30 Yr Old 3 Kids: Been Waiting for This for a Long Time! So Excited - Voorhees, NJ

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I have had my hernia since i was born but had no...

I have had my hernia since i was born but had no complications from it until i had kids. Their ages are 13/11/&16 months. I knew if i had to have the surgery i wanted to wait until i was finish having babies because i wanted a tummy tuck. I just want the huge Hanging jelly belly and my love handles gone. Anything else will be a bonus. I love my body and skin and personality but my belly always puts a damper in everything im trying to do. "As if it has its own personality". I found an amazing doctor who does amazing work, so i cant wait to see what magic she can do to me.

set surgery date

So its official I paid 95% of my surgery cost and have my pre op date for March 28th with both surgeons and then my TT on 4/10/14 My PS and I decide that we would also have doctor Simon, general surgeon do the hernia repair along side. That way my insurance wont have so many questions about timing and what they are paying for. I personally feel it keeps financials lines clean. Im so excited but also question if I can or will have my house and family in order and simmered down enough or if I will have to put them out for the first few days.

Grateful counting down to my pre op

So i must say that i love the surgeon and surgical group im using. Never in a million years did i think i would feel so warm and connected when doing this but i am so glad it is. So i have 26 days until my pre op appointment. Definetly have some things to get organized leading up to it. Excited and both nervous! Its almost surreal but my dream come true

My recliner

Hello community, i bought my recliner today and im so glad i did, hubby and my twi sons went to pick it up. My sons (age 11&13) were so proud to help carry it and know its for my surgery. They say thats is their contribution to my surgery prep.. (And that sit because xbox is calling their name??) sheesh !! Well it was all fun and I am so glad im one step closer


I met this lady who had bought this recliner last year for her own surgery. She no longer needed it and had listed it on craigslist. Since she had a beautiful clean home i decided yo go ahead and buy hers instead of a new one. It looks amazing and is oh so comfortable

Pre op

S just thought I would say that my pre op appointment is only 16 days away. Cant believe its this close

Anyone having their TT/Lipo in April??

Just thought it nice if someone scheduled for fApril would like to be my pre/post recovery pal. I saw a few others who were doing that.

one more payment

So today I paid my hospital fees and all I have left is one payment for my anesthesia fee and that is due March 27th which is after my pre op appointment. Cant believe this is actually gonna happen

Spin Life power lift recliner

Hello friends so a week ago I bought a bug comfy pillow top recliner which proved oh so comfortable however would not be easy to get in and out of.. So today i got the power lift one amd might i say its the next thing to a hospital bes but better because I brings me to standing position!! Im so excited and amazed at this journey im on and I know im headed in the right direction and doing the right thing. This is my year baby. And i have worked really hard to get here. Only ten days left before my pre op appointment and i Am already starting spring cleaning. Just giving the house a little extra live and organization. Washing all my comforters and linens and folding them up and changing them out. Washing walls and cleaning baseboards. ( my grand mom's child) After my appointment I will go out and grab all the first aid items I need including silicone strips, kelocote, arnica, and bromelein. I have been using Bio Oil since pregnant with my daughter and i believe it adds to elasticity so I will also grab another bottle of that. Peroxide, gauze, extra steri strips, bandaids, cotton balls, and dial anti bacterial soap,and betadine to wash with before and after. I have also started juicing my breakfast and mid day snack so that my body gets familiar with it and expects it. Other than that i have been eating pretty lean. My mother seems my biggest supporter and really wants to see me get this done. She will take care of me my first week of recovery. She will also help with the house. My mother in law will help with my 17 month old so that my mom can focus on me and the boys. Well realself friends i am so glad I found this sight and have found you all. Without this board and all your stories I dont know if I could do it on my own. Xoxo

Exactly one month from today....

Exactly one month from today I will have graduated over to the flat side. Im so anxious and cant wait to start my new life. its as if my life is waiting for the next stage to begin. Thank God for all you ladies and this message board.. I feel like no one understands and can empathize the way you all can. Healthy healing to all my RS sisters who have just started their recovery journey.

