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So I've been wanting this done since I was 15. I...

So I've been wanting this done since I was 15. I never really considered it seriously until recently. I've heard many good things about Dr. Chiaramonte. Right now I can't decide between saline and silicone. I have heard that saline can give the same results as silicone if it is placed under the muscle, which is what I want anyways. Suggestions?


So my consultation is in a little over a week and I'm not exactly nervous, just kind of wondering what size to go. I don't want to go too large. I think a full C/small D would be find for my frame (I will post pictures later in the day) I have a couple of good questions I will be asking, but if anyone has something they wished they would have asked, let me know!

Before Pics

Not the best, but just realized I should start taking some.

Silicone MRI?

I think I am going to go with saline only because my insurance WILL NOT cover the MRIs for silicone. I do not want to be paying 2-3k every 3 years just to make sure my implants do not rupture. Thoughts?


21 y/o
142 lbs

some stretch marks from growth spurt as a teen

Beach Vacation

Consultation is in 5 days. Just went to the beach with my boyfriend and I was so excited to get my boobs done. I kept looking at all the girls with nice racks and commenting on them. I think I have settled on full C/small D. Can't wait can't wait can't wait!

Wish Boobs

Wish pictures :) I like the round look

It's set!! I have a date!!

I had my consultation with Dr. Chiaramonte this morning and it went pretty much perfect. When I first arrived they had water/tea/coffee for the guests in the waiting room that I definitely utilized! Everyone was super nice. My appointment was for 9:15 and I was back in the room by 9:30 (my fault cause I was waiting on my coffee to finish brewing)

Dr. Chiaramonte came in and discussed the procedure and how he did everything. He compared his %'s against other people in the instances of infection and capsular contraction which was extremely low. He stated that he performs the most breast augmentations in the DC area and his reviews backed that up for me ( I had at least 5+ people recommend him to me in my area). He showed me the pros and cons of both styles of implants and let me feel them for myself. Showed me the ways that saline ripples more than silicone and the difference to me was huge.

Then he told me to put the bra and gown they give you for examination and he left. Came back in and just felt for bumps/abnormalities. He stated that my left sagged a bit more than my right simply because the fold was higher, but noted that I am pretty symmetrical when it came to size so I would get the same size implants.

He answered any questions that I had. In his medical opinion, my piercings need to come out which I was disappointed but knew that was coming. Since I am paying 6700 for a surgery, I better protect it the best way I can. We also decided that he would make the incision under the fold and under the muscle as I wanted.

After he left, his assistant came in and we got to play with sizers! Based on my chest wall measurement (13.8 cm) she said the 450 cc was the lowest I could go that would achieve my look that I wanted. I thought that was nice, but too small for me. So I asked for the biggest I could go based on my frame. We then tried the 550 cc's and while at first I thought they were huge on me, they really balance out my body type. My boyfriend loved them and the nurse really liked the 550s better than the 450s. I still thought they were huge so she told me to keep those on for a while while we talked about more questions/concerns/input. She had implants and let me feel them and she had to let the implant "drop" so I could tell where it was.

As I wore the 550s more, I really liked them. I kept moving my clothing around and holding them and just overall moving. I loved the size and it fit my body extremely well.

I was super happy with how well their team worked. She said I could go smaller than 450s but it would be too narrow for my chest wall. She said anything bigger would be too low/wide and make me look top heavy. I did not want to go annnnny bigger than 550s. She said "If you aren't a little bit nervous about it being too big, you didn't pick the right implant" I said that made sense and it completely does. After reading all of the reviews I have learned that you want to be slightly bigger rather than slightly smaller. The biggest complain is "I wish I had opted for the bigger implant in my range" I will not make that mistake.

After all was said and done I decided I wanted to lock in my surgery date so I could make sure I had it for when I wanted it! Decemver 11 ladies!!! It's far away now, but man I'm so excited and nervous at the same time. I also got my pre-op appt set for Nov 24.


Second Guesses Already?

I guess this is normal. I had my consultation only yesterday and I already am freaking out that the 550s may be a tad too big still. I forgot to try on the mid range which would be 500 ccs. I guess I have a while to go until my preop, but I will be definitely trying on the 500s. Everyone except my best friend said the size was perfect! Best friend said it was a hair too big but once she looked at them more she was like well they are proportional to you! (We both are small chested) I was actually pretty surprised she was so cool with it. I mean we have been friends for 19 years but there's always that small part of you dying for your best friends approval/support. Well I have it!

I probably will go with the 550s, its just a huge jump from what I have now! I guess that's the point!

Time to gym it up!

Man you girls have helped a lot by just telling your stories! After I decided on a date for my surgery, I knew from you all that putting on your regular swim suits would be frustrating. I was expected it to be. I went swimming this past weekend and I couldn't believe how frustrated I was even though I expected it. You can mentally prepare for anything, but you never know how it's actually going to be until it happens. Here are some pictures with me and some with my dog in the back!

PS I took my piercings out today :( I'm really sad by it lol. They look so weird now!

So I'm really on the fence about the 550 ccs. I haven't tried them on again but I keep going back and forth. Everyone says go bigger than what you think you like because going under the muscle takes some size away. But I've also seen some girls with my stats end up with 375 ccs and they look amazing! I don't want to be too big.

