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Im 5'5 1/2 I weight between 155-160 my weight...

Im 5'5 1/2 I weight between 155-160 my weight tends to fluctuate often I have scoliosis and one child who is now 6 years old. I previously received buttock injections two years ago. I have to be very careful with who i choose for my procedure considering my injections. Instead I decided to have the procedure in the states vs Dominican or Tijuana Mexico.
Ive fallen across dr william page while browsing real self in search of a good board certified dr who can give the results im looking for. He has very little reviews but from what i see i feel he would be worth the investment. My fear is to receive a tummy tuck and walk away with a stomach from one of my daughters old preschool projects.
I scheduled a consultation this pass Feb with Dr Williams. I was able to schedule pretty fast. I received a phone call from Tracy she has a british accent reminds me of one the housewives of orange country when i had the opportunity to meet her. Im in the marketing and sales industry and honestly she seemed a little too aggressive but who cares she's not performing the surgery.
I met with dr williams after dressing down exposing the obvious my stretch marked tummy. He took four pictures of my mid section and returned giving detail about what he had to to get rid of the stretch marks I also needed liposuction of my back to get rid of the bulging roll accumulated from my scoliosis. The disturbing part for me is dr williams didn't acknowledge my scolisis for the procedure that would be another question ill have for him once I submit my appointment date.
After dressing back into my attire I met up with Tracy for pricing I was hit with a whopping 9,500 for the surgery if i book a month later i had to pay the regular 10k. I was shocked looking at his pass reviews this procedure was 3k less from the quote i received. Tracy explained that having to turn me "around" during my tummy tuck requires a lot of work which is why my procedure is more expensive. I guess in order for me to receive the results Im looking for I would have to pay the price. Hopefully i can build a better relationship with dr williams before my surgery.

fingers crossed

Deposit & binging

Yes I know in 23 and I can be a tad but ignorant. I'm aware after intense surgery eating heavy foods or food at all is less likely. So the past 3 weeks now I've been binge eating!
Eating everything I see Or smell. Literally. This would never have happened during my regular diet but since I'm getting a tummy tuck who cares right?
I gained 12 lbs once 154 I'm now 167 and full. Lol I have to go on my usual weight loss detox to shed the terrible 12 under one week. I've done this before I can do it again.

Please just one more red velvet cake PLEASE

Work out

Usually during my work out I start off with intense cardio for about an hour the. Finish off with either swimming or weight training working on my abs and arms or abs and legs never all 3 it's best to switch out days for weight training


recommended vitamins for surgery helps swelling and bruising

wish pic love kyra chaos body

i want my waist to at least reach a 28 but im hopeful for a 26 fingers crossed!

excuse my text errors

most of my updated are submitted right before i go to sleep and i forget to proof read before i submit.
After binge eating i gained 8lbs what can i say I LOOOOOVE to eat.

Two more days

I have two more days left before surgery I had to fly out to Atlanta at the last minute for a family emergency. My grandmothers health is failing. I fly back the night before surgery! Fingers crossed I'm excited here is another wish pic!

Next follow up will be on surgery day! Yay!

Post op pics

Feb 2014 post op pic yay two more days! Dr Williams here I come!

Excuse me pre op pic

I meant pre op not post op! Sorry guys surgery is not till the 24th!

Surgery day!

