29 yrs, 3 Kids, BA (Pre-BA 34AA) Natrelle Allergan 450cc Smooth Round Silicone Implants - Leesburg, Virginia

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Every review I've read on RealSelf has started...

Every review I've read on RealSelf has started with ladies describing how they've always wanted breast augmentation ever since they went through puberty. Unfortunately, I'm no different. I always wondered why my mom was well-endowed and I was left with nothing. The desire for a BA was always there but I never saw it as a reality based on how much it would cost. I started my family at 21 years old and finances have always been tight, so I just wrote my BA off as a dream. 8 years later, we've been blessed to have extra finances coming in and hubby just gave the blessing for me to move ahead with getting a consultation.

I had my consult with Dr. Parva on Monday January 11th. I didn't really have any expectations going in because I'd never done any "official" research or browsing on forums like this. I spoke to him about my goals and reasons for wanting the procedure, we talked about the differences between saline and silicone, and then he took my measurements and photos. Dr. Parva's office used the Vectra 3D imaging software to take a photo and show me simulations of the recommended implants based on my measurements. I had no particular "look" I was going for, or wish pictures to use, but I left feeling informed and SO excited to move forward.

A few days later, the surgical coordinator called to give me the quote for the procedure (she was out sick the day of my consult). I ended up scheduling my procedure for February 9th. She scheduled my pre-op appointment for January 21st. I brought my husband with me to pre-op so he could ask any questions he had and see the Vectra imaging to help me decide on what size and style to go with. We ended up going with Allergan Silicone smooth round 450cc high profile implants. I was a bit worried because I really didn't want to look fake or unnatural and I'd seen some photos where 450cc looked HUGE on small women. My BWD is 13 on one side and 13.5 on the other and my pre-BA size is 34AA. I am fairly petite and small framed (5'3" and 125 lb), so Dr. Parva said the high profiles shouldn't look unnatural on me. I paid for the procedure and then left with my surgery date and documents in hand.

I'm not going to lie, I had a week or so where I COMPLETELY freaked out! I was browsing forums looking for ladies who have had BAs already some looked great and natural with 450ccs and others looked VERY fake. I ended up calling Dr. Parva and he helped ease my nerves. He's very confident that he understands the look I'm going for and that my original choice was going to look great on me.

Now it's a waiting game! I'm 8 days pre-op now and can't wait. I've been lurking on this site for weeks and have found everyone's stories so helpful and calming that I figured I may as well contribute to the community so hopefully my story can help at least one other person. I've already got my prescriptions filled (Percocet for pain, Zofran for nausea, and an antibiotic that I can't remember the name of). I also picked up Senokot stool softener which my doctor recommended I keep on hand and use as needed, and some supplies like cocoa butter stretch mark lotion (using now to help prevent stretch marks), extra gauze, a neck pillow, bacitracin antibiotic cream for my incision scars, and silicone scar sheets for once my incisions start healing.

I also bought a CareFix "Anna" post-op bra size Medium that someone on RealSelf recommended for once I can switch out of my surgical bra. My PS says I'll have to wear the surgical band as much as possible for the first week until my post-op appointment on Feb 16th. My husband can only take off work for the day of my procedure and I have my mom coming over on day 2, but other than that I will be on my own. I know this is probably going to be very difficult based on other people's recovery stories I've read, but I've decided not to make this procedure a public announcement among family and friends (other than hubby and my mom) so I'm just going to pray for a fast recovery and for content children :) They are 7, 5, and 3 and pretty independent so hopefully that will work in my favor! The older two will be in school during the day so it'll just be my youngest and me during the day. I work from home, so no time off work needed, which is a blessing.

I can't think of anything else at the moment, but I will do my best to update you as anything new comes up and at least the day before my surgery! Thanks for any advice and tips you all can share!! I will try to upload pre-BA pics (ugh) soon so I have a comparison for post-BA blues!

Pre-BA photos

Photos to compare once I'm on the other side!!

6 days and COUNTING!!!

I am 6 days away from my surgery and I can't contain how excited I am. It feels surreal. Although, I'm hoping and praying that the snow that is being forecasted for northern Virginia on Tuesday gets downgraded to rain or pushed to another day! Weather guys are predicting 4-8" and in this area, schools shut down for much less. If schools close, I have to coordinate alternate child care for my kids and that could be difficult. Needless to say, I hope everything works out and my surgery goes as planned! Having to reschedule would stink!

