Tummy Tuck!!! This Mommy is Getting Her Sexy for Spring!!!! Waco, TX

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Well let's just say I've been jumping all around...

Well let's just say I've been jumping all around realself trying to decide what I want to have done. I get all excited about a procedure then I go do a ton of research an change my mind. So first it was a BBL way to much recovery an too many horror stories I passed. Then I thought smart lipo went to the consultation the. Started seeing more reviews on the doctor I chose an realized not only was he not certified by the American board of plastic surgery all the reviews he had on realself no one said it was worth it they mostly said "not sure" so I passed. Well the weird thing is while I was at the smart lipo consult the nurse that assist the doctor told me she had her breast done by DR Hand an I wondered all the way home why would you go to a Dr 70 miles away to get your surgery instead of the doctor you work for?!?! So yea alarm bells were going off. I found out this smart lipo guy was also a family medicine DR just doing smart lipo um no.

So today I had my consultation with DR Hand he was awesome his staff was awesome he is certified by the American Board of Plastic surgery an kept it 100 with me. He said lipo of any sort would not work for me and he wouldn't do it. He said he is not in this business for the money he is an artist an likes to sculpt the body. He showed me my trouble areas an made suggestions a re-vision to my tummy tuck. I had one about 6-7 years ago an then popped out another baby. I have this pocket of fat over my vagina which I hate an my husband refers to as a fat monkey an my friends call it a fupa. DR hand assured me we would get rid of my fat monkey lol his exact words and lower my existing scar an tighten my belly. I've seen his work an his website does it no justice. His office manager wrote me up a quote with a discount of $1,000 which is awesome!!! Partial for being military I'm a vet an partial for having it in his clinic an not the hospital which is actually right next door. I'm overly excited only have to put down $250 to hold my surgery date an then pay in full by my post op date. Ugh I have the money but it's for my kids Disney World vacation in March so I refuse to touch it. I get a bonus at the end of the month for $5000 so I just need the rest but I think I'll just finance through care credit an just make payments we shall see.

So anxious ugh

Well I renetly had a lock placed on my credit due to some identity theft so with that lock no one can apply for anything using your social security number. Well I removed the lock but I have to wait a few days in order to apply for anything and my plan is to apply for care credit to finance my surgery I have awesome credit so I do hope there are no issues. My DR that I have chosen says I just need to do a $250 deposit on my to an as long as the rest is paid in full prior to my pre-op date I'm good. I'm wondering though if I'm doing too much before my vacation. I plan to have surgery on the 11/12 of Feb an we go to Otlando on the 11 of March. The DR says I should be fine as I heal very well and I'm not doing the muscle tighting on my abdomen but I am doing the tt. I'm going to have my husband take some before pics of me today an get them posted so that my entire journey is documented.

Before pics ugh

Ok so these are my before pics. My PS does not like that extra fat over my private area the fat monkey,mon or fupa whatever it's called these days lol. I have some extra fat in my belly an sides. He also does not like how high my scar was from my first tt which was about 7 years ago but I've had another kid since then. Also my belly button is so tight I can't even see inside of it an water gets trapped in it after showers so I constantly have to keep it clean an dry with a q-tip. So these ads my before. I just put my deposit down today so surgery is on the 12th of Feb I have my pre op on the 2 Feb I'm so excited!!

Everyone heals different?!???

So when I read review I see the recovery time seems like forever even some reviews state that at a month post op they are still struggling. When I had my first tt I only had two weeks off work an it was more than enough. Granted I was not working out or climbing trees two weeks later but I wasn't in horrible pain an I had resumed my life. This was the same with my breast reduction I had to weeks down time. I know we all heal different an I heal pretty quickly I also think it's about the way we care for our bodies as well like even bough I need this procedure I do a ton of cardio drink lots of water an consume lots of fruits an veggies. I also wonder if it was because I was younger i snapped back quickly during those surgeries I'm like 8 years older now an 20 pounds heavier so perhaps that may make a difference for this surgery. Was just curious if everyone that has had a tt took so long to recover??

Show me The money $$$$!!!

