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Good day, like many other stories begin, "I found...

Good day, like many other stories begin, "I found this site looking for support"

Yes, me too.
I have held in any emotion about my breast surgery from the late 90's to my shame, pain and misery I have carried up to this day. When I did the breast augmentation, I told one friend. Mostly because the Dr. requested photos. Other than that I was on a forum, similar to this, but ironically it was where you had cheerleaders telling you to go for it! And now, I do need, women who can support me in my decision to remove them.

I was in a terrible space when I made the decision to have my surgery. My bf at the time was a cheater. He also would constantly make comments about other women's breasts, and had no problem staring at them, any chance he could. I also found out he had an addiction to porn. My self esteem hit a record low, I hated my lopsided small droopy breasts. I began looking at how much sexier women looked (or so I thought) with fuller breasts. So I began obsessing....took me maybe a year to save enough money and also to choose a Dr. The rest I will not really share, as yup, got Em in. Way larger than I wanted. Never, felt comfortable with them, and up to this day, hate being in anything showy, since they are just "fake boobs" to me. Yes, I cringe when someone hugs me, get uncomfortable when someone talks about "fake ones" even tho they are not referring to mine. So, in the last 10 plus years, I have worked out hard, ran marathons, did an ironman, kept pushing thinking that would make me feel better about my body?! Never worked.

And today, I finally released my tears and my story with my friend. You know when you cry so hard you think a lung might burst?. Or a breast might fall out!! ???? if only it was that easy. It felt so good. We, in our years of friendship, never talked about it. And now, she 100% supports my decision to get them out. So I am now doing my homework. I live in the carribean, so want to probably head to somewhere close to, but not opposed to going somewhere besides Miami. The airfare and distance would be manageable.

I am looking for an experienced Dr. In removals. Would prefer local, as I had a tough time with the anesthesia the first time. Tho I healed very quickly and had zero scarring. I do not have all the details, as my original Dr. after a week has not responded, so I am sorry to not provide more info. I was a small lopsided b cup and really wanted them more even with a little fullness. You will see from photos the are like 2 rubber balls on my chest. I recall him going thru my aereola, and think he actually made that smaller too as one nipple was larger than the other.

Ladies, your stories prompted me to finally stop my silence and pain and depression and shard it here and with a friend. If possible I would like to fly up around Thanksgiving for my first consultantion, and then work my way financially and mentally to getting them removed, next September. My friend said she would come with me. That is a true friend.

If you would openly or privately share your Dr. Recommendations in your area, I am hoping I could do at least 3. I am not interested in having smaller ones put it. I am on the team of get these out of me, I am accepting of my droopy little ones, an seriously want to wear a bikini on the beach again!! I wear clothes more to try and hide them, than I do trying to show them off. I miss wearing tank tops, and little dresses that I did pre big boobs. I made the mistake of doing them out of shame. And the best thing is the same guy who was my bf, I finally defriended just recently. He wanted his kids to meet me, but not tell them my name...since he did not want his wife to find out. Yup, he was a true ahole. Ashamed of me then...and still now. I told him, he was no longer accepted into my life. Not a friend. Done. And that felt great! So now to get these implants out will be another move forward. Thank you for all your wonderful stories and I hope to have my "after" story to share also. virgingirl

How can you handle this long distance?

Ok, has anyone been able to A. Get a consultation, B. Make a positive choice to remove implants C. Get them removed within a day or two. I am trying to see if I can get a Skype consultation with a Dr. Instead of taking two trips. If that can't happen, do you think the above is a possibility? And how long is the average wait for removal surgery? I understand it will differ from Dr, to Dr. But is a month out a possibility? Thanksgiving is my hopeful date. Thank you ladies, and still open to Dr. Referrals hopefully near Miami or Orlando or Ft. Lauderdale. Just can't be too far from an airport. Thank you! So much inspiration here!

Gratitude and goodbye.

Ha, just wrote a long story about taking a run, to be grateful for my breasts, my implants, you ladies, the Drs. and my own journey. It disappeared. But here hopefully is my before photos from... 1999, omg. I need to get ready to be back in the itty bitty titty club!

Ladies post implant removal please chime in!

