31yrs Old 4'11 102pds 1 Kid 405cc Under Muscle Saline Implants. Virginia Beach, VA

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Hello all! Long time lurker so I thought I should...

Hello all! Long time lurker so I thought I should finally contribute since this site has helped me so much in my quest for bigger girls. I got the procedure done on the 7th and today is the 24th. I was originally advised based on height weight and active lifestyle to go with 350cc but after reading all the reviews here where most girls regretted their decision not to go bigger... I told him to blow those suckers up because I was only doing this thing once and didn't want to feel short changed.I specifically told him that I did not want a natural look but did not want the Dolly Parton look either. I ended up with 405cc on both breasts (still confused about his decision to do this since I have some asymmetry) Will ask on my next appointment.

The reason my procedure costs a bit more than the average cost in Virginia Beach is because I also decided to get a lift on my left boob since it was bigger than the right and more saggier so my doc suggested a lift. I wanted a tuck because when I gave birth I went up to a size E and my nipples got huge!

I filled in the not sure in the was it worth it field because... I'm not sure. They're just painful and big and I can't sleep very well. I just figured out how to take the tape residue from bandage off by simply taking a nice two hour shower and letting the skin tenderize and scraping it off with nails, that was driving me crazy!!! since it was so noticeable because it was shiny and a darker than my skin so yeah...yay!!! hope that helps some of you.

I'm also struggling with my nipples one is super sensitive and lactating( not a lot) but enough to annoy me. I've had to put a bandaid in order to avoid rubbing on my sports bras. The other nipple is still inverted and I can't feel it at all. So that's been interesting.

The worst part I think has been all these freaking zits I've been getting especially on the boob that's lactating. I eat very well and super healthy, I drink a gallon of water a day and have been taking a woman's one a day, vitamin e, and vitamin vitamin c since two weeks before my procedure. So in light of taking such good care of myself I'm very frustrated by my skin problem. I read some of the answers the doctors provided to some of the ladies that were having some these problems so I started washing my chest with neutragena acne soap and I've been using clindamycin phosphate, its an acne cream prescribed by my doctor. I hasn't been working but to be fair I only started using it about a week ago, so patience is a must I guess. I've tried tanning in the hopes that they would simply dry off and burn in hell but that didn't work either. For the last 3 or 4 days I've refrain from taking my vitamins since I figured too much vitamin overload might be the issue. I will call on Monday and see what they suggest.

Not sure if it's just me but I think my stretch marks are more visible after the procedure especially underneath my boobs. I often compare them to a sun kids often draw, my nipples are a dark sun and my stretch marks are ugly rays. I will speak to my doctor about my many concerns and will provide you guys with a more educated and informed update.

Another reason I decided to come forth into the light and provide you guys with this long ass review is because I didn't see many dark complected ladies so I'm hoping this will help some of chocolate covered kisses ladies. I'm Dominican and dark skinned as previously stated so I was concerned about the scarring, my doctor suggested laser treatment and scar cream which he provided for free so yay! I took the tape off today and omg I think I shall need a whole lotta of lasering. I will update you guys on the 28th which is when they remove sutures and I'm not sure what else they'll do since I forgot so yeah...good job Judy on the listening stuff.

I should've broken this long review into sections since I keep rambling but dunno how to do so. I know a lot of my concerns will just dissipate with time and I'm sure I will change my mind to it being worth it. It has accomplished what I wanted to accomplish in terms of the emotional side of it. I feel great trying something on and filling it in, not having to worry about a top not hiding my bra- or turning a halter top into another top altogether so it can hide my bra. I still have a drawer full of hide the bra projects. I also love the way people look at me when I enter a room. Before the procedure I had the VS bombshell bra that adds two cups sizes and lifts the crap out of those dehydrated tangerines. I always felt like a fraud because I knew once that bra came off my false advertisement would be discovered. So it has definitely given me a lot more confidence. It has also made my husband very happy and I love the way he looks at me and it makes me feel sexier and more of a woman. This of course is a byproduct of the procedure he isn't the reason I got it done.

I would love to answer any questions and I would love and appreciate any input you guys can provide. Thank you so much for anyone who has stepped forward and shared their story and encourage anyone who is hesitant in stepping out of the shadows. Even if you think your story sounds like most stories on here at the very least it will help to get all of it off your chest, I know it has helped me immensly

3mos. Update

Hello all. Been kinda lazy about updating but here it goes:
A few weeks ago was experiencing some discomfort when I raised my arm. Went to see my ps and he said this is normal and to give it time. It's gone now so yay!!! ????????
I guess I'm experiencing some boob greed since I've gotten used to the size. This is weird since I especially told my ps to blow those suckers up as much as possible since I didn't want the natural look. I hate getting the omg they look so natural comment from girls when we go out. Also I'm still using my old bra by vs which is supposed to add 2 cup sizes. This is the size I would've liked while wearing the bra but without wearing it!!! This was the whole point for getting the surgery to get rid of it but yeah... I would advise you ladies to get bigger than what they recommend if you're looking for much more noticeable changes.
Virginia Beach Plastic Surgeon

Love, love my doctor! Very knowledgeable and experienced - He's a an artist! I'm very happy with my decision to go with him.

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