Fit Mama, 28. 130ish/ 5'4 Going with 420cc HP Saline Overfilled Implants - Virginia

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Where to start. Like everyone else on here, I have...

Where to start. Like everyone else on here, I have wanted boobs since High School. I have never wanted the natural look, nor the "balls on chest" look either. Somewhere in between... Ain't much to ask for right? ;] I am a mom of two that are 4 years apart. Pre-pregnancy I started off around 135lbs, maybe a B cup...Went all the way to over 200lbs, at least a FULL D cup. Lost boob then went to a C cup. Years later i got pregnant with my second and went up to 185lbs again, after gettting down to 140lbs. Boobs didnt get as big, but after losing the weight after breastfeeding both children, my ending result is now a current pancake, flat, 130lbs. Weight fluctuation has done a toll on my body. Which is where we are now, 2 days away from my BA! I havent been this anxious or excited in a while. It is truly something that has stuck with me for years. Something I've always wanted. So after sacrificing my body to children, its my time now! :] I decided on HP saline for two reasons. HP to give me the fullness on top, raise the nipple a tad from their almost inverted stage and give me the desired look I want. Saline, for the chance that with my overly active life and fact my family is extremely rough[hugs, being competitive in anything we do], that they leak, I can immediately fix the problem. 420cc implant was the highest my PS said was possible for my frame. I was initally wanting 500cc or so and he said with my frame, we could encounter a uniboob... Which i definitely do not want. My only 'stress', if you want to call it that, is that I don't go big enough. He overfills all saline implants and said he will fill to at smallest 440cc. I just want it to be the look, i want. Anyway while i type my life away, someone gave up reading, five minutes ago.....

Some Pre Op Pics. Two days to go

Some before pics. Surgery in less than two days, I wish it were today. Gathering all my necessities. I won't buy a wired bra until about two or three months out, so I have picked up mediums and larges wire free ones. I got two front closure bras today, can anyone tell me how snug they're to be? I usually wear an xs or s so I figured a medium would be alright, going by the tag...they feel snug. I'm hoping I didn't buy too small. But they're to be compression right? Thanks!

I offcially have twins!

Surgery went well but it hurts getting up out of bed. I ended up with a 420cc implant overfilled to 450cc, High Profile Saline implants. I AM IN LOVE. They are percent size at this moment, besides them looking odd from the side view a little, I believe they resemble my 'wish boobs'. I am so happy I went 450, they are just what I wanted. My skin is so stretched out with these badboys. I believe my meds are kicking in, it gets harder to write after that. So I'll end with, my 24 hr post op is at nine. I'm hoping to be a little better in six hours cas right now I am hurting. Not sure what my incisions look like but I hope they're small.

The twins have arrived.

I am so happy with my results, in my opinion, they turned out just like my wish boobs. Almost didn't get my 450ccs. When I got in, he said a 350cc would have been the largest he could go. But he made it happen! i was dopey when he told me this so I don't know id he could barely put it under the muscle but he definitely didn't have it over the muscle: I am a little confused. Regardless, they look fantastic. Just ready to be over the pain. It sucks not being able to get up on my own, after sleeping for a while. Well in getting sleepy again!p

Two days post op.

Getting out of the laying down position has been the hardest, it still hurts but it's getting better. I'm trying to wean off pain meds so I was taking it every three or so hours and I'm gunna shoot for every 5 today. I slept all day yesterday, ate very minimal, then slept all night except to wake up to take a pain pill. Which I'm only taking one Percocet per 3-4 hours. My husband is a godsend, he already does everything for me but he has been going beyond my expectations. He has to help me sit up, and is doing so much for me, I could never thank him enough. I feel the 'air bubbles' which the dr said was normal. If you've ever had kids, where your milk comes in, and it feels like a contraction of your boob? I keep getting that feeling. I'm trying my best to massage it but they're still really tender. The pain in manageable, but worse than I was expecting. It feels like I over worked my muscles at the gym, along with the contractions lol. I am overly excited on how my boobs turned out, he made them look almost identical to my 'wish boobs'. I've payed around most of the time so in hoping that'll help with recovery. Along with drinking my BCAAs, praying for fast healing!

Day 3 post op

The pain is subsiding, I've only taken meds twice today, when I woke then this afternoon, probably once more before bed if it still hurts. My upper back is tight and feels like pulled something, but I think it's due to laying around. Been massaging non stop to soften the girls up, they're still tight. I still love the way they look. The incisions look alright, it's kinda hard to monitor them being I can't see them unless I take pics or a mirror. My bra has been rubbing up against the left side. On top of it all, I knew weight gain was gunna come, I weighed 8lbs heavier last night from the morning of surgery. I also started so I usually gain almost 5lbs on my own from that. I believe my implants weigh about 2-3lbsb lol. I measured myself and it saying I am DD/DDD.... crazy. I'll go get measured in a few weeks when the incisions are healed and swelling has subsided. I won't let anyone near me in fears of them being touched. Being able to sleep has been nice, Hubby and mom have been a help. Excited to see progress, even if it's just them feeling softer.

