33 Years Old, 2 Kids- Finally Getting my Mommy Makeover! - Virginia Beach, VA

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I've been thinking about getting a tummy tuck for...

I've been thinking about getting a tummy tuck for a couple years now. After my last pregnancy (2011), I lost weight but still had the loose, wrinkly, saggy skin and I would get discourage and gain the weight back. I knew no matter how much I dieted and worked out, my stomach would never look the way I wanted.

I went to a consult a couple years ago and decided I wasn't ready at that time. So after another year had passed I was ready to do it! So I went to see a different doctor, referred by a couple friends and had a consult. The doctor was nice but wasn't very personable and didn't really make me feel comfortable. So I went back to the original doctor I saw again that I really liked and also talked to him about breast implants. I’m a small 34B and I don’t NEED them but I figure why not- I’m spending a bunch of money to fix my tummy and having to go through all that pain, might as well reward myself with slightly bigger boobs! And my husband would rather me have the boobs than the TT so we compromised and I’m getting both!

The PS I liked a lot better was about $1,000 more than the other PS I saw. But I was able to talk him down and I'm only paying a couple hundred more. I'm so glad I'm getting the doctor I really like and can't wait to see my results. Fingers crossed I made the right decision.

So my Mommy Makeover is set for Friday, February 27th- in TWO WEEKS!!! I'm having a Tummy Tuck w/ Muscle Repair and Lipo of the flanks and Breast Augmentation with 300cc saline implants.

**I'll post pictures of my breasts soon!


I can't believe my surgery is in ONE week!!! I know this next week is gonna fly by! This past week I have been suffering from allergies from hell and so I've been trying everything to get rid of them, especially since I had a dry cough- and ain't nobody got time for that! ;)

I put my gym on hold for a couple months yesterday. And unfortunately I haven't even been this past week due to snow. I was going to stop going the week of my surgery so I had time to get things done around the house and do last minute errands, and all. I wasn't expecting to stop going 2 weeks before surgery but stuff happens. I know I'll be counting down the days til I can get back in there!

Next week while my kids are in school, I plan on deep cleaning my house, going grocery shopping, make meals, print out schedules for my husband, and pack my bags (I'm staying with a friend for a week) and my kids' stuff (they are staying with my parents for the weekend). I'm also going to go get all my supplies that I'll need after surgery.

I think it's gonna hit me next week when my surgery is only days away! I'm not really nervous yet but I know it's coming. I'm very excited for my new body, but most nervous about the whole surgery part and the couple days following- pain wise. Oh, and I'm super nervous about how I'll do with the drains because I've heard they are awful. :(

Couple Questions!!

So I have a couple questions... 1st, I am wearing a full compression garment that goes to my knees after surgery and opens in the front. It has a slit down at the crotch, so does that mean I can't wear panties while wearing it? Which has me freaking out some. And 2nd, is it a good idea to get a female urinal so I don't have to worry about getting pee on the garment? Or is that just a waist of money?

Thanks for all the advice ladies!!

4 days!!!

So my surgery is THIS Friday!!! I'm still more excited than nervous, just ready to get it over with. I picked up my prescriptions today so that's done and I also ran some errands while my kids were at school. I'm going to start cleaning the house tomorrow.

I'm still not feeling well and think my allergies turned into a sinus infection, and can't get rid of this damn headache (could be the weather as well). Unfortunately I can't take my regular migraine medicine and Tylenol isn't really doing the trick. I'm also trying Sudafed Sinus Headache and that seems to help some.

That's about it for now! :)

ONE more day!

Well I am feeling much better and so glad! BUT... we are getting hit by a big snow storm tonight that could drop 8-12", which for my area is a ton! So I've been freaking out, stressing and stalking the weather channel. I called the doctor's office today to see if they might cancel my surgery and she said no they don't think they will. **Fingers crossed** I had to make new arrangements for my kids since they will most likely not have school, which was stressful.

But hopefully everything works out! I got all my last minute stuff today and started packing my bags, as I'm staying with a friend for a week. Tomorrow while I'm stuck inside due to the "blizzard" I'm gonna finish all my cleaning, do all my food prep, finish laundry, pack my kids suitcases for Grandma's house, and set out all their school clothes for next week.

I'll try to update again tomorrow night or maybe the morning of surgery!

