28yr Old, 2 Kids, Scheduled Breast Augmentation. Visalia, CA

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I am extremely excited and nervous as this date is...

I am extremely excited and nervous as this date is getting closer. I'm 5'3 and weigh 175lb wanting to get another 10lbs off before surgery date. After my consult with dr I am still undecided on what size I am going to end up doing. We are going to do silicone... When I tried on sizers I liked the 600cc but liked that the 650cc gave me more side boob but my husband liked the 700cc. When I put 700cc sizers on I felt they were HUGE! My dr recommended going 2 sizes bigger than what I liked in sizers.... I'd rather say I wish I would've went smaller and not the opposite but I also don't want to just look fat. My shoulders are very broad... Can anyone out there help me out??? I'm currently a 36a/b and I don't want to end up with DDDs???? but wouldn't mind a full D.... I can't seem to find any women with my body type with these size implants maybe I'm just looking in the wrong places....???

No lift...

Since I am going big with my implants (700cc high profile silicone mentor) I have decided I'm going to wait on the lift until next year. I have revised my idea of my wish photos because I know my first set would require a lift. This set shows women that had a before photo closer to mine. I'm going in again to try on sizers and to talk about not doing a lift and to show my dr my revised wish list and to see if they will be closer to my wanted outcome.

Tried on Sizers Again with my BFF

So I took my BFF in with me to retry on sizers because she said I'd be HUUUGE with a 700cc. I tried to tell her that bc my shoulders were broad they don't look SUPER HUGE on me BIG yeah but not bad. So when we went I tried on a 625cc and right away she said WAY too small lol. Than I put on 700cc and she loved them and than I tried on a 750cc and she loved those too! So I put 1 of each on and she said I should DEFINATELY do 750cc because I'm going under muscle anyway. So my decision is FINAL no lift with 750cc silicone implant under muscle! Here I come Big Titty Committee ???????? Oh and I will have my surgery paid off by the end of this week ????

31 days to BA Day!!! Anxious!!!

So I'm going in on June 9th for my post op and I will have surgery paid off this Tuesday!! I'm going with 750ccs silicone mod+ profile implant. I'm getting nervous about size I really liked sizers but am worried I'm having boob greed bc I've never had any. Anybody out there with 750cc?? What bra size did you end up being??? Can anyone help me?? Or calm me down??

Feeling down...

I went to my family dr on Thursday bc my left chest and shoulder were hurting and it hurt to breathe. Dr diagnosed me with Pleurisy and said if it's not cleared up in a week to come back for follow up :( I'm going to call my PS on Monday and see what they say but I have a feeling they might post pone. I know it's for my safety but my next available time to do this won't be until December :( Feeling defeated and sad!

My Wish Pics and Not So Wish Pics

My loves and absolute hates. We all have our own idea of how we want our girls to look or not look after surgery. This is a personal preference and nobody is wrong in what they choose to go with. All of our hopes are the same... That the PS we choose will deliver on our desired results. Those of you who have already had your BA congrats and those who haven't good luck! :) Here's to us doing something for ourselves!!!

Post op tomorrow @ 9am... Help!!!

I'm freaking out that I'm going way too big : / I definitely don't want to go too small... Aaaaaahhh help please!!!! If I go mod+ I'm thinking 650-700 (there is only like .4cm in diameter difference and .1cm in projection) but if my dr says he wants to do high profile I feel I'd need to do 750cc to get any side boob bc I'm so broad (14in from one arm pit to the other). I don't want to go in tm so squirrely about size : /

Post op done!!

My surgery is all paid for now I get to hurry up and wait. Lol I found out my surgery isn't going to be until 3:30 in the afternoon!!! They don't want me to eat past midnight though just in case they need to move me up. I'm totally going to be a b*tch this day lol especially since I can't have my coffee. Here are some pics of me with sizers on. I left office saying 700 but the more I look at pics maybe I should do 750 there isn't really a different in size.

Surgery is Wednesday...

My surgery is 1 day away and nerves are hitting me a bit right now. As far as eating afterwars most of you ladies have said your nauseas ... So what food or drink do I need to stalk up on???

Said goodbye to ...

Yesterday I said goodbye to my itty bitty titties and welcomed my new 800cc mod+ profile silicones. Extremely tight not in too much pain. My right nipple decided to start getting feeling back so that is probably the most painful. I will post a pic of my new girls either Tm or next when it's a little easier to maneuver.

Surgery was Wednesday at 2:15 so today will be day 2-3...

I'm sitting very high and very tight which dr said tightness might last a bit longer for me bc of size of implants. Can't wait for these babies to drop and fluff into place. Hubby helped me shower today which felt extremely nice :) especially since my body decided I should start my period day of surgery!!! VERY inconvenient!

5days post op...

I'm feeling pretty good :) my left side still hurts a little and I'm thinking its bc it was my smaller boob. I can't stand sleeping sitting up my back is hating it also :/ Anybody have any easier exercises I can do to loosen my back up? I'm still riding pretty dang high but that's to be expected only 5 days out :) I will post one week post op pics on Wednesday

1 Week Post Op

So today marks one week post op for me. Things are getting better day by day. I'm still high and very brick like :/ My dr doesn't recommend massage or the evil strap of doom. My friend went to him and she is a nurse and she didn't do either and hers turned out great. I'm just worried about not massaging even just a little after reading CC stories. But I love my PS and don't feel he'd steer me in the wrong direction. What would you guys do? I can start taking Motrin today and I only am doing a pain pill before bed to help me relax a bit more. My back is feeling better also. The more I move around the better. I'm going to attempt to drive today bc I'm sick of staying at home or relying on other people to take me places.

2 Week Post Op

I don't see too much of a difference : / this week from last. But there is a difference in how they feel! :) I can't wait for them to drop and fluff but I know I need to be patient. My tape has came off my incisions and they look great. My dr said I can start treadmill again which is good bc I feel HUGE! I'm hesitant on posting pic bc there really hasn't been ANY change in the looks and I'm getting discouraged about these "bricks". They're just not very pretty YET I know they will be with time.

3 Weeks Post Op

Today marks 3 weeks. I attempted going back on Momday to doing hair and ended up really swollen and very uncomfortable so I'm going to try again next week. I don't want to push it and mess anything up. I'm still really high but they are starting to take a little bit of a better shape thank God. I started sleeping flat on my back which is ok but I wake up on my side so I'm thinking I need to go back to the hair. I still have that tender pins and needle feeling on both breast and my nipples are extremely sensitive. I go back to my dr next week for my one month post hope hoping he says everything looks good :)

4 Weeks Now...

I'm liking them better everyday! Again still high and my left seems fuller than my right and lower which is weird bc I'm right handed...? I go to dr tomorrow for my one month check up so we will see what he has to say. I'm also going to be scheduling my consultation for a tummy tuck when I go tomorrow. :) Hope you all are healing, dropping and fluffing :)
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