I Want my Pre-mommy Tummy Back

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Hello everyone. I have begun my tumescent lipo...

Hello everyone. I have begun my tumescent lipo journey, and since this website and everyones reviews helped me, I decided to write a review to help others. I am 24 years old, 5'7, and 177 lbs. I decided to get lipo after I had my daughter in december of 2011. I have always had a big booty and little waist, even after my first child 5 years ago, but it seems like the old saying, "while pregnant with a girl, she takes all your good qualities and traits" has stood true for me. Don't get me wrong, I love my body, I just wanted to see my va-j-j and hourglass shape again. I did Insanity in october 2012, and lost 20 pounds, 24 inches all over, but I still had a little tummy, and didnt want to lose any more booty. Soo, I decided to have tumescent lipo.

Originally, I was going to just have my upper and lower ABS done, but Dr. H Araya informed me that I was small and in order to see the best results, I should have my lower abs, flanks, bra roll and lower back done. I took what he said into consideration, but just to be sure that he was on the right track, I went to American Lipo in VA. Here is a summary of how I chose my doctor.

When I went to American Lipo Center, it was very clean very well laid out, they made you feel very comfortable and the price for that 1 was 3,800. however, after looking at 7 books of before and after pictures, I was not happy. I couldn't see a big difference in the pictures and I felt like if I'm paying all this money I at lease wanna get my money's worth. At Vita surgical in DC, the office was a little outdated, the rooms was a little dingy I guess, and the price was 4800, but the before and after pictures look like Wow, he did that. Dr. Araya made me feel very comfortable. He was saying things like, I can make your back this small, and get rid of this and shape that. So in the end, I decided to go with him.

TThe procedure was not what I expected. I was very uncomfortable during the numbing phase, but after that, it was a breeze. He talk to me the whole time about interesting things and before I knew it I was done. The procedure took a little under 2 hours. Also, I had forgot my medicine but they provided me with some that they had in the office which I thought was very accommodating.

After the procedure I was a little drowsy and I think I slept that whole day with little discomfort. The next morning however I was in a lot of pain and now the leakage has stopped and the Vicodine was being popped. LOL. I can feel lumps forming, both hard and soft. I massaged them for relief, and used ice packs at night. I am now exactly a week post op and still having discomfort, but it is manageable. I think the bulk of the pain went away on day 3, but thats When I started feeling the fluids move around inside of me whenever I switched positions. I was starting think I had seroma and would have to get it sucked out When on day 4, I sprung a leak sorta speak. I was in the car with the seat warmer on, and When I got out, there was blood tinged fluids on my left side. I was excited because of the reflief I got, but When I called Dr. Araya to just inform him of what happened, he sounded alarmed and told me to go get blood work done and then immediately come into his Office. He said that the incisions should have closed by now, and that I shouldnt be leaking at this point. He was afraid I had an infection. After examining me, and viewing a sample of whatever he took out of the wound, he taped me up tightly, said that everything was Fine and told me to take it easy. I go back in a week for My next check up.

I am still very swollen, and numb. The feeling in some spots are starting to come back and I have returned to work as a hair stylist. Sometimes I get these Sharp pains that are a pain in the ass but I guess Its all part of the healing process. I will post pictures as soon as possible, and will keep u guys posted. I appriciate any feedback or questions. I didnt tell anyone about this...not even my live in boyfriend, so this is my only outlet. I just didnt want anyone to discredit the hard work I put in to lose weight, and its been hard keeping it a secret. I am excited to see the final outcome. I can see that my torso is noticeably smaller, even with the swelling so Im hoping that means the final results are going to be the bomb. Wish me well!!Ttyl

Ok. So I can't seem to get my before pics off the...

Ok. So I can't seem to get my before pics off the camera, so I'm goin to post some pics of me the summer before, just so u can get a feel of how I looked before. When I can get the before pics off the camera I will post

Ok. So I can't seem to get my before pics off the...

Ok. So I can't seem to get my before pics off the camera, so I'm goin to post some pics of me the summer before, just so u can get a feel of how I looked before. When I can get the before pics off the camera I will post

Ok. I am now 9 days post op and today is the first...

Ok. I am now 9 days post op and today is the first day I didn't take any pain meds. I am still sore and have a hard time sitting and standing, but feeling pretty good. My stomach is very lumpy with hard stuff and my stomach is hot to the touch. My left side around the incision are is really sore...I hope its not an infection. I still don't see a DRAMATIC change, but numbers don't lie. My waist was 37in the day of surgery and 33 in after surgery. The days after it was 36in, and now its back 33in so I guess I'm improving. Will update u guys some more later. Will add more pics also

I just had my first lumphnic drainage. Can we say...

I just had my first lumphnic drainage. Can we say the best thing ever!!! Besides my procedure. I went to Jill in Bethesda, MD and it cost 85$/hr. I told her i needed a lumphatic massage, and she told me, after lipo, u dont need a massage which targets the muscles and could cause more harm then good. She said I needed a drainage which is gently stretch the skin and make the lumph vessels, which are located right below the skin, contract which in turn will make it pump out toxins that pass through the kidneys and come out through your Pee. Anywho, she did the drainage for a hour and When she was done, I felt relaxed and not sore. I even got into the car with trouble, which shocked me.

Today I went to my follow up appointment and the doctor had to drain these two sacs of fluids I had on my dudes. After he did that, the soreness I had around my incisions When away. What a relief! My waist is now 30in. The doctor said Im healing very well and that at least another 4 inches will come off. He Also told me to sleep on my tummy to help with the lumps. All I know is, if this waist get to 26in on this 46in booty, someone is going to be in trouble!!!!!I am loving my results so far and can see bug changes. So Long for now. New pics posted

here we go

OK, so here we are in 2015 and I have a muffin top! Why u ask... Because when I had my procedure two years ago I was told not to have my upper done because it was enough fat. So I didn't even though I really wanted done. I am now 180lbs and feel like it was all gained in my upper belly where I still have plenty of fat cells where as the rest of my torso I've had them sucked out already. What I am trying to say is I feel that if I had gotten the upper done the first time, I would have gained weight proportionately. So to make a long story short, I am going to have my upper abdomen done this Sunday! I will update you all soon!
Dr. H Araya

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