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Good morning. Today is finally the day. My surgery...

Good morning. Today is finally the day. My surgery is set for 9. My husband is taking me and my daughters and my dad will be awaiting my return. It's about 5 am and I've been up for an our. I'm anxious. Nervous about the pain and excited about the results. I am thankful for all of you sharing your stories. I've been following this site for months. I've read the good and the bad and have decided to let my surgeons do what they feel is best and to make sure I follow their direction. I am praying for steady hands and artistic eyes. I am receiving a tummy tuck with vertical incision and muscle repair, lipo of the flanks and upper back around the bra line, and a scar revision of dog ears on my back. I am 5'2 and 138 pounds as of this morning. I had my Lap-Band placed 6 years ago and the weight loss caused some weird skin hanging around my mid section. I wanted to wait until my weight was steady. We are now READY. I look forward to seeing you all on the "flat side". Have a great day.

Day 1 On the "Flat Side"

Just woke up and am excited to report I made it. The surgery went well. Arrived at 8. Surgery at 9. All of my expectations were exceeded. First let me report that I am going to steal their scale for my house. I was 132 on their scale and that was 6 pounds less than the last time I weighed at my house. After I danced a while, I put on my sexy surgery underwear and all the other gear for surgery. Bern, my tour guide for this adventure, was amazing and reassuring. We went to my room and I met my CRNA Mike. Sweet and informative and put me immediately at ease. I was scared I would be sleep before they even started. As you can imagine, the days leading up to the surgery were very restless. My residents( very handsome young men) and their professor came in to do their markings and review my requests. We were in agreement and I was down for the count. It's had IV sedation instead of general and that put me at ease. I am not a huge fan of general if I have a choice. Surgery took 3 hours and also took me 3 hours to wake up. I don't think that was all from anesthesia either. We arrived home at 4 and I went straight to my wedge pillow system from bed bath and beyond, a wonderful suggestion from off of here. Took my meds on time all evening and through the night. Set my alarm to make sure I didn't miss anything. Another suggestion off of here. I only have on my binder and one drain. I drained it 4 times before I finally went to be at 3 am. I've dozed in and out but no longer periods of sleep. I'm a stomach sleeper so it's a little different but I am comfortable in this wedge. I got up to walk a few times. The pain level kicked up to a 1-2 towards the end of the night. Still not bad. I just walk around my room and to the bathroom. I bought the female urinal contraption. Used it the first time and had success. Third time- not so much. But I'm sure I will have plenty of time to practice. Taking shots of milk of magnesia like they are tequila after each pain pill. I had done a pretty good cleansing before I ever went also. Thanks to yet some more advice from here. Well that's all I have to report from day post op. Before surgery????. After surgery???? while awake????

4am. Day 2 post op

I think I overdid it yesterday. Felt the pain yesterday. Moved from my wedge back to my bed. Slept for hours. Overslept for my pain meds though. Not a great idea. Anyway I will see how it goes today once the pain meds kick back in. Had lots of painful gas last night. Was praying I didn't have to throw up. One of the side effects of eating too fast with my band. Luckily I got it under control. One thing I noticed yesterday is I think my hip tattoo is gone. So I guess I will be on the search for a new design soon. Well as soon as I'm cleared!!!! Have a great morning. Still haven't removed my garment so no new pics today.

Day 2 continued.

Been medicated most of the day. Slept and taking meds. Washed up and feeling fresher. Will try to eat real food in a few. I have had a smoothie and a protein shake today. And some lobster bisque just now. Feels good going down. Opened binder today. Scars weren't as bad as I was expecting. Will post pic later once I learn how to hide my girlie pieces. Lol. It's nap time again. Pain level about a 4 today. Needing more assistance and rest.

Day 3. Evening. Busy day

Had many visitors today and it was wonderful to have people to keep me company. Tried to watch medicine intake but I'm a little tender tonight. Have already medicated and will go to bed early. Even got a brief outing in the car today. Let's pray I don't pay for that tomorrow. Took picture without the garment. I apologize in advance for the boobs. I don't know how to block them. Lol. I think everything looks puffy but good.