Post op day 4

Pain is manageable, trying to wean myself off the meds. I made it about 12 hours til I took a half Percocet and muscle relaxer. Going to see how long I can go without tonight . My left incision is hurting, there's a spot on the end I am going to watch out for. It's right in the crease so it gets rubbed a lot. I feel the sensation of when you milk comes in after a baby, frequently. Not sure if I should be worried or what. I have been massaging my boobs several times a day and I already feel a difference in softness. I believe I will see the rippling, esp right close to my armpit area, there is either an air bubble or it's the implant there. But it should be pretty firm being it was overfilled. I went out in public for the first time today, I felt like I should cover up or something, I was getting stares....well I felt like I was, like I should cover up. Maybe it was the weirdness of being off the meds and lack of caffeine, but I was shakey, and felt very weak. As if I would fall right over. Maybe it's my balance is all thrown off from big ole boobies. Overall if it wasn't for my husband and mom, I would probably be worse off. Thankful to have had them for this. My kids have been pretty good and not trying to jump around me or flop down. My mindset is, the sooner I am better, the sooner I can get back to the gym. ;]

That left incision. Day 6 post

6 days since surgery, I haven't taken medicine in 24hrs wooooowhooo. Pain isn't really a problem, the contracting feeling is still there. It's more annoying than anything. But I've been 'massaging' aggressively throughout the day. Tonight while eating dinner I reached with my left arm to grab something from my right and felt a little pain in that left incision. Which has been giving me concern. Anyway before I went to take a shower I was massaging when I called my husband up to look at them and when I pulled my hand out I saw a little discharge on my finger. And I'm thinking its from earlier when I felt that pain, that the glue is coming off from me over stretching. Damnit. So after a shower I pay it all dry, I put a little ointment. I am taking this as I need to take it a little more easy. I go back to work tomorrow. Not anything crazy, I'll be at a desk the whole time not lifting anything but still will be up and moving more than I have been. I will probably have to buy some Tylenol because I don't own any. I don't want to take the prescription unless needed. Overall I feel good, except the bloated feeling. I think it's mostly guilt because I usually work off all this at the gym but I've been eating junkie. I have been drinking my water like normal and I had my bcaas today. Will update soon!

3 weeks Post

Why haven't I updated before?! Three weeks post tomorrow and I have never been more happy with self image, and confidence. These twins have truly made me more ME. Around week one my incisions started having the glue flake, by week two they were off. I'm not sure if I updated then or not but they have dropped and aren't as tight. I do see the rippling already but it doesn't bother me, I knew going in the high chance of me having it. I will say for about the last week my nipples have been hurting, i.e. Like burning sensation as if I win burnt them. Whenever they get hard, it 'hurts'. They're overly sensitive, hurts having clothing rub against them. So annoying. I'm going to start light cardio next Monday, it'll be over three weeks almost four when I start to workout. Trying to find ways to keep these puppies in place while getting a good workout. My incisions were what I was worried most about. I didn't want any type of infection to spark. I have been doing hardly any activity. I will be suckin when I get back to my normal routine. Overall I would go through all the pain and uncomfortableness again. I LOVE THEM!

5 weeks post op

Well it's been 5 weeks and I feel fantastic! I started back at the gym about a week ago, it has really brought my spirits and energy up. Incisions are healed up, no more scabbing. I keep a bra on at all times, I haven't felt pain in weeks. My nipples aren't sensitive like they were a few weeks back. I feel more like myself, but better since last post. I have noticed some stretch marks that I don't remember before. I did go to VS and I was measured at a 34dd, YAY! I have moments where I don't feel they are very big but then times where they feel and look huge. I have always wanted huge boobs, but to be honest it's a lot harder finding bras that fit comfortably and in the size I need. I will invest in better bras, even if they're more expensive. Aerie has some good comfy bras, too. I still wish I would've been able to go a bit bigger, but then I'd run into the finding a more difficult size bra, so is it worth it? No, probably not. I love how big they look, I believe they're in their final position. The folds are at different spots which if you look close you see my left looks smaller than the right. It's because they don't hang at the same point. I do worry about bottoming out, I pray it never happens. They look fantastic in bathing suits, I've been working on the rest of my body to match my boobs. I would do it all again in a heartbeat!

Went to VS today...again

Initially went looking for a sports bra... $200 later I walked out with a bathing suit and two new bras...none being a sports bra.....that fit better than the 34DD I bought a few weeks ago. Officially I am a 32DDD. The fit is much better. My band is snug and I feel they're very supported now. Vs me fixing the and in the34DD. It is a 'hassle' searching for the correct size. I was happy to have fit into a 34d til j realized it was too, too small. Then the band was loose so I amhapoy asked about a tighter and and my bras are perfect now. Happy about my bathing suit as well!
Fredericksburg Plastic Surgeon

Nothing but good comes from Dr Bautista and his staff! From the moment I walked in, I felt welcomed and comfortable. He listened to my requests and answered all of my questions. Dr Bautista and staff were amazing from the start. He went above my expectations, and even during surgery, ran into a situation, but made a decision that would 'affect' the end result. I am so HAPPY and PLEASED with my results so far! Thankful to have had the experience of such a great staff. I will refer everyone that I know to his office! I couldn't of have asked for a better first time, cosmetic surgery!

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