Mother of 5, 2 Prior C-sections. Breast Lift/breast Aug./tummy Tuck - Visalia, CA

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Getting nervous. I have been reading many stories...

Getting nervous. I have been reading many stories & reviews here and have SO MANY questions for you all.
I have my surgery date set for Aug. 15th.
I have the hideous 'apron' from my 2 c-sections & a ton of stretchmarks from my 5 pregnancies. and a pretty intense distasis recti and an umbilical hernia being repaired at the same time.
I am undergoing a full TT and am worried that I wont have as good of results as some of you because my Dr will not to Lipo at the same time. He insists on a separate procedure and claims it is too hard on the body to do it at once. So no Lipo for my MM.
I am 5'1" and 155lbs. I am a 34G (although its a bit loose on me & is mostly filled with sad skin)
I will be getting a Breast lift with the anchor incision and silicon implants 450cc (still undecided on these though) at the same time as my TT.
Making a list of things I need to do beforehand, things I need to buy, order, etc.
Thanks for listening & sharing RS ladies!

Trying to add pictures

Does anyone know how to add pictures from my iphone? vs the desktop computer

A few pics

Just showing my body type
155lbs 5'1" size 10

Embarrassing pics

Here are a few embarrassing pics that show my tummy and breasts, Before

3 more days to get through!

I'm getting so excited. A bit nervous too. Im more nervous of not getting dramatic results than I am of something going wrong. Is that silly? LOL
I bought a lightweight bathrobe today, a few sports bras, some protein shakes for something to put in my stomach to take my pain pills during recovery. (Narcodics make me so nauseous) and some milk of magnesia to relieve the constipation post-op. I have arnica hell but forgot to get the arnica pillules. I plan on making a few freezer meals this weekend, some bone broth and soup, and I have the recliner in my bedroom in case I can't get comfortable in my bed.
What am I forgetting??

1 Day Post-op!!

Sleeping sucked last night. Slept in the recliner. Woke up every hour on the hour to pee. Can't really wipe myself well because I can't reach around my extremely swollen huge painful chest. On my way to post-op now. Can't wait to see what was done.

Severe Breast swelling

I hope this is normal but my breasts look so weird way up in my collarbone and the pain from the swelling and pressure is agonizing. Is there anything I can do to increase the swelling to go down?

Update and shower question

My breasts are still so tight and swollen they feel like the skin will burst!! (Breast lift, and 475cc saline implants under the muscles) Been icing them every couple of hours.
My tummy incision is tight and burning and pinching sporadically, my lower back is excruciatingly painful, despite staying up on pain Meds and trying to walk as upright as I can.
I'm desperate for a shower of some sort! I stink!
& I need to wash my hair. I can't lean over the sink, and can't shower because of the 2 drains in my pubic area. Any creative ideas, ladies??

More pics

Day 5 pics

Slightly less swelling in both breasts though they are still very high and tight. Some abdominal swelling but I can finally stand almost upright for short intervals.
Had some emotional roller coasters the last two days but I am feeling better today than I have thus far. Both emotionally and physically .

Feeling human again!

The first week I was completely miserable. Then at about day 8 or 9 the cloud lifted and I have been able to get up and down pretty easily and I am not sleeping on and off the whole day. I have cut my pain medicine back to just me needing to take 1 or 2 a day instead of every 4 hours like clockwork. My surgeon said I am now able to take ibuprofen for pain and inflammation which is helping with the swelling .
At my one week post op my drains were removed because my output was less than 30cc combined in a 24 hour period. Having those removed was seriously the worst experience of my life. Those things are in there OVER A FOOT LONG, and him pulling them out made me wish I had more anesthesia!!!
He said everything was healing nicely my tummy looks great and I have minimal swelling there. I am able to walk almost completely upright which has relieved but excruciating back pain and my breasts are still very high and swollen which he said will take at least three more weeks before they look somewhat normal. : /
Not sure if anyone can tell a difference from the pictures but I am posting a new one to show the little bit of progress I have made visibly.

Oh!!!!! And forgot.....

forgot a very important thing I can take showers now hooray!!!!!!

Long overdue pics

From 10 days PO-3weeks PO

Week 3-4 pics

Dropping and less swollen breasts, tummy looking less swollen, belly button healing nicely

Today's comparison pics

Side by side comparison

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