51 Yr Old Face, Brow, Neck, Lift and Undereye Bag Removal - Vineland, NJ

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I wanted to turn back the clock and look younger. ...

I wanted to turn back the clock and look younger. But, this surgery came out poorly. First, my lower lids had too much tissue removed. They now (for the past 2 years) drip, ooze, are red, bloodshot and enflamed 24/7. I need to get them fixed but, I'm scared that they will come out even worse! My lower face was not even lifted like we discussed. And, he placed the scar in front of my ear, although we agreed to place in behind so as not to see it!

4 years post op

Not a day goes by where I don't regret my decision to use Dr Bidic. My eyes are always bloodshot,and drip daily. I have been scared to find another surgeon to attempt a revision, as it could make my eyes worse. The lower portion of my face still has extra sagging skin, is asymmetrical from the right to the left side, and I was left with noticeable scoring in front of my ears. Out of fear and cost, I have put off finding another surgeon to redo the lower facelift, which was never done correctly. Im now considering finding someone this year to fix it. Any suggestions for lower face lift revision or lower bleph revision ?
Vineland Plastic Surgeon

At first, he was very nice and professional. However, afterwards when it was obvious that my result was uneven, saggy, lumpy, with no lift or volume on the lower face or lips, he stated there was nothing else he could, or would do for me. He said he did enough and quoted the cost he would have charged a new patient for the suggested Botox he recommended to treat my eye oozing problem. Also, everyone knows the cost of Botox for a Dr. is not what the charge is to the patient! And, I did not ask for it! He suggested it! It did not work. I now know after consulting with about 12 other surgeons, that my eye problem can only be fixed through more invasive surgery. My eyelids have been botched! The rest of this surgery spawned a very poor result, with unacceptable scarring. He also told me, when I questioned him, that the scar was placed where we discussed, and "traveled" to the front of my ear, due to swelling. This was a bold faced lie! It clearly states in my operative report that he placed the scars in front of my ears, ater I was guaranteed by him, that scars would be placed behind my ears. He also stated he would call/consult with my new ocular plastic surgeon in order to fix my eyelids. I forwarded all contact information 4 times! He never called. He simply would not call after telling me that he would call! Although he is legally qualified to do facial plastic surgery, he is sloppy and I wish I never met him. BTY... I have had 3 other procedures through 2 other surgeons who gave me wonderful results. I have previously had liposuction, ear-pinning, lip enhancement (prior to this procedure & over 20 year span of time) laser resurfacing, and Botox. I was thrilled with both other surgeons and convinced myself that if I chose my surgeon carefully, I would again be happy with my results. I am very realistic in what I had hoped would have been achieved. It's been difficult for me to "forget" about this because my eyes are a constant daily reminder. As long as I'm awake, I am in agony with my dripping, oozing, eyes.

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