Ok so first let me say screw Care Credit I have pretty awesome credit and I got denied not sure if it's because my credit cards just upped my limits or what. So I was feeling pretty down about it because I didn't want to use my entire bonus for the surgery I wanted to add my bonus to my kids vacation money so we could extend the vacation an do some fine dining did you know Disney world has some pretty fancy restaurants that people reserve like 6 months to a year out. Well so while sitting on the commode yea I said it commode I was doing some deep thinking and was like "hell I belong to an awesome credit union why don't I just ask them for the loan" so I logged into my bank an applied an not even 30 seconds later I was approved an that money was deposited in my account just that fast!! The entire loan amount deposited in my account bam!!!!! I'm so excited but I also felt stupid like my credit union has better terms than care credit anyway why didn't I go to them first??? So now the money is no longer a problem.

I have been wondering about my bra roll that fat on my back I wonder how much extra that will be to throw that in I don't want a flat tummy an a fat back. But I'm also scared that if he sucks that fat out will I be stuck with loose nasty skin then be forced to get a lift? Ugh anyone else have back fat an get it sucked out an it looked ok? I do hope eventually I get some feedback I'm starting to think no one even sees my review kinda lonely out here....

Back fat an rolls

So these are the rolls I was referring to I wonder if he liposuction them will I have loose skin ugh I hate my back about as much as I hate my belly

Moving up my surgery date??

Well my surgery date is for 12 Feb but I may be able to move it up to 29 Jan I have to talk to the office manager first an see what my Dr schedule is like. I want to do it sooner so that I have a bit more time to recover. We have a family vacation to Disney World scheduled for the 14 of March. I know there will be tons of walking involved so the more time I have to heal the better. I will not be getting MR with my tt so the healing process should be a little easier fingers crossed. I had pushed my surgery to 12 Feb at first because I was scheduled to have some scars removed from my breast from when I had a breast reduction years ago. They said it's an in an out procedure an I was set to have that procedure on the 4th of Feb an they said I'd be fine to have my tt by 12 fen because it has nothing to do with my breast an all they were really doing was removing some skin with scaring from my breast. Well now if I don't go in on the 4th for these scars to be removed I can't have it done till like APRIL because the doctor I chose is booked through Feb an March! Sighs.....what to do. I don't even know if I'll be able to go in to have the scars removed by the 4th of Feb if I have a tt on the 29th of Jan. My breast may just have to wait. I'm going to have an in depth convo with both my doctors to see what they recommend. Since one procedure is not invasive.

Dreams about surgery

Please tell me I'm not alone!! I have dreams about this surgery sometimes they are good an sometimes they are bad. I make it a point to not only read the positive reviews but the bad as well because I know anything can go wrong at anytime an just because I've had a successful surgery before does not mean this one will be that way. I'm a very positive person but I tend to be a worry wart as well. I have to say I'm so great fun my PS is only an hour an a half a way. I think that was my biggest fear with a BBL I had to leave my state an then travel back home an I key hearing horror stories about how these DR don't check up on people or once they have their money they are pretty much done with them. It terrifies me an I don't want to be treated like a farm animal or a number. I guess I'm a little I. My feelings I've been reading tons of reviews about ladies not getting the follow up care they deserve. I remember I sent a deposit to Duran to go get a BBL but after talking to several girls in a private FB group about experiences I was like fuck that she can keep my $250. Since when do we say it's ok to wake up during surgery like seriously hell to the naw!! Since when is it ok to show up to a surgeons office an see a line of people waiting or when you see the surgery room it looks outdated like a veterinarian clinic. Since when is it ok not to have all kinds of heart monitors an blood pressure monitors hooked up to you during surgery? Yes some of those DRs do the damn thing an it's hella cheap but it's cheap for a reason an they don't have the same standards as the US. Don't get me wrong plenty of US Drs will mess you up as well an I've seen those reviews but I'll take my chances in the US since clearly that's where they all end up coming back to to get fixed when something goes wrong. Not judging ladies not at all this is simply one woman's opinion that is all

Belly before the first tt about 7 years ago

Surgery date moved up to the 29th!!!

I'm so excited!! Well my PS office manager called me this morning and told me she received my message to get an earlier surgery date an that she has next Friday available. So I booked that date I was scheduled originally for 12 Feb but with my family vacation in March I figured the more recovery time the better. I got so nervous once she said I was penciled In for next Friday some how by me saying the 29th it seemed further than saying next Friday. My husband said he's excited for two reasons. First because I'm going to look so sexy and gets to put his hands all over me. Second so many can shut up talking about it because I've been complaining about my belly for the past three years hahahahahaha.

