making sores...I have tape allergies.

11 Days Post Op Mommy Makeover

Here are a few more pics of my tape sores and a peek at my new Belly Button.

12 Days Post Op Mommy Makeover

Not much change...I'm just uploading the pics I've raken....I'm trying to play catch up. 12 says post op MM. Still in swell hell.

14 -16 Days Post Op Mommy Makeover

I'm at 2 weeks post op...still cannot stand up straight yet...it feels so tight....not sure if it's the swelling or the muscle repair. ..or combination. My left side where lipo was done on my hip is still super swollen and a lump under skin...my whole stomach and sides are very numb. My breasts have started to get real itchy....under them and the sides....I'm hoping it's just the skin stretching. ..seems the implants are dropping some already. I'm noticing my left breast is obviously larger.....I did have thus issue before surgery. ...I was hopefull that surgery would have made them more symmetrical. ...also I'm hoping nipple position improves as they drop and fluff. 550 silicone implants moderate plus.

19 days post op Mommy makeover

These are just a few pics I took in some shirts I made....you can see the left breast is noticeably larger than the right.

21 Days Post Op Mommy Makeover

Stuck in Swell Hell! Is it just me? Or am I getting bigger? Tummy is hard...especially above incision on sides and around BB. This is week 3 and I have some new sensations....My tummy feels like it's pins and needles and raw . ...sort of burns.The more sensation I get....it s getting more uncomfortable. ..I am feeling twinge s and shocks in tunny...especially on left side of BB . Riding in the car hurts my tummy. I feel pretty good in the morning until around 3 pm or so...then more swelling sets in. Also ...
Where my top of thighs meet my incision. ..it hurts and becomes numb with swelling. I'm still not driving....live in my PJ's....I'm standing straighter but not all the way straight. I forgot to mention. ..I had a drainless TT....where the stomach is sewed down like a quilt.

22 -23 days post op Mommy makeover

Still swelling. ..but feeling better. Moving around more. Feeling Strange sensation on left side of TT at incision. ..feels sometimes like a feather is I under my skin...or something fluttering or draining. But nothing is coming out...my incision is closed.I want to try Arnica Montana. ..Tumeric....Bromalain...to try and help with swelling and inflammation. I barely fit in my previous pants.

24- 25 days post op Mommy makeover

I'm feelig better each day...numbness and pins and needles continue. ..I feel super tight from the muscle repair. And the top of my stomach is what has a burning sensation. ...I have maybe 50 % feeling above my BB...and a raw burning sensation. I started taking vitamin C...Arnica....Tumeric pills....and I'm massaging coconut oil on my skin. The lump from Lipo on my left hip is very hard and numb. My breast implants have dropped a little....and I'm at about 90% @ standing up straight...so my back hurts a little in the middle....stomach is still very swollen. ...it's not as hard as its been...by a little.

Some more before my Mommy Makeover

I thought I would put some more before pics on here.

Almost 4 weeks post op Mommy makeover

I have noticed a difference in my swelling since I started taking the Arnica. ..Tumeric. ..Vitamin C pills....maybe a coincidence. ...but either way....I'm happy. Can't tell much by the pics...but I can feel it...I'm less uncomfortable. . And it's not as hard around TT incision. ...I've been massaging coconut oil on my skin...and incisions. My stomach is still a little pink right above the incision above my public area....it was really red right after surgery.

4 1/2 weeks Post op Mommy Makeover

About 4 1/2 weeks....a little swell has gone down at incision. ..feels less hard at ridge. I've been more active this past week. Seems the top part above my BB is bigger with what I hope is swelling and not Seroma.

7 weeks today...post op Mommy makeover

I started to feel more normal at about 6 weeks. My sides have been itching and numb....I think some feeling has returned in places.....still quite numb though. I had full muscle and hernia repair....implants and lipo of flanks. I'm pretty flat in the morning till I start moving around. ..then swelling happens....by night I'm really swollen.
My BB got really pink one day last week...and a little weepy. I started putting tea tree essential oil on a q tip and put it in my BB 2 times a day...it's almost completely healed....no antibiotics. ..yay! Breasts seem to have dropped...everything is ok...scars look ok for 7 weeks. I continue to wear binder. I weigh same as pre op. I have been a lot more active. ..taking long walks and other activities.

