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I am having the all on 4 dental implant on my...

I am having the all on 4 dental implant on my upper arch only. After a lot of research I opted to go with Clear Choice I hope this is the right choice I'm super anxious. My procedure will be done on 8-31-16 I will keep everyone posted. After my procedure I will post before and after pictures.

I initially started looking up places in Mexico and yes they are much cheaper 12,500 per arch. Thing is you have to stay 10 days and after doing the numbers I was going to end up spending close to 24,000. In addition, if I had any problems I would have to fly back to Mexico extra expenses I didn't need. I then started looking in the USA. I found Dr. Golpa in Las Vegas, Nevada but again if anything went wrong I would have the added expense of flight and hotel expenses. In the end I chose Clear Choice because they have a few centers near me the closest is 30 minutes away. I visited Clear Choice I was impressed with their facilities plus the customer service so far has been awesome. See u soon I will start posting right after my procedure fell free to ask questions.

8 days post op

I'm doing great absolutely no pain the swelling is almost gone. The fit of the temporary is great can't wait for the permanents so I can eat a steak. I'm so happy with ClearChoice Walnut Creek, CA Dr. Morris and Dr. Nuggenburgge are both fantastic with the work they have done so far and for follow up care.

27 days post op

I had my first post op appt. last week on this appt. I was checked by Dr. Morris to make sure I was coming along ok so far so good. The technician taught me how to use the waterpik I was also given a 14 day supply of whitening trays. I didn't have to pay for them this was included in the overall initial price. I looked up the waterpik and the whitening trays up on amazon.com the waterpik is listed at 56.00 dollars and whitening treatment is listed at 52.00 dollars. I think they could've done better on a waterpik maybe a silent one and one that also comes with the sonic tooth brush. I finished the whitening treatment on my lower arch I still have all my lower teeth and it has worked out great. The waterpik is a commitment you have to use it preferably after each time you eat. I'm using it in the morning and at night. I'm thinking of buying a cordless compact waterpik I can carry in my purse. As far as pain it was only for the first 3 days I have to say that you need your pain meds get those before surgery this is a serious surgery. I kept up with the meds and I was able to keep the pain in check. The swelling I iced packed a lot but I still blew up looked like a chipmunk. I was swollen and bruised for a week. Today I was also told that my final zirconia arch will be delivered on May of 2017 so this is a journey not something to take lightly. I will be on soft food until May 2017. I've lost 10 pounds so far for me that's a good thing I need to lose some weight. As everyone knows this process is expensive but worth every penny. I would do it again with ClearChoice Walnut Creek, CA. To date ClearChoice has been very attentive and professional I'm quite impressed with them and would recommend ClearChoice wholeheartedly. I will keep up with my updates as my journey unfolds. For folks that don't have the cash for dental implants I found americasgotfunding.com I actually qualified for the grant to pay for the dental implants. They have funding for everything to include grants for dental implants. I didn't do it with them because they use their own doctors and do in stages. I didn't want to walk around toothless for six months. This may be helpful for many out there that need help with funding their dental work. Hope this helps.

Just uploading pics'

I'm just uploading pic's of my temporary all on 4 upper arch. I still have all my natural bottom teeth which I whitened and they turned really nice too.

Follow up visit

Had a 3 hour appointment with ClearChoice my temporary teeth were taken off and cleaned the health of the implant was checked and the molds for the permanent bridge were done. I got to pick color and shape again. I upgraded the color my temporary teeth are color A3 I upgraded to 2 shades lighter B1. I'm satisfied with the shape of the teeth so I kept it the same as the temporary bridges. I will return in February to check the progress of the permanent bridges. Then my final appointment is in May when my final permanent bridges will be delivered. I'm not uploading any pictures because everything is still the same. I'll upload pictures once I get my permanent bridges. As always ClearChoice treated me with the outmost respect. This whole process has been pricey but worth it.

Didn't get my second set of temporaries.

I went in today to get my second set of temporaries (acrylic set) put in but the bite was off so couldn't get them. This has set back the delivery of my final zirconia bridge. What a disappointment ! I'm glad I made the decision to get my all on 4 with ClearChoice which is a 20 minute drive from my home. I couldn't see myself flying back and forth just to get minor adjustments done. My final zirconia bridge has been put back twice now so instead of being delivered in May I'm looking at July or August a full year since I started this journey. Well my next appointment is next month May hopefully I'll get my acrylic second temporary set then if I do I'll post some pic's.

Got second set of temporaries

Got second set of temporaries today. I got a lighter shade B1 I'm whitening my lower teeth which are my own. Here are pic's of the second set of temporaries.

More pic's second set of temporaries

More pic's

Final zirconia bridge.

Alright everyone hooray ! I got my permanents two day ago it was a year long journey. It definitely takes commitment. Here are pic's of the finished product.

Final review

The zirconia bridge fits perfect I don't feel air passing through the bridge I'm not lisping nor do I feel a bunch of spit on the ceiling of the bridge. Its definitely not bulky like the temporary. I'm super happy with the outcome and would do it again.
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