Absolutely thrilled with my results!

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I'm in my mid-40s and have been busty since I was...

I'm in my mid-40s and have been busty since I was 10. I originally went though the breast reduction prep in my early 20s but backed out for a few reasons. Now, I have battled insurance and gotten partial coverage, so here we go! I am worried they may postpone due to a cold, so I will know tomorrow.

Tomorrow is the day....

I feel totally unprepared all of a sudden.....my house is messy, I don't have a thousand types of cremes, salves and bandages prepared, I have a few meals cooked and have been to the store, at least. When I set this up eons ago I figured I would have forever to get ready, and BOOM it is here. I need to pack my bag in a while, and I do have cleaners coming while I am in the hospital. Plus my mom will be here for a week, so I am not that stressed about food or care. I was in a bad accident a year ago and could hardly move for weeks, so in my mind this will be a walk in the park....hopefully I am not wrong! I am prepared for pain and discomfort...I just thought I would have more time to get my life organized first. That's how I roll, though, so I am not that surprised. I won't have drains or dressings to change, it is more like washable pads in a bra (which I am bringing with me). I am used to exercising many hours per day, so being down for the count will be the hardest part!


I'm doing great, I'll do a full report later . Love the new breasts!!!

How it all went down....

Checked in at 630 AM on Tuesday morning, and was promptly taken into pre-op, met with the anesthesiologist and had an IV put in, and got into the lovely gown and compression socks. The last person to arrive was the surgeon. She carefully drew all over me, erasing a couple of times to make sure everything was just so. My case was really challenging--my breasts are completely different shapes and sizes--the most different she has ever worked on, she said, and she didn't make any promises that she could get them to match, but she would do her best. One was a G and the other maybe a D. So we are talking very different. I was glad that the entire team was female for this! Plus everyone I ran into said great things about this surgeon, that she does amazing work, so I was feeling very calm and confident.

I walked into the OR and laid on the table while they finished prepping around me, putting the air pump things on my legs, etc. It was very peaceful in there, smaller than I had expected. The anesthesiologist put something in my arm to relax me, and when I woke up, it was about 2 PM and I was in recovery. I felt pretty good--somewhat sore--super tired--but really not bad considering what I had been through. The surgeon came in and told me it was a really challenging case for her, but she was thrilled with the results and I would be too!

Soon they took me into my room where my mom and husband were waiting for me. I got to spend the night, and didn't have any roommates, so that was very nice. Hubby left after a while, he was really tired since he took me in, and my mom stayed until about 6 PM. I was not hungry at all but had to eat applesauce to take pain meds. My mom ordered me a fruit slushy and a pbj which I sort of ate but very slowly. The nurses were checking my incisions and I had a glance of my new nipples! What? I can see nipples? That is a miracle! They all said the breasts looked great.

I took more pain meds and then suddenly got really nauseated and threw up everywhere....not good! The nurse wasn't super happy with having to change everything, but oh well. She transferred me to my night nurse (a male) soon after that. I had already walked up and down the hall by that point and was feeling ok. It was weird having a man checking the incisions and all, but he was super kind and it wasn't that bad. He let me rest without much interruption all night. I didn't sleep at all, was very aware of time passing. I wonder if that was part of anesthesia? Finally got up and peed at 4 AM, ate a leftover half of a sandwich, and some more meds and got a little bit of sleep.

The surgeon who did rounds was very young and male...he was the one who checked my nipple sensation...awkward but I was thrilled to see that I had full sensation in both sides! He said I would get discharged before noon, so I ordered breakfast (fruit, bacon, oatmeal and coffee). Mom showed up to get me and helped me get dressed, at the same time, my surgeon came in, so she checked on the breasts and once again commented on how happy she was with the outcome. I still hadn't seen them full on. I wore my new Mirena bra with a washable pad in it, and no drains. I zipped on a sweatshirt which was not loose the day before and watched it be loose! Crazy! So hard to wrap my head around this!

