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Hi All Firstly i want to thank you all for your...

Hi All
Firstly i want to thank you all for your honest and very informative reviews and pics on here, they've been very helpfull.
A little bit about me.
I'm 45, have a 19 year old son and lost 91lbs over an 18 month period 3 years ago through diet. I've always been big, even as a child but my weight got out of control when i had my son. In 2008 i split from my husband and finally decided to do something about my weight. I joined a slimming club and never looked back. The only issue is I've been left with loads of loose skin and excess fat on my stomach. I hate it, I look in the mirror and to me i don't look any different to what i did when i was 231 lbs. However I'm so lucky as i have had funding approved to have a tummy tuck on the NHS ( National Health Service ). I had to stay at a stable weight for 2 years to even be considered so this has been a long time comming. My operation is on the 2nd October and I'm so excited, not nervous at all yet! I do have a slight worry as to how it will all look after as the surgeon did say that idealy i needed a body lift but there was no way funding would be approved for that. I've looked at hundreds of before and after photo's on here to try and find someone who had similar issues as me to at least try and gauge what i can realistically expect.
So here i am less than 2 weeks away from finally getting rid of the last bit of the old me.
I will post some before photo's next week when i've plucked up the courage!

Before Photo's - Horrible :-(

Thank you for the replies everyone. Before photo's uploaded, they're not great but it's easy to take them yourself! I hate looking at them :-(
I really can't wait to upload my after pics!
Has any got any tips on what will help me after the Op? I only have this weekend to buy what i need as i work full time. I have booked 2 weeks holiday for my recovery and my partner has booked 4 days to help out. I have an office job so i'm not expecting to need any longer all being well.

10 days post op

Hi All,
Sorry for the delay in updating.
Well I'm now 10 days post op, i'm very swollen and have a serious pot belly! The difference between my pre and post op pics have really boosted me as i was feeling a bit down as i'm not totally flat yet.
Pics attached were taken 2 days ago, 8 days post op.
As my op was done through the NHS i was in hosptal 4 days, 3 nights. The first 2 days i had a catheter to allow me have complete rest and 2 drains.
My god i was glad of the catheter as it felt like i'd been hit by a truck immediately after the op, how you ladies cope with a boob job as well i have no idea! I was very sick from the anesthetic and could hardly keep concious for longer than an hour for the first 2 days and don't start me on the binder!
Anyway the PS team visited me every day and were very possitive about the results, the drains were working well, only around 20ml from the left but 40ml to 50ml from the right. Pain relief prescribed was Paracetamol,Ibuprofen and a Morphine based drug if needed, trust me it was needed!
The left drain was removed on Sunday, 4 days post op and i was alowed to go home with the right drain in place, it was still doing around 30ml.
Sleeping was and still is a nightmare, I can only sleep comfortably on my back at present, propped up with pillows, which after a couple of hours is giving me back pain.
Monday morning i got out of bed and felt liquid running down my leg, the drain had loosened and i was leeking fluid from where it entered the skin. I called the hopital who told me to come in when i was ready. When we arrived i was seen immediately by the PS dressings nurse who then contacted my PS for advise ( he was in surgery ). He told her to remove the drain. I belive this is why i'm so swollen, i think maybe it's fluid under the skin?? I
On Tuesday i woke up to a rather unpleasent smell and discharge coming from my navel, now without going into too much detail any lady over a certian size with a large tummy will know how soar and smelly your navel can get when the skin around it is squeezed together and it sweats.Well this is what had happened to my new navel, under the binder, which was concerning so i called the hostital. As i talked it through with the nurse i relaxed a bit and told her i would see how it went. After ensuring it is clean and dry for 3 days it is much better but still weeping a little bit,however it's not inflamed and there's no pus.
Walking has been interesting as the bulk of my pain is coming from my upper abs ( muscles tightened ) so i could not stands up straight until today, i'm not perefectly straight but not noticably stooped either. The pain has reduced massively but I'm still taking the odd Paracetamol when needed.
Well that's it for now, I'm back at the hospital tomorrow for the surgical tape removing along my incision and hopefully i'll get the go ahead to shower properly and remove the hated binder! Also i'd like my mind settling about the swelling and reasurance that it will go down and i will have a flat tummy!
Liverpool Plastic Surgeon

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