Well later I'll post some pics of my docs before an after work so you guys can see how awesome he is. I'm glad he's in the same state as me an operates at his own facility and thank God he is licensed by the American Board of Plastic Surgery! I didn't want to worry about follow up In another state or even country an I wanted a doctor that could focus on me an not like an assembly line.


My PS has this on a list of things to get an take post surgery but I can't find it I've been to CVS an Walgreens where did you ladies go to get yours? Should I just order it online? Feedback please I asked in the forum but I'm beginning to feel rather invisible in there

Ugh my job works my last nerve

So today my supervisor called me in for a meeting an was like " do you plan on being absent any more this month for any reason at all" I was off a week because I was really sick. I just said I really can't tell you as I don't know. I don't want them to know what I'm having surgery for its none of their business. I also can't really afford to miss all this time from work because I'm going through some very highly intense training that I really need ugh. I've even contemplated quitting my job but it's an awesome job with great growth potential as its more than just a job it's a career position. I however think sometimes though I wish I could take 3 months off to get myself together then come back with my head on straight.

Well I'm posting more pics since next Friday will be the last time I see this hot mess I call a body lol. This is the comfy outfit I'll be wearing the day of my surgery just a midsole an some yoga type pants so I want to take a pic In This outfit now so I can compare afterwards

3 Days and A Wake Up!!

Well tomorrow is my pre-op I'm excited I go to my appointment right after work which is awesome since my PS is literally one exit down from my job! I'm getting my recliner chair delivered tomorrow it's huge an cozy it's a rental from one of those rent to own spots only $15 a week. I have my spanx two different sizes I have all my vitamins. Thursday I'll be doing some grocery shopping picking up lots of fruit and yogurt lots of low sodium type foods. I have a 5 page paper due this Sunday so I'm trying to get it done now because I know I won't be up to the challenge of getting it done while recovering. I'm 5 classes shy of My MBA and I don't want to fail any classes. My husband is just as excited as I am which is awesome. I can't help but to continuously look at this site an see the before an aftershock an watch YouTube videos on tummy tuck journeys. I'm just ready an praying that my tt turns out good I don't expect to be perfect but lord please give me something beautiful to work with :)

Tomorrow is the Day!!!

Well tomorrow morning 730am I'll be headed to the flat side. I have all my meds an they just delivered my recliner. I went shopping for tons of low sodium foods for during recover fruits and veggies crackers and soups. I'm so excited and nervous oh let's not forget anxious. I keep wondering if it's going to be all I hoped it to be or will I be disappointed. I hope I'm able to sleep tonight.....probably not. Ugh an I started my cycle two days ago an she is here with a vengeance since I missed last month. So I'm already bloated an miserable. I told my PS during pre-op I was on my cycle he said it was no big deal but I didn't ask if I could keep my tampon in I don't want to just bleed freely all over the table. Well I guess I'll be bleeding somewhat anyway with surgery an all but you know what I mean. Well until tomorrow ladies!!!

Made it to the flat side

Well I was scheduled for 730 am this morning but my PS called to see if I'd like to come in earlier so I did 630. Everyone was so awesome his staff is so very upbeat an positive. Dr Hand made certain to assure me that everything was going to go well an as planned so no worries. Got the happy juice next thing I know I was waking up. Well we are home now I have my drains an me an my husband were both informed of post care instructions. Discomfort level is at about a 3-4 not too bad but I have all my meds so I'll be fine. I am so thankful for renting this oversized recliner it is amazing can't get out of it without the husbands help but that's ok he's strong lol. The only issue I have is nausea ugh I always have it after any surgery. They gave me some nausea medicine before I left to go home an I have this thing called quease ease which is like a container you smell an it smells like lavender an mint it's suppose to help with nausea I used it while I was pregnant an it helps. You just open the top an inhale it's cool I'll post a pic. I just pray the nausea subsides an stays away. My two procedures today were an extended tummy tuck an I also had the dog eats removed from my prior breast reduction. Well ladies in going to eat this half of banana an my four low sodium cracks with water an off to sleep I go. I'll post pics as the days go by before t I can't remove my binder so the pics will be with it on when I do take them.

Just early pics garment is on

Couple pics with garment nothing too interesting to show just yet. Also pic of area where dog ears from breast reduction were removed

1 day post op!!