On another note (of complaining), I'm so tired of wearing padded bras that RIDE UP my chest and I have to constantly pull it down! Anyone else have this problem?? SO glad it will be over soon =)

I received my Carefix post-op bras in the mail yesterday as well as a coral colored lace bra that I hope to fit nicely after my BA. I took some before pictures so I can compare the after pics to them. I'll post those later. SO EXCITED!! I need to do something to get my mind off of it for a little while. More later!

TOMORROW'S the day!!

I'm a nervous wreck with butterflies in my stomach and everything! I got the call from the surgery center confirming my arrival time and procedures for once I get there and confirmed everything with my PS's office. We are good to go!

I am spending today getting laundry done and the kitchen cleaned and getting my post-op bag put together. I'm packing a trash bag (in case I get sick on the ride home), saltine crackers, a water bottle, my prescriptions, extra socks, my ID, credit card, and insurance card. My post-op care package at home is put together with antibacterial cream, extra gauze, an extra post-op bra, straws, my neck pillow, and I'm sure there are a few other things I'm forgetting! I'm also taking a few more before pics in different tops so I can compare them later...I'm really hoping I don't get the boobie blues so I'm hoping these before pics will help with that! I'll post those a few days post-op when I can put normal clothes on again!

I will see how I'm feeling tomorrow but I'm hoping to be able to post a few pics and post about my experience. We're supposed to get a few inches of snow tonight and tomorrow so hopefully that won't hinder anything! I'm SOO ready...hopefully I can sleep tonight. I'm going to get all the side and tummy sleeping in as possible since it'll be forbidden for the next 2 months or so.

I think that's it for now - i'll update next from the other side!!!!!

On the other side!

Ok, so I can't sleep so I figured I'd post an update and let everyone know how my survey went today - especially cuz I know a lot of you are scheduled for tomorrow!!

Here goes:
I got to the surgery center at 9:30 am and was taken back to the room right before 10. They took my vitals and then had me wipe my body down with some aloe cleansing wipes. Then I put my gown on, the nurse came in and started my IV and wrapped my legs in some sort of massagers they use to prevent blood clots, and the doctor came in to mark me up. Shortly after, the anesthesiologist came in and wheeled me into the operating room. I remember climbing over to the operating table and then BOOM I was out. I only remember bits and pieces of recovery because I was SO tired. I could barely open my eyes. I remember feeling very nauseous so the nurse came me some antinausea meds through my IV, which only slightly helped. I ended up in recovery for about 2 hours before hubby was able to take me home.

I threw up on the walk from the car to the house (sorry tmi) and then went straight to my recliner chair. I sat there and slept for a few hours and took my first dose of pain meds, zofran, and antibiotics at 5. Wasn't hungry at all but they told me to make sure i ate with my meds so I slowly ate a few saltines. My mouth is SO dry so the crackers just stuck in my mouth until I washed them down with water. The tube thing they put in my throat definitely left my voice all scratchy but no pain at all there.

Anyway, I am not really in any pain I just don't want it to creep up on me so I'm taking my meds as prescribed. There is pressure on my chest but it's totally bearable and not too uncomfortable at all. There's no engorged feeling like when my milk came in yay! We will see what tomorrow brings.

I did undo my bra for a minute to check my incisions and make sure I didn't need to change the gauze. They looked pretty clean so I'll wait to change them when I shower in the morning. Snapped a few pics while I had the bra open. About 8 hours post op. SO happy already, can't wait for the final result!!!

If anyone has any questions feel free to ask! I will post anything I forgot to mention tomorrow when I'm a little more coherent and awake =)

Few more pics

Here are pics from after my shower this morning. Nothing different than yesterday just a better view without the bra and clothes on =)

My only concern so far is how high my nipples will sit once the implants drop!! I'm hoping they look right. Otherwise, no pain, just tender and sore so I'm switching to Tylenol. A couple nausea spells so I'm struggling between zofran doses! I'll update more later.

Day 3 Post Op

Sorry I haven't updated for a few days. Day 2&3 were more tiresome for me and I had bouts of nausea (from the pains meds I think so I stopped those yesterday). I've still not been feeling any pain, just soreness when I do certain things. I can lift my arms over my head very comfortably too. I ice a few times a day to help with swelling. I have found that after wearing the surgical bra and the ace wrap my surgeon gave me all day I HAVE to let the girls out to breathe for a little while at night! Takes the pressure off and they feel much better after some time out lol. I've already noticed they are getting softer. No dropping yet obviously but I'm still concerned my nipples will be too high after they drop. I'm going to ask my PS about it at my post op appt on Tuesday.

Sleeping is another issue. I CANNOT sleep on my back for the life of me. I doze in and out but spend the majority of the night trying to find a comfortable position. I tried sleeping on my side but I felt too much pressure so I flipped back to my back. It'll get better soon!! Im also having some headaches, not sure what from but they are awful. Im taking Tylenol to manage them and lots of fluids.