I have 3 months before my surgery. I'm going to start going to the gym a lot more than what I'm already doing (twice a week). I want to feel completely amazing when I get this done. I've seen a lot of girls with kickass figures and I want that!

So many questions

Still have a long way to go, but I have a lot of questions. My first concern is am I going too big? I want to be able to find a lot of bras that fit and look cute. I do not want to be more than a DD. I don't even know if I want to be a DD. I'm pretty sure that 550 ccs will put me at a DD based on the pictures.

My next concern is I don't want my tattoo to be altered in any way. I paid a lot of money for my tattoo and I love it. This is also why I think I may go smaller than 550 ccs. Many doctors say that it won't be affected but it may be covered slightly. Hmm decisions decisions.

I want to be active after my BA too. Will going up to 550 ccs keep me from running and lifting ? I loveee lifting weights so I'm nervous. I don't want them to be huge to the point where it affects what I do. I don't want back pain!

I have stretch marks before! I don't want them getting worse! I don't mind having stretch marks cause I've had them since I was 14, but I don't want new grossly red ones :/

Lastly, I don't want to go too big, nor too small. They say the difference between 50 ccs ( I would bump down to 500 ccs) is negligible and I won't notice. So should I just stick with the 550ccs so I don't have boob greed later on?

Comments !?

Everyone knows now!

I can safely say that everyone in my family knows I am having this done. I'm really lucky to have such a supportive family. I wasn't scared to tell any of them. I guess since I've always said I wanted it done and I would always say I have nothing to start with they were okay with it! Ha my aunt even sent me late birthday money for it. So happy.

I started my fall semester so I have that to focus on (and help pass the time) until my pre op which is Nov 24. It's so far away!

Scary Boob Dream!

It's happening already!? I'm not supposed to be having bad dreams yet lol. It's too soon! Anyways I had a dream where I went to have my surgery done by my doctor and it seemed like those dreaded breast aug factories you hear about. The ones where they just push people through really quick and you end up with not so good results. Well I was in those, and the doctor was like hurry up! I'm already behind! and I woke up half way through the anesthesia and they wouldn't give me more, they wouldn't give me pain meds, and then after it was done I got an infection and my implants fell out!

Ugh too scary too soon.

Anyways...nothing new. Still questioning size at this point. In 10 years I don't want them to be too big, so maybe I will drop down to 500 ccs. I hear that you should try the implant sizers under a sports bra if you're going under the muscle? Thoughts, ladies?


So I'm 100% sure I'm not going with the 550 ccs anymore. I just can't get over how big they look. I mean they look great! But too big for me. I want these to last a long time with minimal complications and I believe if I go with a smaller implant then I will be on the right path for that.

I am leaving my review at 550 ccs for now in case someone else is having the same dilemma. I know I have specifically been looking up reviews that have had my same stats and implant choice, so I do not want to change just yet.

I will decide my final size at my pre-op which is Nov 24. I have not tried on the 500 ccs and I plan to do that. Between comparing the 450 ccs and the 550 ccs I believe 500 will be a good middle. Unlike most women on this site, I'd rather be on the smaller side of the outcome. I can always play them up with a push up bra, but I don't want to work hard at hiding them if necessary. I also don't want everyone's eyes going to my chest when I enter a room. Some people may like that attention, I don't.

Also, I have a lot of stretch marks already and they are noticeable if you're looking. I'm okay with them because I have plenty of them all over my body just from growing. I know I will probably get more with breast implants just because that is how my skin is, but hey, what can ya do!

Overall, I'm feeling really good about this. I even made a little count down!

I have a cruise booked with my boyfriend for July 19, 2015 so I have plenty of time to heal and look great with my implants!

Scary Article!

Sooo I'm doing my normal RealSelf thing with reading reviews, researching, commenting...yadda yadda yadda. I get an email to notify me that one of me fellow RealSelf-ers has replied to my comment! I go to Yahoo!'s front page and GUESS what article I see that is #1.

"The Horror of Waking up During Surgery"

Oh, great. Wonderful! My biggest fear...laid out right on Yahoo! as I'm researching my SURGERY....

Ughhhhhh! Needless to say I'm logging off for the day. 


I love my Patient Care Coordinator

I still have 2 months til my surgery (55 days to be exact :) ) and my patient care coordinator, Denise, called today to check and see if I had any additional questions and just to overall check up on how I'm feeling. Thanks to RealSelf I have been able to find answers to most of my questions. I thought it was really nice of her to check up on me like that especially since I'm still 2 months away. I wish my doctor had more reviews on here because I have heard so many great things about him. I have seen his results on other people and I know they are extremely happy with his work. I will update on every single thing he does because I feel his office deserves it!

Will be Paid in Full before Surgery !

So I put monthly payments on my credit card so I can get the cash back points and I just figured out that I will be completely paid in full by the time my surgery comes around. That makes me extremely happy because I like to pay things off before I get interest on them. So far I have been interest free and will continue to do so! No financing for me!

Inching Closer

So a bunch of things have happened in the short time since my last update. I became a Pure Romance consultant for a little bit of extra cash (and it's super fun!) so I'm excited about that. Our company educates about women's sexual health so I've been learning a lot. I feel like it goes hand and hand with what a breast augmentation does for many women. It empowers them in every aspect.

