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I'm now 3days postop. I'm doing a lot better than...

I'm now 3days postop. I'm doing a lot better than I thought it would be. I just can't stand up straight because my tummy feels so tight. So I have to walk hunched over. The dr injected exparel to numb me up to 3 days. Exparel is wearing off because when I get up that's when I feel the pain. I'm also taking Celebrex twice a day and Percosets every 4hrs for pain maybe that's why the pain I'm no suffering. I only get up to go to the bathroom. It's time that I start walking around because I'm getting tired of just lying in bed. I'm not a lay in the bed type of gal. I can't wait to get the drains taken out on Tuesday, June 3rd my first postop appt. Im hoping that the dr takes both drains out because they are getting on my nerves. I can't wait to see the outcome of the tummy and breast. My breast are not really bothering me they are just a little sore but the tummy feels the worst even though I'm not in a lot of pain. This will be well worth it if my expectations are met. Dr. Franckle and his staff are wonderful! He answered all of my questions and I had a whole list of them. I even went to a second consultation with a new list of questions and he answered all of them without rushing me. I went on several consults and when I first met him on the consult I knew he was he dr for me. Thanks Dr Franckle!

Tummy Tuck and Breast Lift

Thanks for all the best wishes, encouragements, and positive comments.

First postop appt.

Thanks for everyone's support. Well I am nervous as heck to go to the drs and see my new stomach for the first time. I had my first postop today and I couldn't bare to look at my stomach at the drs office. The drs took both drains out. My husband took pics when I got home so Im posting those pic from my camera so I had to look at my tummy. I noticed a little more tightness or long dent on my left side so I wish that I would have looked at it when he took the bandages off instead of noticing it when I got home. Im hoping its not a revision and its just swollen. I have another appointment on June 10th and I can't wait b/c that dent is bothering me when I look at it. But when he took the bandages off, he said that everything looked fine and healing well. I might just call tomorrow if I keep on thinking about it. Yesterday I started walking a lot more and it really help my soreness and stiffness. Thanks gals!
I will be posting pics as I progress.

12dys Postop

Today started out feeling better than yesterday, I cleaned the house and got so exhausted that I had to rest the rest of the day. But today I went grocery shopping and all that walking around made my stomach sore so on the couch I went once again. My stomach was so swollen today that it seems like I'm having a hard time walking straight again, I'm a little hunched over. My stomach seem to be so hard and full of fluid I'm starting to wonder if it's normal to feel like this. I'm calling the doc tomorrow to see what he says. I will be glad when I go back to work and have my everyday normal routines. I really miss working out but tomorrow I think I will jump on the elliptical for a little while if my body is up to it to see how I do. I will probably last for about five mins. which is okay, I'm just gradually trying to break myself into exercising. I post pic of my swollen belly but I took those pics earlier in the day but my tummy is retaining more water now. The last four pics is how my tummy look now. Did anybody else ever feel this swollen? Thanks for listening!

Finally, 2wkpo

Well I'm finally 2wkpo and I would like to thank everyone who responded to my concerns and questions. You guys help me realize that I won't see the end result in a 1wk or 2wks, that it takes time to heal, I just wish It just speed up. I know the journey is not over yet, but I feel a lot better physically and mentally. I still have tightness, swelling, and in certain positions I still hurt. My husband says that my new body likes good, but I was pointing at the imperfections in my stomach, and he also said that you're still healing. I AM NOT A FAN A THE PUDGE! I was suppose to get on the elliptical (just to see how long I could do it but I would have lasted probably on for five mins. but it's a start), then I called the dr's office and was told to take it easy bc my stomach felt has though it was holding a bucket of water, it felt like that for two days. But today it's swollen but it doesn't feel that bad. I like my TT and BL (no concerns abt the BL, I will post pic of those later). Around my navel is either swollen or still has fat around concern#1. It looks like a mouth when I'm sitting down and the scab hasn't fallen off yet. The natural BB hole the one that was pulled down is not completely healed like my scar, concern #2. I still have the dent or cave in on my left side concern #3. I have dog ears on both sides of the scar concern #4. It kind of pokes out around my scar but that might mean it's still swollen. I have my 3rd po appt. on June 17th, I can't wait to ask him abt these concersn of mine. Sometimes I think that I'm being too vain abt these minor problems bc my body does like a lot better than it did b4. I just want my surgery to be as naturally looking as it can look. I haven't had much of an appetite which is fine with me bc I'm not exercising. It seems as though when I go to the store or walk too much, my stomach gets really swollen and feels like it's going to pop and it's hard to walk like that so I'm trying to take it one day at a time. I thought this surgery was going to be a breeze for me bc I'm a healthy person but I guess it doesn't matter bc surgery is surgery. The pic the might look oily, I massaged my stomach with bio oilthis morning. WHAT SCAR STRIPS WORK BEST FOR YOU GIRLS! Well, talk to you gals latr. I'm open for comments!

