Scheduled my 1st Nervous!

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I've wanted BA for many years, I'm 35, mom of 3, 5...

I've wanted BA for many years, I'm 35, mom of 3, 5.9',140lbs,36a bra size. I'm finally taken the 1 step and I've scheduled my consultation for Oct. 3 2013. This MD was recommended by a friend, I've looked at so many websites regarding size, profile, saline, silicone etc. I'm so excited I found this website b/c it has helped me with confirming I'm making the right decision. I don't wanna go too big, I was thinking 275-300cc saline high profile. My breast do sag a little so I'm not sure if I'll need a lift!
2 more weeks til my consult...can't wait:)

Had my 1st Consult today!

So I had my 1st consult today with Dr. Watts, he was very nice and relaxed, prior to arriving I was very nervous. He took measurements and pictures then we discussed size, profile, saline/silicone, incision site etc. He was very informative which made me more comfortable. He suggested I go 325cc-350cc HP silicone.....whoa I said! (lol) I was thinking 275-300cc. He said based on my frame, breast tissue, this would be great for my body. I expressed my concern of going to big! He said most of the women always say it's not large enough..LOL! I brought along my BFF and she said I should do 350cc as well. I did also ask if I would need a lift, he said my sag is very minor and the implants would fill me without increasing sag. Again, I enjoyed my 1st consultation. I have another on Monday with Dr. Adrian Lo in Philly. I'll keep everyone posted.

2nd Consultation today!

Ok ladies, so I had my 2nd consult today with Dr. Lo, and let me just say the staff was great, they made me feel very comfortable, Dr. Lo was great at explaining everything, I'm a nurse and generally don't share that but once Dr. Lo knew he still continued to speak to me normal (as a patient)!! His suggestions were not to far off from 1st MD, he said I have enough breast tissue for saline but I could do silicone as well, it would really be a matter of preference. His preference is trans axillary (armpit) incision but will do crease incision if that is my preference. As far as size he too recommended 325-350cc under the muscle. We also discussed the slight sagging, he said the implants would give them the appropriate lift, my right breast sags the most so he said he would make the determination of a mini lift in the OR! Not really sure about the scar (lollipop) but I do want to have nice full perky boobs!! LOL
So decisions decisions....please help ladies!! Saline or Silicone?? 325cc or 350cc??

Photo from 3d breast sculpter

Side view. 350cc moderate plus silicone

Scheduled my BA!!! Yayy

So I took the plunge and made the appointment! I'm going with Dr. Adrian Lo (consult #2) My BA is scheduled for Oct. 22, pre-op apt on Oct.14. My nerves are all over the place, I'm second guessing everything, Saline or Silicone; 325 or 350; Moderate plus or HP; Crease incision or Armpit....Uggh! I'm so excited, I've wanted this for many years and now that the time has come it seems unreal. (sorry if I'm rambling just nervous/anxious)!
After doing lots of research (thanks, I think for my height & frame (5.9' 143lbs) I would like Silicone 350cc HP, crease incision....still nervous about size but everyone says post-op they should have gone a little bigger & since I'm torn between 325cc & 350cc, it's only 25cc! My husband is getting excited as well, which really makes me happy:)
Any suggestions on pre & post op items that I'll need will be helpful. Thanks again ladies....I'll soon be apart of the boobie club!! yippie

Wish Pics!

These are some wish pics that I found. This is the goal I would like to achieve!

Had my Pre-op appt. today

I had my Pre-op appt. today, it went well. He took some pictures, we discussed profile and size. I told him my decisions on silicone, HP, crease, under muscle, 325-350. He gave me scripts, I showed him the bra that I purchased from walmart ( will try to post pic later), said it should be okay but they will have one available on day of surgery if needed. I signed my consent forms and I'm fully paid!!! The deal is sealed no backing out now. He also recommended that I wash daily with Hibiclense, is this normal?
I'm still nervous about size and what the final result will be....and I also told a friend about my surgery and she wasn't too supportive, just basically questioned why am altering my body, I told her it's something that I've always wanted to do, she was ok by the end of our conversation but now I'm feeling a bit unsure about the surgery.

My bra & scripts!

Mixed Emotions....ughh!