Day 4. May have done too much today.

Very swollen today. Spent a lot of time up and out today. Did take a nap mid way through. Not getting much drainage and not much pain either. I am going to try and move to strictly Tylenol tonight I will let you know how it goes.

Day 4 pics

Any bandsters on here? Having a hard time keeping food down today also.

Day 5.

Woke up this morning To a coughing fit. Wanted to die. Literally just stab myself to make it stop. Swelling does look better than yesterday. I will take it easy today. I will sit and read and watch tv today. Like normal people are supposed to do. Lol. Tylenol didn't last long either. Woke up around 2 and had to get the real stuff. I will try again today

Day 4 pics

Day 6. Slept all day

Had no visitors today. I was able to sleep most of the day. Went without meds until just now. Put my compression garment back on and have my heating pad at the ready also. I didn't have any wish pictures but I am very pleased with what I've seen so far even with the swelling. Already researching tattoos and bikinis. Tomorrow is my postop and am hoping the drain will be free and I can get a real shower. I wash off daily so I can keep my friends and family but I am ready for a real washing. One more day. Lipo areas have been extremely easy. I have nothing but thumbs up for my docs and I can wait until I see the final product. It's worth it. For those of you afraid of a little pain, don't let it keep you from a lifelong goal. I feel amazing and I imagine I look the same.

Day 10.

Sorry I've been imoit of touch. Been too busy dancing that they removed my drain on Friday. It feels so good to sleep without fear of pulling anything out. It went quickly and was not painful at all n the docs were pleased and I am also. I am not to wear spanx or some type of compression garment. I am practicing to see what I find most comfortable. I purchased maternity jeans to wear when I go out with friends. Went out Friday evening and Saturday. Slept all day Saturday and not doing much better with the energy level today. Only take pain meds at bed time so I can sleep peacefully. So far so good. Very swollen in my opinion but flattish in the morning and round by afternoon. Glad I got it done and glad I waited until I could get my best result. Feels good to do something just for you.

Photo updates

This is day 10 photos. Belly button looks good. Steri strips still present. First shower was yesterday. Looking forward to second one in a few minutes. I will post more as things change. The muscle repair is rock hard too. I feel like a rock star. Can't wait to see the final product. Already researching tattoos for my belly. The scars you see are from the lap band surgery from 2010.


Went back to work this week. Full time. Not such a great idea. Super tired. Stomach has been aching. Extremely swollen. Looking forward to getting some rest this weekend. Have been experimenting with compression garments and maternity clothes for work purposes. Trying to remember that the swelling is normal and it won't be forever. External healing complete. I do have a dog ear that will need revision. Already spoke to surgeons office about it. We will get it repaired.
Hate not being able to put my regular clothes on but on a good note though, ordered my first bikini and even with the swelling, I was impressed with myself. Can't wait to get my tattoos done before summer. Still think it was all worth it and glad I did this for me. See you next week. Hope everyone else is doing well on their journey.

Almost 4 months out.

still pleased. stomach is amazing. had a lady stop me and admire my stomach. I had clothes on but she noticed how flat it was. She kept poking me and saying how hard my stomach was. I felt like a rock star. whole experience was weird but flattering. had the dog ear revision done and once again I feel like walking perfection. I am still pleased with my decision and my surgeons. I recommend doing what makes you happy and not living in fear. this was a great experience for me physically and mentally. the next time I post I will be at my goal of 6 months out and tattooed up. see you soon

One year and 4 months later

Still absolutely ecstatic. Friends have gone and more are going. People just need a guinea pig, I guess. Stomach is still amazing. Can actually see the outline of abs. Be careful with watching your weight,it's easy plies track because your stomach is so tight and fit looking. For those of you just beginning your journey,I pray you remain patient and encouraged. This is still the best decision I have ever made and that was just for me.
6th year plastic surgery residents

So far the residents have been extremely sweet and professional and the office goes above and beyond with their customer service. I will review the docs after I am done with the surgery.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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