Chemical Peel Burns from 30% Glycolic At Home - Walnut Creek, CA

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Hi All, I'm used to doing glycolic peels at...

Hi All,

I'm used to doing glycolic peels at home, but this time I left it on for far too long on one side of my face and a small spot on my forehead. It all happened so fast and I realized that the peel had burned through several layers of my skin. My skin is pretty resilient, but do you think the damage will be permanent?

chemical peels are crazy

ok so, the marks eventually went away. I didn't do anything to special but I did buy some aloevera gel call 'skingel' you can find it on amazon or at local health food stores. I also used burts bees intense hydration line. Now I'm actually pretty obsessed with that line.

still loving peels

Just wanted to update for anyone considering doing this:

I've been doing a lot of peels over the last year and now I'm actually using 70% Glycolic Acid on my face - often times just diluted with a little bit of water. I always leave it on past the recommended time (which I DO NOT recommend if you aren't experienced with peels - I started out using 25%-50% using the recommended times).

My best advice is not to go overboard and get aggressive with your skin, especially if you are just starting out. If you apply the peel using to much pressure or friction you will end up taking a layer of skin off that way and it will take a month or two - or even a year- before it starts looking normal. Now I do each side of my face separately and keep a really close eye to see what is happening. I've realized I should NEVER do a peel while I'm distracted with something else. If my skin is stinging abnormally or burning too fast then I will literally run to rinse it off. If it was a false alarm I can always apply more peel. Otherwise, the peel will actually neutralize itself - you can feel it when the burn stops completely. The only thing I have to show for this incident is a little round mark on my chin that is slightly lighter than the rest of my skin. I think it will fade as time goes on. My skin is really a beast. I could burn off my whole face and it will be back to normal - and then breaking out - in a week or less.

Aside from the setbacks I've dealt with, I really love a good deep peel. The down time sucks and its painful, but after I do it my face feels beautifully clean. Everything that was trapped in my pores comes straight to the surface. It is kind crazy to look at your face and see how much gunk is just sitting in your pores - waiting to make you breakout. That painful underground cyst will quickly become a visible whitehead that takes no effort to extract. Kinda gross, but really awesome. Each time I do a really aggressive peel I get one step closer to a "flawless" complexion that doesn't need help from makeup.

Happy and safe peeling guys!
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