Co2re Laser Resurfacing for Acne Scars - Visalia, CA

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Day of procedure - Had laser resurfacing done on...

Day of procedure - Had laser resurfacing done on wed at noon. The actually procedure was tolerable. The pain immediately after was pretty bad. A topical pain killer was put on my face before leaving the office that would keep me comfortable a few hours. When that wore off it just felt like a really bad sunburn. But that night my face began to swell.

Day 3

It has been 48 hours since the treatment and I have very little pain. Mostly what is uncomfortable is the swelling in my face which is pretty extreme. It scared me because it is to the point of being unrecognizable. Lots of pressure from my cheeks but the nurse in the office says its normal.

Day 4

The swelling in my face finally started to go down Saturday morning! And thank goodness because I was extremely worried. The oozing has diminished and skin is slowly starting to peel close to the center of my face. The aquafor seem to be causing some acne which I havent had an issue with in years so I am hardly using it at this point.

Day 7

It's been one full week of healing and my skin is looking great. 90 percent of the swelling and scabbing is gone. I am a little pink but the skin seems to be much smoother. Right now the two rolling scars on each cheek are hardly noticible. I will have to report back in a couple months. I should have backed off the aquafor/healing balm after the first day of healing since my skin is oily. I nearly had couple pimples come up after many years of not having any. The healing balm was too occlusive and now o now for next time. I was able to dry the pimples up by dabbing minute amounts of zit cream on each one. Also will have a micro peel at 2 weeks to get rid of the dead skin (this was suggested by the dermatologist)
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