Shopping for new swimsuits!

Well i'm 16dys po and I have 2 vacays coming up, that means swimsuit shopping! Well for the first time since I was 13 I tried on a 2pc. I felt so confident looking around choosing the bs that I wanted. I think that I tried on about 6 bs, some I coundn't wear bc of my scar, but I don't care abt that bc I'm finally getting in a 2pc. It doesn't have to be a string bikini, I'm satisfied that I can look good in a 2p. I usually dread trying them on, but this time I had fun! I tried on a size 8 or medium but I think that I need to go down to a size 6. I'm starting to feel the worthiness of getting the TT and BL bc my stomach and breast looks nice! I ended up chosing 3 but picked up a couple more to take home to try on just to be sure. I'm so used to buying larges to hide my belly and waist that I have to get used to buying S and M bc my normal size is a 6 with the waist and belly flab when I wore spanx. Before the surgery everyone was telling me that I was wearing my clothes to big now I can wear my normal size without belly and waist flab! I can't wait until my swelloness to go down so I can get my a super tight sexy dress. I told my husband to go buy me a sexy dress and some heals that he want me to wear and my daughter said that she needs to go bc he might come home with something that is non form fitting bc tht's what he's used to seeing me in. I will post pics of my bs when I narrow them down to 3. Thanks for listening!

Finally feeling almost normal again!

I'm now 3wks po and I can walk completely straight. My stomach feels tight but not to tight anymore. I had my apt with the doc on June 17 and he said that everything is healing just fine. He said that the swollenness should go down by 3mos. but the puffiness around my scar is normal and I read that it might remain there after my swollenness goes down in my abdomen. Once the scar swollenness goes down, my stomach will look a lot flatter. I can't for that. I had so many stretch marks on my stomach from my kids that the doc couldn't get rid all of them when he pulled my skin to the bottom so that's why I still have the marks at the bottom of my abdomen but I'm still going to rock a 2pc and if they start to bother me I will put some body make up on them but as of now, I don't give a darn abt them especially when I know how my stomach looked before. My breast are around the nipples and scar still feels a little sore but I can deal with that bc they look a lot better than they did before. I might have to buy non wire bras bc of the scar bc I only have under wire bras bc I needed the support before the surgery. I've been wearing sport bra since I had the surgery, they fit comfortably right now. Im noticing that my scars on my stomach and breast are just starting to inch, if they start inching real bad I might have to buy some ointment to rub on them. My stomach is still swollen but it wasn't too bad today, I notice that it started swelling up around 8pm tonight. But I'm very happy with the results even thought I didn't finish healing yet. I'm just glad that I can finally do some of my normal routines. As far as exercising, I'm taking it easy with that until abt another 3wks. Right now I'm only exercising arms and leg lifts and squats. When I get completely better I'm going back to the gym and I can't wait! So right now I really have to watch what I eat bc I,m not really burning any calories. I've posted some updated pics of my new bod! I feel like a brand new woman. I went shopping for bathing suits today and it felt good to go to the bikini section and not just the one piece. I bought 2 bikinis (actually I bought 3, but I'm not sure about the third one yet) and 1 sexy cut out 1piece and NO TANKINIS! Well actually I already have 2 tankinis that I already owned but my husband DON'T want me to wear on our vacations! Thanks for lending me an ear! Happy Healing!

Finally 1mos and still swelling up like crazy!

