Excitement - Vineland, NJ addominoplasty & panniculectomy

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Im a nervous only 9 days to go get my TT done....

Im a nervous only 9 days to go get my TT done. Going to see the dr on monday to go over everything. I, got all my stuff ready just trying to get everything straight out before my surgery on November 29. I had gastric bypass in 2007 been fighting get the skin removed for 4 years now with all the rashes and all the pain I have had in the pass its going be worth it all. Never give up on what you want in this life I gave up for alittle bit I went back and fought. What I wanted. .

my before picture

Horrible looks.

counting down to the day

Can't sleep so worried about the Pain lol. Well hope it will be worth it all..

4 days to my TT

Im getting nervous and excited. I had gastric bypass done in 2007 I was 350 pounds .now I am 215 pounds with all skin.. I hope it all goes well on Friday. I meet with my TT dr went over few things only getting tummy tuck no liposuction. Really didn't get that... but I m happy just get the skin off.

2 more days

I can't believe i am gonna have the tummy tuck lol. It took 4 years to get approved from the horrible Rashes I have. That pain I will not miss. Being cold having no skin there gonna be weird for me lol .. I am excited can't sleep at night my brain will not shut off.

more pictures

I wonder if anyone else just had a tummy tuck and the privates putted up with out liposuction. .


Well dr office called 2xs changed my time for sugery for Friday will be going at 1015 am instead of 645 am. Man I thought it was gonna be cancel wen she called back second time scared me. Im already for dinner for tomorrow just worried im not gonna eat to much. . I like everyone else to do tho lol. Im fasting today eating very light tomorrow gonna do a clean out tonight so I won't have any problems pooping lol sorry tmi. ..

tomorrow is my day for my TT

Getting very nerves

the big skin before picture

Well today is the day going to have my Tt will update wen I, get home. I am very nervous. My husband, and children going to take me. I have 3 children 11,9,5 they always got me going . My weight was 233 this morning. .


The before

All done in, pain on flat side

Pain omg. Going home

after surgery

The drains or horrible. Just saying they hurt more anything.

my new belly

before and after by Dr watts

My big belly gone. New me can't wait see the out come.

my new belly

My new belly November 29 2013

im in a nightmare

Omg the drains are horrible .that's only thing bothering me. Ugh..

3 days after

Very tired .try walk every change I get walking is better then sitting.

I, don't know

I, dont know what I just did to my, self I feel so ugly I can't look, at it. Feel like, crying.. having a, moment I guess.

im having bad day

Im very nausea

I feel horrible

Look and feel horrible . Im not posting anymore pictures to its healed up I look like slice open. God hope starts looking normal. Im down to 217 this morning from 233 day of surgery. I hope get rid of 25 pounds more. Im very nausea . Call the dr they gonna call me in something.

5 days, after surgery

Im, feeling little bit better thank god nurse called me nausea meds in.

woke up with horrible pain

I guess I walked to much yesterday. guess gonna take easy today after kids go to school. . Everything is very swollen still belly button looks black I don't whats wrong with that did everything dr said to do getting showered 2xs a day just wash my scars. Go back on this monday we see my husband said it was fine just healing im just always worried. .The cut was lot to look at hope it goes down some man I didn't expect what im seeing not a normal tummy tuck. . I dont know we see on Monday. . No pictures of it to embarrassed.

feeling yucky today

Well yesterday was 7days since my tt surgery. I can move more around. Everything still hurts . im waiting get the drains out Monday and my stitches out still getting a shower 2xs a day. Then redressing my scars. Wearing my binders all day and night.

yest infection with antibiotic

They should know to give us something for this problem.. I been eating yougurt really is not help and the hair coming in and can't shave OMG ..SORRY tmi...

9 Days post

I am still swelled pretty good and drains are still 3 of them .... wount take nake ones looks gross still.

going to the dr after 10days.

Been resting and take it easy.im very nervous take the the stitches out and drains out tonight maybe. My husband is taken me has been my best friend throw it all I don't know what I do with out him. Im bit cracky all the time I can't stand pain its horrible. . My right side its all red and looks swollen. I hope everyone having good day. Thanks for all your kind words.


Not coming out to 4 weeks .stitches also. Not ready yet. .. grrr not very happy.

11 days

Dr said everything was healing well have to go back in a week.. my left Drain s is leaking bad all day had change my clothes 2xs.. . Been taken all my meds .they make me very tired.. .. I went to the store boy was that a job. . .

I have fever

Feeling so weak and tired frezzing. Oh gezz I hope I be ok.

I feel bla

Everyone says looks good but to me I very swollen. I feel like I was cut up like pork chop. . Good god I hope it starts looking normal. I didn't have little tummy I had 20 pounds skin took off so guess its not gonna be pretty yet...

my 20 pounds of skin

My before pictures skin remove sorry bit gross.


Just not about my skin. I can't wait to get working out back to myself I feel pretty great with out my big tire lol.. man can't wait please my husband he said by summer im gonna be his hot mommy lol.