We stopped and dropped the prescription for painkillers off and had lunch and coffee at Starbucks while we waited. I was glad I didn't see anybody I knew. Finally got home to the couch and relaxed until the kids got home from school. Then it was pretty noisy here and I was tired--the oxycodone makes me really noise sensitive. When we went up to bed, I did the big reveal for hubby and me. I am thrilled. They are gorgeous. I really cannot say enough about how lovely they are. I showered today and showed my mom, and we both just sat and admired them! I slept really well last night and am feeling amazing today. Resting is going to be tough but I know I must do it. Friends will be trickling through now with meals and visits for the next week or so, and I am planning on going to a matinee tomorrow too. So happy!

2 days post-op

Scary before

Very big discrepancy as you can see.

Still feeling awesome

I am going a bit stir crazy already, as the limited activity is going to be the hardest part of recovery for me. I am going to a movie this afternoon. My mom tries hard to manage the kids but they still need input from me--I got a bit frustrated this morning with them all. My mom is sick,yet trying to care for me at the same time, which is hard. I made her go to the doctor yesterday, so she is on lots of meds now and hopefully will feel better soon. I feel so good, so am feeling guilty that she has to help me do simple things. I know I shouldn't lift or reach etc so I am just letting it go and trying to be an easy patient. I really just need some alone time but feel bad that I need to ask for that. Hopefully this weekend the family will go away and do some activities and let me just rest. Although I am not terribly tired, I know I need to rest.

More bruising today

But I still love them and look forward to shower time when I can remove all the clothing and dressing and parade around. Feeling air under my perky breasts is something I never, ever experienced!

Still bruising but feeling so good!

I've gone walking every day..not too far and not too fast...but it is awesome to get outside, as I am used to tons of exercise every day. The doing nothing is so tough for me! I am having very little pain, I would describe it as feeling like wearing an uncomfortable underwire bra for too long. Mostly it is no pain at all. Still taking oxycodone before bed and once in the morning but probably none after tonight, will just do tylenol and ibuprofen. I made it out to my son's baskeball game yesterday and soccer game today, plus brunch and watched the Seahawks game. I'll be relaxing the rest of the day, though, as I know if I do too much I will get worn out. Here's a photo from last night--more bruising but I know that means I am healing!

A week has gone by....

Can't believe how quickly time has flown by! I really feel good--no painkillers today except some ibuprofen. I may still take one at bedtime because it is easier to pass out and stay on my back that way. Even sleeping in one position isn't too bad.

Today I went clothes shopping with my mom, of course I had to try on some stuff! I am happy with how I look in clothes now...bought a few things....then went to lunch....rested some after getting home and then took a walk with a friend, about 1 1/4 miles at an easy pace, and I didn't get tired or sore. I will be heading to the couch soon, as I know I can't push myself too hard even though I feel good.

The bruises look about the same as yesterday but I will post a pic anyway. The post op is tomorrow and hopefully I will be cleared to drive and they will be able to give me some more idea about how much I can and can't do. I know it is in my nature to overdo so I am being very cautious!

Oops, I realize I keep posting the same photo somehow.

Here are three that I think I should have linked to earlier this week and today. You can see the bruises getting darker and the breasts looking more yellow from bruises.

Post-op later today, and a few pix

It's been 8 days now with the new girls. I still feel like I have big breasts in clothes, but I think once the swelling is done and I am in a regular bra, that will help that a bit. I am not a small person so I am not going to look completely different! My friend yesterday told me I looked like a totally different person. Part of it is probably because we usually only see each other in bike gear and yesterday I had on a dress, haha. But she said my body looks so different, which is true. I am not all boob.

I am looking forward to seeing what the surgeon thinks of my healing later today, as I think it is going great! Hoping to be cleared to drive! I am off pain meds now, I don't even need any Tylenol, although I did take some just in case the process of going to the doc makes me sore. Really feeling great today!

I took some pix braless in a shirt, something I have never ever ever ever been able to do. Here's a strapless shot and one of today's bruising/healing.

Feeling so good!