I had a health scare and thought I would have to post pone my surgery, but I'm super happy to say that that's not the case! Getting closer! 37 days!

Starting to gather things I need...I have ice packs. That's about it. What useful things should I have?

Feeling bummed.

Where did the excitement go? 3 months ago I couldn't be happier. I'm about a month away from surgery and I'm not excited about it anymore. I think it's cause I have some health stuff going on, but I want to be excited!

More Before Pics

Figured I'd add some more that I took this morning. Ignore my pajamas ;)

Thinking of Cancelling

Honestly thinking about cancelling surgery at this point in time. I'm trying so hard to be excited and look forward to my surgery, but life has other plans. I don't feel as if I'm in the right mindset to undergo a procedure. They say you have to be mentally and physically ready. I'm trying...I really am. But I just can't stop being so down about other aspects of my life. The fact that I can't workout until February is killing me because I feel as if I am slowly gaining weight and nothing I do can stop that. Especially if I'm sitting on my ass after surgery not allowed to work out.

Ughhhhhhh. This month has been stressful. I need encouragement ladies...badly.


First of all, I want to thank all of you ladies for your support. For those who have messaged me, thank you especially for allowing me to vent further. This site is an amazing place for women to come and express themselves without being judged and I really appreciate that.

I have decided not to postpone my surgery. If I had to postpone I wouldn't be able to get it done for another year and that's just not going to work!

With that being said, I have my pre-op on Monday! My patient care coordinator actually let me know that they have a spot open for this Monday (my pre-op), but unfortunately I have to wait until school to be done so I can focus on my healing instead or trying to juggle surgery with college.

I'm excited to try on sizers again. Like I mentioned before, I know for a fact that I will not be going with the 550 ccs. I may try on 475s and 500s to see how I like them, but we will see. 550 ccs is just too big for me. I don't want to look top heavy or draw that much attention to my boobs

Pre-op went well

I'll post a short update now and then a more detailed one tomorrow. I had my pre-op today and everything went as smooth as it could. I put my final payment in and now I am all paid off! Thanks ladies! 16 days! Time to start nesting

Finalized Size!

Okay so a more lengthy update about my pre-op. It went really well. I AM PAID IN FULL. I received a book that literally has everything I need to know! I got my prescriptions of Valiums...Vicodin...Cleocin (antibiotic)... and Phenergan(anti-nausea)... so hopefully they are all relatively cheap due to insurance! I met with Nurse Kim and she was so sweet and knowledgeable!

We went over sizers again. Previously I had said I liked the look of the 550s...but I knew that was just way too big. Well I hadn't met with nurse Kim before today so while we tried on sizers I decided I really loved the look of the 500s. I had made sure to ask the nurses prior if I needed to go up in size if I wanted the look of the 500s and they had told me no.

That's why I said I wasn't going with the 550 implants.

Well SHOCKER!! Nurse Kim really advised me that if I liked the 500s then I need the 550s since I am going under the muscle. Damn it. I'm so conflicted about this. But she honestly said that she has been in this industry for 9 years and that if I hate them...she will pay for a revision out of pocket! That's how confident she was in knowing that I needed the 550s to get my result.

However...she said if I loved the look of the 550s that we would need to go up to the 600s. She assured me that I would get the result of the 500s.

I'm really hoping she's right because I loved them. The 450s were okay but the 500s just gave me a tad more fullness like I wanted.

So I guess my review will stay at 550 ccs! But I'm wanting the 500 look! I think it looks really nice.. Comments ladies?

Sizing sucks

Still so torn about getting the 550 implant to get the 500 result. Since they are such a small difference I think I should just get the 500 implant to get the 450 result. I'm not sure. I really want to be in the group of "I wish I went bigger" instead of "these are too big". I can always play them up but can't do much to hide them.

Good recommendation on bras?

I've bought these 4 at Victoria's secret on black friday...they are a size large, but I'm not sure if that'll be big enough. Anyone have good recommendations on bras that I should have?


I emailed my PCC and told her I wanted to do the 500 cc implants and that would be my final choice. I feel so bad with being so indecisive but I guess they are used to it. I love the was the 500 sizers looked, but that would be the result I want WITH A BRA ON. I don't want to add a bra on top of that. Although I normally do not wear padded bras or push up[ bras, they do make me seem bigger than I am now. So that's my final decision. I really don't want to change my mind again. Hopefully before surgery I won't change, but we all know that this is a rollercoaster going back and forth.

Reading everyone's reviews for the first 3 months, I never understood why people went back and forth so much about size, but now I totally get it! Ladies...I want to stick with the 500s. I just have to remember that I can play them up whenever I want. 10 years down the road when I am 32... I don't want to regret going to big or having problems because of the size I chose when I am almost 22...

If I get boob greed I WILL come back and read this and proceed to smack myself on the forehead.

Before pictures with clothing

I'm nesting ladies. Deep cleaning my room so ignore the bags of clothes everywhere and overall clutter. But I thought it would be a perfect time to show you all one of my favorite shirts and how I look in it braless. I took a bunch of different angles. excited to see what it looks like after. The shirt is see through so I normally later it but for these pictures I didn't :). Getting excited about a week away. Not nervous....yet.