Yaaa drain free

Boy oh boy I tell you about those drains wen dr had me standing there he pulled one drain out it came out like bucket full stuff omg it was gross all down my underwear all over my pants did I say gross yes lady gross.. then middle one was fine. Then the left side omg I thought it would never end pulling the tub out felt like my insides were gonna go with it that, was the worse experience I had.... does feel dam good with out those motherofers

more of my update

Walking pretty weird tonight can't explain it had wonderful shower after all that mess thank god for pain meds have cramps from those tubes...


Are in for 2 more weeks I am still swollen pretty good dr said. I been staying away from salty foods.

with clothes on

I can see my legs and my mon thing lol.big difference .drains feel wonderful OUT LOL. still in some pain while walking. I do feel mentally Great without my big nasty big belllys. I want get to 175 thats my goal weight. Im gonna keep walking I have hand weights .maybe starting do them. Im 197 today from 350 pounds ... next year I want to get my arms done.

not feeling so great

Feel horrible. Stitches are still in can't do lot still. But everyone expects you to to do everything. I feeling really Depressed my daughter seen me with out my clothes on today oh mom gross she 9. Man I wanted to cry .I know its just only been few weeks but its taken forever to look normal. I haven't been eating right some days don't have no appetite .im always so busy at xmas with children baking making things I have no energy . Im very swollen still have big rolls though it would went down some god I hope they do. I made cookies yesterday my girls were happy. I did all xmas shopping
With stitches in cleaning my house cause no one can use a brom are a vacuum ugh. I gotta ask for everything if not never get done. I want these stitches out there digging in making me bleed had white crap coming out very small amount I called the dr on that they said it was normal. But today over did it again wen I went to wash up before bed I notice the top of my incision were belly button is was digging in and bleeding kinda freak me out im 3 weeks yesterday ... I hope everyone who had there surgery s around my time are doing well I try keeping in touch with u all.. oh yea forgot went on Wednesday and treated my self get my toes done soak and with wonderful honey on my legs and I love my feet done felt wonderful... go get ur feet done if u want feel something Relaxing. . Wish I could go every day lol

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone have wonderful day ladies. .

27 days with stitches

Omg they hurt so bad I called my ps today told them I want them out tomorrow. Its bleeding horrible. Left side has 2 small holes were stitches are I'm not very happy at all. Has anyone had stitches in this long. Really sucks..

Stitches out finally .

It was really painful getting out the nurse was very ruff getting them out. They just took them out didn't say anything to do now only come back in 3 weeks I felt really rushed. I didn't even get a chance to ask anything dr just walked out of the room thought it was bit rude. . only thing nurse said let it heal don't put anything on it. Very heman type.. I came took a shower wash everything with dove soap does feel better now without stitches. Thank you all thinking if me.

before and, after

Im still healing I don't see any different s since last week. I still have a lot of swollen.

happy New Year

Happy New Year 2014!!!

I had a addominoplasty & panniculectomy

I guess I posted in wrong spot. Oops

to all the ladys having surgery

I have found a hanes shaping waist cincher not alot of money like the rest it fits great better then my binder. Go hanes.com . U can fine it there. . Cheaper then walmart I paid 15.00 there only 11.99.. great deal if u 2x like my self it fits good and don't hurt my incision. Just thought I would share.

im only 1 month post

Why is it saying that. Ugh.

my before and after one month after sugery?

I thought to share my before pictures they were horrible made me so depressed inside I hided it very well my big stomach.

I have a small hole

My incision open on the right side ozzing little I put neriospon on it and cover still little bit ozzing should I worry are this normal for almost 5 weeks . . Its were stitches were. I hope not infection. .

on my way to the emergency room

day is burning in red and losing more stuff and now its very painful I'm going to the hospital

I have a infection

I think the stitches were in to long That's why I got this infection. Its burning I can't wear my binder are anything else . I'm so uncomfortable I cry last night I was so up set I did everything keep it clean and everything . Im calling the drs office ASAP frist thing tomorrow morning I think inside stitches are something wrong . Had so much blood work last night my arm is numbed. . Burning is no joke it feels like ur skin under firer.

my body Rejecting the stitches:-(

My body rejecting some of the internal stitche dr has to take them out on wedesday. I can't believe this .. omg the pain I gotta go throw wish I knew before hand. So disappointed feeling so overwhelm its like nightmare I only 5 and half weeks. .

utrasound today

Feeling really sick today. So worried what's gonna happen tomorrow im tired being in pain..


Well I am allergic to the stitches thats why im having these problems. Thats what he is telling me. well I can't even describe the pain I was in it was horrible I would never wish it on anyone he stuck his big needle inside might on my side it hurts so freaking bad now I have to pack four big holes I have to pack with gaz pads and the solution they told me I had to use. I was a wake throw this . .

I have 6 holes

I don't think my body was allergic I think they mess it up put wrong stitches in only my sides had these stitches in why wonder why everything else was fine .

Allergy" to sutures or stitch "reaction"--is this a real phenomenon?

I found this review thought it was helpful.