Well I am one day post op an I feel ok really. It seems as though yesterday flew by one minute I was speaking with the nurse doing my IV the next I was waking from surgery. I first have to say that DR Hand is amazing an professional. He is so kind an honest an has a phenomenal staff. The anesthesiologist well her daughter was in labor while we were getting ready for surgery an she was so excited it was so cute! She told me "hello today I am your drug pusher" hahaha hilarious. Even though she wanted to be with her daughter when she had the baby she made sure that I knew there would be no rushing an she loves her job an that today was all about me. That was very comforting. Dr Hand came in did his fancy art work on me an then we were off to go make a new body. I usually have horrible nausea but they made absolute sure that I was good to go before allowing my husband to take me home. I was the o it surgery for that day so that was also nice to know. I always read these stories where some of the other doctors have a waiting room full of people an don't really have or care to have any one on one with their patients or follow up. Well I was blessed my PS was not like that. I did a little walking in the house yesterday to keep my blood flowing got a little dizzy one time an had to get back in my recliner. I mostly snacked on crackers a yogurt an banana with tons of water. Dr Hand called an checked on me yesterday to make sure I was ok an to see if I had any questions (told you he's awesome sauce) lol.

My biggest issue is sleep. I have this huge oversized recliner an a super soft blanket an in comfortable however I can't stay sleep at all. I was tempted to take some melatonin but forgot to ask my PS if that was ok. Overall pain this morning is about a 2 just a little burning sensation where he made the cuts for my dog ears for my breast an the cut for my tt.

My husband has been so very supportive an helpful he's at my beck an call all day I love it an he makes sure I stay on top of my meds. My 12 year old keeps checking on me as well. Now my 3 year old shocked me because usually he stays up under me an want to snuggle but daddy told him I was sick so he's been so gentle.

Now let's talk about my damn cat Mr Reggie. He just has to lay on me no matter what an he's heavy I have to keep telling him to get down. I woke up at 5am for meds an he was stretched out all over me in the recliner smh.

Well that's all for today except this itching it started as a little itch an once I scratched that little itch I was itching all over. I lotioned up but it didn't help much ugh why do I itch I'm not dirty lol any ideas.

Hungry, tired an anxious!

Well I am officially 2 days post op! I go through these moments where I feel like I'm starving but I can only manage to eat like a few crackers an a yogurt oh an a bit of fresh pineapple. I wanted some real home cooked food so badly yesterday an a close friend of mine had her own little weekend meal deliver business so I put in an order for 3 plates to feed my family. She never even brought the food smh. I swear 2016 has been the year I come to terms with who my real friends are. She actually had the nerve to call my phone at 9pm last night I never even answered I was so pissed.

It's cool at least now I know. I'm not In any pain really I get up to walk around a bit an use the bathroom on my own. I'm still just a little hunched over but not much. I didn't have the MR so I'm not hunched over as badly as some others. I want a shower an to wash my hair so badly but I have to wait until Monday to see what the doc says. My drains don't bother me too much they are draining but minimal less that like 15cc a piece. I'm so damn itchy from the pain pills that I can't sleep that great I'm too busy scratching so I've got to start tapering off these narcotics an go with some Motrin. My PS told my husband he removed like 3 pounds of skin an fat which for me is a lot because I had already had a tt in the past so I didn't think I had a whole lot to take off except that horrible muffin top. I'm down about 7 pounds already since 1/29 when I had my surgery.

Still super anxious to see my results but I have a feeling I'm going to be happy. Ok gonna try an drink tons of water an pray for a bowel movement. Happy Healing Laides.

3 days post op feeling ...ok

Well I slept like a baby last night finally dozed off at about 1AM. Had my first bowel movement this morning as well no pain or pushing needed. Last night I took an all natural detox pill that helps you go an it def did its job this morning.

I had just enough energy to put together a crock pot meal for my family honey sesame chicken with potatoes an a side of cabbage. I smell it cooking right now smells wonderful. My kids were tired of eating fast food they are used to me cooking at least 5-6 days a week even though I work full time an go to school (super mom). I have my first pre op appt today so hopefully I get to see what's under this CG an take pics to post for you all. Well I'll check back in after my appt which is in about two hours. Happy Healing

First Post Op done!

Well I'm literally just leaving my PS office. He changed my strips checked my drains. Everything looks great. Got permission to put a camisole under my CG to help with the itching. When I got my first glimpse of my tummy I wanted to cry it's beautiful already an I'm not even healed yet. Very emotional moment for me.