Another (funny) dream!

Okay ladies! I haven't had a "bad" boob dream since I last posted about one and I really jinxed myself because yesterday I was thinking how I haven't had any horror dreams. Well last night I had a "bad" dream! It was more funny than anything because it was so unrealistic. So you all know that I'm getting a 500 cc implant. Well! I had a dream that my doctor decided I only needed a 150 cc implant UNDER THE MUSCLE.

Ladies we all know that isn't ANYTHING! I woke up from "surgery" and had this big scar...but no noticeable difference! I wasn't even in that much pain because of how tiny the implant was! It literally looked like nothing had been done to me except someone cut me!

I was so upset and I called my PS and he said well when you were going to sleep you said you changed your mind to 150!

I had to wake up and laugh lol. It sucked but I know it's nothing that would happen.

3 More days

Whoa...not real yet....nope not happening....not getting boobs in 3 days....

Yes. I. Am. My sparkling room and house says I am.... My packed bags say I am....and my count down says I am....

Nervousness is starting to creep in but still feels surreal. It seems like my count down was saying 132 days just a week ago....and now it's down to 3 days!

2 days

Ugh I'm irritable. My body is telling me that I am nervous by not allowing me an ounce of sleep so that's making me very very irritable. Hopefully that will pass. Thanks ladies for the well wishes

Waiting for confirmation time

Tomorrow is the day. Waiting to get the call to confirm my time. I hope it's early!

Work worries

Suddenly I care about people knowing why I am taking off. I work in a predominately male office environment. All the ladies know why I am taking off and are supportive, but the men do not. It just makes me feel a bit odd but hey....they can think whatever they want.

On the other side

In a good amount of pain when I woke up but they gave me blankets and allows me to take my Vicodin. I feel like someone is crushing my ribs. I got there and they called me boyfriend sat with me and kept me laughing and mind off of it love him for that. They put the iv in which is a big fear of mine so he kept joking and calmed me down. Dr came in and marked me up. Then anesthesiologist came and took me back. Laid me on the table and gave me my drugs. Don't remember falling asleep. Woke upon recovery in pain so there were a few tears and my boyfriend had already been there to comfort me and give me crackers and ginger ail even though I'm not Naseous they still want me to eat. Once my blood pressure went down they helped me get dressed and wheeled me to my already warmed car. Thanks boyfriend

Trying to sleep

Car ride home I didn't want to sleep cause I don't like to sleep in the car. I had chipotle chips and Guac from last night. Boyfriend stopped at McDonald's and got me chiken nuggets. I ate 5 and drank 2 bottles of water. I just to my brothers and get settled and my stomac started acting up and felt like I was going to be sick so I took my anti nausea. Last took Vicodin at 12 before I left. By the time I had got settled it was about 2:30. Almost was asleep but my brother came home at 3:15. Figured I may as well stay up until 4 so I can take more Vicodin. Boobs started hurting at 3:30 but I iced them and I could handle it until 4 when I took my meds. Not in pain really. Only when I need to take a deep breath which thy encouraged. Gonna try to sleep some now. Overall I'm feeling okay

Bigger or smaller?

Right now they're tight and a bit high. Lots of people say they'll get bigger than what they are now. I don't have the energy to look through everyone's reviews to find out. Will they get bigger or small over this next week

Last update. My doctors are so cute

Look what I found :) they packed this up were my clothes were. On a scale of 1-10 I'd say my pain is a 2. Only stings when I take a deep breath or stand up. Goodnight ladies thank you

Day 2

I slept so well last night in my brothers recliner. I had a baby kitten sleeping on my chest all night and since he's like less than 2 pounds he didnt hurt me. I've been relaxing all day. I woke up last night around 3:30 to take my scheduled vicodin. and was wide awake until about 5:50. I was stiff and still so I took another vicodin at 4:40 and then was out until 7. I took my scheduled valium and slept til 10.

Got up to help my sister in law make some sausage gravy and eggs while my boyfriend was asleep because there are cats here and he's allergic and i made him go sleep more lol. He's supposed to take care of me but I also am taking care of him. He's done a fantastic job of making me feel great and taking my meds and letting me sleep.

I feel good today. Again on a scale of 1-10 My pain is about a 2 maybe a 3 when I get up to walk around and bend forward. My doctor called around 11:30 to check on me but my phone was on silent so I didn't hear it. I have my post op today at 2 but I still thought it was awesome that he called me.

I haven't done much today. Just lazing around with this kitty of mine. Drinking a TON of water. I had my smooth move tea last night but still no BM. Not too worried about it yet since I'm not really bloated.

Will update after my pre-op! I feel good ladies. Might even try to switch to Tylenol today but won't let go of my valiums yet. I get to see my boobies today! I have been good and haven't peaked. They seem so compacted and small lol. But I know that will change.

Smooth move tea is where it's at!