I'm 1mos po and still swelling up. Everyone want to be flat and and stay flat right after the surgery but it doesn't work that way and I wish it did. I'm still swelling up a lot and I'm so over it. My scar and around the area is dark and I've been using the scar away for 12 days now but I'm not sure that I notice any difference but maybe it's too soon to tell. The dent in my stomach is not that noticeable anymore. My scar seems to be swollen or have fat at the top of it. My doc said that it's just swollen and it will go down, I hope he is right bc at the very top of the scar is a lump that goes all the way around from end to end that's not really seen on the pics. I hope I don't have to get a revision but I will just to satisfy myself, something that I don't do often. It seem to be tucked some kind of way. I can finally exercise more, yesterday I did the elliptical for 30mins, arms and legs with weights and squats with no problem for an hour. When I'm 6wks po, I'm joining a gym to exercise these giggly thighs since I don't have to worry abt the body fat since I got fat lipoed. I can concentrate on my thighs now. I have to maintain my weight but I should be used to that bc I've been on a diet since I was 18! The body fat just crept in on my since I've become middle-aged, I can't believe that I'm middle-aged! It just seems strange to write it or say it. Sometime I'm like "Omg I'm middle-aged," I do forget! I love my children but they took a toll on my body too. Even with the imperfections, I'm still glad that I had the surgery bc imperfections can be revised. Happy healing everyone!

7wks po and still have lump above TT scar, I'm not liking it

I'm now 7wks po and I saw ps today and he said that everything seems to be healing fine. I really feel like me old self except for the swelling and a little soreness that I have. I still feel more comfy wearing CG so I wear it all the time even at work and bed. I have a vertical scar bc I didn't have enough skin to pull it down far enough and It seems like it's off centered bc one side of my stomach is bigger than the other side. Something that can't be seen on the photos. I still have stretch marks bc mine were abv my BB before the surgery so I knew I was going to have them after the surgery. My stomach is completely numb right below my BB and a little numb abv it, so it's still feel weird to touch it. My BB is completely healed no soreness at all just kind of numb. My scars on my BL are healing a lot faster than the TT scar, it seems to be a lot darker. Both scars are still tender but that doesn't bother like the little pooch and the lump I have abv my scar. My breast is still sore and my stomach is still sore when I move it in certain positions but not too much. I surprise that my stomach still hurts when I sneeze so I try not to sneeze but it's getting better though. I still don't lie on my stomach at all bc it's too tender. He gave me the okay to join the gym but I told him that I was already working out, trying to get myself back in motion. I told him that I still have some fat in my stomach but he said I need some fat in there bc it would look distorted bc of my thinning skin, he told me to try to lose the fat though exercise but I told him that I would probably lose it in other places besides my stomach. The fat wouldn't budge with exercise and diet before the TT so I know it's not going to budge now. I also told him abt the lump I have abv the scar that goes from end to end, he told me that it will probably go away, I was really complaining abt it so he said that he will do a revision on the scar bc it's probably fat that have to be lipoed out. I told him that it looks weird in any bathing suit, I even took pics to show him how it looks and that I was not satisfied abt the lump. I told him that I will give it to November, my next po appt, to make the decision abt the lipo. But I hope that he is right abt the lump because he was right abt the dent. Does anyone have a long lump abv their scar that goes from end to end. If you look at my black cut out bathing suit in the old photos you will see what I'm talking abt, and it still looks the same way. It's really not that noticeable when I'm not wearing anything but it can be seen with my underwear too. I posted some new pics for all to see. I don't see much of a difference from my last photos. Happy healing to all!

Still not flat as I want at 2mos.

I'm now 2mos po and really feeling normal. Only have minor soreness in my stomach and breast. I haven't slept on my stomach since before the surgery bc my scars are still sensitive, I feel more comfortable sleeping in the fetal position. When I stretch my legs out when I'm on my side, I feel pain in my lower stomach but I can finally lay flat on my back w/o feeling a whole lot of tightness in my lower abs, I feel just a little tightness that I can deal with. My scars on my TT and BL still itch especially my BL scars, I find my self patting them or slightly scratching them when they're itching. The photos shows that my scars are dark but actually they are a lot lighter than they appear on the pics. I still have fat, skin, or swollenness abv my scars. The right side of my stomach is more swollen or have my fat than the left side. I still feel tightness or swollenness when I'm working out but I just keep on going. I'm still wearing my spanx underwear all the time, all of the time I'm wearing two for extra support except at nite. I wear the tummy control at night and when I workout and wear the thong tummy control and whole thigh spanx for work. The tummy control hurts my scars under my breast during the day when I'm moving around. I still might feel a little pain in my upper abs from time to time but I can deal with that bc it's not bad at all. I post some pics for all to see how I'm progressing and my spanx My breast looks more perky in person, I just angled the camera wrong for the photo. I hope this is not my end result for my stomach. Happy healing!