So I went in for my tummy tuck March the 4th and actually I was the least bit of nervous! I came in 15min late after sending my daughter to school. I Filled out paper work used the restroom and they sent me towards the back. The nurse was a sweet heart she gave me my Iv and we chatted a little! Dr Williams was running a tad bit late from another patient so I sat for a little longer than expected. He came in did his markings and asked if I had any questions of course at my preop app I gave him all my questions and concerns I told him I want my waist to be as small as possible! That's about it! The nurse came in gave me some pain meds and suddenly I woke up with my garment on and slightly in pain. I gave it a 6. They called my family and I was out the door! I didn't get to meet with dr William after my surgery i didn't get to see the fat or my skin after surgery (I wish I did) when I arrived home I was bleeding badly on my left side. I had to replace the gauze. When I replaced my gauze I took a small peek of my belly button! Unfortunately he couldn't take majority of my stretch marks off. It was above my new belly but which really sucks! I really didn't want my stretch marks that high up. But theirs nothing I can do about it now. Over all! the pain and moving around is difficult I try to stay bent over as much as possible. It feels like a tone of bricks resting on my stomach the liposuction areas aren't that bad for me it's mainly my abs. I take my pain meds on time and drink plenty I main for a half a case per day. Hopefully we can figure out what me can do about these stretch marks above my belly button and I pray my waist is small as possible. I can't tell considering the pads under my garment along with the swelling. I'm hoping for perfect results besides the existent stretch marks.

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Stretch marks above my belly button :-(

I wish my stretch marks only appeared on my waist line not this high. But At least majority of it is gone.

Maybe a mini tuck in the future?

Atkins shake

I bought Atkins and Special K shakes as of now they are the only thing I can eat. Atkins taste waaaay better than Special K! Drinking a half case of bottled water a day as well!

Pre op stretch marks! Post op stretch marks!

All my friends are telling me to get over it! I'm trying to but I wanted to see what it feels like to wear a bikini and feel good. I never had the chance. I don't think palmers would fix my stretch marks

Day 2

Smaller waist!

I decided to make a before DVD after and i notice the difference even though I'm still swollen and draining he did a great job on my waist i just hope my fat roll on my right side stays gone.

Day 3 post op

Today is day three and I'm still pretty swollen I haven't had a bm I've taken laxative pills milk of magnesia and smooth move laxative tea and I'm yet to use the rest room. I'm pretty bloated from swelling I can't tell how small my waist is due to me being hunched over. We shall see at my post op tomorrow.

Rubber waist clincher

I've had a rubber waist clincher a while back I hope those are ok to use during work outs and helping my waist get smaller the swelling has my waist quite large I just hope it goes down. All the way down.

Post op depression

For some odd reason I'm not feeling happy at all about my results I don't care about the am stretch marks anymore I just feel like my love handles (flanks) and stomach is pretty large. I hope over time this changes! I know working out will make a change but I wasn't expecting my waist to be this wide after surgery!

Today is post op appointments day

Today I woke up feeling a lot better grab yesterday I'm more positive abs understanding. I'm still swollen but I'm sure that's not going to change any time soon. I see the nurse today on my post op visit I'm very excited about that I'm still taking the pain meds to help with the pain!

Post op day 4

Day 4 post op

Post op stage two garment

I'm looking for a stage two post op garment that would bring me in and mold me perfectly any suggestions!

Are sqweems a safe stage two garment for tummy tucks?

Are sqweems a safe stage two garment for tummy tucks?
A sqweem is a Cotton and rubber! The "Miracle Vest" is specially designed to reduce inches from your waistline, lifts the breasts and flattens the tummy. In addition, it provides superior back support while improving posture.

I want to flatten my tummy after my tummy tuck and I'm looking for stage 2 post op garment is a sqweem safe to wear for 8-10 hours per day?

I'm search for a squeem

Post op day 10 and I'm in search for a squeem I wanted to apply waist training to my tummy tuck because I wanted the smallest waist possible. I first checked with my dr before I decided to try anything and he approved I can wear it over my garment I'll just have to wear my garment at all times! I decided to use my waist cincher from fredericks of Hollywood which is a medium cincher my garment is a xl so ass off right now it's too big for me! I'm trying to do whatever works best to achieve 'my 26inch waist lol! Wishful thinking lol !

Post op day 10 pics

Post op day 10 still swollen can't wait to go down so I can do my measurements

Smaller butt ?

I don't know but it feels like my butt has gotten smaller. Or is it just me!

My garment is waaaay too big

My garment is waaaaay too big for me now! I ordered a squeem and it won't arrive till Friday! I need to stand straight up. In due time I'll wear my garment and my cincher!