No pain at all, not even needing tylenol or ibuprofen. The hard part is not using my arms, but thankfully I have a great support system who does everything for me. Here' s a shot from Friday, 10 days post-surgery. Healing well, the glue is coming off now and with it the black stuff which I thought was scarring or stitches...but I think it is just fabric from my bra wearing off in the glue. Yay! On my right breast, it looks like there is hardly even a scar from the nipple down to below the breast. I am very hopeful about how I will look a few months from now, I think the surgeon was soooo amazing!

Bored with waiting to exercise!

I feel great, and my energy is returning to normal, I don't seem to require an afternoon nap anymore. I haven't been a napper, ever, so it has been strange to suddenly crave one. I sort of like it, but I also like feeling like myself. Of course, I usually am out enjoying the outdoors for a lot of every day, so I am going totally stir crazy. I will be walking today for at least an hour, who cares if it is raining, I just need OUT!

Not lifting things is starting to bug me, too. I hate asking for help, having clerks take my groceries to the car, or people carry stuff for me. I know it is for healing and I have to be patient, but it is strange to feel this way. After my accident last year, I could not move much at all and looked awful, so it was not a big deal, now I look fine (better than fine with these breasts!) and it feels weird to ask.

I've been so lucky to have friends delivering meals nearly every day. I am freezing some of the food so it doesn't go to waste, as we are not able to keep up with eating it. I think the meal train service ends by Friday so I can get back to cooking, as long as I don't pick up heavy pots of stuff.....I need to stop EATING so much, though, I feel like a blob and I want to feel skinny! I think I will work harder at sticking to paleo eating, as that is when I feel the best.

Last night I slept without the post-surgical bra. I was just tired of it. I had on a tank-top thing with a shelf bra, so it is a little bit supportive. I just needed a break. Back into the surgical one today, and I think I will shop for something soft and sports bra like, although I do have a couple of ones that will probably fit, they are very uniboob and I am over that! The healing, it is going great! There is hardly even a scar from under my right nipple to below the breast. As the glue continues to come off (yes I have picked at it, but the nurse said I could), the skin really looks good. I am very happy with the surgeon's skills....the nipples still need more healing but I am confident that it won't be too long and it won't be very noticeable that I even had a reduction. I wonder when I can start putting Mederma on it. I will go research that in the forum today. I haven't had a day without people in my house--my mom, my family, friends visiting.....and today I have no plans to see anyone so I can just be mellow online and do some research (after my walk and a shower of course). I love the visitors but it does get hard to be "on" all the time. There is a great article floating around the internet about teaching people how to talk to patients, and to not put their own troubles out to the one who is ailing/healing....I have had a few people use me as their personal psychologist for their troubles when they come to see me. Yes, I realize I am a psychologist in real life, haha, but I think when I am recovering from surgery I should get a reprieve! :)

One more funny thing

I was taking a selfie of me and a girlfriend at a soccer game this weekend and accidentally hit the review button on my phone camera...and a photo (the 10 day post-surgery one) popped up! She was very surprised, but then said they looked great. Note to self, download to computer into a hidden file and then delete off phone immediately!!!! :)

Day 13 photo

The healing is looking good. Still one dark bruise under the R breast but I am very happy so far!


Some people I see say "You look like a different person" while others are perplexed and can't really see much difference. I am still a D cup....I guess maybe if I had gone to a C it would be more remarkable. I am looking forward to seeing how I look in a normal bra with two cups. Naked, I look soooo different, but I have avoided being naked in front of people for my entire life due to my asymmetry. Now that I am symmetrical I will probably be the first person with her shirt off!

Bought a comfy bra

Today I went to Target and bought a Playtex bra, no wires, hooks in back, size L. It is really comfy. I had my sports bra on most of the day and started having some pain so I figured they were too restricted in that one....my sports bra is a super snug Moving Comfort Juno bra from before the BR--I am somewhat baffled at how I fit a couple of extra pounds of breasts into it, but I know it was overflowing all the time and not comfortable and my shoulders used to ache so bad. I need to be sure to just wear the sports bra when I am exercising and then get it off.

