Beauty and the ugly stomach beast

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I gained 85lb with my daughter I'm down to 125 but...

I gained 85lb with my daughter I'm down to 125 but left with saggy skin and ugly stretch marks Everywhere!! Well on May15th I'm getting a TT BL and BA. I'm not nervous im really just anxious the only thing that bothers me is that I will still have stretch marks but I hoping I will like it and it won't bother me as much.... Well advice is welcome

prego big

How big I was

wish pic for TT

She has bout the same tummy as mine. Should I show the doc. The pic yo see if I will be close?

wish bathing suit for the summer

Hope to be in this summer...yes or nah?


Had my pre-op appointment today but the only thing I'm upset about is we didn't really go into detail about my implants and by that I mean type such as high profile etc.... I love the place and the people but getting on here I feel looked over. But no worrier I will be calling Monday to get answers. I do know I'm getting saline 300 cc o didn't really care too much about size I'm already a small c 34 to be exact so I just want more fill I'm getting a lift as well so "Perky" is the word for me. But I ready 13 days away. BTW what else I wanted added is high profile I want that bulge at the top with or w/o a bra. Comments our welcome of u feel I should address more when I call Monday

1 Day post op

Hello ladies 1 day post op & loving results so far I had full Mommy make : TT, BL wit Ba & lipo. Paint level 4 boobs sore and incision area of TT only because I have my first appointment today and they massaged my implants and want me to stand a little more upright it was exhausting. But overall of was tottaally worth it. I had a stainless TT wit structures doc says thats what causes other ladies pain so I'm glad I don't have that but I made it to the flat side and I'm feeling well no big complaints good luck ladies!

books 8 po

8 days po boobies

10 days po

10 days po

19 days po

Boobies & tummy.

24 bday

Showing off the goodies 25 days po

1st bikini pic

6 weeks and I day po. Showing off my first bikini pic

12 weeks po

Ayman Hakki, MD

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