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My motivation to try CoolSculpting came from a...

My motivation to try CoolSculpting came from a stubborn area on my lower abs that would not go away. I saw my dermatologist who said I was a candidate for the procedure. During the consult, I also decided to address my flank areas.

I am 28 years old, 5'10" and about 150lbs. I am not trying to lose weight, but to refine my shape and change those parts of my body I was not happy with.

I had the procedure done this morning with two small applicators on my sides first, and then a larger applicator to my lower abdominals.

For the flanks: the application, the gel pad, and the actual procedure were basically pain free. The first hint of discomfort was the massage afterwards, which half tickled and half hurt. The area was red, and appeared to be bruising slightly. As the area warmed up, it began to burn and was uncomfortable. I stood up waiting to reposition to a different chair for my next treatment, and became a little light headed and clammy. The staff had me sit in a reclined position with my legs elevated, and the sensation quickly passed. I am told this was a fairly typical response to pain by the body.

For my lower abdominals: I had read that this was the most painful region, and those reviews matched my experience. The application of the machine kind of took my breath away at first and was not very comfortable. After the first five to seven minutes, it became bearable. The staff turned off the lights, and I was able to relax while the machine did its work. After the sixty minutes, the applicator was removed and another massage was done on this region. I have seen the stick of butter comments....well I had a raised section larger than even that! The skin was very red. The staff said I had an exceptionally good result, and the fat was very cold. I experienced the same burning feeling, and could touch my stomach with my hands but did not feel it. My skin had a heightened sensitivity to it as it thawed, and felt very strange.

I will post updates tomorrow, and hopefully get some pictures up!

The evening of my procedure, I still had numbness...

The evening of my procedure, I still had numbness and some sensitivity to touch. I felt like I had a bowl of jell-o on my stomach, and swelling making me larger than before the procedure. I had no issues sleeping, and woke up to find swelling had subsided. Throughout the day the swelling returned and I had to wear larger, looser clothing than normal to feel comfortable.

The past few days have been pretty similar, but some bruising has become more prominent on my stomach and sides. The third day my stomach became itchy, but was too painful to really scratch or touch. I am now on Day 5 after the procedure, and still have numbness to my sides and stomach. My stomach is sensitive to pressure, although I can't really feel my hand if I press on it. Kind of a strange sensation. I am a stomach and side sleeper, and have had no issues sleeping at night.

My stomach did start to flatten back out today, which is definitely a relief to see. I still feel kind of a hardness to the area that was treated.
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