Other than that I'm just trying to be patient through this healing process. I know it's going to take a few more weeks to see any changes. I took some pics yesterday so I'm posting those so you can see. No difference from day 1 post op but I'll post a comparison before and after when I hit the one week mark! Any recommendations for good photo collage apps???

A few comparison shots!

I worked on a few before and afters just for fun since I can't sleep ;-)

Not any big changes but little ones that make me excited!! Today (day 4) has been the best day so far. I finally felt a lot of the pressure relieve, much less pain, and NO nausea!!!

They are much softer now and I can already tell my left is lower than my right but I guess that can be common. The only thing I don't like is I still don't have much feeling in my nipples or in the tissue around them. How long does that take to come back??

CareFix Anna post surgical bra

Forgot to mention that this bra is awesome! I got a size medium and it's a little tight on me but gives me lots of support and is super comfy. It's specifically made to be worn post surgery so it's perfectly supportive in all the right places (at least for me). I ordered it on amazon, one in white one in black.

Almost one week!!!

Seems surreal, but tomorrow will be my one week mark! I have my post op appointment in the afternoon so I'll update anything important after that.

As far as the girls, they are SO much softer now and I'm getting slight feeling back (more in the breast tissue and skin than the nipples) so I get some zingers from those nerves occasionally but nothing awful. I can almost push my boobs together but I'm afraid to move them too much since I haven't even been told to start massaging.

Sleeping is still challenging. My mid back is burning by morning time from sleeping at an angle and my boobs ache for a bit when I wake up too! I'm so happy with the way they are healing up though. The incisions are starting to bother me a little more and I feel like this ace bandage has me in a vice grip most of the day!!! I take it off for about an hour before bed just to breathe easy and relax but then I put it back on to sleep. I've been applying my palmers stretch mark lotion 2-3 times a day and the itching seems to be gone for now, woohoo! That was so irritating, especially when I was out in public!! Lol

Otherwise I don't notice much dropping just that they are getting super soft and squishy which I love. Once I get the ok to start massaging I'll take a squeeze pic!! Oh my goodness, speaking of squeeze!!! My husband and I went out for dinner on Saturday with some friends and one of them gave me kind of a side-hug when he saw me and I thought my boob was going to POP out!! It hurt so bad I had to hold onto it for a few minutes...luckily nobody noticed lol

The pictures don't really look much different to me but I'm posting them in case it helps someone else. I couldn't be happier with the size! I know they don't look huge from the side but I'm ok with that. They give me exactly what I want - and hubby is much more excited about them than he thought he was going to be ;-)

Bye for now - will update more after post op tomorrow!!

A few fun shots

I was playing around with trying on some tops! Curiosity also got the best of me...I took my measurements and used a bra size calculator to estimate my current size and it came back with 32DD or sister size 34D. I know I'm only a week post op so I'm sure it will, but that size is perfect so I hope it doesn't change!!

Post op appointment

I had my one week post op appt today and everything went well!! I am no longer slave to the strap!! Doc removed the steri strips and gave me some scar gel to use 2x a day. I bought some silicone scar sheets from target a week pre-BA so I put those on when I got home to prevent my bra from rubbing against the incisions and also to help the scars heal quickly. I stopped at Walmart to get a couple sports bras to wear but only found one or two that fit. Hubby says it'll be time for a VS trip soon lol

I also made my appointment for my free trial of Latisse that came with my implants so I'm looking forward to that. Otherwise, doc says I look great and to start massages in order to get the implant to move around in the pocket against the scar tissue. No lifting still for another week just to be safe, but I'm cleared to drive so that's good. I'm allowed to sleep on my side with a pillow under my side and shoulder as long as it's comfortable.

I made a few progress collages with my day 1, 2, 5, &7 pics but I can't tell huge differences lol. I always say that ;-) thanks ladies for all your support. I'll probably hold off on updating again unless something major happens.


Hi girls!! Just wanted to post a few updates and let y'all know how things are going. I know I said I'd hold off unless something major happens, but I can change my mind, right?? LOL =P

First of all, HOLY MORNING BOOB!!! It's crazy awful. I read all about it before surgery and didn't have any issues with it during my first week post-op, but the last 2-3 mornings I've woken up feeling so achy and sore!! I have cut back all meds pretty much except occasional advil so that may have something to do with it, but HOLY CRAP this morning boob phenomenon is REAL!!!!

