7 weeks post op - I feel good, still feel sore on my tummy but doesn't hurt - Voorhees, NJ

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Hi!! I came across this site and have been reading...

Hi!! I came across this site and have been reading posts for a few days. I have 4 kids ages 15, 8, 2 and 9 months old. The last two were c sections. I am 36 and I had my first at 20 years old. My stomach has gotten worse after every pregnancy!!! I still look preg bc of muscle seperation and I have sagging skin and stretch marks.

I just want to look good in clothes!!!! I want this surgery sooo bad and I have everything set up, my husband took off work for a month but I'm just sooo scared something will happen to me!!! And it's soooo expensive! My total was 11,400 for everything. I do know someone that went to my doctor and she said he is a perfectionist and the surgery has changed her life!! I know it will change mine too but I'm so back and forth about it. Help!!!

After looking at before and after photos and...

After looking at before and after photos and reading stories I am def not turning back!! I want this so bad and I'm starting to convince myself I do deserve it!! I'm posting a few before pics. I'm 183lbs and 5'6. I really wAnted to get down to 170 before surgery!! I still have a month so I have to step up my workouts and diet.

I'm 183 lbs 5'6. I really would like to get down...

I'm 183 lbs 5'6. I really would like to get down to atleast 150 after my surgery by eating healthy and excercising. Has anyone lost 20-30 lbs after TT and if so did it affect your TT results at all?? I'm really nervous about that bc I do plan on losing more weight.

Hi just curious if anyone on here has heard of or...

Hi just curious if anyone on here has heard of or used doctor Franckle? Any input would be appreciated! Thanks!

I don't want to disappoint bc I have been on here...

I don't want to disappoint bc I have been on here encouraging some ladies to go for it but I have decided to postpone my surgery. This isn't about money or feeling guilty bc I have 4 kids or bc I'm scared. This is about my body and wanting to be the healthiest I can be before I get this procedure done. I originally wanted to get under 160 pounds before I even saw the PS. But somehow I walked into his office mid-January at 183 pounds thinking I could lose weight by April 1st surgery date. Instead of losing I actually gained a few pounds bc I have felt so crunched for time and stressed about losing weight. Honestly if I was 190 and felt good about myself than I wouldn't care!! I really don't care about the number on the scale! I just know for me I am overweight and I just don't feel right!! The doctor also was going to have to do 2 hours of lipo on me. A little is fine and they may still have to do some when I go back for another consult but 2 hours and 3 grand more for weight I know I can lose on my own is just unacceptable TO ME! I am by no means judging anyone else that has to do this! I just know for me it just doesn't feel right! i just don't feel healthy right now. After my 3rd baby in 2010, I lost 30 pounds and felt strong and healthy at 160. I wanted a TT back then but got pregnant again. My 4th is Is 9 months old and I'm now back up to almost 190. This is not where I want to be going into surgery. I know that I can lose this weight and I want to give myself time to do so. I want to be healthy and happy and then I will go back to the PS for another consult and the bonus is that it will be cheaper and prob less painful bc he won't have as much work to do! So today is the beginning of my journey to getting my health back!!! I did it before and I'm going to do it again and I want to do it for life and stay fit for life!! No more flip flopping yo yo dieting! My goal is to be happy, healthy and strong and then I WILL GET MY NEW BELLY!!! I will post pics and updates along the way! And good luck to all of you that have surgeries coming up!! : )

I don't have time to post much but after going...

I don't have time to post much but after going thru a not so good situation with my husband I called and rebooked my surgery for June 3rd!!! I've been excercising and eating healthy and have lost 15 pounds since my last update. I'm sooooo excited!!! I have no doubts this time!!! I'm not even scared of the pain or surgery!!! I'm just sooooo ready to do this!!! I'm hoping to lose atleast 10 more pounds before surgery but I'm not stressing over it!!! I feel great and that's all that matters! I can't wait to get rid of this stomach!!!

T minus 2 1/2 days!!

Well I just got the call from the surgery center and I have to be there at 6:15am!!! I'm soooo excited I got the earlier time!! Surgery starts at 7! I think I'm all ready but my husband had off for a month to help out!! Actually he's not "helping out", he's doing EVERYTHING!! I told him I'm not lifting a finger for a full 4 weeks! I know this is going to be a long recovery but I think the more I rest in the beginning the better off I'll be when he returns to work. I'm really worried about ruining my 8 year olds summer. We belong to a pool but I have a 2 year old and 1 year old. Does anyone who already had there procedure think I'll be ok at 4 weeks to just bring the kids to the pool? I hope so!! Anyway Im actually looking forward to getting a little break from the madness around my house! I'm just going to take it easy and SLEEP SLEEP SLEEP!! I love sleeping!!! Lol my surgery is in less than 3 days and I'm still sleeping thru the night despite my nerves lol I will update sometime Monday afternoon after surgery!!! : )

Surgery date June 3rd 2013

My review is saying I'm 1 month post op bc I had originally had surgery scheduled for April but I canceled. Idk how to change that?

Meant to say........

My husband HAS off for a month!!

Here we go!!!!

