My Feelings About my Big Stomach

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These photos are horrible and I'm sure everyone...

These photos are horrible and I'm sure everyone feel the same about their photos or we wouldn't be here. I've carried this large stomach for so long, I have every kind of girdle known to man kind. I shop for tummy control clothing, I hate it and always looking for ways to hide it. I have 3 adult children and I'm a grandma of 5 , I haven't seen my belly button in 36 years I'm afraid but I want this badly.

4 Days left to do away with this disaster of a stomach 9/30/16

I'm afraid and praying that all go well I requested 13 days off work of a desk duty job... but I work 12 hour in uniform I hope it's enough

Tomorrow I drop off the junk 9/30/16

This fat has been with me for so long I can't imagine my body with out it, a Constance load to tuck in a girdle and with out the girdle it just hangs there pulling on my back, maybe that's why I walk some what bent over always having to hold my cut in and laying on the bed to zip my pants up, just a F-ing nuisance, farewell you large sack of fat that did nothing but irritated the heck out of me and the sweaty mess a long with the smell of underarm pits good riddance...????

Day 1 of post op

First and foremost I gave it to God. So I was fine going in and I was in disbelief leaving I wasn't hutch over to much I had a slight burning where my incision is slight discomfort where the lipo was done but over all I'm relaxing, however I do feel as though I've been doing sit ups... some photos of the after math but none of the actual stomach hopefully tomorrow after shower.

Day 1 post op pic

More photos tomorrow after shower

Tummy Tuck and Lipo

I had it done September 30 so I'm sitting back relaxing and waiting on the results from healing which I'm sure will be great... awesome experience no pain slight burning on the incision and taking my medication on time it really was a great experience I thought I would feel like I was hit by a truck when I left the office but I really am fine

Post op day 2

Day 2 a little rocky the pain medications they gave are much my pain levels are not big enough I was dopey all day however I was able to shower with help and have a better understanding of the drains the bleeding was a little messy until I got to know and manage the drains, not much of and appetite but I eat light...posting pics completely swallow but the pain level is a 4

day 4 post op

so far not to much pain but discomfort around the drains sights and the lipo sights I feel tightening of my incision and my back hurt I guest from being hutch 0ver, my drains are filling pretty good, emptying twice a day, the meds are a bit much, having all sorts of dreams so Tylenol antibiotic and the arnica plus the stool softeners are enough. I'm moving around the house pretty good, taking it easy of course. if any thing bothers me it's the drains their a nuisance but until I see the doctor I'll continue to follow the rules shower daily with dove soap per the doctor and chill picture would be the same as day 3

Day 5 post op

I'm able to do more for my self, like get up from recliner walk down stair shower, no pain just tenderness of the drains sights and of the lipo sights as well, the incision feel tight but I'm able to stand a little more up right not so hutchy today yay! Over all good day sitting in my recliner chilling my family is my support team they are great! Maybe a pic or 2 tomorrow I feel there's no difference from day 3, maybe a little fatter :)

The Thursday after my tummy tuck

Feel pretty good still taking it easy posting before and after picture trying to keep it clean with the photos... lol

Pic post day 6


Drains are coming out today yay!

If not for the drains I would feel really good, but today is the day yay!!!!!

13 days post op

Return to work yesterday it was cool my job is desk work but 12 hours and I wear a uniform that was tight around the belly but I'm swollen and I'm still sore but I'm loving what's going on with my body I'm sharing some pic of after drains were removed which looks hideous but I know it will look better I'm still healing so bare with me I'm keeping this Journey real so follow me if you like, I also took a selfie with my Ps so check us out, he's awesome lol

21 days post op

I'm still swollen but I feel great, absolutely no pain maybe some itching on the incision I've been using Neosporin on the incision itself I have been massaging with cocoa butter, I purchased a handheld massager to assist with massaging the incision I'm trying to keep a keloid from forming it's OK so far I've posted some pictures if you have any questions please feel free to ask, i'm still wearing my binder all day all night I purchased a faja I'm waiting for it to come I also wear support briefs the high ones. Check out some before and after pic's I'm very happy with what going on.

4 weeks post op

Feeling great still feel tightness on the incision and I'm working on the scar with coco butter but it's no big deal I can live with the scar I'm just happy the pouch is gone, I'm waiting on clearance to workout, gain a little but at least it's not in the stomach. I see the PS Nov 7th I'll post pic soon

36 days post op

I'm still swollen but I feel good and I'm happy with the results so far

Pic pic pic

5 weeks post

Almost 3 months post opp

Feeling great and still glad I made the decision , my incision is getting dark but I'm still treating it and massaging it but I'm not bothered by the scar I'm flat in my clothing and I feel I look great in my clothes ???? Happy Holidays to you all ...
Vineland Plastic Surgeon

He's a great plastic surgeon he's confident he even has a swagger like he knows his stuff I like the plastic surgeon very much I'm glad I was referred to him.

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