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I have 5 days left with my 40G boobs. When I...

I have 5 days left with my 40G boobs.

When I was a baby my mom said she could tell I was going to be "blessed" with large breast. I didn't really notice until I entered 7th grade with a bra size at 38DD. I was known as the girl who had huge boobs. I started getting bad pain in my lower back every time I bent down, but I ignored it. I had been playing soccer since I was 4 years old,and as I got older I lost weight, but not in my chest. I always had to wear at least 6 sport bras to keep my boobs from smacking me in the face when I ran. haha.

After some college I had my daughter. My boobs only went up a cup size. I tried working out but never lost weight in my boobs. With all the back pain, all the rashes between and under my boobs, I decided to get the reduction I had been waiting for.

I am 20 yrs old now and my surgery is on 11/9/11...Although I am happy and excited, I am also terrified! I have mixed feelings from what people have told me and from what I have researched. I hate being in pain, so I am trying to prepare myself for this.

So today I went shopping to get my surgical bra. I...

So today I went shopping to get my surgical bra. I was supposed to get one on my doctors web site but couldn't find the link for it. His receptionist tried to find it to be we failed. So I went to JC Penny and found a sports bra that zips up in the front. I didn't know what size to get so I just got the biggest size they had, which was a 40DD. My nurse said to not get one my size or one too big, but I'm nervous if the one I got will be too small for my swollen boobs after surgery. I think I should bring it by my Drs. office to see what he thinks. Hopefully it will be fine because my surgery is only 4 days away!
-Ill post a pic of the zip up bra, let me know if you have any thoughts about it.

Tonight is the last time I will have my 40G...

Tonight is the last time I will have my 40G boobiesss.. I am very excited, nervous, scared and sad. I am sad because my boobs are who I am, what makes me, a way. But tmrw when I wake up from my surgery it wil be a new me. The same me on the inside, but a new me on the outside. It has given me motivation to become healthy, loose weight, look great, and feel great! This is only the beginning, simply The start of something new! See ya on the "small size" ;)

I posted my surgery but it didnt update for some...

I posted my surgery but it didnt update for some reason . It was really long and I am tired so I will write it again tmrw.

So ladies, yesterday was my surgery. Let me tell...

So ladies, yesterday was my surgery. Let me tell you how it went.
-So I arrived and had to fill out some forms. I soon was taken back and was asked for a urine sample. I then changed into my surgical gowned. My pre-op nurse was very kind, she called for the person who does the IV's, they had to get a senior (experienced) person because my veins are really difficult to find. I get IV's in all the time and they don't ever hurt, just a slight pinch. This one hurt, and then they had to take a blood sample in my other hand and that really hurt; I cried. lol.... The anesthesiologist came down and went over a few things and saw that I was upset. She told me that she would bring me some "cocktails" to relax me ( some drugs that would make me feel happy and loopy) cute right? But first I had to wait for my PS. Love him! he was so calm with me and answered all of my last minute questions, as well as my mothers. He then marked me up and left. The anesthesiologist came back with my"cocktails". She was great! She was very nice and funny. She said the meds would make my private area itch/burn a little. Within 30 seconds I felt the itch. But I also felt really loopy. It gets blurry after that. The next thing I know I'm in the Operating room and they put a mask over me so the anesthesia could go into my lungs. For some reason I kept trying to talk to them, so I wasn't passing out, I was awake. They said that one dose of anesthesia was not enough because my metabolism burned it off fast so they had to give me a 2nd dose which made me loopy all day after surgery.

When I woke up I didn't feel any pain, I just kept waking up and dozing off. My nurse who was watching me was really rude. She kept yelling at me because the anesthesia made my face itch and I was scratching it like crazy. Also sometimes when I woke up I would forget where I was and I would freak out and start crying. She yelled at me and said " STOP crying! you will make yourself not breath!" I told her to leave me alone and that she was rude. I dozed off and a different nurse was there. She was quite, but it seemed like all of the nurse's had a stick up their ass! I didn't like the first part of recovery with them. They gave me crackers and a lot of drinks because my mouth was so dry from the anesthesia. I then went into the 2nd part of recovery with my family. I was still loopy and kept dozing off. The nurse said that my family had to massage my feet every hour in an up and down motion 20 times on each foot. That was so that my blood would circulate in my legs and feet. I started to feel some pain but on a scale of 1-10 it was at a 3ish..they gave me pain meds and then after an hour I was free to go home.

