32 Year Old W/a 3 Year Old Son.. Ready to Feel Like a Woman Again! - Walnut Creek, CA

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I'm 32 years old, 5'6" & currently weigh...

I'm 32 years old, 5'6" & currently weigh 150lbs. I've always been a size 34B... and I've always been ok with being a part of the 'itty bitty titty committee'. They were small, but perky! All that changed after I had my son. My weight was approximately 175lbs when I got pregnant.. when I gave birth, I was about 220lbs. Oh, and I breastfed for 6 weeks. I started a weight loss/workout program a few months after my son was born & started dropping weight (putting me at the 150lbs I'm at now). Needless to say, my body has changed A LOT in the past 3 years. While the rest of my body has been transformed in a great way (toned & trim), my poor boobs didn't fare so well :/ Not only are they small, but they have become very deflated! Not even a push-up bra can give me cleavage any more...

I have debated for a while now on getting this procedure & I have decided that I am ready to feel like a woman again. It's been a difficult decision because I want to be one of those women that can fully accept the changes that motherhood has made on my body, but I just can't. I've worked so hard to get myself in shape & unfortunately I can't do anything to get my boobs in 'better shape' that doesn't involve surgery. So here I go, setting off on a life-changing journey!!

I've gone in for 2 consults & am pretty decided on silicone over saline. The doctor said that since I have very little breast tissue the silicone will feel & look much more natural. I know it will require a great deal of follow-up, but I think it will be worth it for the desired end result.

My pre-op appointment will be on Monday 6/18.. I will make the final decision on silicone/saline and on size.. which I'm thinking a large C/small D (whatever that might be in cc's...??). I will update after the appointment!!

6/18/12: Went in for my pre-op today! I decided on...

6/18/12: Went in for my pre-op today! I decided on silicone (Mentor Brand) & am aiming for a full C / small D... the doctor wants me to really think about it & make my final decision the day of my surgery. Which, I cannot believe is in a matter of DAYS!!! Gotta get my prescriptions filled, stock up on some nausea-friendly foods/drinks for surgery day, and get mentally prepared that this is *finally* happening! I am nervous and a little scared about the surgery.. and maybe even a little about this HUGE change that's about to happen. I have to remind myself that it will be a GOOD change. I will report back in a few days!!!

T-Minus 24 hours until surgery!! I seriously think...

T-Minus 24 hours until surgery!! I seriously think I am more nervous about the fact that I can't eat or drink ANYTHING after midnight tonight. I am a constant eater!!! I eat a little something every 2-3 hours. This is gonna be rough :/ Hopefully I can sleep in tomorrow morning, but that's very unlikely with a 3-year-old. I'm sure my adrenaline will be pumping & food will be the last thing on my mind... I warned my husband that I might be a terror though ;) I am beyond excited and cannot believe that this is ACTUALLY happening. WOW!!

Day of surgery!! I am feeling fine this morning,...

Day of surgery!! I am feeling fine this morning, just STARVING! My surgery is at 11:15am (and it's now only 7:30am.. this is gonna be a loooong morning!). I've just gotta get my son packed for a fun filled day with his friend, and then get showered and head off to the surgery center. I just posted some 'before' pics... can't wait to post the 'after'!! I'll check back in tomorrow.. I have a feeling I will be a drugged up mess later today ;)

It's now about 6pm, about 6 hours post-op. I'm...

It's now about 6pm, about 6 hours post-op. I'm feeling some pressure / pain, but overall I feel good!!! We ended up going 450cc's and they look great (well, as great as they can right now!). The pain wasn't as bad as I though it would be & it's nothing some percocets can't help with. I wasnt as nervous as I thought I would be and felt very comfortable on the surgery table. All in all, it's been a fabulous experience so far. I'll be updating pictures tomorrow after I shower (yup, I'm not wrapped up and I can shower!!!). Thanks for all the kind words, it's meant a lot!!

1 day post-op! Felling better, a little looser and...

1 day post-op! Felling better, a little looser and not needing as many meds. As the doctor said, it only gets better from here :) Posted some 'after' pictures... they're obviously still high & need to drop, but I'm very pleased so far!

Went in for my first post-op appointment &...

Went in for my first post-op appointment & OUCHIE!!! He showed me the "massaging" that needs done in order to prevent the muscle pocket from closing back together. While the technique will work great to help my new boobies to drop & look more soft/natural, the actual process is a tad uncomfortable :/ It requires me (or my husband) to take my hand under my breast & slowly roll it up so that my index finger presses against my ribs.. which pushes the implant almost onto my collar bone!! I have to hold that for 4 seconds, then slowly release, then do the other side. This process is repeated 4 times... 4 times a day! I'm sure I'll get used to it & I know it's for "the greater good", but wowzers, that is an awkward feeling!