Help, I am getting nervous the more I read. My original plan, was to fly up to Boca Raton, as the Dr. I emailed seemed to feel it would be an easy procedure and the price seemed fair. He has good reviews on explants. Then spoke with a femal Dr. today who took her time to talk to me about the surgery. She does use a operating room for safety, would use local, plus a drip. Really connected and made me feel she was very caring and professional. Being a female (surprise!!) my intuition, heart is telling me to go the the female Dr. But honestly..and that is what this forum is about...it would cost me over double. Plus the logistics of me getting there involves a more expensive flight..a hour plus drive there etc.

The more I read here, the more I felt this could be a simple surgery for most board qualified Drs. And almost all the women are felling positive about their results. I am not having any health issues, just want them explanted. I prefer not to use Dr. names here, but if you want to private message me and ask me anything more, or give me your 2 cents worth! Please share. I am so trying not to obsess about this. My gf reminds me, I have had them for over 15 yrs. why not keep researching and just wait...but I am ready and I think the longer I wait, the more stress I am bringing about.

Thank you. Thank you for all the inspiration and hope and comraderie I have found here. I know there are many of you who felt..and possibly are still felling very alone in this.

I often feel that way, but am really letting go of the shame.


Nov. 17th I have a date!

Wow. Scarier than Halloween itself. I will soon be teeny tiny titty girl. I try not to be too obsessed by reading everyone's stories, as all of a sudden I realize I have not done anything but be on this website for hours. In reference to that I would like to graciously thank each lady, who bravely shared their fears, their triumphs, their ups and downs and of course their photos. It is a safe, inspiring place to be, specially when one feels pretty alone.

I am ok being alone (today that is!) But have my moments of feeling the sadness of doing this without someone to pick me up, drive me there, hold my hand when I see my breasts for the first time. But I am prepared. Thanks to one special lady who offered to drive and hang out after, just for support. That is the true definition of kindness of strangers.

So, update: I am going to Dr. Sudarsky in Ft. Lauderdale. Did a phone consult and felt comfortable with her honesty. She did say explanting was not something she did often, but she made me feel like she had confidence my situation would be fairly simple. I considered Dr. Pozner, or Plozner can't recall his name, but he never reached out for a one to one conversation, and the office said he saw my photos and said he could do an explant. He had a lot of good reviews, but at this time, I wanted someone who I could first speak with, just to see if we were on the same page.

I also spoke to another female per skype and almost chose her, but it would mean me driving almost 2 hrs. to get there and a lot more expensive for an operating room.

So, booked my flight, need to get a hotel, planning on seeing the area a little and returning home a little lighter, and yes a bit sad to no boobage.

Thanks for support, friendship, humor and insight ladies, well received!

My photo in clothes before explant this Tuesday!

Sitting here quietly, just me, my boobs, and my dog..who couldn't care less...

Leaving tomorrow, post op Monday, bra shopping with an amazing woman I met here, and out the window they go on Tuesday. Not good riddance because I must thank them for serving me. For teaching me, it isn't about the breasts. It is continuing a journey of self love
Not the easiest path. The implants probably at one time made me feel better about my body. But the more time I get to know my true self, the more I wanted them out. Not in anger, or frustration really. Just want to see how my body really wants to be. I eat clean, do yoga now, run for fun, not to be competitive and want to walk on the beaches here without feeling people look down on me because of my fake floaters. I suppose I have been fortunate to be so active and not have them bother me, but I am ready to run and have them jiggle, not just look as they do in this photo.

So, I have been using cocoa butter, taking acidophilus, feeling pretty calm in general. Closing my eyes and saying my own grace and thanks to you ladies/friends who have been so generous with sharing love, stories, photos and encouragement. Each one of you, who have explanted, and shared your joy, has helped my spirit feel so much better.

I am most nervous about being able to work after one week. I don't really have a choice as I work as a server and need to be back. For the $$ also. I know you are not supposed to be doing lifting ec. But I will just have to be careful and hope that I recover quickly.

Deep breathes. Ready to do this.

Post op One Hour!!! Going to be very honest.

Ladies, without trying to journal here I will try and share enough.

Appt. was for 9:30. I woke up a did a yoga practice, to be aware of my breathe, be open to explanting and the decision I made, to say good bye to having a cupful.

I walked to Dr. Sudarskys office, figuring it was the last brisk walk for a while.

Felt relaxed, waited. For me being in a environment of women pleased me. And having a female Dr. Helped also.

We went over everything, I who normally am high energy ball of fire, slowed my breathing down, and was completely ready. She numbed me, shot me with novacain and began the procedure. I felt the implant deflate, and said goodbye. It was a little tugging and she was gentle enough, and would do a little more novacain if I winced. Keep in mind I wanted as little of any drugs, medications etc. used.