Just one of those weeks

Yes Im all excited because Wednesday I have my pre op appointment but I must say that for the first time since deciding to go forward with this surgery I was feeling really emotional. Im so sure you ladies can relate to the ups and downs and doubts of if this is the right thing to be doing with money because the family could do so many other things. Well although I know that I have wanted this surgery for a very long time and although I can think of a million other things to spend roughly 8,000 dollars on I know that there is nothing that would make me happier. For me it is not vanity that I am getting this TT/Hernia repair but more of a reinvention of myself. I have felt trapped, useless, ugly, fat, unattractive and all. It even affects my sex life because how am I suppose to want to be sexual and sensual if I feel like My stomach looks like a hippo's ass. I mean I am so disgusted with the way it hangs and I deserve it. Im tired of just settling or waiting and putting myself on the back burner all the while getting more and more drawn in so im going forward with my transformation and I am so glad that I found this message board and the women here. Again I just don't know if I could do it without you all. On a good note I picked up my medical leave paperwork form my job and ill be filling them out and bringing them for my appointment. My mother seems to be my main supporter right now and although we aren't generally all that close or haven't been in a while she is giving me the courage and empowerment to go forward ...happily with no regrets

Getting closer

getting closer

I don't know about you ladies but as I got through this forum I feel like I am with you ladies each day. As if you all are waiting to hear from me and how I am doing. So i am just 2 days away from my pre op appointment and excited and anxious for this to get done. I wanna reconnect with my PS and do whatever it is that im suppose to do leading up my surgery day. So I was looking online and came across this Make Me Heal vitamin regimen for before and after surgery, only thing is that it was very expensive so I started researching and reviewing it all and many people suggested it. It got great reviews and all so I decided to see what was in it. come to find out it was just mixture of regular vitamins so I went to Walmart and bought them individually and began taking them today. I also started with One a day for women which feels a little weird because I am typically a high energy person who usually only take ibuprofen for period cramps. But I guess it will all work out once my body gets use to it and besides I will probably really need it after surgery. I guess im just rambling on thanks for listening, I will update after my pre op on Wednesday. Oh you can all see a picture of a few of the vitiamins that I am taking. I also bought Arnica gel rub and the tablets for inner and outer swell/ bruise healing

Knots in my belly and anxiety in my heart

Ok ladies so tomorrow I have my pre op appointment tomorrow and im so nervous and I am also getting more and more nervous and anxious as the time gets closer. I know you kadies have felt this before... Please give me some advise... Helppppp. I mean im looking and feeling amazing cant wait to have a flat belly and slim waist to go along with it

19 days and a wake up!!

So my pre op went so well and I really got to know my surgeon a bit better she so amazing and calms me so easily. My mother went with me and by the time we left she was ready to make an appointment. Really feeling good about this and cant wait till afterwards.

Making RS friends!! Anyone ever try this CG?

Hello NewMeAt55 thank you so much and so happy yo hear someone around my same SX day! On the Make Me Heal site they have a before and after vitamins that go amazing reviews all over so i look into it and created my own regimen based on what was in theirs. One A Day Women, zinc, and vitamin C with rose hip... To start the health and healing ahead of time and have a good concentration of these nutrients in my blood. The second part of it is to be started the day after surgery to improve rate of recovery, which includes Bromelain, and Arnica tablets and gel. I will keep you posted and you keep up with me. Im getting so close and so nervous, im getting less and less sleep as the days get closer. As if it isnt true you know.

16 Days to go

So On Thursday the 28th I have my other pre op appointment with Dr. Simon, He will be working along side Dr. Matthews to repair my hernia and he is my primary surgeon. They are all in the same practice group and in the same office. Last week when I saw my PS she told me that the Veronique garment that they provide would probably be a little problematic for me because I have a short torso and high hips and that it would have space in it at the top of the garment near my breast ( BIG NO No) so tomorrow I will order the Columbiana garment (which got great reviews) a few pads of lipo foam and a table abdominal to aid with flattening and drainage. Im getting excited still have to do a little more spring cleaning, plant my garden, and go food shopping before the big day.

Got my Faja and it fits great

So I ordered my Faja from by Carribean shape off of Amazon wednesday and it came today. So glad I went with "My Own Judgement" and ordered one side bigger than suggested according to my measurements... And not followed the auggestions of the consultant lady on the phone. Ladies trust urself when ordering these compression brcause they are really made small. Well mine fit perfect and i went one size up just incase bit the material and format of how its made leave plenty of space for it to be tooken in if need be. Beside there are 5 rows of eye clips to adjust.. I was told by my PS that I should ordr to my current hip/waist size now because of swelling afterwards. It was definetly a very tight squeeze i had to lay flat on the bed for my fiance to snap it closed. All My clothes are size 13/14... Faja feels good cant wait to have a real reason to wear it ;-)(wink) its raining here in jersey but im headed out to buy rose hip oil n organic cocoa to mix with my organic shea and bio oil for my skin rub afterward to promote skin elasticity.. And prevent some of the infamous TT itching. Enjoy ur day ladies


So im 9 days out before my TT and just cant sleep

I meant 8 days

feeling so much anxiety in my gut like I keep getting butterflies, what did you ladies to keep calm