I woke u this morning and my emotions are all over the place, I hope it's just nerves! From this day on, I'm not telling anyone else about my surgery until well after my BA. I cant take the anxiety it's creating for me right now! Now I'm not sure if I want to do 325-350, scared it may be too big...ughh!!

Almost there!

I'm almost there, just 3 days to go. I have my bras, picked up my prescriptions, using my hibiclens daily, finishing up laundry, I'm definitely on my way. I feel calm today just hope the nerves can stay at bay.

Tomorrow is the day!!

I received my surgery time, it will be at 10:30 but we have to be there at 9:30am. It's really sinking in that I'm about to have BA surgery!!! I'm very excited and anxious, I can't turn my brain off about what their going look like, if I'll be nauseous or in terrible pain! Lol Either way I'm proceeding with the surgery! Tonight I'll take a warm bath to relax! Praying for everyone having surgery this week!!
I'll try to post in the AM, otherwise I'll see ya on the other side!!! Woo hoo

I did it!

Just wanted to let everyone know surgery went well, I'm just having terrible pain with nausea & vomiting! I'll update more tomorrow when I can. Thanks for the well wishes. Good luck to all having surgery tomorrow.

Feeling a little better

Hello everybody, just wanted to give official update to yesterday. So I woke at 5:30, took a hot shower to calm the nerves:) got the kids dressed an ready for school. After we dropped the first grader off we headed to the surgery center and AM traffic it took us about an hour. We arrived at 9:35am, I did my registration and urine sample then they sent me upstairs to pre-op. They were very busy but my nurses were great, went over everything, the anesthesiologist came it, I signed more consents, he started my IV then Dr. Lo came in drew his markings then another 10-15 mins later they were taking me back to the OR. (11:10am).
Next thing I remember I was in recovery, I was so out of it, they were having a hard time getting me awake. I can remember hearing the nurse saying we'll just get her in the car, she can rest at home, her husband said the have to pick up the kids from school! Holy cow what was it I was thinking, when I open my eyes again I was home on the sofa approx. 3:40. Yikes! Then the nausea came and the pain!! I attempted some crackers and ginger ale, which came right back up! I waited about 30mins then attempted to take pain pill, that came right back up. At this point I don't know what to but cry, I was such terrible pain! God bless my husband, paged the doctor, told him what was going on, Dr. Lo called in Rx for Zofran, what relief at least I can take pain pill & muscle relaxer. Since so time had passed with no meds I had to double up on pain pills thru the night. I slept on and off throughout the night, the ice packs helped as well. The anesthesia really kicked my butt! My chest feels really tight and swollen, I had my husband take a pic, it hurts for me to even look down. They said I can remove the ace bandage today....woohoo! Hopefully I can take a peek!
Thanks ladies for all of your support! I'll try to post some pics later.

Bandages are off

Feeling a little better, the anesthesia has worn off, still a little nausea, some pain but more overall tightness! Was able to remove the bandages off so even more of a relief! They look weird and boxy, the right is sitting lower & the left is riding high, please tell me this is normal?
Love this site, thanks all for your support.


My boobies are soo tight!! Please help ladies.

Much better day today

The last few days have been pretty rough, I don't do well with anesthesia. Nausea is minimal, pain is bearable, boobies are still very tight so I've been icing them all day!! I'm just relaxing and taking it easy.

Almost forgot

Forgot to add, I went with 325 right & 350 left high profile.

What a difference a day makes!!!

Thanks to all for your support!! Absolutely love this site, still no BM but I took a shower and that's A++! The girls are still tight, the right is a little softer than the left. No pain meds today. But I'll probably breakdown and have a Valium before bed. Hubby just went to get me friendly's ice love him. He has waited on me hand and foot all week!!

Post Op Appointment

I had my post-op appointment today, can't believe it's been almost 1 week. Per Dr. Lo, the girls look great, (they look huge to them though!) he showed me my exercises that I need to start...ouch!! But he said it will help them to drop into the pocket and fluff nicely. My husband came along to the appt so he was very excited to be involved as well.
It felt very good to get up and out of the house, I was tired afterwards, took a nap but it's getting was a great day!! Happy Healing to all:)

Post Op Pics!


Finally had a BM after 1 week!!! woohoo....I know TMI but you ladies can understand! LOL

Thought for today!

