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Start two days ago!! I paid about $5500 for 53...

Start two days ago!!
I paid about $5500 for 53 trays+ any refinements.

Tray 1: owwwwwww! I received my first two trays Monday morning, and by Monday night was feeling a *lot* of pain. Tuesday morning was miserable. Wednesday morning, not that bad. At first I felt a lot of pressure and the edges of the trays were cutting my teeth, but I've adjusted. I do have a slight lisp and chewing food is a bit difficult, but that's all as expected.

One week in

Well I am now about a week and a half into the invisalign process! I am happy to say that after 2-3 days of wearing my trays the pain went away, and now I barely notice that I am wearing them (except of course, when I want to eat! Haha). I did invest in some “chewies” and I feel like they probably helped. Initially if I tried to chew it was just pain, but now I can bite down on a chewie with the aligners in and feel the same. I get to switch to Tray 2 on Monday and am super excited! My plan is to put it on at night so I can sleep through the initial discomfort.
After another 2 weeks with Tray 2, I will go in to see my orthodontist to get my attachments! I was told that from that point forward I will get to switch trays every week. I believe this is because I am doing smaller movements each week. Regardless I am excited for the final product!!
I am attaching my my Tray 1 and Tray 53 projected pics.


Halfway done with Tray #2

So I am a little over 3 weeks into the invisalign process, and I can say it has gotten muchhh better. I actually sometimes forget I even have my trays in, that's how much I don't notice them. At my job, my coworkers are genuinely surprised to catch me in the bathroom brushing me teeth/trays because they had no idea.
My speech is fine, and I haven't had any issues with pain with tray #2. I have been using the chewies though.
I go back to the orthodontist on Monday to get my attachments and next set of trays and I am very excited!
Having attachments put on means that people will now likely notice that I have invisalign, but I am hoping not too much.
On the plus side, due to cleaning my teeth so often/no longer drinking coffee (or any beverage except water), my teeth have gotten whiter!


Adding before pictures

I just wanted to add more of my "before pictures." These were taken the day before I started invisalign. :D I plan to post what my teeth look like with attachments (and Tray #3) on Monday.

Tray 3 and Attachments

Yesterday I started Tray #3 (of 53) and had my attachments put on for the first time...and there are a LOT of them. Thankfully, there are not any on my two middle front teeth, but they are on my other front teeth--some even have two attachments!
On the up side, the attachments are not really noticeable unless you are looking for them. They blend pretty well into my teeth. Getting them on wasn't exactly comfortable, but it was not terrible either. They have made taking out the trays and putting them back in much harder. It takes serious time and effort to take out my aligners now, and I'm worried about breaking off on of my attachments.
When the ortho tried to take off my bottom trays the first time after putting on the attachments, one of the attachments came off! She said it was because it must not have been dry, but it still kind of freaked me out. I don't want to pull an attachment off! The trick is to pull them off in a forward motion as opposed to an up or down motion. I'm hoping I'll get better at it with time.

Yesterday I received 6 trays, and made an appointment go back in 6 weeks. For these trays I will be switching every 7 days (as opposed to two weeks) and am looking forward to progress!
Here's a close up of my teeth with Tray 3.


And then it happened...

Right so last update (two days ago) I talked about getting my attachments and my fear of them falling off. Well, yesterday at work, I was flossing when *pop* one of two attachments on my back molar (the same one that same off at the ortho) came off. I had read about this happening to others, so I knew this wasn't something I could just leave and address at my next appointment in 6 weeks. So I called the office and they scheduled me for an "ER" visit the next morning.
What was great was that I was able to go during my lunch break today and the appointment lasted less than 5 minutes. So now I have all of my attachments again...I guess I shall have to floss more carefully!
(I'm already brushing much lighter than I normally do...hopfully my teeth stay clean!)

I am attaching a picture of my teeth with attachments, but without the trays in.


Starting Tray 5/53 (week 7) today!