Once the first one was out, I asked her to be honest and tell me what to expect. She said it looked like a pancake. That was not encouraging, but I did want the truth to prepare myself. A little scar tissue on the left side. The right side was even easier.

All in all an hour. I laid for maybe 5 minutes to mentally prepare myself to look down. In my heart of hearts, I hoped they would look like others I have seen here.

They were flat saggy and it was difficult, I will not lie. But I was ready, she also said they fit me, I looked more athletic. Which helped, but truly this will be a transition.

I got a cab, but stopped at a store for some food and water and was ok to slowly walk. I did have to ask for help reading and also opening a door as I do or did feel weak. I slowly walked 3-4 blocks back to hotel.

I will post photos tomorrow. Not quite ready to take bra off. Going to be quiet, grateful surgery went fine, thankful for this forum and you ladies.

I wish all of you considering this, a peaceful journey. I wish those who have done it, acceptance and great new beginnings. Thank you.

To my very special amazing lady who took me under her wing to spend time together, I cannot yet gather my thoughts to begin to let you know how much your kindness helped me thru this. You are more beautiful as your light of your true self shines. You are a true gem. People who get to connect with you in any way, are lucky, like me.

Hugs to all. Wow, I just felt myself up, and there is nothing!! Like I am 12, No joke. For me, super duper tiny droops.

Thank the lord, I bought padded bras yesterday!!!

Right now, I feel great tho!! It was a easy procedure.


Late at night at I feel pain and wondering if I can sleep"

Ok. I told the Dr. Less drugs thr better. So just novacain it was. When i left no prescriptions for anything. It is now uncomfortable. I can only lay on my back. Is it natural to be bloated? My belly looks blubberry!? Trying to hydrate. And trying to sleep....

Well hello tiniest boobs ever!

Good morning ladies. And I mean that regarding readers and these boobs. No joke, I think every 10 year old has more boob than this but...

Just got back from a stroll on the beach. Yes I do feel that good to walk, shop, go about having coffee etc. so that is great. But I cannot remember being this terribly droopy and like a negative Acup. But ....as I walked and said my prayer how grateful I was that I had a choice to explant and this is why I look this way. That I did not have breast cancer and had operate.

And so today my affirmation was to post a photo, and tell my daughter who is 26. We have never talked about my implants. So this is meaningful for me to do.

Yes I agree w it's so much posted here all ready so I will try not to reiterate. But, we are not defined by our breasts. But I also will be honest in believing that if I was naturally gifted with the implants I purchased, I would feel better, more womanly, sexy etc. the fact that they LOOKED fake, did not naturally move and made me embarrassed most of the time.

Right now, and yes I know it is literally 24 hrs. post op, but I cannot even imagine being sexual. I have not been in over 3 yrs. so In a way it isn't a big deal. But in my mind, sure I would like to be intimate with someone again. I ain't dead! But I mean, there is nothing. Well a nipple! I should be grateful for those right?

Anyway, thought I would post my photo and be brave. Yes things do look bigger in a photo so keep that in mind. The right one looks like a sunken in flat pancake. The left one is trying to pretend he may someday fit into an A cup.

My goal after 3 weeks. Try and lean up a bit. Wear padded bras for at least 30 days to slowly get co workers etc. not aware of the flat chested me. There is a huge difference. And frankly even I am shocked! I guess I thought after gaining a little weight in the past 15 years. Some would go to the boobs! Not. Oh well ladies...I feel incredible so on that note I would recommend anyone on the fence to do it. I truly AM glad to get these fake balls of plastic out of me.

And now peeps can question away!

Hugs Vgirl

Ski slopes in November!

Ok. For some reason my first set of photos did not show...

So...tada! Here are my new teeny ..tiny...wrinkly ski slop titties! They need to grow into even calling them boobs!

But yes ladies, I agree that we are not defined by our breast size, and not to be judged whether natural or not, big or small.

First photo in the da skin bra I have been wearing along with the zip up one. 2nd full frontal, at least they are evenly saggy and small. As you can see from the right one, he is really sunken in. The last one is a 34 A, cup bra that honestly, is still empty.

But on the super great side, I feel incredible. Zero pain, incisions are super tiny and healing. I am high energy and biting at the bit to be active. I have been strolling on the beach, loving that to at least keep my legs toned and my head clear.