You have to accept the fact that some people are never going to be for you. Treat them with respect, but you don't need their approval to fulfill your destiny!
-Joel Osteen

Boobie Woes!

Today was my first day out with my kids alone, and I drove-:) we had trunk or treat tonight at the church. I didn't lift anything but just being out for 3 hours has me completely exhausted!! My breast are swollen, my back is aching! I'm feeling like these additions are just too big for my frame. #feelingbigbreasted!! Lol

2 a Week PO appt. today

I had my 2 week f/u appt today, everything went well, incision sites are healing nicely, he noticed some dropping from last week but wants me to do more excercises daily to increase the dropping or when I go back in 3 weeks he may recommend using a band! Not happy about that prospect so I'll definitely be doing more massaging to get the girls to drop into the pocket!!! Lol
He also said I can wear any type bra just NO underwires yet!!! Yay! That out a smile on my face-:) But he did suggest not to go crazy bra shopping just yet b/c I still have a lot of swelling & they still need to drop more.
So after my appt I stopped in Sears since they are having a sale and I can't shop at VS yet:( I found very few bra's without underwires that actually looked cute! Lol I picked up 1 bra, I'll just stick with the sports bra's for now since they are more comfortable. He also said I can start using scar cream next week, any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!!


Boobies are really sore, my PS encouraged more exercising to get them to drop. Maybe I'm over doing it, not sure. Feeling a little frustrated with the look, I know I have to be patient with the dropping but since my PS told me to do a few more exercises daily I think I've developed a complex and now I'm worried if I've made the right decision-:)


Today was my 1st day back to work, it was a bit tough just being on my feet for 8 hrs, I'm a nurse with 30 patients but my staff was great with assisting making sure I didn't lift anything. But the girls swelled up really bad, I noticed when I came home that I have a Mondor's Cord under my left breast...yikes! Is this normal? Am I doing too much? I'm nervous, I'll be calling my PS in the morning.

Day 2

So today was my second day at work, a little more exhausting, no lifting but just a lot of extending and moving all day. I called PS, he said it sound like it could be Mondor's cord which is common, he just advised me to massage the area and try not to over extend that arm. Basically it's ok but he say if I was still uncomfortable I could come in the office on Monday. When I came home I took 2 Tylenol & valium & just relaxed. I'm feeling okay and I'll be taking it easy this weekend.
Hope everyone is healing well!!

3 Weeks

So it's been 3 weeks since my BA! I'm feeling much better physically, still get morning boob! Incision sites are healing well, my Mondor Cord under left breast is not too bothersome unless I'm reaching too far:). Emotionally, I'm feeling like the boobies are simply too big! I'm being as patient as I can, trying not to take daily pics, I'm doing my massages daily but I'm not seeing them drop. I still have that snoopy look & my right breast sits way lower than left boob. I'm truly happy with my decision to have surgery, I'm now just rethinking my choice about size, I'm thinking maybe I should have done 275/300 instead of 325/350. I don't know, just my thoughts of today, I don't want to discourage anyone considering BA.
(Side-comment) I went to VS secret yesterday for panties b/c they are having a sale. So against my better judgement I let the girl measure me, 36D!!! Yikes! I think this is what has me freaking out....I just can't fathom being that big!!
Hope everyone is healing well!!

4 Weeks!

Wow! It's been four whole weeks already so hard to believe!! Lol
I'm learning to adjust to my new additions, I still look down and day yep there mine!! Haha I still get morning boob, they are nice and soft most of the time except when I'm working, I do get zingers in both breast from time to time. The Mondor cord us still present but not an issue. I have to admit I do see some progress in dropping but it's not! I am being as patient as I can, I go next week for my 5 week PO appt and I'm hoping I won't have to wear the "band"!
I'm still taking it easy, no heavy lifting & no exercising! Can't wait to take a Pilates class
Hope everyone is healing nicely {{hugs}}

Week 5

I'm 5 weeks PO today, not to much to report, boobies still dropping, not fast enough though!! Lol I saw my PS yesterday for F/U, he said the girls are progressing nicely, continue with exercises, still not cleared for yoga or Pilates, he said just take it easy and don't over do it. I'm ok with that but my hubby is not!! Haha I still can't mop or vacuum the floors so he is not too happy! Otherwise I feel good, getting ready for the holiday! I love this time of the year. Hope everyone is doing well. I posted a few pics, tell me what you think, I still don't like the asymmetry.