My Dr. said he was going to make me a high C but then decided to make me a low D because a high C wold look un-proportional to my body. He said that if I work out and loose weight in my boobs the lowest they can get is a high C. I am happy with that! =)

My PS doesn't put drain tubes in. He says that the boobs will shape better with all of the stuff inside. He said I will drain a little bit through my incisions, but to just put gauze and tape over it.

That night I was so thirsty!! I drank so much water and when I had to use the bathroom it hurt so bad to stand up. Standing up for the first time felt weird. It was uncomfortable. I felt a lot of pressure and felt heavy. My meds weren't working well so I called mt PS and he told me to take 2 instead of 1. He also said to take them every 4 hrs instead of every hrs.

I ate a healthy dinner because I am trying to loose weight now! I was starving but it was good. I went to bed but kept waking up to use the bathroom. Also my meds were making me itch. I didn't know how far my PS cut me so I was scratching my incisions without even knowing. I was scratching under my armpit, it got irritated but my mom checked and said I didnt pull any stitches out. phewww!

I put some pictures up. I don't know if I will put up full nakkyyy pics up of my boobs because I'm not that comfortable with it yet.

DAY 1: So today I am feeling the pain. Its not...

DAY 1:
So today I am feeling the pain. Its not really bad its just an annoying pain. My pain meds are NOT working. I take 2 and still feel the same pain. I called my PS office and they said they would call in for a stronger pain med. Hopefully it works. on a scale of 1-10 10 being the worst, I would say my pain is at a 7. I can feel the pain where my incisions are. Right now it feels like its burning. It doesn't hurt too bad, its just annoying. I am eating healthy and staying hydrated. I looked at my incisions and they look ok i guess. My nipples are SO SMALLLLL! haha not used to that at all! but they are flat right now from the tight bandages.

For the rest of the day I am going to rest and pray the burning goes away =/

Day 2: Hey ladiesss! Hope everyone is well...

Day 2:

Hey ladiesss! Hope everyone is well.
-Today when I woke up I took my stronger pain meds which made me sleep on and off for about 3 hours. By noon when I was fully awake I started to feel some pain. It was the burning feeling again, but I didn't take anything for it.
-Today was my day to shower since my surgery. When I took everything off my boobs looked nice. Still swollen, and bruised, but they looked nice. I was afraid I wasn't going to like them but I'm in loveee!! =D
The warm water felt really good against boobs, but half way through I started to feel really weak and light headed so some odd reason. When I got out of the shower I noticed my hands were shaking. I sat down for a little and decided I needed some water. After I felt a little better I put gauze over my incisions and put on my zip up sports bra. It is a 40DD and although my PS said he made me a low D, it was very tight. This is because my boobs are so swollen, but it was uncomfortable. I noticed the bra was very tight around my incisions so I called my PS and asked for some advise. The nurse said that the bra was not going to cause any harm to my incisions but if it was uncomfortable then to not wear it. She also said that if the bra is rubbing the incisions then they will take longer to heal. She said to wear the Ace bandage for a week, and if my incisions are healed and the swelling has gone down, then to wear the bra. But if not then continue to wear the bra for another week and then they would look at me on my 2 weeks appt.

After putting the Ace bandage on I feel a lot better! A little pain, so I took some pain meds. It doesn't really work but it takes a little away.

I have been eating very well, trying to stay healthy. I am still blotted though and was constipated for not using the bathroom for 3 days.

So far everything is going smoothly. Not as bad as I thought it would be. The only bad thing is that I cant hold my daughter. She is 10 months and is a mommy's girl. So she wants me all the time but I can't do anything. She got close and hit my boob on accident. ooooh that hurt!

Good night for now! Ill update tmrw of how my day goes! =D

DAY 3: -I'm not getting a lot of comments but...

DAY 3:

-I'm not getting a lot of comments but I'm still going to post because writing about my process makes me feel better about this whole thing.