4 days post op

Well I slept ok last night. I notice some tightness in between my inner thighs an pubic area it's really tight an kind of numb. I know my PS pulled up in the skin down there because I was so concerned about my fat monkey also knows an fupa or mon lol I hated that lump of fat that made me look like a Ken doll so he removed it an some skin during the process of my tt. It feels so freagin tight though. Doesn't hurt just a weird feeling. Well I was itching so bed I had to remove the CG for like two min to have some coconut oil rubbed on my skin not the incisions at all just my skin.

I took a few pics you can see the swelling really good from the side an some from the front. Overall I feel ok I made my three year old breakfast this morning an felt exhausted after sheesh. All I made was toast, eggs an fruit yet I was sooo tired. I just put a few towels in the laundry as we are running out an my husband has not taken the initiative to do so. I never realized just how much I did for my family or kids until now. I'm not sure why my husband has been leaving my 3 year old home with me instead of taking him to daycare smh that bothers me because I can't just doze off he wants to talk an request things like juice an fruit snacks. Why would he do that I mean we pay for day care. I think he was just too lazy to dress him an drop him off. Now he has asked me to make a grocery list an if I'll make tacos tonight. My freagin family is so spoiled damn can I just heal? Sorry for the vent I love my kiddos an husband but really I want to rest and recover. My 12 year old had a recital an I can't go tonight not with these draines an feeling tired all the time....please hurry up an heal body please

he smiled and said I was petite lol

Well today I had no meds an moved around really well. I just wish I could stop being hunched over ugh the back pain is crazy ridiculous. Me an my husband had a heart to heart talk about him doing more while I'm recovering an he admitted that he never realized just how much I actually did for the family an that's it's a lot to do without me helping. He said that all he wants is for me to recover properly an he will make sure that he takes care of everything. Well I have been wearing my camisole under my CG but it was starting to tear at the tape on my incision so my husband said we should remove the cami. Well he was helping me tighten back my CG an he began to smile an chuckle to himself an I was like what is so funny? Well he looked at me an said your so petite now it's crazy your waist is tiny. Ladies I promise you I blushed never ever has anyone ever referred to my waist as tiny or petite lol not even before I had kids. So I asked him well what was it before obese? His response was no that's not what I'm saying but compared to the way your waist used to be it just looks so tiny to me.

Now he has no idea how good that made me feel even though I'm swollen it's nice to be able to look down an see my V-Jay without lifting a flap of tummy I can look straight down an see everything. I'm swollen an yet an still loving my new body an I know it's only going to get better.

In suppose to get my drains removed Friday fingers crossed!!

Every day is getting better!!

Well today has been really good I am 6 days post op. Now my drains are starting to pinch an feel a little uncomfortable but they are hopefully being removed tomorrow. I was able to kind of pick up around the house nothing major just my toddlers toys an plates and cups left all over the house by my husband an kids. It felt good to be productive :)

I just walked my husband through the steps of prepping an Italian roasted whole chicken for dinner an it was awesome team work. He did awesome so now all that's left is to roast it for a few hours an then prep some salad stuff an bake Texas toast he has it under control. I refuse to let my kiddos eat another pizza or hamburger when we have a freezer full of good eats. I had energy to make my 3 year old a grilled cheese sandwich an some sliced apples for lunch which felt amazing lol oh the little things.

Well later today I have to start my thesis ugh can you say dreading it lol. Well till tomorrow I'll take pics after the drains are removed an for all my fellow tt ladies I pray you are all doing well an recovering.

Drains are out!!! Yippy!!!

Well this morning I had my drains removed. It didn't hurt at all as a matter of fact I felt absolutely nothing I was all dramatic holding the nurses hand and Dr Hand told me to close my eyes an count to three lol all I got a chance to do was close my eyes an they were out lol.

I feel wonderful now I can take a long awaited shower an wash my hair which was staring to feel like a rats nest ugh. Well I have added some pics a couple with the drains in from yesterday total swell hell an then today one is a comparison of a sleep shirt I took a pic in before the tt an then a pic in the same shirt today wow what a diff an I'm still swollen. My back still hurts but nothing major I'm almost standing straight up I'm at about 90% well time to relax!!


Pics that didn't post the first time

Trying to post pics again

more pics

I posted a pic of me in a pajama shirt pre surgery an one one in the same pajama post surgery

Back to work 10 day post op

Well today is my first day back to work!! I sit all day in an office so I'm actually ok or at least I hope so we will find out lol. I feel great the only issue I have is in not standing up 100% straight I'm at about 85%. I walk a little slow too so I guess some may notice when I get up to use the bathroom or a lunch break. No pain though I feel really awesome. I work 6am to 230 pm so my day usually goes by pretty quickly and I'm in a van pool so I don't have to drive. Ladies pray for me that I don't experience swell hell today my swelling has been ok but I have on some spanx instead of the CG because my CG was too noticeable through my work clothes an I can't wear baggy clothes as I work in a professional setting and have to dress up for work so.....yea spanx it is.