A lot of ladies complain of post op constipation but not this girl!!! I drank my smooth move tea last night...the day of my operation...and just had a BM. I don't feel very bloated anymore. But tmi wasn't very easy but it was necessary and I strongly recommend this tea. Especially if you're not one for laxatives. This stuff is natural and that's what drew me in plus it's 4 dollars at target

Midnight update

While I'm up waiting for my meds to kick in I figured I'd update you all real quick. They say the second day after surgery is the hardest and they are right about that. I felt totally fine in the morning but after my post op I tried to stretch my meds out more since my sisters babyshower is tomorrow and she's already had the baby so I wanted to meet my Niece. I had originally thought it was on Sunday but nope it's on Saturday. And I knew that one day would make a difference. So I tried and tried but I caused myself too much unnecessary pain. So finally took my Vicodin and then a hour later my Valium. That knocked me out. My boyfriend couldn't spend another night with me due to the cats which is totally fine. I was upstairs with my sister in law playing computer games and watching tv. Once I took my meds I was completely out of it. Him and my brother were downstairs playing pool and drinking beer so at least he wasn't totally miserable which makes me happy. But I texted him to make me take my anitbiotic before he left because I was going to sleep. Ladies listen to your body and take your meds. I could have avoided so much discomfort but I'm trying not to be zoned out of my kind at my sisters baby shower. But I won't be.

I've slept amazing in his recliner. I feel so sorry for all of you ladies who haven't slept well after post op. This is the best sleep I've gotten in weeks. Knock on wood so I don't jinx it.

I was talking to my aunt and trying to explain to her how my boobs are like rectangles right now so I took a picture with the strap off. Still not allowed to see the girls fully yet. That's tomorrow when I can shower. But this is the best I got right now. And for fun I'll show you a screenshot my brother sent me before surgery lol explaining it all in emojis. Which had me crying because I was laughing so hard. Goodnight ladies

2 days post op

I did a "midnight" review last night so let me actually do my real review for today. I got to see my girls and shower! The shower was a little bit hard because I felt like I couldn't scrub hard enough to like actually clean my face or anything so I had my boyfriend help with that with a wash cloth. Along with my back of course. I didn't wash my incisions...Wasn't instructed to. Was just told to get them wet because they had a piece of gauze that needed to be removed but it would only do so if wet. So I did.

After my shower I got ready to go to my sisters baby shower. I have a great range of motion especially when I take my meds (on time) so I could brush my hair and teeth and all of that by myself. Putting on deodorant was alittle tricky. But man was it WORTH IT. I have a phobia of smelling bad.. so the whole not using anything scented before surgery or after was really really hard for me. But now I smell good and am happy again.

I showed my family my pictures that I posted on here as well and they were so shocked that there is noooo bruising whatsoever. Although I am still early in my post-op.... I can say I have an amazing doctor :) I had to have my boyfriend use his phone as a mirror so I could see my incisions. And they are about the size I expected so nothing really to say about that. They look like they have a glue substance on them that reflects? Idk how to describe it but it looks better in person.

I have numbness on my left breast. I can't feel the nipple and down to the incision which is weird. My right nipple is fully capable of feeling things and if I get gets hard. But above the nipple towards my arm pit is.....not numb...but i can definitely tell the nerves will be reconnecting there too.

They don't seem huge to me right now. They seem like they need to get bigger which I obviously know..but I don't feel like I'm that swollen because I've been icing pretty often even if I'm not in pain. I'm a tiny bit bloated but I think that is due to the fact that my period will be here in about 3 days. I have had another BM today so things are running smoothly there...Again...if any ladies are suffering from post-op constipation...SMOOTH MOVE TEA. It's natural...doesn't leave you on the toilet for hours...and it feels like a regular BM if you know what I mean..

I am weaning myself off of the vicodins because I just don't want to be on them anymore. I only take valiums at night. I find that it's the vicodin that knocks me out and makes me tired. The valium I can stay up through and get stuff done with. Although I have zero pain while I take them both..I'd rather get off the pain meds sooner rather than later.

I am home now! I don't have my brother's amazing recliner anymore and I think I have made my bed up in a way that will be sufficient. I definitely have my animals for support as you can see

Back at work

Yesterday I didn't take any pain medicine or muscle relaxers. I just slept alllll day and slept pretty well through the night. That's what my body wanted...That's what I did.

Today I'm back at work. I didn't wake up with any pain or anything. But I've been using my arms a tad bit.. I sit at a desk all day so it hasn't been too bad. My boyfriend dropped me off so I took half of a vicodin to take the edge off of my incisions hurting. The ladies were asking me questions about it so we were talking. But the men haven't said anything. I also have them pretty well disguised in a flannel "dress" and leggings. The top is really loose and I have a waist belt on. I have air bubbles in my boobs that I can feel so I massage them for fun. Still high and tight.

I'm really tired and just want to sleep right now haha but other than that I am golden. Pictures aren't the best. I took them within 10 minutes of waking up so they are mehhh

Funny pics/video

Just a video of how all of my animals were watching over me when I got home. They've been darlings. My aunt sent me a magnet with a dog in a cone! It's perfect! And I wanted to show you all better pictures of my incisions....which look more like welts! Doesn't even look like he cut me. There are bra marks though

Please ignore my drugged up talking!!!

Almost back to normal

My body still needs more sleep than I can give it right now. I'm back at work full time but I plan on taking a nap tonight as soon as I get home. My boyfriend is dying to see that new Hobbit movie or whatever it's called. So I guess we will be seeing that after my nap. I warned him though....if I fall asleep he can't get mad lol. He doesn't care. He just wants to see it and wants me with him.