So today went pretty good. When I woke up I was in some pain. I think every morning will be like that. Just like when I'm sick, the mornings are ALWAYS the worst. I took some pain meds and changed my gauze. My gauze was wet from some stuff that drained out and some blood. I put the new one on and my Ace bandage and got some rest. I was feeling really good because my pain meds were working. So I decided to try on a shirt for the first time. IT LOOKED GREAT! and it fit perfect!!!!! I was so happy! b4 my shirt would be tight against my boobs cause they were so big, and it made the whole shirt tight on me. But now it is loose and looks amazing!I was so happy I decided to go to the grocery store to pick up a few things for my diet. I was wrong to go out though. Walking so much really hurt my boobs, as odd as that sounds. Also the car ride really hurt! Every bump, turn, stop, killed my incisions! I could feel them throbbing. When I got home I took some pain meds and got comfy on the couch.

Other than that, the pain was not bad at all. Its funny cause I thought I would be in horrible pain and I thought I would always be crying and wouldn't be able to stand the pain. I thought that it wouldn't be fine for a week. But only 3 days in and I am amazed of how good I feel and look!

So for those ladies who are scared of the pain - don't be. This is going to be the best thing you do for yourself. It is SOOOO worth it! =D

DAY 4: So today went pretty good. The morning...

DAY 4:

So today went pretty good. The morning of course was annoying, but turned out wonderful when my fiance woke me up to Breakfast in Bed!

Really mad because I just updated my hol day for...

Really mad because I just updated my hol day for today and it only let the first 2 sentences be updated. Well I am tired and off to bed. I will updated my day 4 tmrw when I do my DAY 5.
This is the 2nd time its done that to me. =/

DAY 6: So I tried to update DAY4, but it...

DAY 6:

So I tried to update DAY4, but it wouldn't let me, and then DAY 5 I didn't get to use the computer. My lap top broke so I have to use my sisters when shes not using it.DAY 4 went pretty good. I was freaking out more because I keep focusing on how my boobs are not the same. Everyone keeps telling me they are healing and still swollen but I just find it weird how my left boob is perfect and my right boob isn't. I look at others pictures and their boobs are the same the whole way. My mom said to just relax and wait till my 2 weeks. She said if they are not the same then, then at my 2 week apt I should talk to my PS about it. Im praying it is fine because I do not want to have another surgery.
DAY 5, was fine. just the usual things.
I have these cook books that are from the tv show "COOK YOURSELF THIN" its a recipe book/tv show that shows your how to diet, but it a good way. Showing you that you can still have your favorite foods, but in a healthier way. So I made RED VELVET cupcakes and mini CHOCOLATE CHEESE CAKE cupcakes in a healthy way. They were pretty good. only 280 calories. Its only been a week since my surgery and a week since I started to eat healthy and I have already noticed I am loosing weight. My face has slimmed out, no more double chin. It wasn't too bad to begin with, but it was noticeable to me. Well, not anymore!

This BR had motivated me to loose weight, and I know this website is for surgery's but I wanted to share with you ladies my diet as well. I hope that ok.

Today is DAY 6:
- For the past 2 nights I have been sleeping in my bed. I was sleeping on the couch before because it propped me up (since I'm not allowed to sleep on my back or sides)and it really helped. I had the arm rest on the side and pillows as well for my arms to be up. It was actually really comfy.When I slept in my bed I was so uncomfortable. I woke up in more pain than before. I ended up sliding down (without even knowing) on my back. Last night I slept on my side and woke up in a lot of pain. To not let that happen again, I will be sleeping propped up on my couch until the Dr. gives me the OK to sleep on my back and sides. This morning I had a nice healthy breakfast- An egg WHITE omelet with mushrooms and onions inside. With that I had a side of whole wheat English muffin. It was tastyy....
I took a MUCH needed hour nap and now I am about to take a shower. I love taking showers during this process because the warm water feels so good on my boobs. Also because after when I'm done, I feel so relaxed.

My boobs are starting to soften. Before they were as hard as a rock. I thought my PS made a mistake and gave me fake boobs for a second. HAHA! But yes now they are getting a little softer.

Tmrw will be ONE week since my surgery. I will update tmrw for you ladies!

DAY 7: ONE WEEK Last night I did not get much...


