32 YO 5'5 125lbs 1 Kid 32A to Full D 550cc - Walnut Creek, CA

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Boobs never grew. I'm bottom heavy, more booty and...

Boobs never grew. I'm bottom heavy, more booty and no boobs - bathing suits are my enemie when I am on vacation. I've thought about getting a BA but thought it was an itch that I needed to do it. I put it off for a while but still often thought about it. I finally made up my mind and paid the BA in full so that I know I'm fully committed and that I cannot back out. I was nervous, I felt nauseated when I paid for it and knew that I couldnt cancel. I've always worn padded bras from VS, its just hard to wear certain clothes or shirts that makes me look really flat and going braless makes me feel like a boy or a little girl. I'm glad to have found this site, I've been sleeping dreaming about boobs, reading about boobs, eating and thinking about boobs, its boobs 24/7...until I have it done. I've read peoples journey on here and I'm relieved that everything that I'm feeling up to surguery is normal. My first appt I wanted to go w the natural look, the doctor suggested 457cc which would give me a full C/Small D. After I talked to a few of my friends that had it doen before, mentioned that they wished they couldve gone bigger. When I went back to pay in full, I decided on HP 550cc, I could even go 600cc which is the most I could go before I start looking top heavy. I don't want to have the feeling of "boob-greed", but I'm still think of 600cc instead - I'll let the doctor know if I change my mind. I hope it doesnt look ridiculous on me. My other concern is...with so little breast tissue, I wonder if 550cc is even going to fit in my little frame lol. I'm glad I'm not alone in this, I hope everything is going to turn out well.

Surgery tomorrow!

Its all too unreal for me right now, I'm thinking about this surgery tomorrow on my way to work. I've been waiting for this too long. Everyone wish me luck, I hope I'll be okay. More scared of pain then anything, they do say "beauty is pain", I just need to get through the first couple of days. I'll be updating you guys soon!

Before photos

I'm ready for tomorrow....bring it on! Lol

I crossed over to the other side! Whoot!

Hey guys! Hope all is well. I had my surgery this morning, I was in pain but nothing too extreme. I am feeling more tightness and the feeling if being really engorged. I can't wait to share pictures with you! I keep peeking at them under the ace wrap, haha. I stuck with 550cc, I think I made the right choice. I appreciate everyone on here for their love and support. Stand bu for photos.


Second day is worst the yesterday, the pain ins unbearable. I've taken meds as much as I can, it feels so bruised. I'm not in the best mood, I dont know how long this pain is going to last, I just want it to go away :(

Me and the bandages

I think I bought too big of a sport bra size...does it matter is its not as tight. The pain is still coming and going...i just hope its going away soon

Todays update

Pain is better, it hurts more when I'm moving around and raising my arm. I can't for them to drop and fluff.

6 days post op

Sorry I'm taking so long to update, I'm not consistent, I'll try to update more. Attached are photos of my progress today.

1. how tight does the sport bra or compression bra have to be?
2. Do I need to sleep with it every night?
3. Is anyone's nipple chafing or sensitive wearing their bras? If so, what are you doing or wearing thats helping? I've been putting aquaphor to keep it moist but its not helping :(
My breast are still high, my emotions are kind of all over the place. Wondering if I'm doing thw right thing, why its taking so long, why am I so tired or sleeping all the time...what are you thoughts let me know.

7 Day Post Op

Boobs are starting to not look as squared and they're starting to round out. I'm still waling up feeling really tight which is the most uncomfortable feeling, I'm waiting patiently for that feeling to eventually go away as soon as my skin and muscles are stretched to accommodate the implants. I'm still feeling like I'm dragging my feet in the morning and feeling lazy to do anything - even to brush my hair. I work for a make up company so for me to avoid putting my face on is not normal, so I'm trying my best to push thru this feeling everyday. Hope everyone is doing well. Thank you everyone for your feedback/suggestions and support, without you I don't even know how to answer my own questions or even stay sane. Have a good one! :)

8 Days Post-Op

Feeling a better today. Woke up for the first time not feeling very tight up top. I've started taking longer walks, its definitely different having boobs and you can feel them move with you as you walk, haha. I cant wait to completelt heal so I can start doing some kind of exercise, I look bloated and its not looking too good with the new boobies. :)

Photo update

I'm sorry I havent been great at updating everyone, but I'd like to keep you posted on how its looking :)

New update

I know I havent been great at posting but I'm trying my best to show results for those who are following. When I first discover this site, it was very helpful to see everyone journey and how their breasts progressed. Hope all is well with everyone, you guys have been a great support!

2.5 Months

Here's another one, I think they look really good in crop tops! ;)
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