I can feel my boobs move when I lean forward now or bend over. It's a really weird feeling but I gueess that means my skin is stretching to encompass it. Wellllll good cause I'm ready for them to get bigger. for a 500 cc implant...they seem small at the moment but I know that will change I just have to be patient. But it's hard knowing that they should be huge! But they just look like my old boobs in my bra. BUT NO PADDED BRA NOW lol. I am in my XL Genie bra today because I had to wash my surgery bra. It was driving me crazy knowing I was wearing the same bra since Thursday. I made sure it was just as supportive as my surgery bra.. I just needed tha cleanliness feeling.

Sleeping is getting a little more restless as I am coming off of the valiums and painkillers but I still managed to sleep on my back and fall asleep with little problem. This morning when I hit snooze on my alarm clock I guess I managed to lay on my side? It didn't feel so good so I ended up on my back again.

I think they are changing! Not sure. Just waiting for them to get up to size!

2nd Post Op

Wanted to update after I had my second post op. I had it 2 days ago and he said I was healing perfectly. He showed me my squeezing exercises that I must do once a day and man they don't feel good. I have to take my breast and squeeze the bottom part and push my implant up as far as I can and hold for 10 seconds. This is the help keep the pocket open and loosen the muscles. I will admit that since I've been doing them they've become more moving and squishable. They are still hard! Don't get me wrong but at least I can poke my skin and have it move around a little.

Update on how I'm feeling...Not much pain unless I do too much during the day. I'm getting my energy back. At the beginning of my work week.. I was wanting to leave and go nap around 11 in the morning. Today is Friday and I can make it until about 3-4 until I fight to keep my eyes open. My job isn't strenuous at all but it's not laying in my bed. That's for sure! And around 7 at night all I want to do is lay back and relax on my 45 degree placed pillows. It makes my back muscles feel so good after a day of doing things. I take my valium at night if all of my muscles are hurting and my boobs are hurting too. It helps me sleep and just overall resets all of my muscles for the next day. I see why they gave me so many.

My boobs don't hurt at all. Before my second post op I noticed little tiny air bubbles in both breasts. Well since him squeezing my left breast, every time I lift my arm above my head it makes a gurgle sound of more air. He said this is normal ( I knew it was normal too) and I've been grossing everyone out with it :). Doesn't hurt. When I bend over I can feel them move with me. A weird feeling but one I am getting used to. I am cleared to wear a sports bra or genie bra. I am in love with my genie bras. They are so comfortable and provide support as well. No they aren't front close but they are so stretchy that it doesn't pull them towards the back.

My incisions itch. I hate it. They look amazing but the wiry ends of the dissolve-able stitched drive me nuts. I hate touching them. But I have to. They get longer everyday and feel like fishing line. He said he will trim these next Tuesday at my post op again.

The only thing really bugging me right now is the itchiness of my incisions. Every night I use Nivea cream on my nipples and all over my breasts and let it soak in. My nipples are itchy from stretching I guess. Hope they don't get too big but I don't mind if they do. Boyfriend likes them. I like them. I'm not complaining lol. Just itchy

Still numb on my left breast from nipple down. Right breast top part is still swollen and tiny bit bruised because it is my dominant side.

I think they're starting to look better but to be completely honest with all of you ladies...I'm waiting for them to drop and fluff to get bigger to look like the sizers. I know this will take a while and I have found myself getting frustrated that they look so small right now..but it takes time. My mind knows this but my emotions don't care. I still love them. I'll attach a picture of me in my sweater dress soon. IT'S ALLLLLL ME BABY. No padded bra or anything!

For the pictures...

Ignore the mess....period bloat...and the lousy lighting. I knew I needed to update pictures and needed boyfriend to do it. But wasn't caring 100% lol

Small Changes

I have my next post op tomorrow so will keep this somewhat short. I love my boobs! My left one is my favorite right now even though I don't have much feeling in it at all. I love the way it looks. My right side (dominant side) is being a pain and still more rectangular-ish... They're dropping a bit from when I first got them.

Genie Bra is the way to go! I love my genie bra. It's amazing and supportive but super super stretchy. The picture is blurry but that's fine. They're like $9 at Target or Walmart.

My incisions itch. Still. Hopefully tomorrow he trims the ends of my sutures or whatever.

I'm a back cracker. I'm used to cracking and stretching my back every day all day long since I sit at a desk. It's FRUSTRATING and PAINFUL not to be able to get that relief. I cooked dinner last night AND CLEANED UP after...which pissed me off. In my household we have a saying "I cooked, you clean" It wasn't a disaster by any means but still dishes needed to be done and food put away obviously. My boyfriend was being lazy as hell and didn't offer until I started doing it myself. (He's a spoiled momma's boy) and my dad was busy with wrapping Christmas stuff up...understandable

But I got so snappy and so angry cause I was in pain. Then came the tears because I realized I had two loads of laundry waiting for me that I needed to fold to have clothes for the week. So I took a break and sat down and just kinda sat there. Boyfriend came up behind me and started to massage my back where he knew it hurt. Made it so much better and loosened some stress with me.

