Scheduled Rhinoplasty in August 2013 - Anxious!! - Virginia Beach, VA

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Hello everyone, I just wanna start by saying...

Hello everyone,

I just wanna start by saying I LOVE THIS SITE. I love how people are able to be upfront and personal about their concerns and insecurities. There are MANY brave people here and I respect that a lot. Even though I want to remain discreet here, I feel completely comfortable. I have attached some blurred pictures for viewing.

So this coming August, I am scheduled to have rhinoplasty. Some of my concerns include wide nostrils and the lack of overall definition in my African American nose. Sometimes when I look at it, it's just sitting there, looking like nothing. My nose as a major lack of definition on one side so it overall looks uneven. Also when I smile, it looks even bigger and it kinda droops down a tad. I have always been very self conscious about my nose. I am a Virgo, sometimes known as a perfectionist, so I look at the overall symmetry of my nose and I am not satisfied. If I could correct it myself I would!

My goal is to tackle all cosmetic procedures before I turn 30 years old. I don't expect a lot of change to myself but rhinoplasty definitely is the first to come. I currently feel that I have chosen a great doctor. His name is Dr. Choe in VA Beach. He is of Asian ethnicity and can directly related to ethnic noses and skin. I had two consultations with him. After our second meet, I felt that Dr. Choe grasped the overall look that I am going for. Because the changes that I expect are very small, I think it will be easy to achieve my desired results. I have another meeting with Dr. Choe before my surgery. I plan on discussing some final concerns during that time.

Until then, I would like to hear from some members of the REALself community. Please invoice your questions and concerns. Thank you!

2 weeks

I'm just about 2 weeks pre-op! I had a pre-op appointment with Dr. Choe and it was such a reliever. I have been a bit worried over the last few months. My worries have not been from the thought of a bad surgery but more of not having my vision come true. However, Dr. Choe assure me that the changes will be just enough to give me the look I'm going for. What I like about Dr. Choe is that he encourages very natural changes and preserving ethnic features of the nose. I adore that and it makes me feel safe. Its like a guarantee that my results will look natural and not like a "nose job". I received all of my pre op guideline paperwork, prescription tickets and such. I'm excited everyone.

2 Days

So today has been a lot mixed feeling. Not so much as "cold feet" but feelings of the nose possibility not being "good enough" when its all done. I'm a perfectionist (virgo) and Im an artist. So in my mind, I see envision changes to be very unique for me. I don't want to be one of those people who end up getting a second rhinoplasty because my first one was not good enough. I want to get it right the first time. I also feel that I have not opened up to my surgeon as I should have. Maybe if I gave him an insight of what my life is like, he would have a better understanding of why my results must be more than a minor change. He doesn't know that I am an artist (makeup) and that I admire people who are androgynous. Typically a surgeon does what fits in the gender role, e.g "making the nose look more masculine". I am a very open minded individual and just want what looks good, even if its a bit androgynous.

Anyway, here is a picture of myself and a before and after of a lady who received rhinoplasty earlier this year per Dr. Choe. I LOVE her results, actually I ADORE the results. I am sure that I want my results to be VERY similar to hers. So, I will be talking to Dr. Choe tomorrow about what I have been going through and hopefully he can assure me that my vision come true. I will be posting another update tomorrow. Please leave comments. They are greatly appreciated!

the day of

Surgery went well today. I got there promptly, vitals taken, had another talk with Dr Choe to calm my nerves. It worked! Once I made it yo the operation room, they gave me the anesthesia and I was out. I don't remember much. I just remember being helped into a wheel chair and asking if I pissed my pants. I sure did during the operation. What a bummer. I made it home okay with the help of my mother. Pain meds work okay. I may have to double up the dosage tomorrow. I woke up for about 4 hours later in a good amount of pain. Couldn't go back to sleep. Ended up in bed around 11pm. Will update later today.

packing removed

So today I had the packing removed from my nostrils. What a relief! I can breath now and my nose is not ad sore as before. I was able to see my nose once the packing was removed and it looked very interesting. I noticed that he turned my nose up a bit. That always scares me because I see so many other results like look kinda 'piggy' when the nose is turned up. However, mind is not bad at all. As it heals I'm sure it will become even less prominent. No more droopy tip. I have some aching in my teeth...both top and bottom row. Also some swelling between the eyes. I'm still very curious about what the bridge looks like. He told me that he sculpted the bridge very nicely. My stitches come out Friday and my splints come out Tuesday.

old pics

so ready

Today I woke up and moisturized the inside of my nose with the saline spray. I will be doing this all day since the splints/cast are removed on tomorrow. Hopefully they will slide out with no pain. Right now they fee like they have attached themselves to my insides! Lol...I need relief from them! I slept good last night. When I woke up I was actually laying on my side which is contrary to what the doctor ordered. However my body was fully aware and I didn't have any issues rolling onto my nose during sleep.

My tip is still very swollen and hard...the bridge is sore also, hence the cartilage implant. I have read that its normal for a while especially for thick (ethnic) skin. Gosh, I am just very curious of how it looks with the cast off. I return to work in 4 days!

Pictures March 19th

Here are some after pictures.

Good News: I LOVE what the surgeon has done with my nose! The bridge is more defined, the tip looks nice and refined from all angles, the nostrils are smaller but not too small, so my nose still looks ethnic.

NOT SO BAD NEWS: Looks like I might have to have a revision. I have a couple of small concerns which will probably require some very small adjustments. Also, we found that my nasal bone on the right side "jets out" a bit, more than on the left side. This has caused my nose to look puffy on that one side. I thought it was swelling before but its the bone itself. Based on my last meeting with him, it looks like he will have to break my nose to make both side even. My next meeting will be in April!

I will be posting an update as soon as I find out my next surgery date.
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