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Hello! I am 45 -have 3 children from 15 to 21 and...

Hello! I am 45 -have 3 children from 15 to 21 and they were all c-sects. I hate my c-sect scar and am excited to have a full tummy tuck to flatten out this tummy! Having lipo on hips and love handles as well. I want them gone! Doing a breast lift with implants at the same time. I am scheduled for 8 am on Nov 2. Any advice would be great!Updated on 19 Oct 2011:Feeling nervous-some days I think I may cancel the whole thing! But I am paid in full! I am looking into renting a hospital bed -trying to get one for 2 weeks but seems that's too short a time period. Don't want it here when Thanksgiving rolls around-having husbands family 28 people for dinner and I dont feel like announcing why I have that bed.(our master is on the first floor) Did anyone do it sleeping in a recliner? Or could you use pillows in your own bed?Updated on 24 Oct 2011:Ok I am 7 days out of surgery and my husband has come down with a killer headcold!! I am doing my best to keep my distance and have been drinking Airborne(altho i am not sure it's allowed this soon to surgery b/c its vitamin supplements??) Oh well hes definitely not getting his last chance sex before surgery lol-hes gonna have to wait indefinitely! Hope i dont catch this!!!Updated on 24 Oct 2011:Uhoh starting to feel like my chest is getting heavy and the cough is starting! Called PS and was told they only cancel if you have a fever over 102~!Updated on 30 Oct 2011:Ok its Sunday-got thru the homecoming parade-and dance with my 15 and 17 yr olds last night! Now it is time to clean the house and get ready! I go in for surgery on Wednesday at 7am! I am nervous but excited- I am worried about my weight and how it will affect my results. I am 5'5" and am weighing in today at 153-I bounce up and down 5 lbs so its a pretty steady weight for me but I wonder if I am going to come out with still with the love handles that i HATE HATE HATE! i would be so disappointed. PS did nto tell me tolose any weight just wanted to know if this was pretty stable weight for me. Anyway got grocery shopping to do-house to clean-what else should i be preparing for??Updated on 2 Nov 2011:Hi all-today is the day of my mommy makeover- i got up and ready and went to the office at 7 am. I was then told that my surgery was cancelled as the PS was called to the hospital. REALLY?? I burst into tears! After weeks of planning, scheduling, getting over the guilt of the money and time etc -I spent a sleepless night-get there and THIS? I am so upset and generally angry. Dont know if I should reschedule (which will take a lot of work to get everybody on plan again) or just give up- maybe htis is a sign I shouldnt do it? I should be going into recovery and here I am-same as before.Updated on 3 Nov 2011:Well I was very upset yesterday after my surgery was cancelled. Well Im back on for tomorrow at 7 am. I am getting my nerve back up today! Good luck everyone!Updated on 8 Nov 2011:Hi All well its day 4 post-op drains arent doing much and i see PS on Thursday so Im sure theyre coming out which still freaks me out a bit. Also when do the stitches come out? Feeling like a human today-showered and moving fairly well. Hubby surprised me with a new iphone today so I have a new toy to play with =) First 2 days i regretted this decision but you gotta hang in there cause 2 days have made a big difference! Hoping to get out of this house by the weekend ! =)Updated on 10 Nov 2011:Hi ladies it's day six postop for me saw the plastic surgeon this morning got both of my drains out and all of my stitches out everything looks great and I feel like a whole new person! After the appointment I went shopping I got some new bras and some new underwear and it's only been less than a week but I feel it was all worth it. Hope everyone else is doing well take it easy rest I'm on the couch now for a few hours to take my nap !Updated on 16 Nov 2011:Hi All-day 12 here-feeling better-go to PS tomorrow-have some questions-does anyone else's newboobs ever feel hot? Like a burning sensation on the inside? It comes and goes but only on one side. Posting some new pics- and trying to stand up straight!!Updated on 17 Nov 2011:Day 13 just back from PS-everyhting looks great-my scar is very low and really pencil thin I am happy with how it is healing. He took the stitches out of my belly button and since I am numb I didnt feel anything. I did have a blood clot under my right arm that made it painful but Dr