It's 4:55am. I didn't sleep much last night but I expected that. I leave the house in half hour and surgery starts at 7am!!! Soooo crazy!!! I will update the second I feel up to it! Good luck and prayers said for all of the ladies with upcoming surgeries! : )

I have crossed over LOL!!

Hello all!! I got out of surgery at 12pm. All I remember is breathing in and out and then waking up in recovery. To anyone nervous about anesthesia I think it's actually fun! Lol I know Im messed up lol and i also DID NOT wake up nauseas and i had a half hour drive home. usually i get car sick but i was comepletely fine!!! Im not feeling too bad right now. Just tight and a little burning sensation. I've heard day 2 is worse so I'm going to stay on top of pain meds atleast for the next 3 days. I have post op appt Thursday so I will def post pics then. Im sure i left stuff out but im tired so time for sleep! Thank you for all the well wishes!! I'm soooo grateful for this site : )

Just a quick update

I didn't sleep great last night but I think it's bc I kept having to get up to pee. I've been trying to drink as much water as I can. I very comfortable right now. Just a little burning sensation and sore. I hope I stay like this and it doesn't get any worse. I am soooooo happy I did this!!! I know I still have a long road ahead but this is the best decision I have ever made for myself!! Good luck to everyone with upcoming surgeries and thanks so much for your support! : )


I just had to take some pics!!! I just added a few from the side. i couldnt comfortably get any from the other side where drain was. Really swollen but so far LOVING IT!!! The big bulge is gone!!!! : )



I just got my first shower and I had to wait about half hour until my garment dried and I was sooooo uncomfortable!! It felt so weird without it on! I hated it!! Lol and I especially didn't like taking a shower with the drain still in. Yuck! I get it out Tuesday and I refuse to shower until then! Lol I'm still soooo swollen today. I took 1 pic of the front of my stomach but it really doesn't look good. It kinda got me down a little but I know it's just swollen and will get better.


Very happy today!

I'm one week post op today and so far this has been much easier than I expected. The most discomfort I've had is burning and A super sore Belly. For anyone that hasn't had their surgery I would talk to your doc about anti nausea meds. I think that really saved me! I let my PS and anesthesiologist both know that I have a terrible stomach! I think the fact that I didn't puke or feel sick the first few days really helped me! So far I am extremely happy with my results!! I have a ton of swelling at my right and left hips where I got lipo and I'm a little worried about what that's going to look like but I'm trying not to stress bc my pregnant stomach is GONE and that makes me HAPPY!!! : ) good luck to everyone that has surgery this week and to anyone on the fence about your surgery my suggestion is GO FOR IT!!! : ) : )

More pics

2 weeks post op today!!

Today has been 2 weeks since surgery and other than the pounding headache I have right now I feel great!! I'm still not picking up my kids or cleaning or doing laundry. Just taking it easy. I could probably do more but I want to rest so that I heal faster. My husband is also still home from work so I'm going to take advantage of that while I can. I'm still a little sore and numb but its getting better everyday. My left side by my incision is really swollen. Even in the morning. I see the doctor in another week so I will talk to him about that. Other than being swollen I LOVE my results!!! My bb isn't the cutest lol but my scar is low and my preg belly is gone!!! One of the main reasons for getting this surgery was my muscle seperation. My stomach stuck out and I could not wear anything without looking preg!! And I had I ton of extra skin! The doctor told me he removed enough skin to make a briefcase lol eww gross. Anyway I couldn't be happier!! : )

As I was looking thru my pics

I really dont see a difference in my 1 week post op pics and my 2 week pics. I'm still happy!! Just don't see much of a difference

3 1/2 weeks post op

Just a quick update. So far I've had a really easy recovery. My husband has been doing EVERYTHING and just letting me rest. He goes back to work Monday, boooo lol I added some new pics but I think I still look the same as previous weeks. My belly is really pink. I hope that lightens up and I have a little issue with my scar on the right side. It pops out. My doctor said to give it time but that if I need a touch up once I heal he will do that. I'm not too worried about bc I'm flat and that's all that matters!! I'm so happy I had this done!!! I can start excercising also!!!! I have some weight to lose so I'm excited to start.........Monday of course lol!

upper ab swelling

im 5 weeks post op and my upper abs are so swollen. (I think its swelling) I know swelling lasts for months but I never had swelling in upper abdomen. im worried my muscle repair is coming undone or something? lol Can anyone ease my mind?! : (

7 weeks post op

Just a quick update. I'm 7 weeks tomorrow. I feel good, still feel sore on my tummy but doesn't hurt. I have been waking up super flat then swollen by end of day. About a week ago my stomach was really swollen above my bb and I was all freaked out my muscle repair was coming undone lol that has settled down. Also since day 1 after surgery there was a spot on my incision that just would not flatten out and I thought for sure I'd need a revision but its completely looking normal now! I'm excited about that. I haven't started excercising bc I can't deal with walking like a turtle on the treadmill and not even breaking a sweat. I go back to doc tomorrow and hopefully I'll get the ok to workout out "for real" lol This is still the best decision I have EVER MADE!! I love my results! For Anyone going back and forth about a decision I'd say DO IT!!!! You'll love it!! : ) (my belly button is really pink around the outside but I just started using scar gaurd)


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