33 y/o, 5' 3" 125 lb, 34B to 34DDD, 475 cc silicone Mentor MemoryGel smooth round high profile, subpectoral, inframammary.

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I am 33 years old and have wanted breast implants...

I am 33 years old and have wanted breast implants for as long as I can remember. I have always made excuses for why I shouldn't get them at that time (e.g. money, work, time, etc.), but I finally decided to just do it. My surgery is September 8, 2014. I am EXTREMELY excited and a little nervous. I had my pre-op yesterday, August 26, 2014. I am currently a 36A and want to be a full D. I decided on 450 cc silicone Mentor MemoryGel smooth round moderate plus profile implants placed subpectorally through an inframammary crease incision. My doctor uses the Keller Funnel method.

My biggest fear is feeling nauseated and/or vomiting after surgery. I already can't stand feeling nauseated. I think I would choose pain over nausea. I can't even imagine how horrible it must be to vomit after breast implant surgery. I'm not TOO worried about the pain, but that's mostly because I've accepted that it's going to hurt no matter what and if I want breast implants then I have to deal with it. That's what I've been telling myself over and over, trying to prepare my mind for "just deal with it and it will be over soon."

I'm a very tiny bit afraid that 450 cc will make me too big for my liking. I really liked the way the 450 cc sizers looked on me, but I don't know what they'll look like naked. Speaking of naked, I'm also a little concerned about what it will look like when my pec muscles are flexed, which will apparently distort the shape of my breast. I can’t seem to find a picture of this on a “normal” body as opposed to a body-builder body.

To prepare my body for surgery, I’ve been trying to drink plenty of water (95 oz. per day), eat a little healthier, and get plenty of sleep. I’m also taking pre-op vitamins that I ordered from makemeheal. I have a couple of lists of things to buy and do before surgery. I'm really enjoying shopping for all kinds of stuff to make my life easy after surgery. It feels like September 8th will never get here!

Wish Pics

On my way!

Well, it's finally here. Today feels so surreal. I'm on my way right now and the anxiety I feel is crazy! I'm so excited! I also can't wait until I can eat something. I'm starving! Maybe on my way home I can stop at an all-you-can-eat buffet...or Endless Shrimp at Red Lobster. LOL!

Access DENIED :-(

Well, I was not able to have surgery today. APPARENTLY, if your blood pressure is too high (177/125), they will not operate. I'm still wondering why I didn't find this out until I was lying on the gurney in my surgical gown with an IV in my arm. I was pretty devastated. They made me go straight to my PCP to get evaluated. He put me on Lisinopril/Hydrochlorothiazide 10 mg/12.5 mg. So, does anyone have any idea if my blood pressure could possibly drop low enough by next Thursday, 9/18? I talked them into rescheduling me for 9/18, but they said my bottom number had to be less than 90 before they would operate, and they don't think it's likely to drop that much that quickly. Maybe if I just mope around the house for the next 10 days...that's all I really feel like doing anyway. Boo.

Second time's a charm!

It's finally going to happen for me...for real this time! I had to go in to my PS's office yesterday to let them re-check my blood pressure, which I've been checking regularly and it's been good. I checked my BP myself before I got out of the car to go inside their office and it was 117/77. When I went inside the office and the nurse checked it, it was 145/105. She was pretty much ready to send me away again and tell me to come back when I could keep my bottom number under 90, even during the stress of surgery. I tried explaining to her that my BP is only high like that when I'm THERE. She very impatiently told me to wait and she would be back in a minute. When she finally returned, she said that I needed to bring them a letter from my PCP stating that my BP is normally good, and then they would look at it. First thing this morning I went to my PCP and explained what had happened, and he wrote me a letter stating that I have "White Coat Hypertension." He also prescribed me Xanax to take today when I went back to my PS's office to deliver the letter and to let them re-re-check my BP. Today at my PS's office (where I had a different, very nice nurse) my BP was 128/89. Thank you, Xanax, nice nurse, and of course my PCP! With my BP today and my letter from my PCP, they agreed to do my surgery tomorrow! I almost started crying because I was so happy! After all of this mess, I don't care if it hurts and I don't care if I vomit or am nauseated. I'm just so damn happy! Also, since on 9/8 I already went through everything up until the actual moment where they put me to sleep, I'm not even nervous about that part either. I'm ready to do this and it feels great! My arrival time tomorrow is 12:15 p.m. EDT, and I should be home around 4:00 p.m. In less than 24 hours, 450 cc Mentor MemoryGel smooth round moderate plus profile breast implants will be MINE!

I know that's kind of a long story, but I really hope it helps someone else someday who may be going through the whole "White Coat Hypertension" thing.

Off to see the wizard!

Take two!

So freakin' happy!

My doctor was running behind schedule today , so I didn't get in to surgery until around 4 or so. When we discussed things right before they put me to sleep, my PS actually recommended we change to 475 cc High Profiles. Surgery lasted about an hour, & then it took me about 30 minutes to wake up enough to go home. When I woke up, I told the nurses that my mouth was really dry & goopy, so they gave me a ginger ale with a straw. I then told them that my chest was in a decent amount of pain & asked if they had already given me any pain medicine. They asked how my pain rated on a 1-10 scale, and I think I said like a 6 or 7. They gave me a Percocet . Then they rushed me through getting dressed & wheeled me to my car.