broke it up. Boobs are still swollen some but feel better every day. I asked if I could get on the tredmill yet he said to give it another week to ten days. Also I can toss the binder and spanx and go commando but Im not sure about that. Im going out to dinner with a friend to have my first glass of wine in a month (yay!!)and Im not going to wear any support and see how I feel.Updated on 28 Nov 2011:Ok I am 3 weeks out now-still have the weirdest numb sensation from boobs down to pelvis. I did try the tredmill today for the first time- I only lasted 20 minutes just walking but it's a start! Boobs are starting to settle-the scars from the lift and fading a bit. My incision scar is pencil thin and I am happy with it. I did go shopping black friday and when i got home I fell asleep on the couch. We want to do so much but we are still healing! I totally forgot and lifted a case of soda on thanksgiving and then remembered I shouldnt have. But i could do it! Hope everyone is healing well!!Updated on 4 Dec 2011:Hi! Well i am at 4 weeks post op. My boobs are starting to settle into place-I can sleep on my side but no stomach yet. I'm afraid to pop em!! Incision scar is well healed and low so i am happy with it. I have noticed that even with the lipo I have a muffin top but only on one hip..I guess he got less on one side than the other? I hate the dreaded muffin! Anyway i have joined Weight Watchers online and trying to lose a few more pounds-then I think I will be happier. I did not lose any weight after surgery and am still in same size 10 jeans. =( I am back to doing some tredmill every day but only walking and at 45 losing weight takes forever. Im hoping to post some more pics later today.Updated on 12 Dec 2011:Hi Ladies- I am 5 weeks post op now and things are pretty good. I will admit all this Christmas shopping and errand running do poop me out and I only get some swelling across the top of my rib cage-weird stomach stays flat. When I wake up in the morning its all flat again.Boobs are doing great-soreness almost gone and scars are not terrible and I know will continue to fade-not so Frankensteinish anymore! I think even with the settling they are staying in a D cup which is big enough for me! Scar is low and fading- i buy "hipster" panties and they cover it fine. Belly button is a little red wondering if something is brewing there but its so numb still I cant feel if it hurts or not! I go back in Jan 5th. I do have one issue -my right underarm still hurts-my impants went in under my arms and I still cannot extend that arm all the way. The other one is fine. Anyone?Updated on 22 Dec 2011:Hi Everyone! 6 weeks post op-some small hiccups-the scar at the bottom of my right breast popped open a tiny bit so some bleeding but it has re scabbed and also a teeny tiny hole in my incision that is hard to see but the burning pain gave it away! Weird i am having these issues at 6 weeks but I really think its the hustle bustle of the holiday season and ive probably been lifting things i shouldnt be as well. So still just walking on the tredmill--I dont feel like doing much more anyway!!!! Happy Holidays everyone!!! Try to take it easy!

Hello ladies and Happy New year!! Had my 8 week...

Hello ladies and Happy New year!! Had my 8 week post op check today-boobs look great-tummy healing nicely-cleared for all exercise altho sometimes my middle is so tight i just dont feel like it! But I am going to Miami in Feb and I still need to lose some weight!! Lucky for me Dr's camera wasnt working today so my after pics will wait 8 more weeks and hopefully I will be thinner and tan from florida!!I saw my pre op photos today again and I was gross! lol Forgot to ask Dr one question-has anyone lost sensitivity in one nipple after breast job? one feels great other feels irritating when touched.......
Hope everyone is recovering nicely!!!!

Hi Ladies- its been year since I have been on...

Hi Ladies- its been year since I have been on here! Still love my new body and recently lost 25 lbs so my tummy is flat as a board!!! Wouldnt change a thing-hope everyone is doing great!!!

Hi Ladies! I am officially "graduated" says my PS ...

Hi Ladies! I am officially "graduated" says my PS I had a tt and lift with implants in Nov 2011. Cant believe it has been so long!! Wanted to post a recent photo of me and hubby in Dominican Republic. I am 46 with 3 kids-all c-sects-not too bad right???Diane

2 year anniv!

Things are great. Wouldn't change anything!

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