And Yes my heart too. Wrote a letter to my daughter (26) and told her my story.

That felt great also.

To anyone scared..oh my gosh do not be. I feel awesome. The surgery went so well.

And without this forum, you friends, I could never had made this journey alone. Thank you for kind words, inspiration, private messages and encouragement.

Just had dinner with perhaps the most amazing strong, lovely and amazing woman ever. To her, I found friendship, just by talking boob talk! It became so much more, and I wish her all the love and joy her life now has room for.

Love y'all!

Real hug.


Just a little Saturday happiness.

Day 4? Since explant.

Took a really nice long shower. And truly felt like I was 12. Could barely look at my new tiny boobs, let alone wash them! And as I did, I said.

"I need a training bra" one that pushes the arm pit fat..(yea, you guys warned me..) pushes it into the upper pole. Then the little skin I have at the bottom, train that to just move up!

The difference in being 12 with small tatas and 56...is yes, they are not cute and perky. They are droopy and sad. I keep talkin to em tho. I have faith they will plump up. I believe in the force of positive thinking.

Not asking for a miracle B cup. Just to fill an A cup.

You forget how it feels to be so small. I do feel great. I decided yesterday to look at other parts of the forum. Can't explain how I felt looking at women who wanted to go even larger than their first implants. Not judging at all, just found it interesting looking and reading stories on the other side. And I wish them all good health and self esteem also.

Do what makes you feel good.

My latest yoga teacher uses that. I try and follow it daily.

Wrinkles are sort of going away from my pancakes! Yay! Vgirl

Day 6. Photo and acceptance.

Hi maybe last check in till next Tuesday which will be 2 weeks. The good side is because I had a benelli lift they are equal is location. Right side has no lower pole in fact it is completely flat. Kind of freaky, but maybe just needs more love.

I feel great! But I felt like the same super high energy person I normally am the following day of surgery. I had to force myself to stroll, instead of speed walking every where.

I am trying not to focus so much on my body right now. I feel everything is just flabby with no tone. But mentally I feel truly happy I explanted. No more being so uncomfortable, and hiding. Not that I feel ready to wear tiny tank tops either. Just slowly going to get used to me being very small. And working on "doing what feels good"

That's for words of support, photos you shared that inspired me. Who knows, maybe mine will inspire someone else.

Incision is about an inch? No pain, but trying to not reach up, that is a little uncomfortable.

Another reason I must stop posting is to go ahead and move on. They are just boobs.

I have a healthy great life I need to start loving!


Kinda funny the right one is so shy and sloping..

Two weeks and what? They are still small!!

Reminder to self. 15 yrs ago you were flat and droopy...don't expect them to be full and fluffy!

Yep, I do get distracted by photos of explants who were pretty large and then go to a A or B cup...I wish..

So right now my A cup is hollow. Empty. But left breast has a tiny morsel of meat on it. I have been wearing a sports bra and then a padded bra over it to work so nobody notices anything yet. Was hoping some would ask if I lost a little weight...nope..sad face!...

Anyway here is my photo. I am doing easy yoga, hiking and happy most of the time. Decision to explant 100% happy. My flat chest 50% happy. Truth.

Can't wait to start running next week. Miss that a lot. But hiking my pup daily!

Thanks ladies you are the best!

Time for the week week reveal..tada!

Good morning! I hit my 3 week post op and thought I would do a quick update. I went for my first run yesterday. OMG. It was amazing! Mostly because it was like training with weights on you for years, and then eliminating them and running! I was lighter, quick turn over, breathing easy and hit the hills. I could feel "boob jiggle" which was opposite of headlights that did not bounce! So as far as my fitness, I am back do doing my yoga, running, doing fitness DVDs etc. I can feel my upper strength is very low as I use to be able yo knock out push ups, and now I do them on my knees, trying to build my scrawny arms back up.

Got my one lil stitch out yesterday from my friend who is a nurse, she said they were not as saggy as she thought they would be...so that was....nice?

At work, usually wearing a jog bra with a padded bra over, just to try and look like I still have boobs.

Oh funny as I saw my ex for the first time yesterday. His first comment was.. "Oh you look skinny." It was inappropriate to me, as it is the same as saying just the opposite but....we only interacted for a few minutes, because I really was uncomfortable to have him look me over. Lucky I was in town with a pretty padded bra, but I was wearing a neck top. He texted me after, and said I looked good, which I think he realized his comment made me unhappy.