Surgery day!

Well it's almost 9pm and I've been home since about 2:30pm. I'm wrestling pretty comfortably. My muscles get really sore after I get up to go to the bathroom so I'm making sure to stay on my pain medication.
Couple things... It burned the first time I peed at home and it's hard to get my pee out but is getting better each time I go. I started feeling naseous so I took a pill to help and 10 minutes later threw up, which surprisingly didn't hurt. Then I felt better. I've been trying to eat but it's hard to chew and swallow stuff I assume from the tube being down my throat.

Anyways, not in too much pain just muscles are super sore especially after getting up out of recliner. And I feel like I'm peeing a lot. Ugh Hoping I can get some sleep tonight!
I'll try to update more tomorrow!

3 days PO

I had some issues with heartburn but after finding the right medicine I'm finally feeling better. I don't really have an appetite and it's hard at times to eat but you have to eat in order to take your pain medicine. The pain isn't too bad and the worst part is just my muscles are super sore. My boobs are super hard and I keep ice on those and that helps. They aren't as high as I was expecting. I ended up getting 340cc in one and 315cc in the other. I've been sleeping pretty good at night and only waking up to take my pain medicine.

I'm wondering how do you know when you can stop taking the pain medicine and just take Tylenol extra strength instead I want to try to stop taking it so I can get my bowels moving again. :)

I have my first doctors appointment tomorrow, pretty nervous about all that.

Day 4 PO

So I've been feeling super light headed and I think it's the combination of not eating enough and the Percecot. I tried to eat a good lunch and felt better on the way to my doctor appt. Also instead of taking another Percocet I took 2 Tylenol before heading to my appt. And I didn't feel too bad.

My appt went well. He decided to take off the garment and just have me wear a bra. The garment was leaving an indentation in my skin, probably what was causing the heartburn and nausea. It feels weird not wearing the garment but hasn't been too bad. And wearing the bra is nice and my boobs feel better, but still hard. I still have the drains until they get a little bit more watery and less output but if they are looking better by Friday I can get them taken out if not I'll have to wait till next Tuesday. And I start my massages on my breasts today, pushing them together.

I forgot to mention about the female urinal... That thing is the best! It hurt pretty bad to sit down and get up from the toilet and I was having a hard time getting all my Pee out. Also with my full body Garment with the slit I was peeing on the back of the garment and it was just awful! When we finally started using the urinal it was so much better, well worth it! And I got it off Amazon for like $10!

Day 5 PO

I'm feeling better today and getting around pretty good. After being up for a while my back starts to hurt so I've been using a heating pad once I sit back down. So I've started taking Tylenol during the day and I tried to just take it at night too but last night I kept waking up and was in a lot of pain so I ended up taking a Percocet just to sleep. Also when I woke up my boobs felt super hard which I've heard is normal and called morning boob. I've still been putting ice on them and that seems to help some. I just wish they would soften already because it is super uncomfortable! Pretty much feels like when your milk comes in and your super engorged- not fun!

Also last night I took two laxatives and had cramps on and off all night. And my stomach hurt this morning when I woke up but i'm happy to say I finally pooped a couple of times today! Lol

I'd have to say right now that my boobs are way more uncomfortable than my muscle pain/soreness in my tummy.

Day 6 PO

Doing better today... Cleaned myself up a bit and even put on a little makeup. My friend took me to lunch and it was nice to get out of the house but after a while I couldn't wait to get home and sit in my recliner with my heating pad (for my back) and take a nap- and I did just that!

My drains are producing less and less fluid but it's still pretty red. I was hoping to get them taken out tomorrow because they are really starting to get annoying and uncomfortable! But I'm pretty sure my PS wants the fluid more clear than red. Ugh :(

I keep getting a tickle in my throat that makes me cough and hurts pretty bad and also doesn't do me any good, like clear it or make anything come up with it so it really sucks!

I took some pics today!

Damn drains

So anyone else have any issues with where their drains are going inside them? I have had some bleeding from the sites and I'm afraid it might be infected or if it's just normal with them being in so long. Ugh I can't imagine having these drains in 2 weeks or more as I've read. Monday can't come soon enough. Also I'm pretty scared to get them removed, especially since they feel super sensitive right now but I think just the thought of having them out has me more excited than scared! Lol

Oh happy day!