Last night I did not get much sleep so I was a little cranky this morning. I put on my zip-up sports bra on. It is a 40DD and I'm supposed to be a low D, but my boobs are still very swollen so its a tight fit. I was in m ore pain today than usual. I didn't take any pain meds for it though. I just woke up from a nap and my chest feels weird. The middle of my chest feels tight. It feels like i have to "crack my chest" like when you crack your back or neck or something like that. ONly because every since I got my surgery when I wake up the middle of my chest will crack or pop. It doesn't hurt, but right now I'm uncomfortable.

I will call my PS office to make an appointment for my 2 week follow up.

DAY 8 & DAY 9: yesterday was fine. I leaked...

DAY 8 & DAY 9:
yesterday was fine. I leaked more draining stuff because of my zip up sports bra is kind of tight. So I am changing my gauze more twice a day instead of once a day now. I showered again and this time I was able to shower on my own. I can wash my hair and do everything. I stopped taking my pain meds because they were making me go crazy when I slept at night. Meaning I wasn't sleeping well and was hearing things as well. It was scaring me so I stopped taking the meds. Last night I slept normally and nothing weird happened. I did sleep on my side and that was not a good idea. I'm hurting today.
I'm still upset about my right boob. Everyone keeps saying its just swollen and it will go down, but its hard NOT to notice it and its driving me nuts! My left boob is PERFECT! still swollen but it has a nice round shape and the nipple is in the perfect position. My right boob bulges out on the top and side and my nipple isn't in the same spot as my left one. Its weird because my PS before and after pics are amazing...I cant help to think that maybe he messed up on me. I know everyone says they will heal but when I look at everyone's pics their boobs are swollen too, but they are still the same size and do not look weird like mine. Its hard to listen to everyone when I'm the one looking at my boobs everyday. Every time I shower, or change my gauze I end up looking at my boobs for a long time. Looking at the good parts and then the bad parts. I was so upset about it, I cried to my mom last night. she said to mention it at my 2 weeks follow up and give it a month after that and if its still weird looking then maybe I have to get BS in my right boob again. When I got out of surgery my PS told my mom he took out 3lbs..But at my apt b4 surgery he told me he would take 4lbs out of my left boob and then 4 1/2lbs out of my right boob because it was bigger. So when I heard he only took out 3lbs I was shocked. Why wouldn't you take out more on my right boob? IDK Ill find out on my 2 week follow up how much exactly.

Sorry if I'm complaining, I'm just upset.
I don't want to get surgery again.

Other than that I am feeling fine. I told my boss I can come back to work next week. The only pain I feel is some "zings" or shocks in my breasts. My nipples are starting to perk out. B4 they were just flat and weird looking. It looked like I didn't have a point in my nipple. But now they perking out and look normal.

I will put some pics up later, I already have some from last week. I will take some of my boobs today since it has been a week.

Thanks for the support and the comments everyone. =)

5 MONTHS So its been awhile. I have been...


So its been awhile. I have been really busy, buuutttt i am living life pain free and looking amazing! My back as not hurt since I got the surgery, I am amazed! I got my first sexxxxyyy bra a month ago because I worked out too soon and some of m incisions opened. It wasn't bad, and i didn't hurt. Dr. Mountcastle took good care of me. Buutt when i bought my bra from VS I was crying because it felt so good to have a cute bra. I love going out to eat and not having my breast sit on the table. I love wearing ONE sports bra vs SIX. I love being able to walk around the house with no ba on and not having them hang down to my bell button. I love being able to jump and not have my breast come down so hard. This has motivated me even more to loose weight. In the past month Ive lost 15lbs and continue to loose more. My scars are going away faster than I thought! I am so happy I went with this decision and regret nothing! Thank you Dr. Mountcastle, you have made me more confident and so happy!!

Oh yeahh.. I am officially a VS bras I am...

Oh yeahh.. I am officially a VS bras I am a 38DD..but any other bra I am a 40D.

I went from a 40G to a 40D...ill take it ;)
Ashburn Plastic Surgeon

I loved my PS. Dr. Mountcastle. He was so helpful and very kind. If I need him or have a question he picks up any phone calls at any time! He is all about making you feel comfortable and making you feel more confident. He is the best PS in my area and I will tell others to see him. His staff were awesome! They were so sweet and helped me when I needed it. These people are so friendly and make coming back worth it!

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