Recovering from All on Four Procedure. Walnut Creek, CA

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Hi! I've always had bad teeth. I get cavities no...

Hi! I've always had bad teeth. I get cavities no matter how frequently u brush. I went to the dentist regularly, and got filling after filling. Then my dentist retired. I saw the guy who took over his practice, and had a filling done, and that was the beginning of the end. He left a big hole at the gum line. Since he told me he "touched the nerve" when he did the filling, I knew that any attempt to fix this tooth properly would involve a root canal. I never went back. That tooth and the adjacent one decayed due to the food pocket created by the bad filling. I only had nine teeth on top, and 3 of them were bad, so I knew my best option was to have all my top teeth removed. I'm 50, and not quite ready to accept dentures. I considered dental tourism in Mexico. I just wasn't comfortable with the idea, so I ended up at Clear Choice. I had already decided on the all on four procedure. My husband and I were pleased when we went in for our free consultation. We felt confident that I would be well cared for, and I loved the everything under one roof concept. We borrowed gr a 401k, and made our pre op appointment. Gabrielle took pictures and did molds. We chose shape size and color for the temporary teeth. The prosthedontist came in and emdid a dental exam. We modified our color and size choices for my temporary plate. Then we made the surgical appointment. This office is so busy that the first available date was 3 months out. I impatiently waited. I got to the office on surgery day bright and early. There ws more paperwork to sign. I was taken to the procedure room, and the surgeon came in and talked to me. He was very thorough, and I was impressed. When he had answered all my questions to my satisfaction, he placed an IV for sedation. He asked me if I felt any different, I said no, then it was lights out for a while. I rennet complaining of pain a couple of times during the procedure, which was quickly taken care of-either that or I just blacked back out. :)
Then they stopped the sedation and took more impressions. Not fun, but not terrible. Then I was taken to the room I started out in that day, where my husband was waiting. I had a headache that was worse than the mouth pain, but that hurt as well. I got a shot of Tiraspol through the IV, which did not give much relief. My hubs did some acupressure to help relieve the headache, and I drank some coffee. I was in that room several hours, then was taken to another room to have my thirsty teeth placed. Then I went home. I'm 3 days post op now, and I'm telling you the truth, the pain is awful. I'm taking the meds I was prescribed, but the relief only lasts an hour or two. Every day the pain has been worse than the day before. When monday comes, I'm calling them to see what they say about this pain. I've had a couple of big abdominal surgeries, but this hurts worse. That's where I stand as of now. I hope someone finds this helpful. The teeth are nice, but a bit too big for me, I think. Maybe I'll get used to them, maybe my second set will have smaller teeth. They're pretty, but I call them Bucky Beaver teeth. :)

3 weeks

Hi, me again. Thanks for all of the comments concerning my pain. I had an infection requiring antibiotics. The pain is much better, although I do still have some. I can tell exactly where the two front implants are.
My whole life, I've pulled in my lower jaw in order for my teeth to close properly. My lower teeth still hit the back of my top teeth, causing chipping. Now my bite is corrected, and it it taking a lot of time to get used to. Speaking takes practice, and just looking in the mirror at my smile is , well, odd. If I could be objective, I'd probably say they look great, but the transition is taking a lot of time. I'm glad I don't have broken and decayed teeth on top any more. I'm glad they will never need fillings or root canals. Im still healing and adjusting.

Still getting used to my smile

I smile more confidently, but they don't feel natural and they squeak. Six months post surgery.
Dr. Nighebrugge and Dr. Morris

No complaint. Nice, professional, answered all questions

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