My not so flat stomach that's depressing me!

Well tom I will be 11wks po and there's not much difference in the results of my stomach. Matter of fact, my stomach is poucher than it ever was and to top it off, my rite side (your view left side) is a lot bigger than the left side. The only thing that is changing, is the scar that is getting better and lighter (it shows darker on the pic). I made an apptmt to see my ps today to see what the heck is going on with my stomach. This is how I look when I wake up and go to bed. My stomach is never ever flat, my husband seen my stomach and ask me when I'm I going back to the doctors bc he notices that my stomach is the same as before but minus the skin. He's probably wandering where the flat stomach went and when it's going to stay. I always wear my cg, sometimes two, except that one time where I was experimenting to see how my stomach does without it. I am very very disappointed. The photo does not show how big my stomach really looks. My last apptmt my ps told me that the final results should be at 3ms po and next week will be that mark. I hoping that this is not the end result. My vacay is next week and at this point in the surgery I don't even want to put on a bathsuit on all bc there are going to think that I'm pregnant. I wanted to show off my new body, now I just want to hide it. Doesn't matter what kind of bathsuit that I wear I still can't hide it. He said that I would be 2pc ready by now that's why we booked he trip, he was soooooo wrong! I will do an update abt the conversation that we had after my drs apptment. I'm hoping it's good news! I liking my BL but this pouch as to go! I'm signing off as disappointed, disgusted, losing hope and I see a revision in my future! I hope you girls are doing a lot better than me and If not I wish everyone the best outcome with their results! Thanks for letting me vent!

11wks po and still not FLAT!

Hi RS friends! I have disappointing news, I will need a revision. I went to my apptmnt yesterday and I have bad news. My ps told me that this is my final result. I did not want to hear that! I complained, complained and complained abt my stomach not being flat. We looked at the before pics and he told me that my stomach looks great and I told him that my stomach looks the same but the skin is gone. It does look better than it did before though. He told me that I have to exercise my muscles to get the result that I want and I told him that my stomach is still sore when I try to exercise it. He told me to take some advil to relieve the pain after I work my abs bc I have to exercise to tighted my muscles but I thought that was what the tt was for.I don't mind exercising bc I already do. Exercise 5 days a week but I haven't been doing any kind of exercise for my stomach. I told him that I don't need to be losing any more weight I'm trying to maintain the weight that I have. I've been exercising since I was 6wk po. I don't think tht it's going to help bc I've been exercising my stomach for years and my stomach never changed that's why I got the surgery. He also told me that if he lipo my stomach it will look unatural but he said that if it's the same in November, he will do a revision to make it look better. He also said that he can take more skin off if there is more loose skin. It feels like something hard is in my stomach but he could not detect anything when he was examining me. The way my stomach is progressing, I knew that I was needed a revision bc my stomach is getting rounder not flatter. I still don't know what happened bc he said that my muscles are still together they did not separate. He did not say anything abt it being swelled up, he just said that my stomach is hard. I wish that it was hard flat and not hard round. So I have to wait until November to see how my stomach ends up with all the ab work that I'm going to be doing! I just hope it's not to painful to do the exercises. He also told me to ditch the cg bc I need to hold my stomach in myself but I told him that I know how to do that bc I've been holding it in for years before the tt. I told him what happened when I didn't wear my cg that one day last week and he still thinks that I should not wear it. I'm ready to change my rs name from ontheflatside to stillnotflat or notontheflatsideyet! Now I wish that my stomach was just swollen bc I know that eventually it would be flat bc the swelling would go down. I am very disappointed!! Thanks for letting me vent! I didn't post pics bc I already posted pics 2 dys ago, there's no change in my stomach, BUMMER!

Still have belly bulge!

