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I'm 5ft 4in tall and I was a former gymnast for my...

I'm 5ft 4in tall and I was a former gymnast for my entire life. I have a large amount of muscle on me, but my thighs never slim down. I am hoping to have a small ( half an inch) gap between my thighs. I am hoping for a leaner look. I want a conservative amount taken out and I am very nervous about the outter lipo because I do not want a square butt or to look like a man. Also, very nervous that if I gain any weight years later that it will come back in my stomach ( a place I don't hold much fat) or somewhere unsightly like my ankles. I'm pretty scared! What are your suggestions??

Today is the day!

I'm much more nervous than when I did my breast augmentation. I think it's pms attributing to this feeling, since I'm due in 2 days. We decided to just do a minimal amount of lipo in the inner thighs only, as the lateral sides don't have a lot of fat. Wish me luck!!!!

Night of surgery!

My surgery started late, but I hung out and read magazines. My mom and boyfriend were with me. I was feeling fine and had an IV in me. The surgery lasted 1.5 hours and was inner thigh lipo only. I woke up feeling more back pain than anything, which I thought was strange! It felt like menstrual cramps, but makes sense since I'm due to have it tomorrow. I wasn't in excessive pain when I awoke, but had normal sensations of being under general anesthesia ( loopy, stomach slightly queasy, and weak). I waited for about 45-1 hour and left was discharged. When we got back to the house. My mom and her friend is a nurse came over and my boyfriend was with me so I felt okay. I was very nervous of embolisms as I still am so I didn't go straight to bed, instead I walked around little by little and when laying I kept noting my ankles. I wasn't in pain, but more so stiff and tired. I woke up almost every hour to use the ladies which was annoying but good in my opinion because I had to walk. I suggest you have someone with you from the beginning of getting up to helping you to the toilet. My boyfriend helped me, I squatted instead of sitting down, which I also suggest if you can because it didn't hurt as much. Make sure to hold someone or something. I wasn't dizzy per se, but more so weak. I have no idea how much fat he took out because I left the center late at night and the nurse didn't have his notes, but Dr. Behmand did my breasts five years ago, I trust him and believe he did a good job so far!

1st post op

Feeling sore and achy. Slight headache and taking hydrocodone every 4 hours. Drinking lots of fluids, mostly coconut water. I ate a normal breakfast: banana, scrambled eggs and a tortilla, and a clementine. I can walk and move but extremely slowly. No photo updates to show, just getting more swollen and stiff from last night.

2nd day post op

Today is slightly better than yesterday. I am still not able to walk normally of course, feel very stiff, fatigue quickly and overall moving like a snail. I have been getting up every hour or two to move and use the ladies, to be extra cautious that I'm circulating the blood. This morning when I got up I realized I'm double the size as I was with swelling. Thighs are huge! My thighs are numb also, but the hamstrings are tender and that's majority of the stiffness. I'm not in pain and this morning stopped taking the pain meds ( let's see how long that will go ha)

You will want to stay in bed ( trust me) but DO NOT just hang out bed ridden. Make sure you force yourself to move every hour. I walk around or stand even just for a few minutes and I feel this has made a difference from day 1 post op. There is nothing else to note, just very swollen and stiff and slow.

3rd day post op

I stopped taking the pain meds yesterday and went a whole day/night without them. I really don't want to be constipated and also, I didn't want to baby myself. The pain/stiffness/soreness is manageable. The worst is sleeping. I have been so paranoid about blood clots that I get up every hour or two to use the ladies and/or walk around. I have been sleeping on my back, but this morning I realized I could turn over on my side without pain so I slept like that for a while. I still haven't had my period ( 1 day late) and I have had cramps so I am hoping I will get it soon. There is no change in my swelling, only slightly less compared to yesterday, no need for a photo to show since it looks identical to day 2. I don't notice much in the difference in my before thighs to after thighs, but hoping to see change soon! The garment is annoying, but I am following the directions and wearing it 24/7.

SWOLLEN - Day 4 post op

Wow, so what a day yesterday and today-- I got my period and on top of it, I'm triple in size in my thighs. I have CRAMPS also! I slept better last night, but no change in the look of my thighs, I walk better, but that's about it. I will be honest, this has been tough. It's not tough in the sense where it's SO painful and I'm crying my eyes out, but more so difficult the journey of the healing process. Going to the bathroom wearing a compression garment is hard with a tiny hole! Boredom has set in, my boyfriend working all day and I have only my brother coming around to check on me. I can't shower yet, I can't drive anywhere or go anywhere and if I walk too much around the house, I feel I have to lay down for an hour after. I'm not taking pain meds so perhaps I'm torturing myself too. Also, mentally it's stressful because I have to keep walking every hour to make sure I don't get clots. It's not easy! This morning was the first day I woke up and I said to myself, "oh my god-- this is hard".

Day 5 post op

This morning I woke up feeling much better! Legs are still stiff and achy, but my period has tapered off ( which contributed to pure hell). I looked in the mirror this morning and I don't see a change, but I feel they are not as swollen. I still haven't taken off the garment or stockings, I have been sponge bathing twice a day though. It's definitely not fun! I haven't left the house at all throughout this time and I am a hot mess with my grey hair coming through and nails chipped. Tomorrow is my post op appt., so let's see how that goes!