Well I finally got the drains out today! It was a little weird and somewhat uncomfortable but I wouldn't say too painful. I also got most of the stitches in my BB removed. It's still not that pretty but the nurse said it will look better! I have to wear a pad inside my panties because the drain sites are bleeding some.

I also have to wear spanx to help with swelling. I like the tank top kind so I don't have to pull it up and down each time I use the bathroom. I got one at Walmart in a size medium and I think I might need a Small. It was pretty hard getting over my big booty and swollen hips but I'm thinking it could still be a little tighter. PS told me to take it easy the next 48 hours to prevent any swelling so I don't have to get any fluid removed with a needle!!

My boobs are getting a little softer and I have to do some different massages now.

I'll post pics soon!


Here's some progress pics on Day 11! I Can't really see my scar thru the tape, except somewhat when it's wet but to me it looks pretty low and I'm so happy!

Oh, and my nipples are super sensitive which is super annoying, I'm hoping that goes away!

2 weeks!

It's crazy it's already been two weeks since my surgery! I'm feeling almost back to normal. I'm having no issues with pain or soreness in my tummy. I have had some swelling and have noticed fluid right above my incision yesterday. I'm hoping it's not too bad where I'm gonna need it drained! My boobs are doing good and are starting to soften and my nipples are still pretty sensitive.

My next f/u appt is Tuesday.

Follow up DR appt

Today I had a follow up appointment with the doctor. I was concerned about the fluid in my tummy but for the last couple of days it has gone down and PS didn't see any. So that's good! He took off all the tape on my incision and that hurt! And took off the tape under my boobs. But it was good to finally see my incision and I think it looks pretty good.

He said I wasn't doing a good job on my breast massages because they were hard. So he squeezes them super hard!!! I'm still sore and had to take some Advil when I got home. It hurts to even move my right arm! So I gotta do a better job at my massages because I do not want to go thru that again!

The nurse removed my stitches under my boobs, the 2 on each hip and a couple I had left in my belly button as well as cleaned it out some.

I'm a little concerned of the placement of my new BB. Does it look too low? Or is it OK? My sister said it kinda makes my torso look longer and since I'm only 5'2" that's a good thing I suppose.

I added a couple pics I took at the doctors so they aren't too good.

Incision bleeding

So I have a little part of my incision that is constantly bleeding/ oozing. I had to put a pad inside my underwear! Also I have a scab right above it that is healing from where the surgery tape was removed last week at my last doctor's appt and it has some white stuff (pus?) around it. The incision where it's "leaking" is pretty red too. So not sure if I have an infection or its just irritated from maybe pubic hair growing back in? I don't have a fever or anything. I have another f/u appt tomorrow afternoon so guess we'll find out then what's going on. It's causing me some discomfort, almost feel like I have the drains back in! :( I had to take some Advil last night bc I woke up in the middle of the night and it was really bothering me.

Follow up Appt- 3 1/2 weeks

So I had my f/u appt today and was sure my incision was infected. But good news- it's not! My PS said its just a stitch working its way out and it's OK. I have to put perxiode on it twice a day and it should be better within a week.

He also wants me to start using Cocoa butter on my scars. And I can start wearing underwire bras! I went straight to Target after and picked up one, I didn't try it on bc I had my son with me so I'll have to go back tomorrow while he's at school to exchange it.

He said I looked real good and can't wait to show me my before pics to compare (even tho I'd rather not see them!). I'm still swollen though as it's still kinda early in the healing process.

I go back in 2 weeks to see him.

One month pics!

Will give a full update soon!

Victoria's Secret bra shopping

So I went to Victoria's Secret today to get measured and to get some new bras. The lady measured me at a 32DDD!!! Uh what?! I couldn't believe it! I think VS measuring is off there- ha! Anyways, I tried on a bunch of different bras, it was so hard to narrow down which ones I liked the best. The lady even gave me some sports bras to try on as well as a strapless one- SO many options! I finally narrowed it down to the Very Sexy and the Plunge. I was looking for more of a push-up bra for special occasions, not for every day wear.

6 weeks

Wow! I can’t believe it’s already been 6 weeks. Time sure has flown by.