Sleeping is getting much better. I'm still slightly elevated on my back so I think I'm getting used to it. Sometimes I turn slightly on my side with a pillow under my arm and side and turn my legs so that my body is kind of twisted. I can't stay that way for very long, but it's super comfy for a little while and I fall asleep pretty quickly. Waiting for the day I can sleep on my stomach again!

I've been doing my massages pretty consistently throughout the day - maybe once an hour which could be overkill but I think it helps me. Lefty is so soft and natural looking now! Righty seems to be hanging on a little longer and still sitting slightly higher and tighter. It hurts more to massage the right side and it felt like it had a seizure yesterday when I leaned over for something but it loosened up. I can push my boobs together now so that's nice. Going down stairs I have to be careful that they don't bounce too much - it hurts!! Otherwise, I don't really notice any restrictions in my movements except for maybe lifting my right arm up and slightly back to shave my armpit! Driving is completely comfortable and I can cook again! Woohoo!

Oh, and my CareFix bras seem to be too small now? Not sure why. They were slightly tight before, but now they feel like a vice grip. I have one Danskin zip front bra in Large from Walmart which fits great and is the most comfortable for me to sleep in. The other few bras I got from Walmart are pullover and slightly tight. I'm hesitant to buy anymore so we'll see how these hold up for the next few weeks.

Thanks for hanging in there with me ladies - I really love all of your advice and comments! This is the BEST community =)

Cleavage shot ;-)

LOVE it!!

Righty tighty!!

Here's a pic showing my right holding a little higher and tighter than my left (think it's reversed in the pic). Hope they don't drop TOO much!! I have a short torso so I already feel like they sit on my stomach sometimes when I'm sitting down! LOL

Wow time flies!!

I can't believe today is 2 weeks post op for me already! Time has flown by. Not much new is going on with the girls - still having horrible morning boob and as far as I can tell they haven't dropped anymore. They have gotten much softer though, my left more so than my right, but I'm sure it'll catch up.

The feeling in my breast tissue is still kind of numb...I can feel things slightly but it is more of a burning sensation when I touch them, especially my nipples! It's really annoying but I've read that it can take anywhere from 6-12 months to go back to normal, and some feeling may not return at all :-/...let's hope that's not the case!

As far as activity level goes, I'm still not really able to lift anything heavy. My muscles twinge and it's not really painful but it's definitely uncomfortable so I haven't been able to lift my kids or anything else heavy like the laundry basket! Also, bending over hurts sometimes where it feels like the weight is pulling on the incisions so that isn't very comfortable either. All will get better with time!! I don't have another post op until my one month mark but I'm using scar gel and scar away sheets 24/7 so hopefully my gruesome scars go away!

I'll work on picture updates later. Ta-ta for now! :-)

2 weeks PO pics

Here are my two weeks post op pics...I don't really notice much difference but hopefully they'll help someone out there in RealSelf-land :-) I will work on comparison pics later!!

Bra size!

So I finally had a few extra minutes today to run to Victoria's Secret and get sized. I tried on the recommended size which was 32DD but it was a little snug so I went for the sister size 34D and it fit perfectly!! I only tried on a few of their wireless bras, none of the really cute ones. I'll go back on a day when I have some more time to try some of those on!

So verdict is 34D at 2.5 weeks post op. This size is perfect for me so hopefully it doesn't change!! ????

1 month post op update

Well here I am, one month post op! I say this so often but I really can't believe that I actually got surgery and have made it to one month post!! It has been a great journey for me and I'm so thankful to have such a supportive community of ladies to share it with - so thank you girls! :-)

As far as healing goes, I pretty much feel back to normal. I can do all of my regular day to day activities without any problems. The only thing I still experience occasionally is a pulling feeling in my incisions when I reach too far for something. It mostly happens when I try to reach something on the top shelf of the cabinet, or when I'm vacuuming, or when I'm reaching for toys under my kids beds! Otherwise, everything is awesome!

The scars are healing well. I will post pics of those later. I've been using scar treatment gel as well as the scar away strips as much as possible. They really do make a HUGE difference!

The girls are doing marvelous. I can sleep on my side comfortably now and the morning boob is even getting much better. I haven't been brave enough to try sleeping on my stomach but I'm sure I will one day. My right (which is your left when you look at my pictures) is still sitting slightly higher but they are both very squishy and soft! My nipples look like they point different directions which is kind of weird but I think it's my natural anatomy that I never noticed before because I was so flat. I'm not sure if that will resolve once the right drops more or if it will always be this way. I'm happy either way! Lol

Anyway, that's about all I have to update for now. I've enjoyed following everyone's stories and recoveries so please leave comments or questions for me!! Oh, and sorry for so many pictures. I figured the more the better to capture different angles.
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