Day 6 post op

Everyone on here says that by this day they are back to work, going out to eat, walking miles etc---- um nope not me! I went outside to the nail salon yesterday with my mom and I could not sit in the chair and ended up not getting them done and laying down on their waxing bed while she finished hers. You know it's bad when you don't feel up to getting your nails done ! I am not on any pain meds at all which I assume is why so many women can just forget about this ache and go about their lives. I am such a paranoid patty over blood clots I wanted to be alert and not drugged. I am torturing myself! Lol. The ache I am describe is not the " really hard workout ache" that most of these women refer to. Sure, if I was on pain meds or even ibuprofen it would feel like that, but with no medication it feels like some took a baseball bat to your legs all the way down to your ankles. It is an extreme ACHE. It's not a curling in a ball and crying your eyes out pain, but the ache is not easy! Walking helps relieve it slightly, but then I feel I have to lay down after. I just walk every hour and lay down, walk every hour and lay down, rinse and repeat.

Bless the hearts of those who got their entire body done. I am struggling with just the inner thighs! Again, I know I am torturing myself because I am trying to muscle it by not taking any meds. However, in general this ain't a walk in the park! Be prepared especially if you are a stubborn mule or paranoid patty like me. There are no change in the way my legs look 6 days post op. Here's a pic of a bruise though.

Day 6 post op appt.

Dr. Behmand told me I was fine with the blood clots ( don't worry) and that I can take off my compression socks for good and shower. However, garment must be on 24/7 for the next 5 weeks. Ugh! He checked my incisions and boy they are soooo tiny! I had most of my bruising pooling towards my knees and he said he took out 500 cc total = 1 lb. of fat. I am praying and hoping this amount was not too much ! I am the opposite of most women on here, I just wanted a finesse type of lipo so the thighs would not aggressively rub. I was not looking to have skinny legs which I hope will NOT be the final result. I guess I have to wait and see! Finally took a shower hallelujah!

1 week - post op

Today I am walking significantly better. I slept better last night as well. Yet, I am still swollen as day 6 so no pics to update. This process is still a mini hell.

2 weeks !

Well, I have noticed a difference! The contour is much nicer! The inches have not changed around the circumference I am assuming it is from the swelling, but i don't care about inches the contour is awesome and the rubbing are GONE. Hallelujah. Dr. Behmand is incredible.

3 weeks today!

Wow, so a week has made a difference in the swelling. I am loving my results so far! I feel 18 years old again. I had no idea that just a little fat could produce a youthful body again! It feels amazing walking and feeling so light and free! I cannot tell you how unbelievably amazing it feels to not have them rubbing together! I know this is not common, but he took only 500 CC total and I weigh almost 5 lbs. less than pre-op. I believe it has something to do with healing and of course less activity so I don't have to eat as much. I feel like I have barbie legs now and the biggest change is how youthful I appear!

1 month post op.

Well I am so happy that I went through with this procedure! I had no idea the long process it would be to be in the garment, but I have followed instructions to the T and I have worn this garment 24 seven only taking off to shower. I still have slight pain on my inner thighs if they're touched but not extreme just a bit of tenderness. About 98% of the bruising has gone with just a few minor little bruises hardly noticeable. As you can see in my photos I'm standing with my legs together and I have a thigh gap! It's a tiny one, and I really hope it doesn't get too much bigger, but probably May because I'm still swollen slightly. As I mentioned before my goal was not I thought I gap, and I'm surprised I even have one, it was more so for the thighs to not rub as I walked. I am also very happy that I did not do the outer portion of my thighs because as you can see I have a tiny frame, and taking away all my curves could have made me look a little childlike. I really recommend Dr. BEHM AND! He knew exactly how much to take, where to take it from, and keep me feminine. I am not exercising as per his request until six weeks, I do walk a little bit but not for extreme speed ( more like walking in the mall). I have slight pain and tenderness and swelling if I walk too much. I'm not a couch potato, but I definitely am taking it easy. I read that you shouldn't push to work out because scar tissue is forming and it can keep swelling much longer. I don't know how much truth is to that, but he told me not to do any elevation of my heart for six weeks and I'm listening to him.

5 weeks today! Thigh gap!

Oh my God I cannot tell you how badly I want this garment off of me! I have been wearing this garment 24 seven with tight leggings over it to get this result. I haven't touched a pair of jeans in five weeks! I absolutely love my results. I was not expecting a thigh gap and as you can see there is still slight swelling where one leg is a little bit more swollen than the other and the doctor told me by six weeks I should be 80% done with the swelling. I have tenderness and soreness in the inner thighs not extreme, but it still hurts. I have one more week of this garment and I cannot wait to take it off. I have done absolutely no exercise except for light walks and I'm eager to get back to my workout routine. Love my new legs !

Before vs. 5 week pic

Love these results !!!!!!

5 months !

I'm loving my results, pain is gone with the occasional tender spots ( usually after working out). I am very happy I did this surgery! I walk on clouds now as my thighs do not rub and the only difference from taking the garment off to going back to normal life is that my thigh muscles shrunk during the post op phase so I appeared thinner then. Now my thighs are not as skinny due to the muscle, but the contour is the reason I did this surgery! Therefore, I am happy as can be. My goal wasn't stick straight legs but more so less rubbing, which Dr. Behmand achieved!

6 months

So far so good, I still swell if I workout too much or too hard. There is the random tenderness here and there, but on a scale of 1-10 it's about a 1.5. I am very happy I did this procedure overall. It could be my imagination, but I feel like my stomach is fatter now during my cycle ( it retains more water ) but I think it's because m thighs are slimmer in comparison and before the water weight would go there. Since there isn't much fat now maybe it goes where it can. Also, I am posting this during my cycle so overall feel gross. Ha ! I weigh the same and clothes fit the same, just feel a little puffy today. Not the best day to post l, but by request decided to post an update.

Walking feels amazing not to have the rubbing and I am happy the surgeon went conservative. I do orange theory workouts so squatting probably keeps my thighs thick, but I'm toned and happy with their size.
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By far an artist, he is amazing!

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