Well my RS friends! How is everyone! I hope that yall are fine and well! I was on vacay, got home from Cabo, Mexico on Aug 31 and didn't have time to get on the computer. I've been running around since I've been home and I'm just getting to RS, I've read all almost 200 posts. It took me awhile but I didn't feel right deleting them besides I wanted to see how everyone was making out with there procedures. I thank everyone for all the nice comments that I didn't respond to. I still have my belly bulge but I wore my two piece bathing suits and not the tankinis. To keep my stomach semi-flat, I didn't not eat or drink anything and held in my stomach before putting on my swimsuit so I felt comfortable wearing them. It was nice getting looks at my age in my bathing suits. My husband took pics of me in all my suits. I can't post bc my face is in all of them. Hot as it was there I still wore my cg all the time except when wearing bathsuits. I was working out on vacay too. My stomach still hurts doing certain kinds of exercises but I keep on pushing. Sometimes it hurts on the left side of my stomach at the top and bottom. I think the gyms ab equipment might be a bit much right now. I still can't do both leg raises without pain but I try time to time to see how the pain is. But I don't see any results with the exercises. My breast are still sore especially my nipple when I touch them or lean or rub up against something. That's kind of strange to me. I did not obsessed with my stomach on vacay bc I was having too much fun but I was still looking at it in the mirror. My daughter-n-law and my son probably was wondering why I had a two piece on bc they never seen me in one, I thought that she was going to ask what did I do to get my stomach flat but she never saw my stomach before besides she knows that I workout alot. I was waiting for her to ask me about having something done to my stomach and she never did. I just had to hide my vertical scar. My stomach stills feels tight and it's still sore when I sneeze sometimes when I'm abt to sneeze, I hold my nose to stop it. It seems as though my stomach should be flat bc it still feels tight, I just don't understand. I feel less stressed knowing that I'm getting a revision probably this year to correct my bulge. I will post pics at 4mos. Take care everyone!!!!!

4mos po and still look the same, but skin is looser on my lower abs.

Hi realself friends! I hope everyone is doing well with their surgeries and healing like they're suppose to be. I'm now 4mos po and still looking the same! One thing as changed the loose skin on my stomach is more noticeable than the last time I posted pics. One good thing is the scars are healing nicely. They look darker on the pics that I post than when they're seen in person. My breast are just a little sore when leaned against or being pushed in. The scars around my nipples can barely be seen at all. I can finally sleep on my stomach now. Im still working out but there's no change in my stomach just like I thought. Some ab exercises still hurt when I do them. Sometimes I feel pain in upper and lower abs and there's still numbness at the lower and below my BB but I'm getting used to that feeling. My stomach still bulges out more on the right side of my stomach, I wonder why. Ps said that it bulged out on that side before the surgery but I know that it didn't, that happened after the surgery, that needs to be fixed to. But if my stomach was flat than it is, I would not even think abt that bulge bc I'm not sure if it can be noticed in a tight dress. November is my next po apptmnt and my ps said that if there's no change in my stomach he will do a revision bc I know that I'm going to need one. My husband can't believe that I want to go through that again but I told him that I'm not satisfied with the results. My stomach seems to be flatter on the pics that I take, I think that maybe it's the angle I'm taking them at bc I'm not getting the full effect of the lower bulge. But I thank God that I'm at least healing the way that I should be. So I know now for a fact that I will be going under the knife either at the end of the year or the beginning of next year! Thanks for listening and happy healing! Chat with you later my RS friends! I don't know why the pics seems to be glistening or shining on my computer anyway.

Need a revision!

How is everyone doing? Fine I hope. I haven't been on RS in a while bc there's no good change in my results. But I still want to update every month i'm 26wks po. My stomach is still the same no changes even with the exercising that I'm doing. I may still feel pain when I exercising especially doing certain kind of exercising. My scars healed well and it is a lot lighter than the pics but my bb scars stills drives me crazy at time with the itching especially around the nipples. I still have the pouch at the bottom of my stomach and it's still bigger on my right side. The pic really don't show how big my stomach really is at my lower abs. Some more skin needs to be removed from my lower abs bc since my skin settled I can't see the tightness that I had after the surgery. Still wearing this stupid cg at night bc it feels better. I don't know where that flat belly went but I'm ready to get it back permanently. Everyone take care yourselves and happy healing!

Not satisfied with 6mo po dr visit and result of tummy tuck!

