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Hi there! :) I'm fairly new here, have been...

Hi there! :) I'm fairly new here, have been browsing the site for answers since September and decided to join. Was welcomed and encouraged to start my review blog so here goes.

Majority of my weight is in the lower region - thighs, hips and rear. Which means I fill out a pair of jeans beautifully but shirts not so much! :p Shopping has always been a frustrating experience. Dresses I love fit nicely below but hang loose at the top, gorgeous bikini sets I can never purchase bc I have to mix and match x-small tops with large bottoms. Honestly all I'd like is to be better proportioned and love my entire body when I stand in front of the mirror instead of only from the waist down.

I've wanted to do this for about ten years. Recently had braces taken off October 21st. It was an extremely lengthy and rough ordeal. 4 front extractions, stubborn bottom gaps not closing and three long years of waiting. But Im finally able to smile without thinking about it or feeling self conscious and decided now is the time to correct the second troubling physical issue.

Had three consultation appts booked the first week of October after browsing online surgeon reviews and Yelp ratings. After seeing Dr. Canoun I made my decision that day and canceled the other two. :) Had a good feeling about him before I went, cant really explain it but he has very kind eyes. Answered all my questions patiently and thoroughly explained the procedure as well as the cost breakdown. $7,050 covers the surgical fee, band, implants, medication, facility fee and anesthesia. There were lower cost options but their reviews were less impressive and credentials not as good. I didnt want cost to be a deciding factor for something like this.

As you can see in the photo my left breast is slightly more deflated and lower than the right. When I had my son, awesome 18yr old young man, my breast milk never came. Physician told me all I had was colostrum but this was after three days of attempting to get milk flowing by letting my son feed and he was only partial to that side. Dr. Canoun suggested that I could also have a lift done on the left for an extra couple hundred but I declined. Implant incisions will be under the breast but the lift incision would have to be made around the areola and Im not comfortable with the idea nor has the difference ever bothered me. :) As long as they are no longer A minuses I'll be content! He completely understood and didnt press the issue, I appreciated that.

I tried on a few different sizers in the office but it was a little weird for me. Not sure thats the best way to judge what size one would like. While there I was debating between 325cc or 375cc. I chose 325cc. But then I went home and looked at hundreds, literally hundreds, of before and after photos. Hooters were blurring together after awhile. lol Picked one that I thought was perfect and brought it to my pre-op appt. He said ok for this result I think either a 400cc or 410cc would be best. Explained that for someone my size he normally would suggest slightly smaller to eliminate "major side boob" issues but that my shoulders were broad enough that it shouldnt be a concern.

So now I'm all set and have only two days left! Fridge is stocked with all my favorite comfort foods, went over the last minute instructions with a nurse on Friday, have my ride/24 hour buddy all set and comfy clothes are packed in a small bag by the door. Mens zip hoodie, sweats and slippers!

Nervous but ready! Apologies for the novel. :) This is a lot longer than I thought it would be. Thank you all for being part of this extremely supportive community.

Payment Choice

Thought I put this in the original review but it may have slipped my mind. I debated on a few different payment options.

Care Credit - offered at the doctors office
Credit Card

Went with the credit card option. Care Credit is ok except the APR was extremely high and they charge retro interest if not paid in full by the end of the 0% intro, plus I didnt see myself ever using this again. Credit is pretty good so applied for a Citi Diamond Preferred card, $15,000 limit, 0% for 21 months. I expect to have it paid off within 18 but if for some reason that doesnt happen the interest is charged on the remaining balance not the full amount. Will product change to a Citi Double Cash after promo ends so it has long term use.
Haven't seen many people post about payment options so thought Id add this. :)

Day Two - Uncertain About Size...

Im feeling ok...but Im still wondering if this is 400cc or the 350cc we initially agreed on at the consultation before changing sizes at the pre op appt. I like them...but they seem smaller than I thought they would be and idk if its bc of this awful band smashing them down or what. Scared to undo it bc not sure I can get it back on again. Pain was about a 6-7 when I first woke up. Maybe they will look a bit different after the band comes off and they settle somewhat in the next couple months? :/

Two Days Post - Feeling MUCH Better

Yesterday the pain was awful, I mean spiking to an 8 or 9. Took two codeine which makes me loopy and I dont care for the feeling. Then I realized what the root cause was. This band! ALL the pain was centered around this incredibly tight band. I understand its needed but I cant believe the physician would want it so tight that its nearly bringing me to tears. (takes a lot for me to cry so thats something) I loosened it last night maybe an inch and a half. Immediate relief! Havent needed a pain pill since then and actually slept six hours straight. Woke up feeling a little stiff from sleeping on the chaise, too hard to rise from my low bed by myself, but not in pain. :D Will take another pic without the band tomorrow since thats the day Im finally allowed to shower. Been taking shallow baths...very careful not to get the band or incision areas wet but I cant stand not feeling clean so had to do something lol Feeling good about this process now, will remain patient and see how progress goes in the next three months or so.

