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I'm almost 5'3" and about 135lbs...

I'm almost 5'3" and about 135lbs which is "heavy" for me. I have a small stomach and waist but have always dealt with heavy thighs even when I was 125lbs. I really hated the way the back of my legs looked saggy and even though friends tell me I look great, I felt like I should have nicer legs with the amount of time I was spending at the gym. After feeling frustrated for a few years, I'm almost 34 now, I wanted to make a change for me. So I had my inner and outer done. It's been 3 days and I'm still as sore as I was on day one. I realize this is a long process and will keep posting my results as time progresses. My doctor told me that Smartlipo is a fickle procedure in the fact that you don't always get the 100% results you want but if I could be happy with at least 50% then he recommended getting it done so here I am.

I'm about 3 weeks post-op and still have...

I'm about 3 weeks post-op and still have significant numbness and some pain. I have noticed that sitting for long periods seems to make it worse which sucks for me since I have a desk job. =(

I have noticed that some of the previous lumpy areas on my outer thighs is gone so that's a relief. I am however starting to notice more hard lumps in areas especially my inner thighs. I'm hoping to get back to the gym in another week or so.

So it's now been almost 5 months since my surgery....

So it's now been almost 5 months since my surgery. I'm still iffy about the actual results versus the pain/cost. I had to wear a compression garment 24/7 until just a few weeks ago because of the soreness. I still have some acute (on and off) soreness in areas and definitely some lumps/scarring. I now have 2 lines on the back of my legs where my buttocks hang. Not sure if this is cause by still being swollen or not.

On a side note, I just started Velashape on my outer thighs and back of my legs near my buttocks and have seen significant results in decreasing the extra "fat" in that area causing the double lines. I had my 2nd treatment today and so far so good! Definite improvement overall and it seems to be helping the lumps/scarring as well.

Year post-op

So it's been well over a year since my procedure and I have to say that I wish I hadn't gotten it done. I still have some pains mainly on my outer thighs probably from nerve damage. Nothing unbearable but I didn't have that before. Also I have notice significant weight gain in my chest and stomach areas that I hadn't had before. I have gained about 8 lbs since my surgery so I realize that this has a bit to do with that.

The outer part of my legs looks smoother overall but probably not noticable to anyone else besides myself. Unfortunately the back of my leg that meets my butt area now has two creases instead of just the one. This is what bothers me the most since it just looks so unnatural and makes me appear heavier than I am. The Velshape worked a liitle bit to diminish this but did not eliminate it and the change was only temporary. I was told another lipo surgery "might" take care of it but I don't think I want to go thru all this again. Ultimately just a huge disappointment since I'm even less comfortable in a bathing suit than before and I've never had issues with that. =(
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