Lots of surgeons tell patients they are allergic to Vicryl (sutures). I believe they are wrong.Vicryl sutures (made by Ethicon) are made of polyglactin 910, which is a copolymer of 90%glycolide (polyglycolic acid) and 10% L-lactide.These are braided, absorbable sutures that retain 75% of their original strength at 14 days, and 25% at 28 days. Vicryl Plus sutures have an added coating of triclosan, a broad-spectrum antimicrobial. Both absorb by hydrolysis, which causes minimal inflammation at the site of use. (Catgut, by contrast, absorbs by proteolysis, a somewhat more inflammatory response.)These sutures are commonly used for skin closure, and are often used just below the skin surface as subcuticular or buried interrupted closures. They have been around for several decades; I used them in my plastic surgery fellowship at the Mayo Clinic 27 years ago. Many surgeons still use them; some patients have what most doctors have termed "Vicryl reactions" for the tiny, inflammatory pus pockets that develop around some of these sutures. Wait, if you are having an "allergic reaction" to these sutures, shouldn't the "allergic reaction" and red spots occur at EVERY place these sutures were used, not just some? Hold that thought for now.When patients who have these sutures develop tiny red pus pockets just below the surface of the skin during the healing process, suture removal (where possible), warm packs, topical antibiotic ointment, and rarely oral antibiotics are used. Wait a minute, if this is an allergic reaction, why isn't the doctor using an antihistamine? Antibiotics don't work for true allergic reactions; in fact, they are worthless for this!Ethicon does not even list "allergic reaction" in their list of contraindications (it does list a potential sensitivity to triclosan, a broad-spectrum antimicrobial present in Vicryl-Plus sutures, NOT in regular Vicryl). In fact, if you think about it, the fact that the company has a variety of their braided absorbable suture that includes an antimicrobial is a hint to what is really going on--and it's not allergic reactionto polyglycolic acid or lactic acid!So-called "Vicryl reaction" is simply bacterial contamination of the braided suture material, likely from "normal" skin bacteria present in the sweat glands and hair follicles the suture goes directly through during your surgeon's closure. These skin bacteria are actually protected from your body's defenses--your tissues' antibodies (and antibiotic, if given)--by the tiny interstices within the braided suture. These tiny microscopic hiding places are warm, wet, and a place that bacteria can multiply, causing the tiny red pus pockets in some locations. That's also why removing the stitch, opening the pus pocket, and topical antibiotics (or just time as the suture dissolves and your body can "get to" the bacteria and eliminate them) solve this problem. That's also why Ethicon has added an antimicrobial coating to their Vicryl Plus brand of suture. That's also why many surgeons, myself included, soaked our Vicryl sutures in antibiotic irrigation fluid before use; this reduced the "Vicryl reactions" in my practice for years. And now, many surgeons. myself included, have switched to a non-braided monofilament suture like monocryl, which has no interstices for bacteria to "hide" in, and rarely see any kind of stitch abscess, for that is what is REALLY happening. I truly understand my colleagues' reluctance to tell their patients that they have a stitch abscess; too many patients "freak out" at any mention of the word "Infection." It's often easier to avoid this topic altogether and call it a "reaction" or "allergy." It's NOT, but it's not an infection that amounts to a problem in the vast majority of those who have it.BTW, suture is a foreign body, but this is also NOT "rejection", since the components of Vicryl are substances that are simple biochemical compounds, not complex immunoreactive proteins like a kidney transplant, or even a blood transfusion. You don't reject sutures any more than you "reject" artificial hips or pacemakers. You can get an infection around them, but this is definitely NOT rejection.Patients who have chronic problems with suture abscesses may harbor more or worse bacteria in their pores, sweat glands, and hair follicles. Showering the night before and the morning of surgery with Hibiclens (chlorhexidine) may help to reduce suture problems. I'd also avoid braided sutures, but you DON'T have to list "allergic reaction to Vicryl" .

pictures of my holes

No dam joke. Its been since wenesday and still not closing. I am so scared.

packing 2 xs day

Think one looks, almost closed got 5 to go one big one rest are small ..Thank you faith..

big difference

I can see my legs lol.

test results came back

skin bacteria infection all threw my incision. Probably didn't even had to cut me ugh.

my weight lost pictures

Gonna take newer body pictures later just updating my weight loss.

my new pictures

189 pounds January 2014

189 pounds 50 to go

Side pics just keeping my recent and before pictures.

7 weeks po

im feeling alot better only 1 hole open hopefully it closes this week. Hope Everyone is doing well. .

my bmi before and after

Before 350 pounds 66.1? 189 pounds 35.7
=35.3 lost 1 person lol...

my holes

All closed up yahooooo..

Hello Everyone

Went back to work on the weekend boy my body is hurting today. Everything its good went to see my ps last week I'm good to go he said don't need see me any more. Its been 9 weeks. . I would thought he would want see me in 3 months. I felt used kinda got the money for my surgery. They acted like, Ok now go away. Smh. Oh well anyway I'm think going to start back at the gym back up at 12weeks. I don't want push it to much..

starting feel Normal

Im doing okay worry about gaining weight. My body is, still swollen pretty good I feel lot of tightness . But it doesn't look rite to me I thought it would look more different flatter but its not. I hope everyone is doing well starting or just had sugery.
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