Just 3 more days.. Then im bringing sexy back

So just 3 more days to go and it all feels surreal. For some reason im extremely calm and serene however really having a harr time eating as healthy as I should. I mean up until this point I was cery diligent with what I consumed. None the less I will keep it at softer fiods from this point on. Got all that I needed as far as recovery necessities except the ab board which I really want to order and probably will on wednesday when I get paid. Just enjoying my mobility, family,n garden today and getting ready for the new me. My last day of work is tuesday( which im really excited about)!! Gonna try and do some last minit shopping for my boys..they need basketball shorts and T shirts. Sharing a few more pics

Anesthesiologist called !!! OMG

I was nervous but now I am.. Butterflies in my belly. She called with questions and instructions and said that another nurse would be calling tomorrow afternoon. Out cruising with my daughter and lovely fiance for a bit then to walmart and then last minit tweeking if my organic garden that I started just a short time ago which I started just a few weeks ago but my oh my its a growin! Posting a few more pics. Xoxo

Help ladies !!Just one more day

Cant sleep ... Mentally going over everything double checking the plan for the kids. My mom will be helping also. Help ladies give me words to ease my mind


Just had to stop and have a BM between the herbal tea I drank last night and my nerves i cant think strait. Im excited nervous, scared, and cant believe im doing this. My mind has said turn back n all but im not because my heart and soul want to get this done and are ready. I have to be there at 10 and its 9:16 now so you know it on. Prayed up and ready will post as soon as I can girls

Waiting to go in

Just saw the anesthesiologist and im suppose to go in the OR at 12:10... Just waiting patiently. Kinda feel like i should go run out the door now. Lol im so nervous


So sleepy girs but i did it will post pics as soon as i can

Flat as a board.. Beautiful result so far

She remove 5 lbs of skin/fat and 1 liter during lipo.. So sleep talk soon

Awesome results

So im feeling good. Not much pain just tightness n soreness. I take meds every 4 hrs. Doc just came in and opened up binder so i took some pics!!! I look so flat.. Yup thats right I said it!! I made it to the flat side. I have only been aloud clear fluids up until now but they saidi can have food today ( i wanna eat) i walked to the bathroom 3 times already and nurse emptied my drains twice. The second one time each had 20cc in it so thats looking good. They said that if im doing of with pain tolerance and all I may be able to go home today. It is so worth it thus far and i just feel like i love me and love me some more. So proud i walked my talk and followed through


Just me looking good

Look at that incision

All i can say is my PS did her thing

Experel shot saved the day

So I came home yesterday and it seemed like the ride took forever but it was comfortable and smooth and thats what counts. Hubby (fiance) gave me a bord batha t the sink nd whipped me down which felt so good to my skin because I was itchy because of meds. Then he tubbed me doen with cool Arnica gel and some of my own concoction that I made of pure shea, pure coco, vitamin E oil, rose hip seed oil, and vitamin D oil. Then we cut one of the memeory foam pads that cost about $100 when we bought it but we had sitting around so we measured it to fit around by back and sides to help with lipo area discomfort and oh what a difference. Not to much bending and pinching by garment after that. Then we put pads over my incision ( for protection n comfort) and looped n zipped it up. The garment i have on now is from my doctor a veronique model but im not sure which one ..is very comfortable and doing a good job. Im stiff as a board but coming along. Im not in any real pain until im moving around. Taking dulcolax and eating a little hoping for a bm by tomorrow. Draining more out of the left that the right keeping track of that and visiting nurse is coming at 11:15!! Btw dont know what i would do without my man taking care of me, my walker and my pwer lift recliner which currently aerves and my bed also. Taking meds every four hours and got my own self made " make me heal" inspired vitamin regimen which made a huge difference yesterday. Next wednesday is my 1st post op appointment and if i get my drains out I will put on my Columbiana faja #3005 yo help start shaping me right. So glad I did this operation and I look amazing pics serve no justice to the real thing xoxo rs

Day 3 post op

Uuggh swollen, gas bubbles bubbling. No real pain just uncomfortability. Im using only tylenol extra strength rvery 5.5 hours and its working just fine. I did get the experal shot without my knowledge but glad my PS. Decided to do it so im good. Usef milk of mag for bm and have been going since 4am. Which is good i guess.. Took a peaceful shower by myself while hubby n kids were still sleeping. I put neosporin on my bb, incision ,n drain sites afterward per my ps. I love sitting naked and letting my body air dry.. Not wearing cg right now cuz i want my incidion n bb to get air. Besides its uncomfortable but i wore it all nite n eill continue to do so tonite. Im tired but can move around ok. Think im gonna get some midol.. I hesrd it helps with it all