The one thing that sucks about not being able to lay sideways and on my stomach and what not....I can't cuddle with him. It's been almost 2 weeks and I miss that closeness so I was just stressed and overwhelmed but other than that no pain still.

Just can't wait until I can crack and stretch my damn back without worrying about popping any stitches or ruining anything.

Sleeping on my back is a breeze. I've gotten used to it. I even slept on my side for about an hour this morning with minimal pain. I laid on a pillow though to help.

Post op 3

I'm cleared to do light activity. Got my internal stitches "fish line" removed. Healing well. Doctor still said riding high, but it's to be expected. Right side is still annoying. I'm cleared to go to the gym and walk/elliptical. Only have to wear a bra during the day. I don't have to sleep with one. That was the best part. Keeping it short today because I'm pretty irritated with my day. Thanks ladies

Forgot the incision picture


Christmas Work Lunch

And I have cleavage in a shirt I've never had cleavage in. Helllll yeah lol it made me happy that #1 it still fit...#2 it looks amazing. But it's too much to display for a work party so I'm wearing a scarf.

Check in

Small update. I can't get pictures on my here at the moment so I'll have to do that later. I'm so glad the holidays are over! I don't care for this time of year.

Since last update... My left side is regaining feeling so it is more of an achy pain right now. It's also healing a lot faster than my right and it makes me nervous for some reason. It moves left right up and down...which I know it's supposed to be able to do seeing how I'm 2 and a half weeks in...

Right side is still rectangularish but not as bad. Definitely doesn't have the same shape as the left one. I'm still doing my massages and exercises. They're getting "bigger" which really means they're just changing shape. Can't wait until my nipples point in the right direction! lol

Incisions are closed up and look good. The left one is migrating up onto my breast like my doctor told me it would.. so I guess that MUST mean everything is okay..seeing how it is going as predicted. My next post op isn't until Jan 9. I think not seeing him every week and having him saying "Yep you're healing perfectly!" is messing with my mind. Will post pictures later to show you what I mean.

Pictures to go with earlier review

Not the best but I can't seem to get good lighting anywhere. Lefty is looking nice. Righty still a rectangularish blob. Ready for it to even out

It's been a while!

Now I have time for a gooood update. Here are some pictures over the last week. They are starting to feel 100% mine. I'd still say 80% currently but only because I still notice them when I bend over and they're not extremely pliable.
My left breast is no longer numb. It's actually going into the sensitive nipple phase. It feels like that nipple has pms always (very tender to the touch) if my boyfriend just brushes against can be painful. I lied I just touched near my scar and it's a tiny bit numb still.

My righty still higher than lefty. Still bruised where he injected nerve blockers. No problems with righty except it's higher up. Oh well.

I love my boobs. I know I'm not a full month post op yet but I can say I'm so happy I went with the 500 implant. Would I go back and change my implants to 550s knowing that I love them right now? Nope. I wouldn't. I haven't had any complications and I think they will turn out amazing.

I had a 36D bra that one of my friends had left at my house and just for fun I tried it on. Guess what. It fits :) so once I'm done dropping and fluffing I'm going to be a happy lady.

My scars? I can't even really call them scars. My doctor did such an amazing job. They are tiny lines

This is amazing. I now can wear clothes Ina genie bra with bathing suit padding to hide my nipples and I fill out my clothing. I cannot be happier.

Last thing: it's been a major confidence boost. Before I got this surgery my boyfriend always said "but babe your boobs are great!" Then he saw me try the sizers on and realized I had none. It took me a long time to convince him that it wouldn't hurt my feelings if he admitted that I had none. He finally said "yeah once I realized how much more proportioned you'd look with them". Duh! If I had boobs I wouldn't be getting a boob job lol! He didn't hurt my feelings. And yes I knew he loved my body before but LADIES! Let me tell you! It's a huge confidence boost while you're having sexy time with your man and he looks at you and says "damn your boobs are sexy" amazing. Right there. Worth it. I was happy :)

I have a post op Friday will update then!

Gym update and Scar update!

So I had my post op Friday and told you all I would update you. He said everything was healing fine and on schedule. Noted that yes although I am still uneven there is no reason to be concerned. Okay that's finee!

I do have a pain in my left breast and its one spot. Looking down on my left breast it's to the right of my nipple half way between that and my cleavage line (is that even a thing?) lol Have any of you experienced this? If it doesn't go away in a while I might go back soon. I'm not scheduled to go back until March.

As far as sleeping...before I was a stomach sleeper and I "trained" myself to sleep on my back. I am now proud to announce that I can sleep any way again without discomfort. I will either fall asleep on my side or my back and wake up on my side or stomach. Not uncomfortable at all.

This past week I have been going to the gym. Before Friday I wasn't cleared for jogging or anything so I didn't. But I just had my first jog today and let me tell you.....that sensation is WEIRD!! I almost stopped and didn't jog...but with everything else to do with this process, you must get used to it. By the middle of my jog, I didn't notice it as much and it still didn't hurt. It just felt different.

I haven't tried any arm work outs yet. That will probably be tomorrow morning.

