67 Turkey Neck, Sagging Jowls. Looking Older Than I Feel. Walnut Creek, CA

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For a few years now I noticed my face falling and...

For a few years now I noticed my face falling and my turkey neck. It adds years and I noticed people treating me differently. Maybe I look more tired than I feel? As many women have written on this site, it sneaks up on you and one day you look in the mirror and can't believe the reflection. I like to wear my hair pulled back or up but am embarrassed to do this now. Physically I am in great shape for my years, exercise daily and eat right. My husband is 5 years my junior and we have been married for 34 years. He is aging beautifully. I want to keep up with him.
My husband and I had several consultations with plastic surgeons in our local area. All promised the moon.
We decided to consult with Dr Prescott although he is 3 hours away for several reasons. My friend had her upper and lower eyes done about by Dr Prescott about 10 years ago and her eyes still look amazing. He didn't promise me the moon and seemed very conservative in his approach. Somehow, this gave me confidence in him.
Long story short I am scheduled for a facelift and necklift in two weeks. My facelift will be short scar and the necklift will correct my platysma muscle. I opted to have my upper eyelids done at a later date. I have one lid that is noticably droopy. But not a huge deal.
I opted to post on this site as reading all the great stories and seeing pictures others have posted is extremely helpful. I plan to post pictures as I go through this process.
Here are a couple taken today, two weeks post opp.

A few more pre op pics. 5 more days...

I am ready for my surgery but nervous. Trying to keep myself busy, my husband is so supportive. I just love him.
Hoping to see my jawline again in a couple of weeks.

Today is the day, March 16th

My surgery is scheduled for 12:30. Mixed emotions this AM but fairly positive.
Will be posting recovery pictures.

Post Op About 5 hours

My experience today was wonderful. Although I was very nervous, I did not have much to think about it. I can't remember all the names of folks who were there but will later on.
Dr Prescott was perfect for me. He made me feel much more relaxed.
No real pain right now. Just tightness around the neck. Ice 20 minutes per hour for swelling in the eye area although no surgery was done in that area. Can't see any bruising at all.
Here are the pics. Until tomorrow

Post Op Appointment on day out

My post op appointment went great. My neck is tight, tight. To feel it anyway, I haven't looked yet. No brusing anywhere at all, which might come later. But was told it probably won't be bad if it does.
Dr Prescott removed a significant amount of skin and explained how he secured the pytisma muscle. Now I understand why my neck feels so tight. I can't wait to see the final results.
So, all is well 24 hours out and he encouraged me to just take it easy for the next couple of weeks. No bending over (especially), housework or gardening.
I should start feeling better by Monday.
So, no pictures today as I am so tired.
Make sure to follow the advice of the doctor regarding all the before and after instructions.
One thing I did was eat lots of leafy greens high in vitamin K prior to surgery. Not sure if that helped but my bleeding was in check. Dr Prescott also gave me some Arnica caps to take before and after surgery. Follow the pain med instructions. Very important. Although this was not a super painful procedure don't let the pain get ahead of you.
Dr Prescott's staff are absolutely wonderful and Dr Prescott, I feel, is an honest man.
I spoke with my sister-in-law who is a retired OR nurse from John Muir Hospital here in Walnut Creek. She meet the doctor when he first arrived and worked with him in the OR. She said she was impressed with him immediately and that he is so precise. A very good recommendation for a plastic surgeon. At 67 I have realistic expectations and
feel like my final outcome will be one in which I am very satisfied.
Pictures coming.

Day 3

Ok. My neck is tight (very tight) and I have a chin strap on, but as you can see no brusing at all. Not even on on my neck. Of course it's like a rollercoaster, when the Tylenol wears off I am uncomfortable. Dr Prescott's nurse, Shiela, said I will be much better by Monday. More pictures tomorrow.


Today is Sat. My husband tells me this is day 3. Plan to shower today. The pain yesterday was uncomfortable and so I took a vicodin 5/325 and extra strength Tylenol 500 mg every 6 hours. Close to the 6 hour point i was uncomfortable.
Hoping today is hump day.
My neck is better, tight, but better. I can turn my head from side to side.
There is no pain in the mid portion of my face at all. It's still numb.
Will post pics after my shower and shampoo.

New pictures 3 days ost op

Washed my hair and here are the pictures. A little swollen but no bruising at all. All the sutures look good. I like seeing my neckline again. Oh my...make sure I wear this chin strap.
Pain is 100% better and think all is good. Hoping for a lasting result.
Will post pics as the swelling goes down.

