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Hi! I have been visiting this site for a couple of...

Hi! I have been visiting this site for a couple of months but am just now getting around to posting. I’m 34 years old and a mom to 3 kids: 4 year old twins and an 18 month old. It was the twins that did me in. They were 8lbs a piece when they were born, so needless to say my belly was stretched out big time.

So I had me a Mommy Makeover on Monday! So I guess that makes me PO3 today. I’m feeling pretty good and thought I would share my experience with you all. First off, let me say, it’s worth it. Worth it, worth it, worth it! And I’m a bandaged, cinched, tired mess – but I can already tell you it’s worth it. I’ve been thinking of having this done since the twins were born, but I wanted to be sure we were done having kids before even considering it. Well, we did decide to have one more, and 18 months ago we welcomed our third LO into our family. Let me tell you, always in the back of my mind I had a little countdown going of when I could give the plastic surgeon a call. As soon as I was done nursing, I called my doc to get his recommendation on a plastic surgeon, and off we went on this journey!

This site was a big help getting ready for surgery. It was nice to know that practically everyone having this done felt the same way I did. I also was able to get all the stuff prepared for my recovery. My PS only told me to get my pain meds, antibiotic and abd pads before surgery, but a lot of the suggestions from this site have been very helpful.

Here are my lists, in case they may help you: For the hospital: I stayed overnight in the hospital. Bring: a book, ipad if you’ve got one, hairbrush and hairbands, toothbrush and toothpaste, tic-tacs (cause you might not really feel up to brushing your teeth – I didn’t) change of clothes (underwear, comfy elastic waist pants, and a button front LOOSE top, shoes and socks.)

For when you get home: Set yourself up a little nest in a recliner. I actually have a reclining chair and an ottoman, which works fine. Have blankets and pillows ready. I have really liked having my pregnancy pillow to either wrap around me or to sit on like a big doughnut. Have your meds in a little basket next to you. I have my pain meds, antibiotic, arnica montana, Vitamin C, Miralax, Neosporin, q-tips, cotton balls, abd pads, and hydrogen peroxide. I also have a note pad where I write down when I take my medicine so I can keep track.

I’ll be sure to update more on how I’m feeling, and maybe some pics, very soon! Healing vibes to all! -L

PO Day 5: Feeling pretty good today. Had enough...

PO Day 5: Feeling pretty good today. Had enough umph to get up and eat breakfast at the table, as well as tidy my bedroom. But it’s funny how I’ll sit down just for a minute and find myself still there an hour or two later. I guess I’m still easily tired out. I’ve been slowly trying to get off the pain pills, and lately have been trying to get by on half a pill. This, however, is not working. I’m counting the minutes until I can take my next one (which will be a full one this time!)

Here’s a recap of the recovery so far:
PO 1: Had a pretty restless night. Sleep was usually interrupted by nurses checking vitals, and by the time they were finished I wasn’t sleepy so I would just read for a bit. After 30 min to an hour I’d be sleepy again and would go back to sleep. This happened 3 or 4 times. I was so glad to have a book! In the morning I met my new nurse. During the morning she removed my foley, took me off IV fluids, took me off the pain pump, and removed the leg thingys that inflated every 45 seconds to keep the blood flowing. It was nice to be detached from everything. But soon it was time to pee. I called the nurse, but they took a while in coming. I was actually getting teary, cause I really had to go and was at the mercy of other people to help me. I called again and a nurse came fairly quickly. It wasn’t too terrible getting up. About what you’d expect.

Oh, my PS came in at about 7:30 to look things over. She said everything went well. My skin didn’t stretch as well as she would have liked (she warned me ahead of time that this could be the case) so I do have a small vertical scar. I also have large swaths of tape on my chest. Apparently my chest muscles are “fragile” and need support. I’m not to take it off if at all possible. It’s not too bad – only slightly itchy at times. I asked her about taking arnica and she said it was just fine, but to 1) be sure to take it as directed as taking less has zero effect and 2) get it from a reputable place like Whole Foods. I also asked about taking Miralax as opposed to just a stool softener. This was also OK. But, to fast forward, I finally went on PO 4 with the aid of a glycerin suppository, despite the Miralax and lots of fiber and water in my diet. It wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be (both the suppository, and the going.)

I ended up taking a walk around the floor around 3:30 (somewhat painful, fully bent over, with a few muscle spasms here and there), and left the hospital about 6:00. The trip home really tired me out. Slept most of the evening, and all night, except for one scheduled wakeup for meds and a pee.

PO2: Spent most of the day in the recliner, just got up to pee. The doc warned me this would be my worst day, but really I felt better than the day before. Once I was up, I didn’t feel too bad, and took a little walk around the house. Still very sleepy – the pain meds really zonk me out.

PO3: Again, small improvements. Able to get up and stay up a bit longer. Not sleeping quite as much during the day. Sleep at night is not a problem (happily). My Mom has been helping me with my daily bandage changes. The belly button is totally numb, so that’s a very weird sensation. My incision (which is shorter than most, only going from inside the hip bone) is number the closer you get to the middle. But getting it cleaned and changed isn’t usually painful at all.