Day 4

So im really feeling a lot better today. I woke with a headache ( prolli from sleeping to much) so i took tylenol had a bm took a shower moisturized n pampered my skin and then cleaned my bb with iodine. Let all air dry for a bit then pulled my columbiana faja out the package and put it on. Do glad i did because it immediately pushed some of the fluid and air out which im happy about. In the mornings when i first get up im very stiff which leads to emotions but im ok because i know its part of the process. It actually is helping to shape me also. Unlike the one my ps gave me which is good but isnt a good shaper. On another note i stood at the sink and washed a few dishes, whipped the counter and put a prepared whole chicken in the oven to bake. Its one of my favorite foods to eat so i cant wait for my honey to come home and smell it cooking he will have to do the veggies n side but he has been really working so hard to care for me. I couldnt even reach round to clean my self so he did it for me without hesitation. He loves when it smells like food when he gets home from work ,Which is more good cuz i was home all day by myself today. Really missing picking up and kissing n smooching with my little girl!! Oh yeah n btw my hair is so all over the place n dry n crazy looking... My friend will come over n wash n twist it up for me today.. Its flat in the back from lounging n could use a deep conditioning. Proud that im keeping on this tight ass faja my mind tells me no but my body say yes i need it.. I ate cereal for breakfast, scoops n salsa for snack peanut butter sandwich n pineapple chunks for lunch. My appetite is ok im just eating small portions. Love me some reals sefl

My new moto

Luv this

Look at me girls!! Loooking flatter

Pics from this morning i slept flat and woke the flattest since day 1.. Nurse juat left, she really advised high protein diet!! Hubby is on his way to the store soon ro get me some whey to add to my diet. Its mid afternoon n im swollen again. Lol

No More Drains!! I feel human again

So after one of my toughest days since surgery with swelling yesterday. I slept it off went to the doctor and got my drains removed!! It hurt like hell n stung but im so glad they are gone. I ate some baked chicken yesterday that came already prepared and swelled like a blow fish. Prolly because i ate the dark meat (flavorful juicy part) !! So glad i decided to do this. Oh yeah btw my hernia repair is still very swollen and thats where most of the swelling still is and so although my surgeon wanted to remove my BB stitches I told her to keep them in for another week so that while swelling I dont pop or mess up my cute little BB!! She also said I can start my scar therapy silicone strips and gel along with mederma and compression..

Just some different pics

Also im using midol for swelling and it has really helped me today like wow im so surprised

Getting flatter 8 day PO

Im 8 days post op and feeling great. Still very swollen/tender in flank and lipo area. I used my ab board and wrap around binder as cincher and to help with swelling around my hernia area and I am pleased with the results

Felling much better down 14lbs

So im doing really good still swollen a little and tender in Lipo area but overall just waiting to get even better. I still get exhausted after a lot of activity and I swell up in the evenings but in the morning im completely flat. I feel so so sexy and am attracted to myself which is new. I had sex which was great also this past weekend and the orgasm although a little weird feeling at first (because every muscle in my body seemed involved) did not hurt at all and in fact was such a tension relief. Got my belly button stitches out yesterday so i will try to put a marble in tonite because its closing tightly which im hearing doesnt look natural ( i wouldnt know I havent seen my BB in years. Lol well we are currently in the process of moving and its perfect time for me to sit back and relax while the boys handle everything.( havent done that in years neither) just so happy i did this surgery. All i want to do now is buy a sqeem corset and im good. Oh btw im down 14 pounds!!


And im so grateful for my experience. So glad i got my surgery and im happy to report that I went from XXL to a Medium dress, shirt and pants and im still swollen as a tick my ps did such an amazing job and I love my body

Just an update of more pics

Im still swollen and tender on the inside but I am so pleased with my result... Now all I need to do is eat right and I will be ok!!(yikes) wish me luck

From 194.6 to 178.2 I feel amazing

It has only been a few weeks and I am feeling and looking great all while shedding pounds little by little. I shaved my hoohah finally thoroughly (tmi) but its ok, can lay on my tummy, love getting UNDRESSED in front of the mirror and I feel amazing. I havent seen under 180 in over 3 years. I still swell at the end of the day if im active but not much. Postung a few pics
Philadelphia Plastic Surgeon

My first conslutation was about 2 weeks ago. This had been my third consultation with surgeons so i was getting worried i wouldnt find someone with the full package. Well to my surprise in walked a little lady with a plum colored dress, ahort tapered hair cut and 2 inch heels. She reminded me of an english monarch she sat doen leaned back and crossed her legs and began to talk to me. It was such a warm feeling she sat with me for about an hour taking pictures and going over expectations. I loved it and felt like my aunt or grandma was talking to me and not a surgeon. It was so calm and not at all rushed. We talked like we had known eachother for years. Then she showed me her before and after pics and i was astounded. Her work was so maticulous and was done with care and a steady hand. I got all teared up at what i was looking at and knew that she was the one. Dr. Martha Matthews... Here we go

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