Hi ladies! How is everyone? I hope everyone is doing a lot better that Im feeling right now. I am now 6mo po and saw my po on Nov 12. My BL turned out great. The scars healed normally but I am not satisfied with my tummy tuck. Still not flat stomach. This is the flattest my stomach is going to get without a revision. The ps is satisfied with my results and is trying to tell me that this is the best result that Im going to get. First he was telling me that if I workout my stomach muscles that my stomach would get flatter now he's saying that the exercises won't work. Everything else is practically back to normal, scars are healing just fine. On my last apptmnt he told me that if I was not satisfied that he would do a revision well he changed his mind abt that bc he's telling my that this is the best result I'm going to get even if he does it over or if another ps does it. I've seen better tummy tucks on this site with stomachs that have started out a lot worse than mine. At this point the only thing that I can do is talk to him again and see if I can change his mind abt the revision. My stomach looks bigger in person than on the screen. At this point I just don't know what to do bc I'm not satisfied with the work he performed after all that money I've spent. I kept telling him that my stomach is still the same size without the wrinkled skin. When he looks at my stomach I don't see how he sees good results unless he doesn't want to own up to it. I know that he needs to do something to make me satisfied with my tummy tuck bc I look like I'm abt 3 mo. pregnant especially when I'm wearing a tight shirt. I am comparing my pic from Oct and my stomach had gotten bigger since then. My weight has not changed. I really don't have the money to be spending on another tummy tuck procedure. I am so disappointed in my ps for not wanting to even attempt to satisfy after he told me that he would do the revision if I was satisfied in 6mo. My stomach is starting to find a place again which is in my lap when I sit! What do you ladies thnk abt my results? Can I please get some feedback? Thx. Hooray for the ladies that are loving their results of their tummy tucks.

TT is looking the same!

Hi rs friends. How is everyone? I would like to thnk everyone for the positive comments on my posts. Im now 7mos po and there's no change in my tt. My results look the same has last month so this is the first time tht i wont be posting any pics. Besides the unflatness in my stomach every seems to be back to normal as far as pain goes. My scars r lightening up but they dont bothr me bc they cant be seen. I made an apptmnt wth my ps for thurs dec 11 to discuss my unsatisfying results. I will post the results of tht conversation to let everyone know how i made out. Congrats to the TTr's who r satisfied wth their results. Take care!

apptmnt with my ps

Hi Rs'ers! I hope everyone is feeling great! Well I had my apptment with my ps yesterday and he insists that this is the flattest that my stomach's going to be. i I can't understand why my stomach can't be flatter than this when a lot of TT get better results than I did when their stomachs started out looking like mine or bigger than mine. He said that my stomach will look distorted if he tighten my muscles any more. The only thing that he said that he can do is a take a little bit of skin off of my lower ab but that won't flatten my stomach though. He's still saying that my TT looks great but I still think that it looks the same as before the tuck but without the skin bc it's still the same size. He said that my muscles are still in place and did not separate. For the revision, (which is not really a revision to me if my TT will look the same) will cost 2400 (750 for scar revision & 1650 for other fees). I'm not sure if it's worth it if there's no tightening of the muscles envolved and my stomach will still not be flat and I still might not be satisfied. I'm not sure why he's calling it a scar revision bc I think that my scar looks fine bc it's the bulge that bothers me. I just don't know what to do. What do you girls think? Signed Frustrated!

Tummy Tuck Obsession

Hi RS sisters. I'm now 8mos po and I hate being obsessed with my TT. I'm back to normal, no pain at all. My BL is doing great but sometimes my scar still itch. All exercises I can do with no problem but the exercises for my abs are not helping at all. I'm in need of a revision of MR and skin removal. I swear it seems like my stomach is getting bigger and bigger. I did not gain any weight bc my weight is still the same at 115 b4 the surgery it was 120 so I lost a few pounds and I'm tired of looking and thinking about it a thousand times a day. I get upset when I think of all the money I spent on the surgery and the only thing that Im satisfied with is the BL. What the ps's don't tell you is that sometimes there are times that the MR fails and tht you might need a revision. They make you that think the TT is one and done but sometimes revisions have to be made. I try to tell myself it's no need thinking abt the money but the only thing that I can do is get it fixed, only if it can be fixed because my ps said this is the flattest that my stomach is going to be unless he was just saying that so he doesn't have to do it over. I made an apptment Jan 19 with another ps to see what he as to say about my TT, I hope that it will be good news. I will update my consultation with you all. The pics that I posted looks a lot better than my actually stomach, it looks flatter on camera. Hooray, Yippee to everyone who got the results that they wanted! Everyone take care!

Good consultation!