PO4: Took a peek at the new ladies today, but it’s somewhat inconclusive. With all the tape below and above, they are kinda squished into a cone shape . But from what I can see, I think they will look nice, and I like the size.

Oh! For size, I was a barely-A before surgery. The girls were totally deflated. Just sad looking. When I went in for my sizing appointment, I brought in a simple cotton bra from Victoria’s secret, size 34C. At that appointment I liked the 275cc, thought the 300cc was a bit big, but acceptable, but thought 325 was too big. I’m tall (5’10”) but not a bulky girl. And I’ve never been large chested. I just wanted boobs that fit my frame, but weren’t too big. I thought a C would be a good size, and from what I could tell, the 275s did the job. However, I ended going with the 300s to be on the safe side. I even tried them all on again at my pre-op appt just to be sure (and tried them on with a sports bra to get a different perspective) and was happiest with the 300s.

So that brings us to today… doing better and better everyday! I need to take a few after pics and get them posted. It’s on the to-do list!

Best to all!

Before photos added. I'll post more after my...

Before photos added. I'll post more after my appointment at the PS tomorrow. Hopefully I'll get the tubes out and all this dratted tape removed.

Feeling very good today. Was able to do a little light cleaning/tidying. I also took a sponge bath and shaved the legs - heaven! Plus I had to clean the bra - can't go to the doctor's tomorrow with dirty underwear. ;)

Ugh. Night before last at about 3:30 I had a...

Ugh. Night before last at about 3:30 I had a dream that I had a fever. So I woke up and, you'll never guess... I had a fever. It was about 100, so I wasn't too alarmed. But I felt just awful. In the morning I came to discover I was having some lower GI trouble. My surgeon thinks it's a coincidental viral thing... Very poorly timed. Spent most of yesterday sleeping (and had to miss my follow up appt!). But I started feeling better around 7:00 pm. Just a bit tired today. I'm also attempting once again to go down to half a pain pill, and it seems to be going better this time. I think my follow up will be tomorrow. Oh well. More soon. :)

DPO 11: Doing better today. The past few days...

DPO 11: Doing better today. The past few days after my fever I’ve just been wiped out. Zero energy. I have also been fighting a cough (can you imagine? A cough!) But today I seem to be coming back to the land of the living, and the tickle at the back of my throat is abating. I even went to Target this morning and made it through just fine. I did have a nice long afternoon nap though. ?

I had my first follow-up on Wednesday. They said that everything was looking good, that my abdomen (especially around my scar) is really swollen. My drains were removed (hooray!) and the tape taken off my chest (again, hooray!) and I was told to keep on with the binder and bra, and stay hunched over for a few more days. I’m almost vertical at this point, but I will stick to doctor’s orders and not try to stand up perfectly straight until Monday.

Once the tape was removed I finally got a good look at the girls. They look great! As I told my husband – best case scenario boobs! They are a very nice size and look very natural to me. I’m pleased with them. I’m not as pleased with the belly at this point. I thought it would be flatter, especially below the belly button. But I’m sure there is still some swelling going on still – but looking at others’ photos I would have thought it would look better than it does. Also, my scar is monsterous. Literally, I feel like Frankenstein. Not only is it swollen, but it looks like a big ridge. I know it will go down, so I’ll just have to wait and see. I’m so looking forward to feeling like myself again. Being tired and hurting is very wearying. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

I really cannot believe it, but I am sick again. I...

I really cannot believe it, but I am sick again. I caught a cold from my kids and have been in the bed for two days. Ugh. Not to mention that I have had a couple of bad coughing fits. I don’t think I’ve damaged anything, but I’m now fully medicated on cough medicine.

Speaking of medication, I stopped taking the Percocet the same day I completed my antibiotic course (it was a 10-day course.) The following day I took 2 advil in the morning and then one every 4-6 hours. The next day I just took it in the morning, and then I pretty much quit. There are some prickly pains I get on occasion, and my chest and stomach skin are very sensitive. But I just didn’t feel the need to take medication for that. I’m pretty much standing up straight at this point, but frankly, I’ve been in bed for two days, so I’m a little creaky and sicky and blah. Not the best measure of what recovery is supposed to be like. At least I know I’m not over-exerting myself!

I’m finally including “after” pics. These were taken on 4/2 – 2 weeks after surgery. That surgical bra is really unbecoming, but it’s functional. The pic from the side has me somewhat distressed. I don’t see much difference – I thought my tummy would be flatter. But I’m still swollen and I’m not standing up straight – I’m hoping there will be improvement down the road. Any words of wisdom on this would be much appreciated!

The scars look awful, but they don’t really hurt at all. I’m getting my stitches out next Monday, and I’m hopeful I can start some sort of scar therapy. For some reason I bought Scar Guard before my surgery, so I need to ask my PS if that’s what I need to use, or something else.

The boobs are still looking good. The one on my left is about a half inch lower than the one on the right. I assume this is the “dropping” I’ve read so much about. I’m hoping the other one catches up, but really, they both look fine to me. I’m just happy to have nice lookin’ boobs!

I hope you all are well this week! Take care!
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