My tummy is healing quite nicely. I’m still dealing with the “hole” in my incision but it’s slowly closing back up. I think in another week or two it’ll be completely healed. Other than that, I’m happy with my incision and it looks very thin. I’m also very happy with my belly button. It still has some flakey-ness around it and at the bottom it still has some scabbing. I’m putting the cocoa butter on the incisions twice a day. My muscles get sore every once in a while but other than that I have no pain. It’s still kinda difficult to turn over in bed and I’m not sleeping on my tummy yet, mainly because of my boobs.

My boobs are doing very good! They are softening and settling nice. I still continue to massage them about 3-4 times a day. So far I’m happy with the size but there are some days that I wish I went bigger but I'm still happy with them. When I look down at them I don’t think they look that big but when I look at them in a mirror they look pretty big but I’m happy with them. My nipples aren't sensitive anymore- thank goodness! I found what helped them was actually rubbing them after doing my massages for like a minute. I read the more you actually touch them, you are letting your brain know that the sensation is OK and eventually they won’t be as hypersensitive. That seemed to work for me. I find that reaching for certain things up high or washing my hair in the shower I can feel a tug (or it just feels weird) and that my skin is still stretching from being pulled so tight.

I had my 6 week f/u appt yesterday. My PS said I can resume all normal activities and start working out again! I’m excited to get back in the gym but also a little nervous as to what I can do, pretty much starting from square 1 again. But I plan to start back on Monday (since my account is on hold til Sunday) and I’ll update on how that goes. He also said I can stop wearing my compression garment (I was using a waist cincher from Wal-mart). I was surprised that he said I could stop wearing it already. It feels so weird not having it on. When I got back home, I took it off and it’s just weird not having it. I think I may still wear it at night though and maybe when I’m working out- we’ll see. I go back to see the PS in 4 weeks. And he said the hole in my incision should be completely gone by then, and he said he would fix it if it leaves an ugly scar! I can't wait til it's gone because I have a feeling it'll be hard to work out with it and I'm just SO tired of seeing it. It's hard to wear jeans ugh I'm so over it. Lol

It's hard to get a good angle of my boobs myself so I'll get my husband to do that for me and post soon. :)

8 weeks (almost 2 months)

Well I started back at the gym last week and it felt SO good to be back! I started out slow, just did the treadmill, elliptical, etc on the 1st day then the next day I added weights and have been doing variations of some cardio and lifting weights. I’m still taking the weights light and working my way back up. But it feels good.

I’m a little frustrated... for the last 3 weeks (going on my 4th week) I’ve been eating really good, meal prepping for the first time and tracking my food using MFP and I haven’t lost ANY weight! I know it’s a slow process but seeing NO move on the scale is just frustrating. It’s so crazy how you can have one bad day eating everything bad and gain 3lbs in ONE day but you eat super good for weeks and barely lose a pound! Ugh I know I just need to stick it out and my hard work will pay off but I’d just like to see some thing. Even tho, my husband tells me my butt looks smaller! I did start taking measurements and hoping that gives me some kind of reward since the scale isn't budging!

So working out hasn’t been too bad. I’m definitely feeling sore. And doing certain exercises I can really feel in my ab muscles. I wouldn’t say it hurts but just uncomfortable so I just lower the weight or do no resistance. I’m not doing much ab work yet. I can’t do much squatting because of the hole in my incision still healing, it’s kinda painful. But for the most part feeling good. I usually do classes at my gym and since I can’t do squats or ab work I’m scared to get back into a class just yet. So I’ve been having to come up with my own workouts, which I’m not used to but it’s nice for a change.

I'm also super frustrated with the "hole" in my incision! The healing process is painfully slow and also painful and super uncomfortable at times. On top of putting Peroxide on it twice a day, I started putting Neosporin on it a couple days ago as well. And I have noticed the hole isn't as white and is turning more red and I'm hoping that means it's starting to really heal. I'm also scared of how the scar will look once fully healed. My PS did say he would fix it but it's just a pain, literally! It's hard to wear jeans too and I'm thinking the "bulge" above my incision won't go away and the daily swelling until this is healed. Ugh To say the least, I'm just super frustrated and OVER IT!

2 months pic update

So who's tired about hearing about my lovely "hole"?? ME!!! So for about the last week I have been putting Neosporin on it about twice a day. I have noticed it's not so red around it and the incision. It has started to form a little bubble, hoping that's a sign of it healing and the hole is finally closing up?

