Boobie City in One Week!! Yikes! 500ccs Silicone Unders! - Walnut Creek, CA

I am 5'8 weigh 140lbs and and a 36A/B!! I have...

I am 5'8 weigh 140lbs and and a 36A/B!! I have always wanted bigger boobies and after having a baby, my boobies have become stretched, deflated, not something I feel good about!!! So I finally found a PS and I am One week away from my surgery date! He is awesome, attentive, and super caring! I am getting so anxious though! I decided to get 475-500ccs silicone under muscle! The surgeon will decide on the final size during the procedure but I am pleased with either! The closer I get, I get more nervous, i keep thinking about all the complications and things that could go wrong! I just hope everything turns out well! YIKES!! I am just getting everything situated before I go!!


Post op boobies!

So after my surgery i felt amazing!! it wasn't until later on in the evening i started having a lot of pain- couldn't sleep and felt like pain meds were not strong enough. I have just been taking my pain medication around the clock.. ICE packs also around the clock.. Doing stretches and I am Slowly feeling better.. My muscles are really sore!! One of my breasts sits slightly higher than the other but it was smaller to begin with so I think the tissue needs to stretch more! I go to my follow appt in a couple days but they said asymmetry is perfectly normal early on! I love my new breasts! I can't wait for them to drop. They are really tight right now and feel like two rocks on my chest!! I got 500ccs in my right (smaller one preop) and 475ccs in my left! My PS was amazing, very caring and good at his job! Very excited!

Day 3


My moods are all over the place.. can u say bipolar temporary?? One minute I love my boobs then the next minute I am picking out things wrong with them!! One is slightly higher but its because it was smaller preop so the skin needs to stretch a little more on that side-my friends couldn't even notice until I pointed it out!! I notice it thou because I'm staring at them so hard!! If its one thing I'm learning from this experience, it is to have patience!! They will fall into place- swelling will go down and everything will work out!! I just need to stop worrying and remind myself this.. Otherwise the pain is decreasing, I am doing alot better with stretching, just super fatigued still and need to pace myself.. I am attaching a pic of day 3!!


Bobbies are doing much better.. I have some pain on the sides and the incision but Its only sometimes and I am healing great!! I just have been able to start sleeping on my side! Next appt is Tomo with my doctor.. ;)
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