Besides that, both the doctor & his assistant were highly impressed with how my augmentation looks just 48 hours after surgery. I am loving them now & can't even imagine how much more I'll love them once they relax in :)

I noticing some sharp pains in my left (and bigger...

I noticing some sharp pains in my left (and bigger breast). Is this normal? I'm sure it is, but I'm probably noticing it more since I've just reduced my pain meds today since I'm going back to work tomorrow & don't wanna be doped up.. but this is painful!!! I'll be taking my 2 percocets in a bit so I can sleep tonight, but this pain is very annoying to say the least!!! I'm thinking maybe I'm not ready to go back to work for a full 8 hours tomorrow :/

Well, I am now 5 days post surgery & things are...

Well, I am now 5 days post surgery & things are going well!!! I'm still having some pain in my left breast.. mainly seems to be the nerve endings doing their thing ;) I've been icing & taking my meds to help with the pain. I overdid it today though.. I was feeling great, so I decided to make a trip to Target for a few items. A new bra was one of those items... I just had to find out what size I now was!! I'm a 34D!! WHOA! Never ever thought I would EVER fill out a D bra.. but I do (uploaded a pic of me in my very unsexy, but comfortable new bra). Doing tasks like pushing the cart, opening the fitting room doors (that always stick), and lifting bags proved a bit much. Luckily I was able to work from home & will be relaxing the remainder of today. That's all for me today!!

I am 9 days post op & overall feeling good. I am...

I am 9 days post op & overall feeling good. I am still having some pretty major nerve pain in my left breast, which is requiring me to still take pain meds. If it weren't for that nuisance, I'd be pill free by now!! I go back in again today for another post-op appointment to see how the exercises/massages are working out & to learn some new ones. I feel like they have dropped a good amount in the past week... can't wait to see what the next few weeks have in store for me. I'll be posting more pictures soon :)

2 weeks post-op: Just got my tape/bandages removed...

2 weeks post-op: Just got my tape/bandages removed today.. lookin' good! I'm still having some nerve pain in my left breast, but it's been less & less as the days go on. Just keep icing & taking low dosages of pain meds. They are falling well & just have to encourage my left one a little bit with massages/exercises. I'm still VERY happy with my results :) Pictures are posted!

Updated with "Before & 2 weeks after" pics :)

Updated with "Before & 2 weeks after" pics :)

4+ weeks post-op: I am feeling FABULOUS!! I got...

4+ weeks post-op: I am feeling FABULOUS!! I got the go ahead on Monday to resume life as normal (lifting, working out, ect.). The nerve pain is 99% gone (I'll have random pains, but they're not nearly as intense as they were a few weeks ago). They are falling fabulously & the cleavage is amazing :) Even with the pain I've gone through & the 'adjustments' my doctor has had to made post-op (can you say OUCHIE!??!), I would fully do this procedure again!! I'll try to get some newer pictures up soon :)

WOW, it's been a while since I've updated! I...

WOW, it's been a while since I've updated! I haven't taken any new photos recently, but I can say that with being 6+ months in.. it is still the best decision I've made. I'll be getting some 'afters' done at my one year in June :)

Time flies!

It's hard to believe that I'm just weeks away from hitting the 1 year mark! I have yet to get properly fitted for a bra, but I am getting that done this week. I have noticed that the bras I bought shortly after my procedure no longer fit right. The straps are too tight!! I will be posting some 'afters' soon. Again, I am beyond happy with my results. So worth the pain & money!

Happy 1 Year to me!!!

Today is my 1 year anniversary & I cannot begin to express how satisfied I am with my results!! I look back at my 'before' photos & can't believe that was me! My doctor did a fabulous job on the surgery and on the follow up. My advice to anyone considering getting this surgery is to not bargain shop for your boobs. It is a lifetime investment - choose wisely!
Walnut Creek Plastic Surgeon

My doctor has been excellent from day one. I went to 2 consultations with him & he answered all my questions with ease. I didn't feel pressured at all when it came to my final decisions, and I trusted him 100% with the final outcome. I love the fact that he doesn't advertise at all.. everything is strictly word of mouth (which I referred to him by 2 different women). He is very friendly, has worked with his staff for many years and is very talented at his job.

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