6 Days

My swelling is up and down. I find keeping the head elavated helps. Wearing a chin strap 8 to 12 hours a day.
I am very swollen (or it just feels that way) around the ears.
Pain is very little now but still taking a tylenol every 8 hours. Hopefully the swelling just keeps going down each day.
Tonight, all is good!!

Day 8

I have included a before and after pic. This is day 8. Still tight and swollen but feeling better. Yesterday was a bad day, just felt drained. My Cis' is coming today for a visit.
So far my profile is 100% better. I am happy. Hoping all will stay put!!

Day 9 Front Views, under chin incision, jaw line

Things are much better today. Less swollen and less uncomfortable.
I look so different that it is crazy. Hopefully this won't relax, but today all is good. Thank you for all your kind comments.

Day 11

My face is still swollen and feels tight. One side will swell more than the other, and then it will switch. I used ice yesterday. See the doc tomorrow. Anyone have this issue. Too much activity?? Weird.

Day 12

My appointment with Dr Prescott went fine today. I really like him and feel confident that he is paying attention. My healing is normal. So I am going to start light exercise. Light weights and walking more. He encouraged me to turn my head and not to worry about it although it is very tight.. And not complaining! Tight is good. My swelling is moving around a bit and all that is normal too. He showed me how to massage along my incisions, which are all pretty much hidden and the little bumpy places. So, day by day, this all should start to feel better and look better.
Sometimes I don't recognize myself. Not afraid of those candid photos. It's crazy. Wish I had done this when I first started hiding from the camera, about 10 years ago.

More pics in a few days...

Pics Day 13

Swelling is settling down. Jawline is back and incisions are much better. Just a couple of pics here.....I think it's going along well.

Day 15

This is one of those down days in the up/down cycle. I have less swelling in my face and more in the neck, jaw area. Just want to sleep and rest after spending 2 hours at the Verizon store. walked about 2 miles yesterday and the same thing happened. Patience is a virtue..... Also, I think salt is a big issue like many have mentioned. Those of you who are behind me in the healing process, this is all normal. More pics in a couple of days.

3 weeks today and still swelling

It's been 3 weeks sine my face/neck lift and I still have considerable swelling . I have taken it easy the last few days but the swelling and tightness is pulling my ears ( behind and in front) and sides of the neck. The under chin area is swelling as well. It doesn't look horrible but feels very uncomfortable. I feel as if my lymphatic system isn't draining properly.
Tomorrow i will have light lymphatic massage. Hopefully this will help.
If anyone else has experienced swelling like this post surgery I would greatly appreciate hearing about it.

5 Weeks.

Continued swelling under left ear and pulling sensation on that side. Right side is feeling pretty good. I have to ask the doctor the exact type of neck lift he preformed. My platysma muscle was stitched in the middle and on the sides as well.
Lymphatic massage made the area feel so much better today.
I made the mistake of lifting my one year old grandson, several times. Not a good choice.
The pros: neck looks fabulous even with swelling and my cheeks are lifted elimating the hollow areas. Jaw line is back and smooth.
My recommendation is the same as many of you commented. Take it easy, be patient. It takes quite a few weeks for all this to resolve. Well worth it.

Some photos 5 weeks

They didn't upload.

7 weeks - Hair is up!!

Reporting in at the 7 week point. The thing I have not done for years is to wear my hair up because my profile was so bad, but today I pulled it up! I know it's not perfect but it is 300% better. Last Friday wa my 6 week checkup with Dr Prescott. He said all looked good. Still swelling especially after exercise or salty foods. Exercise is in, salty foods out. He also explained the course of my recovery so it will be no surprise. He said a year from surgery I will see the best result. It's been a tough few weeks but worth every minute. So happy I took the plunge.

11 Weeks, finally on the upside

Just posting at 11 weeks. I finally feel comfortable in my new face. Swelling is significantly better. The tightness and numbness is much better. I can exercise, practice yoga and sleep comfortably. Have hope, those of you who are in the first stages of recovery. Well worth the discomfort.
Only my best friends can tell something is radically different. Most folks just stare for awhile and say I look good and rested.
I have had some massage on the face now for about a month. Very gentle release.
I love this..... Now I look the same age as my husband...
Thank you Dr Prescott.
Pleasanton Plastic Surgeon

So far my interactions with Dr. Prescott and his staff are fabulous.

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