Funny how quickly we forget how are plants felt. I looked at my first photo I posted. I cannot believe how much boob I have! Had, I mean. Yes I am very small now. Yes I have some work to do, before I can be comfortable completely how I look.

But it is a great place to be. A lesson to accept others for who we are inside. Not the capsules of our bodies. Not judging anyone on their body types. Time to be healthy, have more fun, adventure and inviting good people in my life.

Love to you all who share their stories, stay strong, keep a positive attitude, accept the ups and down and...

Carry on....

Here is my photo today.

Making 2016 a better year. Update.

Hi ladies, tried to do an exact one month update, but you know...holidays came right in and swept away my time. But surgery was Nov. 22nd, and today is January 9th?

I feel pretty well. My runs are quicker, lighter and I am happy I chose to explant. For me, I have to be careful to not read or look at the breast implant forum! Honestly, although I am much happier to be myself, my breasts, no fake implants...I still feel like I wish I just had enough breast tissue to fill a bra. Even an A cup. I look very boyish, and I like that I can wear tiny tops etc. now without embarrassment, but still have a bit of boob envy. Given the choice tho, I am glad I did what I did and am taking this year to work more on the inner me, with acceptance.

Here are my photos. I healed super fast. It didn't make sense to wear compression bras etc. because there really was nothing to compress. My right one is so small, it is funny wearing and A cup, and it is empty. The left one is ok.

Since I am 56, I am ok with the sag, because it is what I should look like.

I have not been in a relationship for a long time, and do have anxiety and fear about being naked, and or touched again. But....I know...to not judge myself or anyone else by their breasts, their bodies. It is just the packaging for my heart, which is healthy, my spirit which is adventurous and my soul that is caring. So I am trying to be confident and happy where I am.

After explanting, I severed a relationship with a friend who drained me and never gave back, and my ex, who continued to mentally attack me, but tries to keep me connected to him. I decided neither of them brought me joy, so I let go.

To those who are debating about explanting, it is a great step to being yourself, moving forward, finding joy without counting on bigger boobs to attract who or what you think you want.

I am not anti implants per se, obviously because I chose that years ago, I am just pro, natural.

Happy 2016 all. Thank you to all who I connected with, and this forum for being super helpful and a great place for support.

Almost one year since explant. Thought I would share.

November 17th of 2016 I explanted.
Writing from a good space in hopes to answer any ?'s of those preparing.

And to be as honest as possible. Do I miss my implants? Yes and no. Yes as I knew they gave me in my mind, a sexier look. At that is just about all I have to say about that!! No, because I was always self conscious. How many people thought they were fake. I never (ever) felt comfortable in a swim suit. The older I got, the more they became fake, hard, no movement. Had lots more confusion in my life, not blaming the implants really, but they were just too much of my head chatter.

I now get lots of " you're so small" comments. It bothers me a bit as I know they are not just referring to my breasts, but my overall size. Note to people just as it is rude and painful to tell someone they are "so large" the same goes to the opposite. In reference I feel like a undeveloped teenager. I still do not fill up an A cup. But really I feel like I have breasts. I know that may be difficult to comprehend as I really Don't! But...they are real. The tiniest handful. They move, sag, and yes still have sensation.

Are there times I regret my decision? No. But I do (rarely) think of getting tiny implants to fill up an a cup. I know I will not, but I am just saying I think of it.

It helped me so much in finding myself. I visited my ex who never ever mentioned my breasts. Truthfully I believed he thought they were real and always made me feel sensual. We began talking and he very casually and kindly said " so you decided to go natural". I balled my eyes out and yet had a meaningful conversation with him. He told me he always loved me for who I was inside, and still felt that way. It really helped me accept myself even easier. He is a special person, and I was grateful for him being open to my honesty also.

I continue to try and move forward. Finding my spiritual self, if that sounds a bit weird, it is even for me. Being kinder, and slowing down . Letting go of more stuff I don't need. Not trying to be always the better version of myself, but being ok with this version, right now.

Any ladies considering explanting, for me it has been a gift, a big lesson in judging others too. Whether you have huge implants, or tiny nothings, we are all still beautiful and the same inside, with feelings, pains, fears, joy and a lot to share if you look past our breast size.

Goodness to all.
Richmond Plastic Surgeon

Still waiting to hear back from him. Wrote thinking it would be best to go back to my original Dr., but open to hearing opinions on this. It has been a week since I wrote requesting price and an update on what size he did, and if it was over, under, etc.

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