Coolsculpting a Week Ago - Virginia

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I had coolsculpting a week ago and hate to say it...

I had coolsculpting a week ago and hate to say it but I am in pain. The procedure itself was not painful (nor was it "comfortable") but a day or two after, I started with shooting pains and intense burning/tingling. I feel like such a wimp when I read this board and most posts say there is NO pain and it's no big deal. I wake up several times a night taking motrin. I am hoping it will end soon and I will be happy with the results.

I am 5'9 and weigh 135 but have some belly fat from having babies. I don't want to lose any more weight and I work out 4/5 times a week. It was initially discussed that the MD would use the smaller device in 2 areas (left and right side of abdomen). To save time, we did the large one for an hour. When the nurse put it on me, she said "let me know if you feel light headed...some people cant handle the larger treatment". I'm thinking the smaller one is less intense.

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I need to wait and see results

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