I hope you are all having a wonderful day an are all healing an feeling healthy.

Not so bad first day at work

Well today was ok to be honest. I made sure to drink tons of water per the advice of another tt sister :) the only part about that is that I kept getting up to go to the bathroom an that sucked because I was slightly hunched over. I wore my spanx today because my CG seemed to bulky for my dress clothes but that was a big mistake. My CG provides better compression and it helps me to stand up straighter so I don't care how bulky it is I'm wearing it tomorrow. I did have a little swelling by the end of the day I'll post a couple of pics.

I'll be so glad when the swelling goes down so that I have my curves back because even though my belly is flat it makes my shape look straight up an down like a boy because of how tight I'm pulled an the swelling. It's looking better each day though so I'm not complaining. I ordered my PS an just staff an organic fruit, cheese and wine basket today just to say thank you because they are so amazing hope that doesn't seem too corny.

Ok ladies don't judge me but I'm really considering getting a lift with a small implant my boobies just seem so deflated. If I do decide to do it then it will prob be in like June. I'll use the same PS since that's his specialty anyway. I just hope he doesn't charge me an arm an a leg

13 days PO whew!!

Well today is my fourth day at work. It's ok nothing too major to complain about except for the fact that I have to keep lying to people when they ask why I'm hunched over lol. Sometimes I find that during the day my CG is so uncomfortable that I actually go in the bathroom with my girlfriend to have her help me take it off. After about 5 hours we meet up again to put it back on smh the vicious love hate cycle of my CG ugh.

I still have swelling an my belly is still hard it's starting to soften at the very top but that's it. Even though I'm swollen I've been having so much fun playing dress up in clothes I've never worn because of the muffin top lol I wait until my family is out of the house an just start dressing up lol it's my guilty pleasure right now silly I know.

I can't wait till I'm able to feel 100% normal though an the swelling subsides an I can workout. My body may not look like it but I'm a runner an I love it I run 2-3 miles a day 5 days a week it's my me time an I miss it. Well I have to plan an throw my husband a birthday dinner next Sat I'm really not up to it but he's been so helpful with the kids an house work plus he requested it so I'm on the hook.

Last night my toddler was crying an I allowed him to climb up into the recliner chair with me an snuggle an it was so nice just to be able to hug on him an squeeze him again without feeling like I'd hurt myself because of the incision. One day at a time. I have a consultation next Wens with my doctor who did my tt for a breast lift an implant I'm not 100% sure yet if I'm going to do it but if I do it will be a few months from now so we shall see.

It's much more fun dressing up!!

Well ladies I'm almost 3 weeks post!! I feel great I stand up straight no more hunching over! I finally gave up my recliner an slept in my own bed last night I have to be honest I miss the recliner it's so big an cushy lol but now it is officially my husbands gaming chair.

Well we had our 16th anniversary on Valentine's Day. I received a new wedding band since I've had the same one since the year 2000 I'm not complaining though as I've never been into huge diamond rings as long as I had one I was happy. We went out to eat with friends an I think I totally over indulged ugh so much sodium when it was time to leave the restruant I was so swollen an felt horrible.

The big glob of glue finally fell out my belly button now it's going through a peeling phase I guess. My incision itches like crazy an the scab is peaking off daily. I go to see my PS tomorrow for a check up an also a breast lift/Aug consultation. I'm nervous about what the cost will be as I have a very set budget for my boobs an I want the PS who did my tt to do them so if I can't afford it I'll just wait an continue to save.

Well I know I mentioned before that even though my body may not look like it I am an avid runner an I love to work out an run 2-3 miles daily. Well as a gift a few months ago I was given a breast cancer awareness shirt made by under armor an I couldn't fit it :( I could barely get it over my boobs and my stomach looked disgusting in it. Well I tried that shirt on again today an it fits. I sent my husband a picture an told him work out clothes are going to be so much fun now :).

I'm still swollen an the lower parts of my abdomen are still hard and a little tight but I don't have any lumps or balls in my abdomen everything feels fine. I hope you are all recovering well and that your bodies are looking the way you always thought they would!!