Scars look good! I am very bad at remembering to put lotion or vitamin E oil on them but I'm getting better! They are bumpy and he said it will even out with time. I'm familiar with scars so I understand this just takes time. I'm very pleased with the way I have been healing and progressing.

Uneveeennnnn oh well

I'm evening out a tad bit!!! But I'm still uneven lol. Doesn't bother me much because I know it'll change eventually.

FIRST ARM WORK OUT YESTERDAY holy moly was that a WEIRD experience.

I could do everything that I tried. I tried on reallllly low weight just to get used to the feeling of everything. Do you ladies know how guys can make their pec muscles "dance?" like bounce up and down on command. That's what mine seemed to be doing lol.

Just an update with more pictures :)

No visible changes :/

I realllllly want my right to catch up. Yes it looks smaller than my left. that doesn't bother me. But I can see that the underside of my boob hasn't stretched yet so I know it will get better. Whenever I try to get a picture of it it looks SO MUCH WORSE!!

I will try to get pictures this weekend. My new business is booming! And I have another FULL semester of school here too


Could they be bigger? Sure. Do I want them to be? Nope I think they're the perfect size. Knowing what I know now I'm glad I stuck with my gut and got the 500s. I think I would have still been happy with the 550s, but I love the size they are now and they're perfect on me!

Updated pictures. Getting frustrated

So here are some updated pictures. Still uneven. I'm hoping this changes but I'm not sure if it will. I know I have time to drop more but it's been like this the entire time! My scars look good though!

New stretch marks

I'm really glad I was realistic and knew that I was prone to getting new ones. I wasn't surprised to see these bright little guys forming oh well that's just my skin! Now at least I have boobs too instead of just stretch marks with nothing lol. I ordered something from my pure romance line called save my skin. It's supposed to eliminate the appearance of them. Should have it in tomorrow but I've been using vitamin e oil in the meantime.

Happy healing ladies :)

Long time!! 3 months!

Hi ladies! Long time no talk! My stretch marks have been fading and not a lot have come in!
I have a post op appointment in 3 days and I want to talk to my surgeon about some things. I will update you all after. I have so many pictures!

Bottoming out?

So my post op got moved to tomorrow because of the snow we have had. Ladies I feel like my right side is bottoming out :/ Can anyone tell me what the start of this looks like!?!? I'm so so so nervous

Wellp..Capsular Contracture

Confirmed. In my left breast. I'm pretty upset about it....not going to lie. I have to take accolate twice daily... Has anyone had good reviews from this?

It's been way too long!!!

LADIES. Life has gotten in the way and I apoligize! My pure romance business is BOOMING and it's AMAZING. I am finishing finals for school TOMORROW.

I have good news!' The medicine is working to soften my capsule! I'm not upset I have a capsulary contracture. Only I really notice it I PROMISE to post pictures asap!!!

I haven't forgotten!

Ladies I have not forgotten about you all! I'm so thankful I have found RealSelf! My left breast still is tighter than my right. No pain. Nothing different. There is a tiny bit of visible difference but I really don't care to be quite honest!

I won't have to have surgery. I am still on the Accolate.

Life is good and I love my boobs!

My cruise is SOOO CLOSE. Then I'm going to LAS VEGAS for FREE from Pure Romance! I have a lot coming up and can't wait to be in tiny bathing suit!

I find myself coming back to realself for tattoo removal! I have gained weight/lost it again and it has left one of my tattoos crooked and off center. It's tiny so no biggie. Just going over options!

Looking over old pics

Man that's some throw back moments! I love my boobs. That's all :)


So in some pictures you can see the difference. My left breast is a tiny bit higher than my right. What do you all think

Long time! Good News!

No way has it been 4 months since my last post! No way! where is time going? My cruise has come and gone! Here is my absolutely favorite displaying my girls! I will have to get some full pictures to show you all the progress I have made. I am having my before and after pictures emailed to me within the next 2 weeks Oh and guess what. MY CAPSULAR CONTRACTURE IS GONEEEE!

Before and After pictures!

OH my god!!!! I knew I didn't have the best boobs before, but I'm so used to looking at these "new boobs" that I forget just how much I hated them before I had the surgery. They're so saggy and point down so so so much. I'm in love with my boobs now. I don't exactly love the straight forward shot because you can tell which one had the capsule (right one looking at the picture) but even before they were not equal. They're sisters :)

So happy I had this surgery. I tell everyone who asks that it's the best money I have ever spent.
Washington DC Plastic Surgeon

I have nothing bad to say about my surgeon. I have heard so many great things about him and have known so many people to have gotten work done by him. The longest I have ever waited was 10 minutes after my scheduled appointment time. Everyone has been so quick to answer my questions whether I call and leave a message, or send an email. Hands down....amazing. Everyone in his staff has surprised me and left such a great impression. Denise the PCC is amazing ! Hands down! I felt like I had known her for years while in her office talking with her. Nurse Kim knew what she was talking about and gave me great information and respected what I had to say. And Dr. Chiaramonte....he's comforting to the point where you can tell he's still a doctor...but you still feel like he cares individually about how you are doing as well! He's a busy busy man but still waves to me when I walk into his office and remembers my surgery date ect. ect. makes a really good impression even if all he has to do is look at my chart the minute before he walks into the room to greet me. I will update more as I get farther along.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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