Well Realself friends, how is everyone doing? I hope everyone is healing normally with their surgeries! My consultation was Jan 19 and I was busy so I couldn't get on Realself. My consult went good. The ps told me that I have a good result but my ps just wasn't aggressive enough when it came to pulling my muscles tighter. He said that a lot of ps's are afraid to suture them tight because the may come apart. He took the time to draw out how he was going to tightened my muscles again but he said that he needs my medical reports to find out what my ps did. He drew out what most ps's do when they tighten muscles but he has another technique to make your muscles very tight. He's not sure if I will have any fat to suction or any skin to pull until he actually lifts the skin on my stomach. He asked me if I was sore the first TT and I told him that after the experal wore off my stomach did not really hurt, I know that my back was hurting from bending over because I couldn't stand up straight. He said that it should have hurt really really bad. He said that if he does the surgery that it will hurt like hell. He won't have to cut hip to hip like the first TT bc there's really no skin to pull this time. I felt very comfortable with him, he answered all my questions and he told me that if this was my final result he would tell me that he couldn't help me. He ask me if my ps informed me of the complications of a TT and BL and my ps didn't tell me that my BB could have died and my nipples could've healed wrong. This ps told me that my BB can die with this second TT. This ps says that he doesn't use drains which is strange bc how is the fluid going to drain. He said that will need only two weeks off but I told him that I would probably take one month off like I did on my first TT. I wish that I would have did research in the different techniques of TT's and I wouldn't be having these problems now. I'm hoping that his technique will give me the result that I want. I wish that I knew of the different ways that muscles can be stitched before my first TT. But there's no sense in crying over spilled milk, I just need to get it fixed. New ps is charging $8500. I get sick in the stomach when I think abt how I already paid for a TT and have to pay full price again. Well, everyone have a good recovery.

Revision needed

Hi RS buddies, Im now 9mos po and looking the same as before. Still searching for another ps but it's hard to choose bcause there's so many. I can't wait until all of this over and I don't hve to think about it anymore. I have to make my mind up soon because I have several trips coming up. I have a family trip in March, which I might have to put off until May because I have to be 100percent ok because I will have my grandkids with me and I can't enjoy them on vacay if I'm in any pain or can't walk straight up. This will be over soon and I'm hoping that I make the right choice because I can't do this again! Take care! Signed: No Pics bcause there's no change! Thx for listening!

New pics

Hi RS'rs, Im now 9ms and 19dys po. There's really no difference but I do have noticeably loose skin on my lower abs. Just letting everyone know how I look now and see why im fussing and complaining with my result and to let those who are curious how my stomach look. Thanks for reading my posts. Take care.

one year po

Hi RS friends, it,s been one year since my TT and breastlift. It,s been one long journey, maybe im not completely satisfied with my outcome but im still glad I did it. My scars are healed but they still show but Im not worried abt them bc no one else sees them but me and hubby and atleast they are flat and not raised. My stomach is still numbed a little abve my BB and my lower abs. I can do everything that I did before my tuck. Sometimes I still a little sensation at the top part of my abs but it doesn't hurt or last. Im still going to get a revision because of the loose skin and I still think tht my stomach needs tightening. My back needs to be done too while im getting the tt. It still looks like im pregnant depends on what I wear especially wearing a one piece bathing suit. Congrats to those of you who are just getting on the flatside and I wish that you all have a good and easy recovery. Happy Healing! Don't be surprise if you all see a brand new post of me after a revision! Bye for now!

Started new review with new ps

I finally got revision!
Voorhees Plastic Surgeon

I paid dr franckle 10,800 for a tummy tuck, flanks and breastlift on may 28, 2014. The tt didnt come out flat has the months went by. I had to pay another ps 8765 for tt revision, flanks again and back on may 28, 2015. I. did a new review with another ps because dr franckle said that he was going to revise me if i wasnt satisfied at 6mo po. When my 6mo po apptmnt came, he said tht he wasnt going to do it. So i made another apptmnt within two weeks, on that apptmnt i practically had to beg him to do it. Than he said that he was only going to take the extra skin off and not tighten my muscles bc he said that they cant be tightened anymore so i started seeking other opinions from ps,s. Now that i look back at his website, nobody else,s stomach is flat either. Im not regretting getting it done the first time but i do regret letting him do it the first bc i feel like i wasted my money for unsatisfactory surgery. My stomach was bigger on one side and he said that it was like that before the surgery and it wasnt.

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