6 Weeks

I'm 6 weeks PO today, feeling ok just still waiting for the girls to drop more!! Lol they are nice and soft, still get morning boob. I started lying on left side at night, right side is still a bit sore. I went to VS over the weekend... OMG is all I can say, what a blast! I tried on lots of bras and purchased a few. They measured me at 34dd. Wow right but I also went to Macy's and was measured at 36c, I guess it really depends on mfg. I'm feeling there still a little too big but I'm adjusting especially after I saw myself in those bras!!
I'm putting Christmas tree up today, hubby put up decorations outside, we love this time of the year. I've told a few more friends about my BA, their happy for me, which makes me happy! -:)
I hope everyone is healing nicely & enjoying this holiday season!

7 Weeks

Nothing new this week, noticing a lil more dropping ( very little) but I'll take it! Getting a bit easier to sleep on my side. Still doing my daily excercises. My birthday is this week so I'm looking forward to getting dressed up and showing he girls off! Lol
It's snowing in my area which makes this time of the year so much fun! The kids are out playing in the snow, brings back memories if my childhood.
Hope all is well with everyone ??

8 weeks!! (2mos)

Well it's been 8 weeks since my surgery and I can say I'm very happy with my results! I'm finally seeing the D&F process in action!! Haha The girls are very soft, still get a little tight in the AM, I'm still sleeping on my back and side. Went to the spa over the weekend for my birthday, it was divine, hot stone massage and facial! It was a little uncomfortable laying on my stomach but not too bad, I was happy to turn over!! Lol
Other than that I'm just getting ready for the holidays, still no exercise or heavy lifting but I am able to lift a few grocery bags!! ( don't tell my husband!) lol
Hope everyone is healing nicely!

9 weeks

Nothing new this week ladies, just ready for Santa!!
Happy Holidays to all!????????

10 Weeks

Feeling more natural everyday. The D&F process.. Yay! I can see results, still can't lay in my stomach for long periods on time, other than that the girls are doing great!
Have a Happy, safe, prosperous New Year ladies!!

11 weeks

So I had my f/u with PS yesterday and all is well, he said the girls look great and their settling just the way he wants them! He said to continue with massages, my left is great but he would like for my right to drop a bit more, keep inundated my right sags more so to me I think it's already lower but according to my PS, by doing the roll up technique above the nipple it puts the implant proper place and moves the nipple up!! Either way I'm very excited with my results I can say I finally see the drop & fluff!! Lol
The girls are super soft! I also been cleared for exercise just no chest workouts, woohoo can't wait to hit the gym on Thursday. I purchased a new swimsuit from VS and I can't wait to get toned up!
Hope everyone is healing well!! {{hugs}}

12 weeks

So I'm 12 weeks PO and feeling good, started back at the gym and boy am I sore!! Lol Not able to do any upper body exercises but it's ok I have plenty other areas to work on. The best part of working out is my husband coming to gym with me!! I think he wants to see whose looking at the girls!! Haha
I'm still massaging the right to get that nipple up into position, I may need lift on that side in future but I'm very happy with results!!
Hope all is well with everyone

Week 13

Nothing but snow to report this week! Lol
Today is my anniversary, we received 12-15in of snow so didn't do much, looking forward to going out this weekend. The girls are doing well, feeling much better being back in the gym. In still not doing any upper body excercises yet.

Skipped last week!

Sorry all, been slacking on! With all this crazy weather we gave been getting, and more snow to come tomorrow, I'm so ready for a vacation! The boobies are doing great, no complaints. This is week 15 PO and I went for a massage yesterday and was able to lay flat without any difficulty! Much better than when I went back in December. I'm at the 2-3 days a week, taking is easy still on upper body, I have appt. on 17th with PS so hopefully I'll be cleared. Hope everyone is healing well.
Philadelphia Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Lo and his team (Gina and Mildred) was amazing! Always made me feel comfortable and answered all my questions. He called later after my surgery to check up on me, once my husband told him that I was having trouble with the nausea/vomiting , he immediately called in a script. Highly recommend Dr. Lo!

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