Athletic - 400 Cc Silicone Breast Augmentation - Under the Muscle - Walnut Creek, CA

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Very athletic. Started doing Crossfit a year ago...

Very athletic. Started doing Crossfit a year ago and weight lifting caused me to lose a lost of breast volume which made me decide I wanted to get a BA for a more womanly shape. Went from high B to around a D i would guess. 400 cc silicone breast augmentation under the muscle, (incision under the breast) for a natural look. I have an athletic and slender frame at 5'5'' and around 115 lb. I think having broad shoulders allowed me to get away with a larger implant so it looks balanced on my frame.

Recovery - first 10 days post-op after BA

Day of surgery- I came in mid afternoon and got my IV in and waited for the anesthesiologist to come. Once he arrived he put in an initial pain medicine which I felt within 30 seconds as they rolled me into the op room. By the time I was in the room I was out. Woke up after my surgery pretty out of it, as I recovered about an hour later I started to feel pain and the nurse gave me some pain med before leaving. I felt fine, little pain, was able to walk to the car and didn’t notice anything to painful.

Once home and in bed I felt a lot of tightness and getting out of bed to go to the bathroom was really hard. The pain originated mostly from where the incisions wre below the breast. Looking back now, I wish I had gotten a wedge pillow to easily get out of bed/be raised more in bed. I took pain killers every 6 hours.

Day 2- Again getting out of bed was not a fun experience. My chest felt extremely tight and taking deep breathes felt like my skin was being stretched out. Also once standing the heaviness of the implant made my skin feel really tight. I stayed in bed most of the day.

Day 3 – I was able to be a little more mobile and sit on the couch for awhile and walk around the house, very slowly. Noticed that once the pain meds wore off is when I’d feel the tightness again.

Day 4- Felt better. Was able to feel almost human again and walk around more easily. My right side felt more pain than my left and I think its because I use my right arm more.

Day 5- Last day I took oxycodone. Only one dose in the morning. I noticed my swelling wasn’t really in my breasts but my stomach. My stomach was extremely swollen for days.

Day 6- Started taking Bromelain and Arnica Montana and the swelling and pain have decreased substantially.

Day 7 – Post-Op with my PS : Saw my PS today. Was told everything was looking good. Had my stitches trimmed where my incisions were and tape changed. Don’t have to change the tape myself for another week and then every other ay after that for the next 3 months. I noticed my right side near where my incisions are have had some throbbing but was told this was normal. Don’t have to wear the surgical bra anymore and was told its better to wear no bra for a while in order for my breasts to drop. They also sell soft bras, which are good for when you do want to wear a bra. I also don’t have to do anything to the incision site, was told that removing the tape is enough to exfoliate the site and just replace the tape every few days is enough.

I am seeing my PS again in 3 weeks. He said that after 4 weeks I’ll be able to work out again. Being a gym rat its hard not to work out but need to remember I have to heal and recover in order to have good looking breasts and need to protect my investment.

Day 9 – I got a light lymphatic drainage massage. I told the massage therapist I got a BA so she avoided touching the breast area but lightly massaged the lymph nodes around my armpits and my sides and below my ribcage and the skin felt a lot more loose. Today was my last day taking antibiotics, hoping my stomach bloating starts to go down, can tell its starting to get a little better.

Day 10 – I have been taking Bromelain and Arnica Montana for 3 days now and have noticed a huge decrease in swelling and feel like I’ve been feeling so much better. Was able to go on a light walk to day for the first time. The bromelain is supposed to decrease inflammation after major trauma to the body (surgery). The arnica is supposed to reduce swelling and pain in reference to physical stress to the body. I got all supplements at Whole Foods. Also at night I rub coconut oil on my chest to help my skin recover from feeling stretched. Still feels slightly numb so touching them is kind of an odd feeling. No more pain, just a few twinges of pain when I make certain movements.

1 month post op

1 month post op

I have been cleared to workout, I have been doing cardio and low impact such as stair master, hiking, stationary bike and lower abs. No upper body for another 2 weeks and not going to endurance run til 6 week mark as well. May go back to crossfit at week 5 but only going to do squats, abs, pistols, light running, no oly lifts for another few weeks to be safe and no push ups or pull ups. *Have to feel it all out first to see how my body feels, but going to ease back into it and modify most workouts going back this summer.
Incisions have been a little sensitive I've noticed lately and I think it's bc I went back to working out and the sports bra and sweating may be irritating them. Also left breast has felt a little uncomfortable so I don't want to overdo it at the gym until I reach 6 weeks.

Crossfit exercise at 6 weeks

Its just about 6 weeks post-op. I've gotten back to the gym and started back at crossfit. each week feels better, I was able to run for the first time over the weekend and felt fine. Takes a while to get used to the heavier chest, but double sports bra does the trick. I'm staying away from pull-up, push ups, rope climbs and heavy overhead for another few weeks just to be safe. Did dumbbell snatches today and felt fine. Left side is a lot tighter but I think movements like that will actually help loosen the muscles up. Left side will feel funky on and off and is a little higher and wider than the right. Hoping as the weeks go by they soften up and match a little more, I'm the only one that notices the difference. Feels good to be back at the gym, going 75-80% effort right now.

7 week check up

I'm about 7 weeks post op and feeling good! Made a check-up to check on my left breast feeling tight on and off and its normal so that's a relief. Looks wise I was told they look great and getting softer so all is good! Got measured the other day and as of now I am a 32DD. I've been working out for a few weeks now and each week adding more to my routine and activities at crossfit. I was able to do my first overhead movement today (split jerk) and it felt fine; just went lighter on the weights to be safe. Still avoiding push-ups, pull-ups and burpees bc it still feels a little weird. My PS told me being active and working out will help them get softer faster as well. They are starting to look and feel a part of me which is making me really happy with my decision and I am really happy I decided to do this :)

Considering downsizing my BA from 400 cc to 300 or 200 cc

After a little over 2 years with 400 cc BA, I am considering going smaller. For my frame it just seems too large and makes me look bigger than I am. I've only had mine in for a short time but am starting to get self-conscious about how big they are and have received a few comments from (creepy) men, so I am opting for a more natural look. Nervous about the complications and what downsizing will look like or if I were to take them out altogether
San Francisco Plastic Surgeon

I highly recommend Dr. Behmand. He advised me to go bigger considering how far apart my breasts were naturally. More for roundness rather than how far out they came because the width needed to be bigger in order to look natural rather than going smaller it would look too far apart. So he suggested 400cc in order to get this look. I think this was good advice as well as going under the muscle in order to have a natural look. I trusted him with this advice since he knew what would look best for my frame. Dr. Behmand as well as all the women in the office had very good and trustworthy advice and were very accommodating and helpful. I felt very well taken care of and very happy so far.

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