HELP! 2nd BBL Treatment Gone Wrong? - Virginia Beach, VA

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I had read tons of positive information on this...

I had read tons of positive information on this site for weeks while contimplating finally getting my freckles/brown spots treated. I decided to go to a personally recommended medi spa, that has been successful for 6 years (RN for 20 years with advanced training in sciton) . I had my first treatment 2 weeks ago. I'm fair skinned, but not sensitive or ever acne prone. With that being said, I went through my first session great. I took photos every other day hoping to see some results ( darkening of pigments, brown spots surfacing and falling off..but NONE of this really happen. Three weeks later, and I have had a 2nd treatment. I showed the practitioner the photos on my iPad, and she explained some of the pigment is deeper and will take longer to surface. When she started my 2nd treatment, I could feel she had increased the intensity of the light pulse, but it was bearable. She did the left side of my face, and then started on my right cheek area. She stopped after a couple of pulses immediately and said "you are really red in 2 spots" so I'm going to stop. She spent several minutes looking at the area, then she left the room to get an ice pack. She had me hold the ice pack on my check and went back to pulses around my nose and upper lip. She took the ice pack off and said, I think we will stop for today. She stated in 6 years she had never seen this happen. She left the room and brought back another practitioner who also looked at it and said the same thing. However, I had a feeling just by looking at their faces and hearing them talk to each other, something felt off. At this point, I had NO idea how large the areas were. They then decided to take photograpraphs and state " that it could "NOT BE A BURN" because The BBL does burn the skin. They said possibly a bruise was under the skin. Then they asked if it could be a bug bite? I said no. Mind you, I still had NOT seen my face! They finally cleaned my face, applied sunscreen, and gave me a mirror. I was shocked, but tried not to show it. My practitioner gave me a gauge and told me to soak it in milk and place on my face when I got home. She also gave me the ice pack to use and told me to keep the area moist. She gave me her cell phone number and told me to send her a photo in 24 hrs. And, Oh yeah, she told me to come back in 4 weeks, and she would finish my treatment at no charge! SO SORRY, this is long winded... I'm just trying to remember all the details now as I walked out of the office feeling numb. I felt so all this time I researched this procedure I didn't think to look for negative/bad questions/results or responses to others who had this done! I log in and find DOZENS who have had horrible experiences. I guess what I want to know now, is my check possibly BURNED??? Could I have scarring? ..What SHOULD I DO NOW to try and help it heal??? ANY help would be appreciated. (I've attached photos of 1st & 2n treatments)

Day 2 & Day 3 after treatment

I see NO change in these areas and my cheeks are still swollen & puffy. Also, I had swelling under the right eye on day 2. I have used ice packs and am applying Arnica cream 2x a day. I'm staying out of the sun, not using any products on my face to cleanse except for CeraVe.

The owner (an RN) who did this treatment, has been in contact with me daily. Supposedly, She contacted her rep & he contacted someone at the company and they told me it PURPURA. But after much research on the internet and seeing photos, I don't think it is.

AIso, I have had 2 doctors on this site answer my question.

**THIS response really concerns me Dr. #2***
"It is not likely that this is a problem that cannot be corrected, however."
"Indeed you must have reservations if the clinical provider appeared to have concerns at the time of the treatment!"
"After it heals in 10-14 days, the color should appear less uneven and topical products can help to accelerate your skin cell turnover."

Dr. #1
" most things on the face heal well and rarely leave scars or long-term discolorations."
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