The ride home was painful, but not necessarily because of the bumps. More just because the Percoset hadn't kicked in yet. I ate some crackers and finished my ginger ale.

By the time I got home I was feeling a little better. I ate some banana/applesauce and a vanilla Jell-o pudding cup. I took 10 mg of Valum & that helped a LOT. I also ate a bowl of Chicken and Stars.

Oh, and since I've been home I've peeked at my boobies a couple of times. I swear they are the most perfect boobies I could've ever asked for. This was the best decision I've ever made. To all of you out there who are still debating, JUST DO IT!


Still so freakin' happy!

Wow, I can't believe I haven't written an update since my surgery day! I'll start by saying that I am still so freakin' happy! When my PS threw the suggestion of using 475 HP (instead of 450 MPP) at me right before surgery, it really scared me. I decided to trust him to do what he thought was best, which ended up being 475 HP. While I was still in the process of waking up, my PS apparently told my husband that he had also tried 500s, but they wouldn’t fit. LOL! I don’t know why, but I thought that was so funny sounding.

Day 1: After I got home and updated my RealSelf review, I was exhausted, so I pretty much just laid in bed and slept. My wonderful husband woke me up every 2 hours to take my medications. I also ate a lot of crackers and drank a lot of ginger ale so I didn’t get nauseated from the Percocet. 1 Percocet (10-325 mg) every 4 hours and 10 mg of Valium every 4 hours in between the Percocet doses kept me fairly comfortable. A couple of times I got up to pee. One of those times I somehow managed to take my bra off (only for a few minutes!) and peek. Oops!

Day 2: I continued my medication regimen and I also took 2 Tbsp. of milk of magnesia. I got up and took a shower at some point, but I made my husband shower with me in case I needed help. Afterward, I tried going downstairs and hanging out on the love seat, but I started feeling nauseated from moving around too much while on the Percocet. I went back to bed and used a 25 mg Phenergan suppository (eek!) for the nausea, but it was totally worth it to stop feeling the way I was feeling. I then slept some more, and again, my husband woke me up every couple of hours to take my meds. Also, my PS’s nurse called to check on me sometime around 3 pm. I also got a flower arrangement delivery from my PS that said, “Happy Healing!”

Day 3: My anesthesiologist called this morning to check on me. I wasn't expecting that. I decided I was going to try taking 1,000 mg of Tylenol instead of Percocet. I took a shower and tried to have a somewhat normal day. My husband and I went shopping, but it didn’t take very long before I was like, “I need to go home now.” I was hurting/aching pretty badly. Apparently my body wasn't ready for that, so we went back home and I took a Percocet. I tried to sit in bed and update my review on RealSelf, but I just couldn't keep my eyes open! It was very frustrating, so I just went to sleep.

Day 4: I took 2 Tbsp. of milk of magnesia and I took a Percocet at bedtime to help me sleep better/more comfortably.

Day 5: I took 4 Tbsp. of milk of magnesia this time. I decided to completely stop taking the Percocet and start only taking Tylenol and Motrin.

Day 9: I had my 1-week follow-up appointment. They removed my Steri-Strips and my PS said everything looked great. He also said that I could go braless as much as I wanted. Yay! He cleared me to walk for exercise and said that I could drive as long as I felt comfortable doing so.

I don’t remember the exact day, but shortly after day 9 I started gently massaging argan oil onto my entire breast area every day.

Day 17: I walked the Rugged Maniac 5k course. My husband and I had registered for it way before I scheduled my surgery, so I walked it and took pictures of my husband having all the fun. LOL!

Day 20: I started using ScarAway silicone scar sheets.

Also somewhere in there, I’ve had plenty of zingers (not so much lately) and my nipples have been very hypersensitive for a while (my left one more than my right one).

My 4-week follow-up appointment is on October 15th. My PS said that’s when he will have me start doing the massages.

Day 28

Day 28: I had my 4-week follow-up appointment today. My PS said everything looks wonderful and that I can now wear any bra I want. He also said I can run. I can't do push-ups until 8 weeks, though.

I wasn’t expecting him to allow me to wear an underwire bra just yet, so I didn’t even have one in my new size. Heck, I didn’t even know what my new size was. So, as soon as I left my appointment, I went straight to Victoria’s Secret (which was conveniently only a mile away). My Victoria’s Secret bra size…34DDD! At first, I was like, “Holy crap!” Then I remembered that no matter how huge the size sounds, I absolutely love the size of my boobs and I don’t think they’re huge. So then I was like, “Hell yeah!” I did, however, run into a problem; they don’t have a lot of DDDs in the store. Oh well. Their loss. I bought a sports bra and a regular bra, but the regular bra is being shipped to me because they didn’t have the color I wanted in my size. I’ll go see what Soma has sometime during the next week.

When I got home, I told my husband, “You are married to a woman with DDDs!” He couldn’t believe it either.

I will post some updated pictures soon. My next (3-month) follow-up appointment is December 12th.

7 weeks 2 days

Finally some more pictures!
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