Love the Boobs - Depressed with Bloating/Constipation

Took the band off for a few minutes to try on a sports bra instead and WOW. I mean wow! I know itll take months for the drop and fluff etc., but Im so pleased with finally filling out a sports bra I couldnt stop smiling. Pain is completely gone so thats also helping my mood.

BUT these antibiotics have caused major bloating and constipation which is depressing. Not used to seeing my stomach like this. :( Havent had a BM since pre-surgery. Hoping this issue resolves itself when I take the last of the antibiotics but for now its kind of a bummer.

Day Four - Pretty Awesome :D

Wanted to see how I looked in a sports bra. So far so good! No pain, odor, discharge etc., Seem to be healing ok. Skin is tight but thats expected. Will wait until the one month mark to update after this. Looking forward to the "drop and fluff" in a few months. :)

Cant wait to stop taking these antibiotics. This constipation and bloated stomach situation is awful. :/


Such a simple word but it brings me so much joy. :) I always refused to wear this bathing suit before. Loved it, didnt love the way it looked on me with my flat chest. Tried it on for kicks and woohoo! Plus woke up feeling pretty good since the bloating issue is finally under control. Im so happy with this decision, long way to go still but these are nearly perfect to me. Not too big or small, just what I had in mind. :D Even went online and purchased a few things from Victorias Secret. Nothing major just a couple sports bras and some panties but this is the first time I've ever felt an incentive to buy pretty undergarments. Until now its been plain jane bras and solid underwear. Not much of a sexy selection out there for 34AA. At least I didnt have much luck finding anything, might be different for others idk. Tempted to take a peek at the incisions but the doctor said to let the strips fall off on their own or he'll take them off at the next appt so I'll be good.

Victoria's Secret = New BFF

Now I know from personal experience the difference between a cheap sports bra at Wal-Mart and a quality item like this one. I looooove the way my boobs look in VS! Nipple swelling is gone and I finally have feeling back in both. :) No drop yet but its only been two weeks. Bought three medium sports bras and they all look awesome.

If anyone knows, How soon can I wear bralettes if they have a side wire? Not familiar with side wires so idk if those are ok after BA but there are a few cute ones I have my eye on! Mainly different color variations of the one above.

Im sooooooo HAPPY with this decision! :D

34AA - 34D VS, Shocked! But loving it :D

Had my second post op appt today. All is great! Doc says Im healing very nicely. Gave me the green light to start working out, yay! Finally. No heavy upper body stuff though. Just in time too. All I've been doing lately is sitting around indulging in comfort foods. Hence the love handles that I now need to work off lol

Stopped at VS before my appt. Tried the 34C but they were spilling out the sides so had to go up to D. Rep said their bras run small so I'm likely a 34C anywhere else. Got sooooo much cute stuff! But this wireless (super comfortable) bra is the only one I can wear for now. :)
Happy, Happy, Happy!

One Month Update!

I bought this dress in August. Of course it fit everywhere except in the chest area. Threw it in the closet and never gave it another thought until today. :D Is it possible to fall in love with your boobs? If so I think I have. Waiting on bikinis to arrive from Victoria's Secret!

As far as general healing its going great. No pain, incisions are healed (lines are darker but not noticeable), no morning boob issues and Im back to working out except heavy upper body stuff per my doctor. I had a peeling/dryness thing happening last week but massaging with coconut oil took care of it. I honestly dont know if they have dropped lol The left one will always be lower bc I declined a lift so its hard to tell but I believe so. They feel soft and awesome! (per a friend of mine who couldnt help squeezing) For anyone feeling discouraged or impatient things will get better! :) Happy Holidays
Walnut Creek Plastic Surgeon

Extremely patient, kind, knowledgeable and I'm completely comfortable trusting him with this procedure.

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