Also am I still swollen or I'm thinking it might be from the hole that is making my stomach still look bloated or protrude? I'm REALLY hoping my stomach goes flat once that hole is gone. Or please someone tell me it's normal for my stomach to be looking like this still 2 months post-op.

I can't remember if I've mentioned but I still haven't been able to lay on my stomach while sleeping. Just wondering when that comes. I miss it. :(

Doctor Appt.

I had my f/u appt with my PS today. We first addressed my "hole" and he was surprised it was still not healed. He asked if I stopped putting the peroxide on it and I told him no, I was using that as well as started Neosporin. He said it seemed to heal too fast making it not heal properly. I'm not sure! Anyways, he cauterized it which was super uncomfortable but not horrible. He told me not to put anything on it and said it'll turn black and eventually scab over. And I go back in 3 weeks for him to check it out again. I asked if it's going to have a bad scar and he said he might or it might not but if it does he will definitely fix it so I'm happy about that. I'm wondering how long it's gonna be sensitive. I wore jeans to my appt and immediately went home and had to change into a dress b/c jeans were way too uncomfortable and hurting. Ughhh

Other than that he said I was looking good! So that's it.

10 weeks

Well the bubble came off and I'm back to square 1. Hopefully the rest heals the right way. I went to the gym this morning and just walked/jogged on the treadmill, didn't do a class or lift weights. Figured I'd take it easy til Monday.


So the last couple of days I've had pain/discomfort to the right of my belly button. I'm not sure if it's my muscles or I'm overdoing it or what but it hurts! I've started taking Advil the last couple of days bc it hurts so bad. I don't know what to think of it and why this is happening 2 1/2 months post-op. Any thoughts??

Follow-up appt (11 1/2weeks post op)

I had an appt today to check on my "hole". I'm starting to get really annoyed with it and wanted to see if there was anything more the doctor could do. Anyways, he said it looks better from when I was there last (only 2 weeks ago) and he said it looks to be healing nicely. Which I don't think it does but whatever. He told me try putting Aquaphor on it twice a day and let it air out as often as I can, and try not to use a pantiliner on it so it doesn't stay moist. Which sucks because it gets my VS panties all yucky. :( He said by 2-3 weeks it should be healed, which I've heard before so I'm not holding my breath! I made my next appt in 2 weeks.

He also said if he does have to fix the scar it won't be for another 3-4 months down the road. At this point I just want the damn thing to heal and have skin there again, I don't care what it looks like!

Like I've said before its super uncomfortable to wear jeans, including jean shorts and I hate not being able to wear them! It's also sometimes painful to do certain things at the gym, like squats or some ab exercises.

I also feel like I'm still swollen and I'm hoping it's from the open wound and once its healed my stomach will look better.

I'm just super frustrated and want to move on from this! Especially with summer coming up!

Healing- finally! (3 months)

So I finally feel like my "hole" is healing. When I'm home I let it air out and have been putting the Aquaphor on it 2-3 times a day. I even sleep with no undies so it airs out while I'm asleep as well. I'm so happy to finally see the flesh/tissue turn to skin!

So the last week or so I've had the worst ingrown hairs in my pubic hair! The pain and discomfort has been way worse than dealing with the hole. I've had such a rough time with that whole area! Ugh

3 1/2 months!

Well my "hole" has FINALLY closed up! Thank the sweet Lord! :) It still has some healing to do and above the incision right there is pretty hard, which I know will soften over time. But I'm just glad it's skin again! I saw my PS today and he told me to come back in 3 months, after the summer and if the scar hasn't improved to my liking he will fix it! So I'm happy about that, so guess we'll see.

I'm still having issues with ingrown hairs in my pubic hair and that whole area has been so irritated, and I even got a bacterial infection and am taking an antibiotic! I've had such a rough time with that whole area! LOL

Also, I'm wondering how you can tell if your tummy is still swollen or if it's fat. I totally meant to ask the doctor that today and forgot. :( I feel like I'm swollen/bloated, especially by the end of the day. But I'm so worried that it's fat or my stomach will NEVER go down! I'm trying to be patient but after paying a lot of money I want to be sure it's flat like I want.