9 weeks post op MM with MR

I'm 9 weeks post op Mommy makeover with muscle and hernia repair (drainless) skin sewn down on tummy. I look ok if I stand tall and hold it in...but if I slouch or sit or lay...I look fat ...I'm wondering if I'm still swelling a lot or not enough skin and fat was Removed. ..also if my MR was tight enough? At a little over 9 weeks ...is this close to my final results? Will the ridge above my TT incision ever flatten? I gate how it looks when I sit. Also...these pics are first thing in the morning.
Anyone who has gone through this have any comparison pics or comments??

10 weeks post op Mommy makeover

Finally. ..I'm noticing I'm pretty flat in morning so I can see some definition. I get very swollen by evening or if I'm standing too long. Not sure if ps took enough fat with the lipo...or skin. I will have to see later I guess.....he's on vacation till sometime in June and I can't get in to see him till Aug. Although my tummy is still quite numb......it dosn't feel so foreign anymore.I dot really feel the pins and needles anymore. Sometimes my stomach feels really hot or really cold....not matching the rest of my body....maybe it can't regulate temperature yet.still uncomfortable to sneeze and stretch. Standing straight is not an issue. My stomach looks ok standing up tall...but not so good when sitting or slouching a bit. Scar remains thin...flat and pink. I can feel some hard knots or lumps under incision. ...I guess the disolveable stitches are still there. I take same photos exactly 1 week to the day to show difference. ...usually always first thing in morning. Stomach still feels heavy from BB down. Drainless TT.

12 weeks post op Mommy makeover

I m wondering if this is my final results or close to it... not so happy with it. I feel Dat still...like ps could have been more aggressive with internal tightening. ..skin removal. ...and lipo. Breasts did not get the lift I expected and symmetry. My ps is gone on vacation for several months. I will be 7 months post op before I can see him or discuss anything.

9 months post op TT and Breast Aug

It's been a little over 9 months since my TT Feb 1st 2016.....I met with my ps and we discussed some major concerns with my results.....he has agreed to do surgery again to correct my results.
So Nov 7thave I will have lipo to stomach and breast lift. Today Oct 20th I'm at 137 lbs....same size pants prior to surgery. Will update later

Revised Breatlift.

I had a revision Breast lift on Nov 7th 2016
On Feb 1st 2016 I previously had a mommy make over....Tummy tuck ..breast implants and a lift. The lift was a Bineli or a doughnut....didn't lift very much. So I went back yesterday for a full anchor lift
During the procedure the doctor went in and checked the implants....in just 9 months he found my right implant was ruptured. So he replaced it. I was a bit uncomfortable when I woke up...but have not taken any pain meds....it's tolerable pain..for me. So this is next day after surgery.

5 days post op Breath lift

I'm 5 days post op Full Breast lift revision...full anchor! 10 months ago I had implants 550cc and a BenEli lift.. doughnut lift...unsuccessful.
Dr said....my right silicone implant had already ruptured in 10 short months....I didn't do any trauma to it either.
I have yellow bruised skin.. still quite sore and yellow leaking from left breast. Took my first shower today...felt good....had first BM yesterday.. with aid of stool softener.

2 weeks post open revised breast lift

I'm wondering if and when they settle....will nipple position be higher....I have full anchor lift...I thought nipples would be higher.
Also PS said....my right silicone implant that he put in 10months ago was ruptured already...he had to replace it.
I didn't have any falls or trama....kinda scary....I had no clue....
And I'm a bit concerned with how scar is forming.

My Breat lift failure

This was my doctors 2nd attempt at breast Aug and lift. First attempt was very unsuccessful....he tried a (Benelli lift) we didnt discuss that...we talked about a lollipop or Anchor. So he offered to do another lift....10 months later...he said my silicone implant on right side was ruptured already.....he replaced it and did a anchor lift....right away you could see they were not same size or nipple position wasn't same....but as they settled it became way worse... I also have 2 lumps of fat in left side....not happy again...tbis was my 5th Breast surgery....im still hiding them.
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