51 Year Old 150 Lb 5'4" DDD Breast Reduction - Voorhees, NJ

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I have always had large breasts. My first bra was...

I have always had large breasts. My first bra was a C cup. After having and nursing three children I progressively went through the D cups. I am perimenopausal and recently bought a DDD minimizer bra. I could barely be contained in each cup, so I am probably more of an F cup. I am experiencing pain between the shoulder blades almost constantly. I try to workout but can't stay on cardiovascular equipment to long with experiencing pain. I am extremely self aware and self conscious of my breasts. I find it difficult to find clothing that looks good on me. Some of my family members are not supportive of my decision to have this surgery which is 6 days away, 7/5/16. They think I am going through some sort of midlife crisis. I have limited those who know to my boyfriend and my best friend. My insurance is covering the surgery and I couldn't be happier about that. I had my preoperative consult with the plastic surgeon last week. He said my results would be somewhere around a C cup, with a lift. I've completed my bloodwork, EKG, and have filled my prescriptions for antibiotics and pain. I will receive the call this Friday telling me what time to report on Tuesday. I can't wait and I will keep updating this post. I'm including before pics.


Thank you ladies for all your support. I know that this is for me and I will feel so much better about myself. I am scheduled for surgery at 7:30 Tuesday morning. I'm a bit anxious but excited as well. I'm getting the house cleaned and will shop for necessities for next week. Any words of advice from those who have been in my shoes? Thanks!


Thank you for your suggestions. I had meant to try the laxative, I got a couple of 1/2 doses in me. I'm sure that will help. I'm glad I'm busy today with holiday festivities which is keeping my mind off the procedure.
My next post will be post-op.

Day After

My surgery went well, and I am very comfortable pain-wise. I had one Percoset for my ride home from the surgery center. I've been taking Tylenol every 3 hours as a preventive measure. I have a pain pump also. I go to the PS tomorrow for the reveal and hopefully the drains will be removed.

PS follow up appointment

I got the drains out, and into a sports bra today. I feel fantastic. I have no pain. I feel guilty for taking some down-time to heal, because I feel so good. However, reading others posts I know that I need to rest. I look very small but I'm used to seeing watermelons when I look down. Pics will follow.

5 days post op

I've posted pictures, a bit bruised but that's to be expected. I feel great but I'm limiting my activity level. Last night we drove an hour and ate at a buffet. I made sure I ate lots of vegetables and protein. Today I went to the grocery store but my boyfriend did all the lifting and loading. The weather was beautiful today so I got some outdoor time. Life is good and I'm extremely happy with this decision.



17 days post op

Went to surgeon yesterday for my 2nd post op check. The tape was removed from the stitches and external sutures were clipped. I am still on all precautions for 2 more weeks then I can do what my body will allow. I tried laying on my side last night but I could definitely feel the stitch pull in lefty. It's getting difficult sleeping on my back. No more dr visits for 6 months.
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