Posting a pic, you can see the glue has been coming off and there looks to be bruising--not sure why--I think probably the whole breast was bruised before and now it is fading in patches.

15 day pic

3 weeks+

The time is flying by! The hardest part is still the restricted activity and asking for help on stuff I feel like I can do. But I am being good, I swear! I did walk 90 minutes again yesterday and at least 60 minutes most other days.

There's been some itching and dry skin on the outside of both breasts but mostly the left one. I figure it is just internal healing as it doesn't seem to be anything terrible. I have been alternating coconut oil and aquaphor on the scars. Most of the scabs are gone except at the T under the right breast and a few spots where the knot from the stitches are--apparently those will go away on their own at some point, I am not pulling on them! :) I showed a girlfriend my 20-day post-op photo the other day (since lifting my dress up in a restaurant is frowned upon!). She said they look like Katy Perry boobs, which sounds good to me! She is one of few people who saw me naked before the surgery--spent a day at a local 'naked spa' which was the worst day ever back then. I will go again, though, with my new boobs! So with no further ado, here's the 20 day photo.


Loving my results! We finally "tested" out the girls last night....it was fun and rewarding....need I say more? Somehow they are more responsive than the old ones, go figure....that pleases me to no end!

I've noticed that all of my friends (male, female, gay, straight....doesn't matter) are sort of obsessed with my breasts. They ogle them, want to touch them, want to hear all about every detail. It's funny to me. And yes, I let them touch (gently!) and have showed pix to a couple. Nobody ever really asked details about having huge breasts before....now they suddenly just want to be near them. Maybe it's because I am so happy with them!

I am sort of sore today from (I think) jumping around at a college football game--it was really exciting and I was totally caught up in it. Gotta really secure them today to avoid more bouncing.

I tried on an old bra (well, one I'd bought online a while back pre-BR but it was way too small then). It is underwire so I only put it on for a couple of minutes but I wanted to see. It was great, maybe even a little big but I think that once the breasts are healed they will fit into the cups ok.....very sexy! Can't wait to buy real bras one of these days! I'll post the pic I took of the bra, though. This was on the 3-week anniversary. ;)

6 weeks!

Yesterday was my 6-week post-op. I am not fully healed yet as I had hoped--there are two places on my R breast that are slow in healing--one is the 'joint' where all the skin meets, and there is one spot on the nipple that got irritated. I actually squeezed some goo out of it and put antibacterial cream on it and it looks much better. Gross, I know. I was going to try to run yesterday but decided to wait since I do not want to slow the healing down any more. I have put on a few pounds since surgery which is highly frustrating to me. I usually run 20-35 miles a week, bike 50-200 miles a week (depending on the season) and do yoga a few times a week, plus hiking etc. So the lack of activity coupled with holiday treats has not been good. I know it will drop off once I get back to my normal activity but I am really not liking my body right now like I want to. My breasts still look good of course!

I went bra shopping for a non-underwire bra with two cups and had a HORRIBLE experience at Nordstrom. Found some good options at SOMA. I wrote a letter about it to Nordy Customer Service and got a heartfelt answer, but still, it was not what I was looking forward to! I may post both later on if anyone is interested.

I took the girls out for a spin in the new bra and fitted dress and got many comments. Mostly, "damn you have nice boobs!" because they are big, perky and look great. Fine by me. I would look weird with small boobs. I think that my smaller-breasted friends are puzzled at how someone would get a reduction and still be a D!

I'll try to post pix later. It's been a crazy week here so not much time.

Must be a stitch in there....

I am posting a photo today. It has been 6.5 weeks now and there are still two trouble spots, both on my R breast which was the much larger one. On the nipple is a little red spot where I have squeezed a drop of pus out of (gross sorry) a couple of times this week (and then put Bacitracin on it) and under the R breast at the T is healing slowly, although today is looking better than it has so far. Other than that, the scars seem pretty red so I will massage them a bit more than I have been. I did pop them all a couple of weeks ago, that was weird but they looked so much better after that--not puffy at the incisions. I am sleeping without a bra some of the time to allow the trouble spots to dry and starting to do more side sleeping (ahhhhh!). I think my breasts got irritated this weekend wearing a bra while I was in the hospital overnight with my son and didn't have anything different to change into. Feeling a bit better today but really really really stir crazy and cannot wait to run! I have been trying to do an hour per day on the bike trainer, at least, plus walking as much as I can fit in. Holiday season plus son's emergency surgery put a damper on some of that.