Every day is better ...:but how about that swelling

Well I'm a little over three weeks post op almost a month actually since my procedure was on the 29th. Not having many issues except my skin being really sensitive in some areas an this darn swelling.

Really I probably only have myself to blame I threw my husband a dinner party for his birthday this past Sat. So all Friday I was cleaning an shopping. Sat I was cooking an decorating an entertaining ugh. The last person left at about 2am an we had to drive her home...yea too much wine.

I really did too much so I have been sore an swollen since Sunday an had to call out from work today to try an relax an get this swelling down. Well onto another topic I wanted a breast lift so I had my consultation with Dr Hand who did my TT an I was quoted an awesome price an he explained that with my volume an tissue I didn't need an implant or even a full lift. So I'm very excited about that.

As I type this update I'm currently at the office of DR Kerr to have a consultation about my fat back getting lipo an possibly a BBL I mean why waste the fat right. I will either do my breast or my butt I haven't decided. My consultation was scheduled for 5:30 but they told me to come at 5:00 now I'm sitting here an he is running behind an there is a lady in the waiting area with me who is hella loud on her cell phone argghhh I hate when people do this like step outside an talk. Perhaps I'm agitated because they moved my appt up but should have left it where it was because now hey are running behind.

I believe in signs I may just leave if he isn't done in the next 10 minutes hmmm I may just go with the breast since Dr Hand is always on time with a friendly staff. Ok vent over sorry for misspells an grammar I'm on my phone an clearly have an attitude.

Just a few pics

3 weeks post an loving it! I've decided to get my back an flanks liposuctioned an do the BBl scheduled for 21 April. I'm excited but in the meantime here are a couple updated pics.

Wow its been a hot minute!

Hello ladies!! I have been so busy with work and school oh definitely don't want to forget the family. I am doing very well still a bit of swelling at the very bottom of my belly. I have to honestly say this has been the best decision of my entire life. I shop differently I walk differently. I have a new found confidence and people continue to ask me if I lost weight and how I did it I almost feel guilty...almost lol. Well just 3 weeks until I get my BBL I most excited about getting all that fat sucked out of my back to be honest its an added perk to have it put into my tushy. Ill be posting updated pics later. I hope you are all healing well and doing fabulous.

Tomorrow is the day!!

Well in less than 24 hours I'll be on that table getting all the fat sucked out my back an put into my booty. I'm so ready to be rid of this fat back having it put into my butt is just an added bonus. My tummy is doing just fine I'm in love with my TT an when I say DR Hand changed my life I mean it. I can't wait to finish my remake of my body process lol I'll be going back to DR Hand for my boobies in July or August depending when I have the vacation time. I know he won't disappoint the man is talented. I feel bad that he's not doing my BBL because I know him an his staff take such good care of their patients they feel like family. I told DR hand I was getting my BBL by DR Kerr today when I had my check up. At the very bottom where my incision is located I still have a bit of swelling but it is nothing like it was at all.

Just a few pics

Hello dolls

Even though I have a review for my BBl I thought I'd update my TT one as well I wish I could combine them. Any who life is good had my BBL on the 21st an to be honest that same day I was up an about. The only. Tough thing for me was all that damn itching holly flea because that's what it feels like. I also hate to sleep on my belly but what choice do I have. My husband keeps starting at me and following me around like a puppy in heat. Dr Kerr did a good job he def delivered and lived up to my expectations. As far s follow up information he didn't really provide me with much like how long to wear there's foams an when I can work out .....oh well. I'll post some pics. Last surgery will be my breast going back to Dr hand to have those. Bad boys done!! I'm thinking August time frame.

Ok well I just took a muscle relaxer for my back. Because I have these awful spasms. My eyes are starting to feel so heavy ttyl ladies


Just a few pics
Waco Plastic Surgeon

I can't even begin to imagine how to put into words how amazing this doctor is. Dr hand was one of my three consultations that I went to while searching for a PS to do my TT. He was very patient with me an very honest about what my expectations should be. I knew right away I wanted this man to work on me. I couldn't have chosen a better doctor. His staff is phenomenal from the front desk to the nurses to office manager an even the anesthesiologist they are all amazing. I was made to feel so comfortable an they followed up with me right after my procedure to make sure I was ok an that I was not in need of anything. I prayed for a good experience an a wonderful Doctor an God sent me Dr Hand.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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