Silicone Breast Augmentation - 24 Yr Old - Walnut Creek, CA

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Hello to all, How my story begins... As a little...

Hello to all,

How my story begins... As a little girl I have always wanted to have boobs! Growing up I had a big rear and gained a lot of attention from it, but still always wished I had boobs like the rest of my friends. Over the last few years I've became more comfortable with the fact that I am only a 34 a cup and they will never get bigger. I had hope as my two sisters have bigger boobs than me (although there not huge, its more them me) and kind of made me realize that you are either blessed with one or the other (boobs or ass) and in my case I am blessed with my amazing ass!! Id much rather get an augmentation then butt implants, however I am not judging anyone just my personal preference. Even though I wished for it for so long I never thought I would have the courage to actually do it, I've been more interested in the EVER!

Recently I have started working for a plastic surgeon, as I have always wanted to be in the medical field of some sort, the job worked out and was a blessing in disguise to take me from my previous job I was miserable at. While working here I became introduced to RealSelf, I love reading on here and seeing our patients blog about there amazing experience. I truly love to make people feel good plus I have a background in cosmetology (making people feel beautiful). Now that I have been working here for quite some time now and constantly seeing people with amazing outcomes to their surgeries and patients asking me if I've had anything done meaning filler or surgery or if I want to I've always said NO. But why? Because I always told myself that I loved myself before I started working here and I am comfortable with where I'm at that I wouldn't let this influence my decision. But when summertime rolls around and I'm in a bathing suit I'm not comfortable on top, I feel like I am flat chested and it doesn't match my body well. I'm curvy and have a tiny waist and wish I was more proportioned on top.

Here's my dilemma... I am engaged and getting married next July (will be out 8 yr. anniversary), I plan to get pregnant almost immediately following our wedding. I WANT to have this done before my wedding so that I have great boobs to fill my dress, although the thought of having a child a boobs stretching scares me. I'm feeling very conflicted to wait when I'm feeling like why wait when I'm done having all my kids ill just do it again since over many years you should replace them anyway. And my aunt said she waited till she was 30 and wished she would have just went for it when she was younger.

The Fiancé....He has never wanted me to do this as often as id mention it and always made me feel comfortable with my little boobies. He has never not supported it but I feel that he is an ass man and its not bothersome to him like it is to me. He has always made me feel so beautiful, constantly telling me I look good or he likes when I wear certain things. He's always been pretty verbal about how he feels towards me, I love that, It gives me great confidence! Since I work for a Plastic Surgeon, luckily I can take the implants home to try them on... show the fiancé and play around in my clothes. He has no idea what he was missing, he LOVES them and wants me to do it asap. I told him what if I back out??? Then you will be missing out and he told me he wants me to be happy and do what I feel, he is fine either way.

Sizing... Now I want to do this ASAP. I have tried on different sizes, 397cc, 400cc, 425cc and 450cc Silicone. I feel the 450cc is too big for me as I don't want to have huge porn star boobs off the bat. I want to feel and look natural. I am leaning towards the 400cc or 425cc. Definitely want Silicone VS. Saline, just feels more natural.

Coordinating.... Trying to get on my surgeons schedule!!! I run the front office so finding time for me to have surgery and have my job covered is going to be changeling. We are a very small number of staff and my doctor is away at this time when he returns we will be slammed and I don't even know if I can do it right away. I still need to have a consultation with him. Hoping I can get this done late July. *FINGERS CROSSED*

Surgey Scheduled!

I had my consultation on 6/23 and am now scheduled to move forward with surgery on July 20th! I am super excited and nervous! I will update with some pictures of before soon.

1 week post op

All I can say is I am SO HAPPY I did this! I ended up going 425cc because there was literally 1 spoon full of difference in size (3 millimeters wide 1 in projection) and I'm so glad I did. I had no bruising, minimal pain and was back to work after 6 days of course with restrictions. My surgeon did an amazing job. My man has been so supportive and is so happy I did it!!

After my first post op I got the ok to use my lotion again I found to be very helpful to me to rub all over my boobs about 3 times a day or as I remember, Not sure if its in my head but I believe it eases my stretching pain. I don't have stretch marks but I'm assuming it would help with that as well if you are prone to having them.

Morning boob, I've also started sleeping with pillows on each side of me, so when I do lay on my side I can rest my boob on the pillow instead of the hurting feeling like its hanging. It honestly helps soooo much!

I'm now in the phase where my ps wants me to wear a bandeau or just let them hang to drop more. Happy healing from here, cant wait to see what they look like at 6 weeks.

3 months

I am now at 3 months, have stopped wearing my tape and just feeling overall happy I did this. :)
All of my friends think I chose the perfect size for my body :) I love not having to wear a bra (I haven't bought any except sports bra's). I went to Victoria Secrets this weekend to get sized just to see what I am as recently I've been curious and I think they were way off (32 DD/32 DDD) there is no way!!! I know they run small so I'm going to go to Nordstrom for an accurate measure. Push ups are a NO GO moving forward, super uncomfortable. I fall more and more in love each day.
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