Spitting stitch!

I called the nurse on Thursday to talk about the place where I assumed I had a spitting stitch on the areola. If you google it you will find lots of pix and it made me feel better to see that it was not the end of the world. However, I was still getting goo out of it and it was getting redder. She told me to use warm washcloths a couple of times a day and to try to squeeze the stitch out....after a little bit of squeezing I gave up because I felt like all I was doing was irritating the nipple. On Friday it was redder and I was feeling some pain from it--not a ton, and I couldn't actually tell if it was just phantom pain because I was nervous about it. The nipple was a bit puffy, too. I went in to the PS office and the nurse pulled out a 2 cm piece of stitch from the hole. The surgeon on call took a look and said it was not infected and should resolve pretty quickly. (phew!). They called in a prescription to the local pharmacy for me just in case I started feeling feverish over the weekend, but not likely. I just have to put Bacitracin on it twice a day and it should be done. The skin underneath the right breast is about 99% healed, too. I went for a really tough hike on Thursday and even ran a teeny bit and everything felt great. I was going to run today but my legs are still killing me from the hike!!! Tomorrow I start running again, can't wait!!! I have been dreaming about it. I have a lot of weight to drop after the inactive holidays! The nurse said my L breast is fully healed and I can do scar massage twice a day or put scar tape on it. She gave me some samples of it to try. I will but I sort of want to enjoy the breasts without tape...so will start with massage and see how that goes. I also went bowling on Christmas Eve which was pretty much the first time I had lifted any heavy weights and it was just fine. Yoga next week, yes please!

Still healing but feeling great!

Now I have 6 spitting stitches come out of my right areola. PS office has removed 2 and I have removed 4. It seems like they are done now....crossing fingers....now the final healing. The PS said if it scars weird she can fix it with local anesthetic. We'll see, it takes time.

On a positive note, I have been running and biking a ton! I am up to an hour's running with no chafing, no sore shoulders, no numb arms. It is a miracle! I bought a sports bra the other day, a 36 C!!! I love it! Still can't believe it.

C cup sports bra!

Here's a photo of the sports bra, in a C cup! My daily bras are D/DD now but I am really liking the way this one fits for running. No bounce=happy me! I think I am finally done with the spitting stitches and on my way to being fully healed. Feeling pretty amazing!

I've been talking to a couple of my friends in depth about my surgery and my surgeon and I am thinking they will both go for it pretty soon. It's funny how everyone stares at my breasts now in awe! I love it.

One year anniversary of my smaller breasts--still thrilled!

I can't believe a year has passed since surgery! I just re-read my story on here. In hindsight it was 100% worth every minute of this journey. I have never felt better, more comfortable in my body, than I have since surgery. I have run hundreds of miles this year, with no chafing, no back and neck pain, no arm numbness. Plus, I think I look great in everything I wear. Even though I have not lost the weight I put on last winter (arghhhhh perimenopause) I feel fit and healthy and every day I am a little bit more comfortable in my skin. I spent much of summer in little, non-underwire swimsuits, wearing dresses sans bra, just feeling so happy! I am excited to see the scars continuing to fade....in the photos you can see under the left breast there are a few but they really are not obvious at all. There is some scarring around my R nipple from where all of the stitches were an issue, but the surgeon says in time those will go away, as well. Really it doesn't bother me in the least, I look at them daily and am so darn happy to have these pretty breasts as a part of me. They used to be completely asymmetrical, so the fact that they are nearly the same size is a miracle. I went from a D-DD(L) and a G+(R) to a DD. Super thrilled!
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