Today I am putting in my 5th tray! I know there isn't much noticeable difference, but even with my attachments I am starting to feel more confident and excited about my smile!! I can't wait until next year for my post-invisalign smile :)
So this past week I actually lost *two* attachments. One was from removing my tray, the other was a freak incident where I didn't have my trays in but I suddenly felt like something was stuck in my cheek (it was an attachment), so I made an appointment for first thing this morning to replace them both.
In terms of pain, neither tray 4 or 5 have been as bad as tray 3 (my first tray while having attachments) which makes me happy! The first 48 hours continue to be sensitive, but it doesn't interfere with my day to day life.
So far I have been pretty good about having them in for the 22 hours. I pretty much only eat twice a day so that I can have a full hour without the trays. I've only had one instince where I *completely* forgot to put them back in ( was drinking at a friends house....) and I woke up in the middle of the night realizing I hadn't put them back in and rushed to the bathroom. Otherwise, I've been good :)

I am attaching a picture of my teeth today (end of tray 4/week 6) compared to my pre-invisalign smile, and then a side by side of Tray 1 and Tray 5. There isn't really much of a difference, but I'm still happy with my results so far!

Starting Week 11!

Wow, so 12 weeks in!! I just had my ortho check in yesterday and received trays 9-14! I put tray 9 in yesterday without issue. My ortho is really happy with my progress and went with giving me 6 more trays (he originally was only going to give me 3--I guess my progress showed I was trust worthy). Next time I go in (Week 17/Tray 15) I will be adding elastics and will likely wear them for the remainder of my treatment. In terms of adhering to the 22hr/day rule...I sort of don't keep track. I found that stressing about it wasn't doing me any good. So I typically will take out my trays in the morning to slowlyyyy enjoy a cup of coffee, brush my teeth and put my trays back in until a late lunch, brush my teeth, and then wear them until dinner, brush my teeth etc... There have been a few days where I had them out for more than 3 hours at a time...but those are limited to maybeee once a week at most. For example, Sunday was our local Wine Fest.... I did not wear my trays for 5 hours because I was continually drinking white and red wine. However, as soon as I was finished I put my trays back in (yes, without brushing my teeth) and then took them out and brushed as soon as I got home. I have found that it is *always* better to put your trays back in rather than leave them out if you cannot immediately brush your teeth. However, make sure you *thoroughly* clean your teeth AND your trays when you get home. For me, this means using RetainerBrite as well as brushing the trays/my teeth with a good toothpaste. The key, I think, is making sure you have them in as much as feasibly possible, and USING THE CHEWIES!! I 100% think my progress despite my under 22hr/day is due to the fact that I will use the chewies everytime I put my trays back in. I thankfully have had no more issues with losing attachments- I think they are there to stay now! I am posting an updated before/after pic showing before my trays and post-tray 8. I don't really see muchhh of a difference since I am only 10 weeks in...but I think I can see where my teeth have been pushed out slightly, attempting to correct the narrow 'arch' of my teeth. Thanks! I shall update again after my next ortho appointment in 6 weeks!! <3

Starting Tray 15!

I'm excited to be almost a third of the way through my initial treatment. Today in my orthodontist appointment, I was given the a-okay to continue with only doing 1 tray a week, and to start rubber bands! I'm attaching pictures, but essentially there are little hooks cut into the tray that allow me to use a rubber band to bring my lower jaw more forward. It's a bit uncomfortable, and I will have change into new rubber bands every time I take out my trays (so they gave me a lot of them). Opening my mouth more than a little is difficult and I'm a but nervous about how my face will look with my jaw now being pulled forward...? I guess I will just have to wait and see.

I will update again at my next ortho appointment in 6 weeks when I will be at Tray 22/53!

Tray 21/53 (week 23)

Woo almost half way! I don't really have any new or exciting updates. I received trays 21-26 earlier this week, and will continue changing them every week and wearing my rubber bands. I am really bad about wearing them as much as I should (the rubber bands), but I'm going to try a lot harder to stick with it over the next 6 weeks. I will update you after my next ortho appoint, when I will be HALF WAY DONE!!!
I am attaching a progress pic. My teeth are less curved inward, and my teeth are finally beginning to straighten out now that they have the room to.


I have just completed tray 26/53 (week 28/55) and am halfway through this process. I am posting a picture so you can see. The most progress has been in my arch, it is much wider. This has allowed my teeth to spread out and not be so crowded. Around week 36 the furthest left of my front four teeth will finally be out with the others, which is what I am looking forward to most!

I went to the ortho yesterday and received trays 27-32, and will be back in 6 weeks to again check in. I still am wearing each tray for just one week.


Really excellent, friendly, and thorough! Highly recommend him and his staff at Virginia Beach!

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