My boobs are doing good. They have soften lots and to me look natural. I wish they were a little closer together but I think that's just how my chest wall is because my old boobs were far apart as well. I'm wondering if I got them bigger if they would have changed that. I also wish I got them a little bigger but for the most part I'm very happy with them. I'm so glad I got them (so far) and would have totally regretted it if I didn't!

4 1/2 months

I am feeling good! So glad my hole has finally, completely healed and it no longer bothers me. I can work out just fine and I'm finally able to wear jeans again without them hurting. I'm also down 5lbs in 1 month so that helps too! I still have some swelling, mainly my lower belly which I'm assuming is from where my hole is probably still healing inside and that takes a while. But it looks flatter every day!

My boobs are doing well too! I'm so happy with them and SO glad I got them done as well. I kept going back and forth on whether I should get them and I don't regret them at all! I can lay on my stomach again but it still doesn't feel 100% normal so I don't sleep on them. I think because I'm afraid I'll mess them up or pop them- ha! I think they look pretty natural but I do 2nd guess myself about getting them bigger but I just try to remind myself that if I had gotten them bigger, I might not have been happy with them that big. So I'm trying to stay content and love my new boobs!

So for the most part and even after all I went through with recovery I would 100% do it over again! And I'm SO glad I did it. I feel so much better about myself. I'm always walking around the house in just a sports bra and shorts, which I would have never done before. I think it was totally worth it, and again so thankful I was able to do it and get through everything- even after having all the scars (which for the most part can be hidden and I'd take all the scars compared to what I had before!).

I go back to my PS in September and we'll discuss fixing my scar where the hole was.

7 months

So I can't believe it's already been 7 months since my surgery! Time flies! I had a follow up appt with my PS last week b/c last time I went back in May my "hole" still wasn't completely healed. He looked at my scar and pinched it and said it's still not ready to be fixed. He did say the sides of my incision are healing nicely- thank goodness for no doggie ears!

He said my boobs looked good and asked if I am happy with them. I said I do wish they were a little bigger. He asked if I had saline or silicone, and I told him saline. He said he could add some fluid, about 50cc (which I'm hoping will make some difference) to it with a syringe and could give me more volume on top. And he said he could also re position the implants, maybe making them go higher. I really wish he could make them closer together so I'm going to mention that and see if he could do that as well.

He said since I need the revision of my scar as well that we should just do it all at the same time and it would be best to put my under to do it. The whole procedure will take about an hour and half. So we are looking at January or February to do it. All I will have to pay for is the anesthesia, which is $500!

I can't wait to have this done and over with! I'm so excited!

Almost 1 year!

Well next Saturday it'll be a year since my surgery and I don't regret it one bit! And next Friday I'll be having my revision. My PS is going to fix the center of my TT scar from where I had the spitting stitch. I'm so excited to finally have this fixed and for the whole scar to be a nice thin line. I'm going to ask him if he can lower it any to do that also.

Since I'll be going under, he's also going to add fluid to my implants (saline)! He thinks he can do about 50cc, or as much as the implant can hold x. I mainly want more upper fullness. So can't wait to see how that turns out!

I'll update again after surgery.

Revision- Day 2

Well my TT revision went well. The scar looks longer than I was expecting but I'm hoping because he pulled it down more so had to take more off?

Also my boob procedure ended up being a little more extensive then expected. He noticed when I was laying down on the table how my implants fall to the side so he ended up tightening the pockets so they sit better. And I'm not really even sure if he added some fluid but I hope so. But I'm thinking they will now sit closer together which is something I wanted. I will see him tomorrow (Monday) at my post op appt and see exactly what he did and why.

Since I ended up getting more work done they sent me home with more prescriptions, a steroid (anti- inflammatory) and Singular to take at night.

Yesterday I felt pretty good, didn't really sleepy tho during the day. Today I took a Percocet at 8am and felt kinda out of it even after eating. So the next time I thrust took some Tyelnol and seemed fine then my next dose I took more Tylenol but was still in some pain. I put an ice pack on my boobies and it helped some but I might need to switch back to Percocet til tomorrow.

I have to take my son to preschool tomorrow morning and drive to my appt.

Revision- day 3

Had my post op appt today and everything looks good. Boobs are still pretty sore and tight. Been taking only Tylenol today until I go to bed then I'll take Percocet during the night and stick with Tylenol during the day. And I got a shower today which was great! I also drove tonight and it wasn't too bad.
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