I'm having a moment @dicalittjourney

Dr Williams is a beast! Only post op day 12 and I'm feelin myself! Yeah I still have stretch marks so what my stomach has never looked like this since I was 16 yrs old even when I worked out dropped down to 140 i had so much extra skin! Yes the swelling is still there and no I have not started my corset training. But without all that my tummy tuck is looking amazing honey! My results are perfecting and I'm elated. Next step is standing str8 up hitting the gym and rocking my corset! I got this! #tummytuck #mytummytuckjourney #dicalitummytuckjourney #realself #makemeheal #imsohappy #day12 #postopday12 #igotthis #feelingsexyagaim!


I love it thank you dr williams

Whoops forgot the picture

Too much for hopeful wishing! 26 unrealistic?

I'm feeling a little discouraged this morning yesterday I did a lot of running around and my body blown up like a ballon I had a hard time sleeping last night due to my incision. I was in pain uncomfortable and couldn't sleep. My measurements unfortunately are the same prior to surgery though I'm very much swollen right now I highly doubt my waist would go down to a 26 or 28 by my tummy tuck and lipo alone with dr Williams . I have two options. Lose 15lbs (I have no desire on being 140) (unrealistic without abdominal work outs) or have more lipo to my waist area in 6months. Either way it goes, when you pay 9500 dollars for something you can only hope for the results you pay for or at least close right?. It's now 14days since my tummy tuck I'm still unable to walk straight up and I'm still having abdominal pains which is normal. I'm calling on my patients but after my measurements it blew it all for me this morning.
I guess I woke on the wrong side of the bed!
#mytumnytuckjourney #tummytuck #didicalitumnytuckjourney #dicalittjourney #mytummytuckstory #tryingtostaypositive

First day back at the gym

Since I checked that light stationary work out was ok after 14days post op I decided to give the bike a try today I was only able to last 30 min I'm still trying to learn how to stand straight up not having the best of lunch but I'm taking it a day at a time.

Silicone sheeting still not standing

This don't feel right so I'm doing the silicone sheeting for my Tt scar I took off the tape that was over the scar they say it was suppose to fall off but it wasn't budging so I took it off! The ends of my tummy tuck scar started bleeding! So I popped out my silicone sheet and got to sheeting baby! The scarring is driving me loca! The dead skin This is too muuuuch I'm picking at it my belly button!! AND IM STILL NOT STANDING STR8! Grrrrrrrr!

1 month post op

I'm very pleased this was a pleasant experience and I'm happy with my results I'm understand I'm only 1 month post and still I'm not fully healed but now I'm still happy with what I see! I wish dr Williams could've taken more from my right side of my back due to my scoliosis but I'm still happy! I'm still 157 my goal weight is 145-150!

10 months post op

yes I'm 10 months post op. I have a dog ear on my right side and there is a lot of polishing my dr needs to do. well I'm going to a different dr I'm considering dr. I still have a lot of stretch marks. the aftercare was very complicated but I'm satisfied it changed a lot for me especially my confidence. I'm going under the knife again at the end of April for lipo and just correction from the tummy tuck! stay tuned!

10 months post op pic

Thinking about lipo

I want some cleaning up to do hopefully In the near future fat forming in my back/ flanks area

Scar revision

360 of my results
It's been some time since my tummy tuck and now I'm hoping for a scar revision and lipo to my flanks and back. I feel my dr didn't lipo enough from my love handles and I have fluid left over on the right side leaving a dog ear. Most of my friends think I'm out of my mind but I'm hoping to get this fixed soon. I'm not sure what ps I would like to go to. Any advice is helpful!

The dog ear!

I reached out to trivalley surgery and
Spoke with Nicole on possibly fixing the dog ear!
San Francisco Plastic Surgeon

I had a great experience with dr Williams! I would not have gone to anybody else thank you for this pleasant experience!

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