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Hello everyone!! I am 30 years old, 5'3 and...

Hello everyone!! I am 30 years old, 5'3 and 150 pounds. I gave birth to two children in my early 20's and during that time my weight hit up to 220 pounds. For the past 6 years I have been able to keep the weight off, give or take 5-10 pounds. However, I have a lot of loose skin that I cannot get rid of. Finally, after years of desiring a tummy tuck, I am able to get the surgery done.

Tomorrow at 6:45am is the big day and I am scared out of my mind!! But I know in the end it will all be worth it. I have found this website so encouraging. I think I have looked through everyone's post at least three times! lol My husband has been very supportive and I know he will be there through it all but I also know that this site will keep my spirits up through the emotion rollercoaster I'm about to take on. I have posted some before pics and I will post more when I'm feeling lively enough :)

Well today is my third day post op and I must say...

Well today is my third day post op and I must say I am feeling much better today then the last two days. I went into the surgery center at 6:45am on Friday. They immediately walked me to the back room where I changed into my gown, peed in a cup for the pregnancy test and went straight to the bed where they started my IV. After that the doc came in and marked where my incisions will be. After wards my entire mody started shaking I was so nervous. The nurse was very sweet and gave me something to relax me and that was very nice :) It all went really fast, which was probably a good thing so I couldn't sit and dwell on anything. Everyone was awesome except I did feel a little rushed when I was coming too after surgery. I don't remember a whole lot except I was in pain and the nurse immediatly gave me something to help. Next thing I knoew she was getting me dressed and then wheeled me out to where my husband was. I remember not being able to stay awake while they were standing there talking. The nurse then wheeled my to the car and I don't remember much after that. That night I slept most the time and kept up on my pain meds every 4 hours. My husband has been amazing in taking care of me. He is very sweet, and I know I have been pretty emotional. The next day I peaked under my binder and I have to admit I was a little dissapointed. I was still very swolen and my even though a lot of my stratchmarks are gone there is still many left. I knew this would be the case however I guess seeing it is a little different. Today my wonderful husband washed my hair in the sink for me and then he helped me take a shower afterwards. I had read on here that washing your hair in the sink was easier so thats what we did. Well I was able to see my self completely naked before getting in the shower and I must say I am happy with it. I can't stand up very straight yet and my stomach is still very swolen but all in all it looks like it's healing nice. I'm hoping in the days to follow the swelling will go down and the stretchmarks will also smooth out. I would like to have a stretchmark free belly but this is still much better then it was. Maybe I'll do a tatoo or something in a year or so to help cover it.

I appreciate everyones post on here. It's all I read all day long, until my pain meds kick in and I can't focus anymore lol. I will keep posting my healing process!! Thank you everyone for all your posts. They are all very helpful.

Today I went to my 1st post op appointment since...

Today I went to my 1st post op appointment since the surgery. I thought it was strange that I didn't see the doc for a full five days after surgey but it all worked out. He said everything looked like it was healing well. I was able to see a pic of the skin they cut off my tummy and it was actually taken off in two peices. He said it was about 3-4 pounds of skin removed. I also asked him about the remaining stretch marks on my belly. I knew I would still have them, but they don't lay flat. It still feels loose and wrinkled, just not as tight as I expected they would be. He assured me that they will eventually smooth down once my swelling goes down and Im healing. Have any of you experienced this with left over stretch marks?? Other then that I feel pretty good. I'm extremely soar every morning when I get up but once I start moving around and loosing up it gets easier. I will post some new pics when I'm two weeks PO. Hopefully by then I can start wearing the spanx since I have to start going back to work :-(

Well I am three weeks PO as of yesterday. I have...

Well I am three weeks PO as of yesterday. I have to say it hasn't been that bad at all. I have been back to work now for a week and a half and the first couple days back were rough but after that I noticed my swellling had gone down alot. I still have swelling by the afternoon but just not as tight as it used to be. I have had some concerns with my insisions under my breast though. After I removed the tape I have been having some light bleeding and yellowish looking fluid showing up on my bra. I went to see my PS and was reassured that this was normal; that was a relief because it really freaked me out. I have posted more pictures as of today. Overall I am very happy with my results and I feel sooooo much better about myself!!!!
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