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I had a tummy tuck and a medial thigh lift with Dr...

I had a tummy tuck and a medial thigh lift with Dr. Viennas at Eastern Virginia Medical School in VA Beach, VA. I am a 20 something female who had lost a lot of weight and had hanging thighs and redundant skin on my tummy. I had dieted and exercised to get my bodyfat low. However, the loose skin would not "snap back" no matter how much working out I did.

In mid December 2012, I had the procedure as an in office procedure. Afterwards, I stayed with a nurse in the recovery suite in a local hotel for a little over a day. Then I went home.

I am still recovering and am somewhat swollen but my tummy and thighs look a lot better. I am satisfied and would do it again. Dr. Viennas is very nice and knowledgeable. He has excellent bedside manner and will prescribe you whatever medicines you need to be comfortable. I have nothing but nice things to say about this man!

The procedure was painful right afterwards but that is to be expected. The only thing that I would have changed was I would have had intravenous pain medicine for the post operative surgical recovery suite or a pain pump. I was using oral medications (Demerol) while I was with the nurse in the recovery suite and I was still really hurting. That oral medicine really does not cut tummy tuck pain for the first 24-36 hours afterwards. You need something intravenous or a pain pump. But other than that, my experience with EVMS was great and Dr. Viennas does great work. My scars don't even look that bad. I am about to start using a little scar treatment and they will surely fade to barely noticeable.

I am off of narcotics now and I am just using...

I am off of narcotics now and I am just using extra strength Tylenol. I get little "twinges" in my stomach and thighs but it is not bad. My incisions are a little itchy but I guess that means they are healing. I have started using Mederma and scar guard on them to reduce scarring. My swelling is going down some. So far, I am satisfied.

I am feeling pretty good. I go for another check...

I am feeling pretty good. I go for another check up soon. I have not been cleared to do any abdominal or thigh work yet. So, I will be glad when I am able to work out again and make my results look even better. I still have a little loose skin at the top but my tummy tuck is still new and a lot of loose skin was removed. So, I will give it time to tighten up and also begin working out again as soon as I am able to tone things up. A tummy tuck is not a magic bullet. The nurse who cared for me after surgery even said that. She said that my stomach looked better than a lot of her patients because I waited until I got down to my goal weight before having it done.

I had horrible constipation one day about 2 weeks after surgery. So, if you have this surgery, I recommend you eat 2 prunes in the morning and two prunes at night with a glass of prune juice until you are off of narcotics!

About a week and a half ago, I had a stabbing pain...

About a week and a half ago, I had a stabbing pain in my stomach and a little nausea. My doctor said it could be from the nerves regenerating. The stabbing pains are gone now. I have a little soreness in the incision area. But, I feel that the surgery was worth it. You must go in with realistic expectations. You are not going to look like a 15 year old who has never been fat after the surgery. Doctors are not magicians.

I have a little "looseness" at the top of my belly but nothing like before. Also, when I am medically cleared to begin my ab work again, I believe that little bit will go away. I am pleased.

You must remember that a tummy tuck is a major operation. Here it is almost three months out and I am still having some swelling. It takes time to recover properly. You will not go from the operating room to a bikini in a month. Anyone who thinks that surgery is the easy way out is a fool. There's nothing easy about a tummy tuck recovery.

So far, I am still satisfied. My stomach is...

So far, I am still satisfied. My stomach is tightening up. I have been doing a few sit ups. I still have a little bit of soreness, swelling and numbness. I thought the swelling would be over by now but they did say that tummy tucks are major surgery. So, I guess I am still healing. I do feel a lot better about my body. I will wear my first bikini ever in life this summer! My scars do not look bad. I have been using copper peptides, scar zone cream and using chemical peels on them. Scars mature up until one year so I am still working on them while they are easier to reduce--while they are new. In a few months, I will consider using cortisone shots from the dermatologist on the scars but I want to let them heal a bit more before using that. My dermatologist says it is still too soon to use that. She says that my scars look great. So we will see. So far, I still love EVMS and Dr. Viennas and I am pleased with my results. Cosmetic surgery is not still will have to put in the work if you want to look good and heal well but it can give you a much needed boost and do things that no amount of sit ups will do.

Revision on the horizon!

All is good. I have some loose skin when I bend over but it has improved. Later this month, I go in for a scar revision on my scar. He had to pull up my vaginal area when he did the tummy tuck because the front part of my vaginal area was saggy due to the weight loss. I heard more tension equals more scars so my scars right above the pubic area are bad. But, I have a consulation later this month about a scar revision around my navel and right above the vagina. All of the other scars look great. Even the thigh lift scars don't look bad and people talk all of the time about how bad thigh lift scars are. Maybe I will ask him taking off a little of the extra skin off too but even super skinny people who were never fat have that little skin that folds over when they do. I have never been thin before so I don't know what is normal and what is not.

Still Hanging....

This is me now. I am taking the picture bent over with the camera under me so you can still see how it hangs.

Side of my stomach now.....

The side of my stomach now. I don't have as many stretch marks as I thought.

My stomach in an upright position....

Looks pretty good. Excuse the bandaid on my navel. I recently had a TUBA boob job so that is why the bandaid is there.

I have started steroid injections on the scar.

I am still pleased with my results and I would do it over again. The pain was pretty intense when I first had it done but you do what you have to do to look the way you want to look. I have begun steroid injections on the scar. Most of the scar looks fine....nice and flat. But the part right below my navel and above my crotch is a little lumpy for about 2 inches. So, the doctor has began injecting steroids into it. I have had steroid injections before for other scars and the cortisone has worked extremely well so I am not worried. If anyone has any questions, pleas send me a message.
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I did a lot of research on providers before I choose this doctor. I chose him because he was board certified, had excellent bedside manner and he is a professor at Eastern Virginia Medical School. This doctor trains the doctors. So, I was in good hands. Also, since this practice is affiliated with a medical school, I was in good hands in the unlikely event that something went wrong. In addition, the patient care coordinator was flexible in payment arrangements which helped make plastic surgery affordable for someone who is not wealthy. They were willing to work with me here so I chose EVMS and Dr. Viennas.

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